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My roommie and her boyfriend don't worry about modesty.

But before she could open the box her phone rang again. It was Jack and he was angry. Did I tell you that you could put clothes on to answer the door? No! Now take that fucking robe off! Jack again hung up the phone before Cher could say anything.

She almost forgot about the box. She grabbed scissors and open the box to find a black velvet jewelry box. When she opened it, it was a black leather choker type necklace with a silver ring. To the average person it would look like a choker, but she knew it was her collar. She put it around her neck and looked in the mirror. Cher stared at her reflection in the mirror, thinking about how fast this was all happening. She never had trouble meeting men. She was a typical California girl, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 36D breasts, a tiny waist and long legs. The problem was that the average men bored her.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang again. She started to reach for her robe and remembered that she wasn't permitted, so she peeked in the hole to see who was at the door. She didn't recognize the person so she asked "can I help you?"

The man said, open the door Cher, Jack sent me. She slowly opened the door and peeked around the corner. The man smiled at her and said, "Get your naked ass out from behind that door before you piss him off." She slowly stood in front of the door, naked in front of the stranger. He stared her up and down for a couple minutes and then smiled and left.

Cher wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but assumed it was a test and Jack was watching from the webcam. She only hoped she didn't piss him off again. Then there was another knock at the door. She looked in the hole, it was Jack. She opened the door and he walked in. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to her knees. As he did he said, you will kneel when I walk in the door. Hands on your thighs, head down. She did as she was told.

Jack told her that he was still angry that she covered up when she answered the door and she was going to be punished. Cher replied, yes sir. Jack then told her to crawl to the couch on her hands and knees. He sat down and told her to lay across his knees. She knew he was going to spank her. He told her he was going to spank her 10 times and she was going to count out loud after each smack. By the time he finished her ass was bright red. Jack then sat her on his lap and gave her a deep kiss. He told her that he would punish and humiliate her every time she disobeyed or displeased him but it was only to teach her how to be a good pet.

He told her to take him to her closet. When they arrived he told her to get a trash bag and by the time she got back he had already made a pile of clothes. He was leaving only skirts, dresses and tops in her closet. He told her to put them in the bag and get rid of them. Jack told her she would no longer be choosing what clothes she would wear; he would be doing that from now on. Jack said, you will not be wearing any clothes that restricts my access to my property. Then he went thru her drawers and removed anything he didn't like. By the time he was done she had 3 bags of unacceptable clothing .

Once he was done he told her she earned a reward and pulled down his pants. She dropped to her knees and began sucking and licking his cock and balls until he was rock hard. She tried to suck all the way down but couldn't get his impressive cock down her throat without gagging. She continued to suck for several minutes until Jack was ready to blow. He told her to stop and finished by jerking himself off on her face. Then he pulled up his pants and walked out the door leaving her with a face full of cum.

She had just finished cleaning herself up when the phone rang.

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