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I can hear you breathing harder as I move and I know this time we wont stop, wont hold anything back.

I kiss along your jaw and drag my lips over your skin, down the side of your neck before softly kissing my way back up, loving hearing you sigh as I softly kiss your ear and whisper " I want you so much right now." You reply "I know baby" and run your lips over my neck, dipping your head lower to tease the soft freckled skin on the top of my full breasts. I hold your head to me, wanting you to go further. Your hand squeezes my right breast softly before easing the edge of my top and bra aside and letting your tongue finally taste my hard pink nipple as it swells even more under your loving attention. I feel a shiver run through me as you suck on me, your tongue making me moan and close my eyes, but I don't want to miss this moment, I look down at you, looking back up to me with those gorgeous eyes as you lick my nipple slowly. Watching the effect you're having on me, how you're turning me on.

I'm so wet for you now, my swollen little clit tingling and throbbing, desperate for your touch. I feel your hard cock grinding against me through our clothes and I need to feel you inside me. You sit up, and just watch the lustful, longing look on my face as I lie in front of you, one breast still exposed, my legs spread either side of you. You stand and take my hands, helping me up to stand in front of you. You wrap your arms tightly around me and run your hands down my back, resting them on my full ass, hooking your thumbs through the belt loops on my jeans, pulling me hard against you as you kiss me one more time. We both know what's about to happen as I lead you into my bedroom and pull you down on top of me on my bed.

Laid on my bed, under you, my pussy dripping I close my eyes. For just a moment I take it in, how you feel, how you smell. Right here and now I'm all yours, always will be. You can do whatever you want to me right now. I want you to own me completely.

You undo my jeans and ease them down my soft thighs slowly before firmly rubbing my aching pussy through my satin thong. You can feel the material is soaked through, I'm so wet for you. Sliding your fingers under the waistband you work it down my thighs then along with my jeans remove it completely, revealing my smooth wet pussy lips. I work the straps of my top and bra over my shoulders, finally releasing my breasts completely. You spread my legs wide and I feel exposed and vulnerable as you look at me, near naked beneath you.

I watch you kneeling between my thighs as you pull your t-shirt off.

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