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A boyfriend gets a glorious surprise for his birthday.

Then my vision snapped back to John and Joanna, just at the point where John moved in and kissed her lightly on the lips, his hand underneath her chin. My stomach flipped as I watched them kiss again, my head spinning as I saw my girlfriend kissing another man right in front of me. John looked over at me and said something to Joanna, at which point she turned and smiled at me and mouthed, 'I love you baby,' before returning to face him again.

My heart was beating so fast. I didn't know what to do; whether to break them apart and smack him, or leave them to it, or go, or stay. I turned to the guy next to me, who was still watching the couple over my shoulder.

"You should see this man, she's so fucking hot..." He said, rubbing his crotch through his jeans. I turned to see the girl on her knees in front of the guy, her skirt still bunched at her hips, a line of black material disappearing between her buttocks. I couldn't really see anything, but was clearly aware that she was sucking his cock. I felt myself harden again, and then remembered Joanna, and turned back to her to find that fortunately her and John had gone back to talking. She was giggling though, and I could hear him asking her something over and over again.

"No!" I kept hearing her say. "Stop it!" before she'd giggle again at John, his head on one side. And then it happened. She reached up, and pulled first the left and then the right shoulder straps off her playsuit, before letting the top fall to her waist, revealing her half lace white bra to the room.

"Daaamn," the guy next to me said, turning his attention to my girlfriends beautiful tits, encased in white fabric, the outline of her nipples just visible. But it didn't end there, as no sooner had the top slouched around her midriff than her hands came up behind her and undid her bra strap, letting that too fall off her shoulders, exposing her perfect 34c breasts and hard little nipples to Johns waiting eyes.

I couldn't believe it. My girlfriend was now topless in a room full of strangers and although most of them could see little more than her fabulous back, there was one guy in particular who was getting an eye full. I half expected him to immediately reach forward and fondle her breasts, but instead he started talking to her again, as she sat there with her clothes bunched around her.

My mind was racing, my head felt full. Here was my girlfriend, talking casually to a man she'd only just met, as he, and others, ogled her perky young tits. I decided that I had to get out of there and grab another beer from the kitchen and cool off a little.

I walked into the kitchen, clicked the top off another lager and took a long slow drink, feeling the cool liquid seep into every part of my body, trying to relax and not think about what was happening in the lounge. Then I heard a voice;

"Having a good night?" I looked round to find the girl from our group standing with her weight on one leg at the entrance to the kitchen.

"It's, er, interesting," I offered, smiling a little, my voice almost shaking.

"Just relax," she said, moving over to me. "Everyone's friends here, just have some fun." she continued, before kissing me on the lips at the same time as she placed her hand on the bulge of my trousers. "Your girlfriend is a beautiful woman isn't she?" she purred into my ear as her hand massaged me through the material.

"Yes," I managed, startled, half grunting as she squeezed my crotch.

"Do you think I'm beautiful too?" She said, moving back from me slightly and posing.

"Of course." I replied, my heart pounding.

"Good, well, let's go and have some fun then..."

She turned and walked back into the lounge and I followed her, my heart beating faster with every step to the door.

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