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"I think someone just dried out my mouth with a cardboard box."

"Ohh," said Kristin, coming out of the bathroom, "we missed the shots of Malort!"

"Who was first? It was Wilson, wasn't it.," Brianna said. I nodded. "Ha! Little brother likes the boooooze."

Her skirt was down, her straps were up. Kristin was still in her bra, but she had a serious face.

"Okay," said Brianna, "listen up. I have something to say here. Now we all having fun, right? We can keep having fun. Everybody likes fun. I like fun. We just have to..." and she paused for a moment, looking for the right word where the wall met the ceiling. "... ease back the fun. Still have fun, right? But no we're-going-to-regret-this-in-the-morning fun. Drinks and laughs, fun. Grabbing titties, that's regrets. Fun with all our clothes on. Zippers stay zipped fun."

"We have buttons, not zippers," said Sweet.

"Buttons stay buttoned fun," said Brianna. "Buttoned up fun. Start opening buttons and the fun ends."

"Whatever you say," said Sweet, looking sincere.

"I am a married woman," said Brianna.

"I never met the man, but Imma take your word for it," said Sweet.

"That's my little brother," said Brianna, pointing at me.

"I love and respect him, and I respect you too," said Sweet.

"Are we all okay with this fun kind of fun? We have a deal?"

"Deal," we all said.

"Bu-ut... " said Sweet, and the two women shot eyes at each other... my sister angry, Kristin amused. He went on ".. if we're going to have drinks and laughs we need drinks. 'cause this shit is barbaric."

"I'll get 'em," said Kristin.

"I'll come," I said.

"No Wilson," said Sweet, "no cumming. None of that kind of fun."

Kristin pulled her shirt back on. As we went out the door, I saw my sister warily sit down in the kitchen chair, and Sweet and Hector sit up on the couch.

It was a narrow flight of stairs down to the bar. We didn't have to go outside, but the stairs led to an outside door and it was cold. I sobered just enough to feel how drunk I was, weaving a bit as I skipped down the stairs. "Fun!" I yelled, then tripped and caught myself on the railing. Kristin laughed.

"You so dru-unk, little brother," she sang. At the bottom of the stairs, she tripped and fell down on her butt. I couldn't stop myself and fell down on top of her. She giggled. "I guess I'm drunk too," she said, and kissed me. I kissed her back. Her lips were full and soft.

"Fun," she whispered. "Fun," I whispered back.

We made out for a while, in no hurry to get up. Her tongue softly parted my lips, teasing them apart. I slid my tongue into her mouth more roughly, penetrating her lips. "Easy, little brother," she said. "Try it slow. Fun..." I kissed her more slowly, gently entangling my tongue with hers. Our hands explored each other's safer places: arms, shoulders, backs. After a while, her hand slid off my shoulder and down my chest, rimming my navel before diving to loosely encircle my cock.

"Fun?" she said.

"Fffuuu..." I said.

Kristin stroked the tip of my cock through my pants with the tips of fingers. "This is no-regrets fun," she said, and added, "But I never regret anything." I should have stroked her pussy or something but I was so stunned that all I could do was hold myself up with my hands and feel her hand on me. She kissed her way around my chin and cheeks and I think I groaned. She giggled.

"Fun," she said, and stood up. "Let's go get the bottles," she said. I stood up and followed her into the bar. It was bigger than I thought, and warmer. It had some kind of full kitchen and a bar that stretched the length of the building. The lights were out, but there was just enough light to see by coming from the streetlight outside. "You can have whatever you want," she said, "but here are the rules. One: open bottles only. Two: nothing off the top two shelves. And three: only two bottles per trip. You know we're going to finish every bottle we bring up, and if we're too drunk to get more, it's time to stop."

I looked over the shelves.

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