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Jackie and Sara have two tasks; how far will they go?

"Hi my name is Julie," yours?


"Pleased to meet you Amy," Julie replied.

Amy smiled and just as she was about to start a conversation the man returned with two vodka shooters and placed them next her, Amy grabbed her purse, the man introduced himself as Mark and refused to take Amy's money. Amy thanked him.

As quick as Julie had started the conversation with Amy she had turned to her boyfriend and started talking to him. Amy watched as the coupled talked and laughed. A few more people entered and the room filled with conversations and laughter, Amy felt a little more at ease now there were other people around and that Julie and Mark could enjoy their evening without feeling uncomfortable and obliged to entertain her.

Two women sat next to Amy and started to passionately kiss each other, Amy shuffled closer to the arm of the couch a little uncomfortable at first, she skulled a vodka and then the other, it wasn't long before the wine from dinner and four vodka shots had Amy feeling more relaxed and comfortable with the environment. Every now and then she glanced sideways to grab a glimpse of the two women fondling each other, Amy could feel the wetness between her legs and although she felt it was late and she should leave, the voyeur in her compelled her to stay a little longer.

"There you go said Mark," as he plonked two more vodka shooters on the table next to Amy.

"Thankyou," Amy said in a shocked voice and before she could offer to pay, Mark had returned to where he and Julie were sitting. Amy raised her glass and mouthed thankyou to Mark and Julie who both smiled backed and then returned to their conversation.

Amy studied Mark and Julie talking, at first she watched their faces, Mark was handsome with a small nose and square jaw, and Julie with short cropped blonde hair and a small face complete with a button nose and full pouting lips she was very beautiful, almost to beautiful Amy thought, Julie reminded her of a doll she once had that was so beautiful Amy was scared to play with it.

Amy's eyes wandered down to Julie's breasts her nipples erect and clinging to her sweaty shirt, her breasts small and pert sat perfect without the need of a bra. Amy's interest turned to Julie's bright red stilettos, the straps wrapping around Julies thin ankles and winding half way up her petite calf's, Amy's eyes followed the path of the straps until it tapered off and then her eyes caressed Julie's thighs.

Julie's red mini skirt struggled to cover her bare skin and every now and then Julie shuffled so the dress would keep covered what was needed to be covered.

Julie looked up at Amy as if sensing Amy's eye's upon her. The drink had left Amy's reactions slow and she was caught staring at Julie's legs, before she could avert her eye's Julie slid her mini skirt higher exposing her shaven pink pussy to Amy and as quick as she had, Julie pulled the skirt down. Amy felt the rush of embarrassment across her face and her eyes darted up and looked at Julie's. Julie winked and smiled, all this time Mark seemed oblivious to what had taken place and kept talking.

Amy felt a hand brush against her leg, her body involuntarily reacted and jumped, the brunette girl sitting next to her apologised she had touched the wrong leg, Amy smiled shrugged her shoulders as if to say it happens, Amy looked back to Julie and Mark however they had gone.

Amy drank her vodka and waited a little while expecting Julie and Mark to return from the dance floor all hot and sweaty, however they didn't and it was getting late, Amy decided to leave and see if the cabs had become more regular.

The sidewalk was scattered with people and there was more of them than cabs, Amy heard her name being called from across the road. "Do want to share a ride?" Julie shouted from a cab window.

Amy ran across the road

"I am heading downtown,

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