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Jenna's plan to teach Denise the Oral Arts - visually.


Rick needed no encouragement, because the hotsy's pussy was probably the most beautiful one he had ever seen. She closely trims with a clipper, but does not shave her pubic area. There was a lovely expanse of soft, brown skin that ended at a thin line of curly black hair bordering on the slit which had been the source of the delectable aroma that had delighted his nostrils. She was highly aroused, and her pussy lips, dusky pink and swollen with her lust, had blossomed all the way through.

There were a few more drops of the fragrant juices that had trickled onto her thighs from the pink hole that was their source, and Rick bent down and licked it off one of them. It was so delicious he avidly applied his tongue to the other leg until that one was clean also. From there, he started licking her crotch, catching all the freshest nectar that was dripping from her adorable pink hole until he had gotten all that too. Besides the ambrosia her pussy was producing, he was rewarded by hearing the beautiful young woman cooing in joy and feeling her body squirming under him.

Eating Brooke's gorgeous pussy was an even greater treat than Rick could have imagined, but the greatest sensation of all was the way she felt to his tongue and lips. Her thighs had been truly a delight when he licked her there; her crotch had slightly more texture and, when he started on an outer lip, she was as soft and smooth as the finest satin, but alive and vital. Her pussy had started to writhe under him, and those erotic movements made the whole experience even more heavenly.

Taking his time, and reveling in what he was doing, Rick's tongue caressed that outer lip all the way to Brooke's mons, where he kissed her and raised his face to see her reaction to what he was doing. He couldn't have asked for anything better. The brown hotsy's sexy body was writhing in front of him, while her breasts swayed enticingly. Her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow, with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open in a smile of bliss. He smiled too, and his mouth returned to below her pink hole, where he devoured all the fresh nectar before starting to do the same to her other outer lip.

His tongue fondled this one the same way, but moving more slowly, as Rick reveled in the exquisite smoothness of the skin. She had apparently trimmed her pussy hair just before coming over, because there was no stubble, just brown skin, so soft and smooth and vibrant it felt like a silk scarf that had been left in the sun. Once again, he stopped when he reached her mons and kissed her there. Her sexy body was still writhing under his face; her pussy had started to involuntarily fuck up against his mouth and her ass was thrusting out against his hand, as if to take his finger even more deeply inside. When he looked, Rick saw Brooke's precious clit was so swollen it had pushed its way almost all the way out from under its protective hood.

He could have taken the engorged morsel into his mouth then and brought the hotsy to an orgasm, but eating her pussy was so much fun he wanted to keep doing it until she had reached the apex of her sexual excitement. After feasting on all the fresh nectar, Rick turned his right hand, while continuing to thrust the middle finger into Brooke's ass. He rested his chin on the back of the hand and started probing the tip of his tongue against the bottom rim of her dripping pink hole, catching the drops of fresh juices that flicked out to please his taste buds.

Her movements became even wilder as Rick started moving his tongue up one side of that pink hole, probing against the edge and exploring under her inner lips.

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