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Continuing the relationship growth of Tom and Morgan.

Looking back towards him she watches him. He stands there, completely silent, focusing on her, his gaze roving over her like a lovers caress. When she asks him what he is doing here in the garden he doesn't answer, he just raises a finger to his lips in a gesture for her to be silent. Enthralled, she observes him from the relative safety of the water as he slowly removes his clothes, seductively peeling away the layers to reveal his body.

Unable to look away her eyes travel over him, he is beautiful, exquisite of form, tall and well built with broad shoulders and very obviously aroused. Her eyes move lower down his body to the juncture of his thighs where his proud shaft is standing out from his belly, framed by a riot of thick black curls, she inhales deeply, imagining the feel of him against her body. He bends and reaches for the chinos he had been wearing and pulls something out of the back pocket but there is insufficient light for her to distinguish what it is. Moving down, he sits on the edge of the pool before he quietly slips into the water as a seal would, without a splash, and swims slowly towards her as she silently waits.

When he reaches her he holds out his hand to show her what he possesses, in it is a scrunched up silken pajama cord. He reaches out and takes her hands, forcing them behind her back and holding them together as he binds her wrists tightly. Though unable to move she is unconcerned, despite her helplessness, her instinctive excitement at his touch making her heart race. Dragging her with him into the shallows, he sits her on the top step that leads down into the water. She stares at his face than quickly lowers her eyes, "what do you want?" she asks coyly, but he shakes his head to once again silence her.

Bending towards her he kisses her urgently on the lips before trailing kisses down her neck and over her body, caressing her with his hands as his lips blaze a trail of sweet fire across her belly and lower, he is everywhere. Throwing her head back, Morgan gasps as he bites her inner thigh then licks her there to soothe the hurt. He moves to the apex of her thighs and circles her golden curls with his tongue just the once, leaving her longing for more as he raises himself up and kneels on the edge of the pool just above her.

Morgan's hair is in a braid at the top of her head, like a long hemp rope, soft yet pliant and he wraps it around his fist. Pulling her closer to him he kisses her again, not hiding his hunger this time but inserting his tongue into her mouth and tasting her with the passion she has longed for, tongue sliding against tongue in sensual delight. Breaking the kiss he pulls back slightly and looks into her eyes and smiles.

Pressing her head down towards his erection she understands immediately what he is silently asking. Willingly she complies, kissing the tip gently before running her tongue over the outside of his shaft, taking the head of his penis into her mouth and rolling her tongue over it in a slow rhythm feeling him grow harder, filling out and pulsing in tune with the beat of his heart. Taking him further into her mouth she sucks him and listens to his groans as she licks him, swirling her tongue up under the rim and around the tip of his engorged cock, nibbling him with her lips as her head moves up and down, up and down; him controlling her movements by the tight grip he has on her hair as she caresses him faster.

Suddenly he makes her stop. Reaching for her he picks her up and hoists her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift then carries her to the wooden picnic table where he lays her face down with her feet on the floor. The timber is cool against her belly and she can smell the strong woody fragrance of the oiled timber against her cheek. Spreading her thighs wide with his knees he holds her tied hands in place at her back so that she is unable to turn around to look at him. She wonders briefly what he is going to do with his other hand as he holds her down.

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