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A tale of couples lusting.

"Mom, are you hungry?" She didn't respond. "Everything will be okay mom," I assured her but her cynicism appeared and she gave me a mocking laugh.

"You're eighteen."


"I said that you're eighteen. I received a letter a week ago that I had an appointment with Child Services today. It seems they stop giving out Food Stamps when the child turns eighteen."

My heart plummeted, this happened once before, when they cut money for all Bridge Card users when I was fifteen. The following three months for us three meant going to soup kitchens, losing our electricity for about two weeks and losing our T.V. services for four months. I wonder what would happen now.

"I told the manager at the clothing factory I would be taking this day off. She never told me it was alright and now I may face getting fired." I began to get a headache. At least I have a job, I could skip school on Friday so I could work overtime on that day, and it usually doesn't change anything.

"Where's Arthur?" I asked her, I don't like getting my brother involved in these types of dilemmas. "He's with his friend. Thank Jesus, I don't like getting him involved either."

"Was that him?" she asked me quietly.


"The tall kid passing out sodas at the soup kitchen. You kept on looking at him like he was Jesus reincarnated. Was that Brendan Houghton?" I couldn't lie to her, I never could she always saw through me. I weakly nodded, and looked away in embarrassment. I wanted to cry but I persevered and looked at her straight at her silver eyes. "Yep mom, that's Brendan Houghton alright. Fine piece of ass isn't he?"

She just gave a small laugh and hugged me. That was it; I couldn't hold the tears any longer. I felt like a little boy crying on her shoulder. "Go ahead; tell me I have my head in the clouds."

"For the first question, I can see why you would pick him. Looks like Raymond Houghton gave birth to such a fine specimen." I gave her a weak laugh. "Does this mean soup kitchens are in the future?"

She nodded gravely, her eyes watery. "Well, instead of the usual 500 dollars, it's 250 dollars. But, you know that I will always thank God that he has brought me two great sons. I don't care if you are gay, as long as you are successful with what you do and find that special one in life, than that's all I care about."

I hugged her tightly for a few minutes. I always loved it when she hugs me. She makes me feel loved, safe, and protected some things I am not fond off.

After our emotional discussion, my mom went to pick up Arthur and decided to buy some pizza. I was too tired to tag along so I stayed at home. I all but threw myself to my bed and sighed, hoping to fall myself to sleep but there isn't much comfort on a thin bed when I heard a bang on my window.

"Hey dude, open up." My heart was beaming, it was my only friend and trusty companion Rich. He goes to Weston as well, though he doesn't go as much, although more economically stable then me, his personal life is a mess. His dad is a raging homophobe who is always on his case and his mom is an alcoholic. He says he is so lucky he is an only child. He didn't want another child to be miserable like him.

I opened the window to let him in. He takes of his ski hat and his unruly, shaggy blonde died black goes all over the place. He isn't that tall only about 5' 8'' and has the whole emo look on him. The thing that strikes me more about Rich is his metallic eyes. They are large and are a deep blue which are surr surround with eyes shadow, although at the moment one of them was swollen and black.

"Jesus! Rich what happened to you!?" I hugged him deeply, reassuring him that everything will be alright. I know better than to say that, but it relaxes him. "Was it your dad," I whisper to him, the last thing I want to do is to weaken his spirit.

"Forget it, just hold me. Please, I don't ask of anything else." I do just that, who knows how long I was holding him. "Please, don't fight me. I need this."

I was going to ask him what he meant when he grabbed me by the hair and planted a rough ki

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