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We had never discussed interracial partners. We hadn't avoided the topic, it had just never come up. Some of the videos we had watched had involved black men and white women but we had not intentionally selected videos based on that premise. I guess it would soon be a topic we discussed.

"Yes ma'am, what can I do for you?", James asked as he took a couple of tentative steps in her direction. I thought I would pass out when Sarah replied, "James, I was wondering if you would fuck me before you leave." I think James and I shared the exact same level of surprise. Trying to maintain his composure and be sure he heard her right, James stuttered...Maa'amm, what did you say?" Sarah shrugged the jacket off of her shoulders and her full voluptuous breasts came into full view. "I asked you if you would fuck me. Oh, and my name is Sarah. You should call me Sarah while you are fucking me." Sarah said it so matter-of-factly you would have thought she was discussing the close of another real estate deal.

The only person in the entire city more confused and excited than me at that moment was James. He seemed to be spell bound and frozen in place as his eyes moved back and forth between Sarah's face and her breasts. It was probably a full minute before he regained his voice. "Ma'am...ah...I mean Sarah...I can't do that. I'm a married man and I'm guessing you are married also."

"You are correct James. I am married. I know you are married, too. I also know that being married didn't keep you from fucking our receptionist, Barbara." James face showed the surprise of a man thinking he would soon be fired. "Don't worry," Sarah assured him, "your secret is safe with me. Now come over here and fuck me. I would like very much for you to stick that big black cock of yours as far up my pussy as you can get it and fuck me senseless."

Who was this sex crazed woman who had taken over my wife's body? I had never seen her so aggressive. Nor had I ever heard her use such language outside our bedroom. I wondered briefly just how close she and this Barbara were. Had she confided any of our secrets to her? I doubted it. I knew and trusted Sarah too much to suspect that. I did make a mental note to ask her how she found out about the receptionist and James.

James hesitated another minute, trying to figure out what was going on. The hesitation ended when Sarah stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side, leaving her standing there in only her heels. She again leaned back on the desk, this time with her legs spread far enough that I'm sure James could see her clean-shaven pussy. He then made his way across the room to stand in front of Sarah, still slightly hesitant in his movements.

To break the ice, Sarah reached out and, taking his left hand, she placed it on her right breast. She then covered his hand with hers and helped him massage it. His massive hand completely hid her breast. After a few seconds he got the message and put his right hand on her left breast and began massaging both of them. Sarah's breasts are very sensitive so I can imagine that her nipples were instantly standing out like pencil erasers. Soft moans were coming from her as she tilted her head back and enjoyed the sensation.

While James stimulated her nipples, Sarah put her arms inside his and began seductively rubbing his chest and neck. As she worked across his upper body she worked the zipper of his work coveralls down. Slipping her hands inside the opening in the coveralls she continued massaging his chest. Pushing first the left and then the right side of his garment off of his shoulders she slipped it off of him. He temporarily moved each arm to let the coveralls drop and then went right back to her breasts as if drawn there by some mysterious force. They bunched up at his feet. Duplicating Sarah's moves to get rid of her skirt, he was soon standing there is only his work boots and boxers.

Sarah began kissing her way down his body, stopping at each of his nipples to kiss and lick

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