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Andy and Sheila find Ecstasy.

The picture would be of the whole body with the person wearing a pair of trunks or gym shorts only. Would you be willing to do that?"

"For a full membership with the other things I mentioned, yes I would."

"Okay, let's get started then."

I followed Dennis into the men's locker room where he gave me a pair of gym shorts with the fitness center's name on them. I posed in the poses Dennis directed me to take as he took pictures of my flabby body. We then went into his office and I signed the special membership papers he had gotten made for his promotion. I didn't have to pay anything unless I quit working out in the center. I had to pay two months fees plus a $500.00 penalty if I did quit. The before picture would be life sized and hang over the reception area starting the next week. Dennis took me out to the center and began working me out. He could tell how bad out of shape I was in after only five minutes. Strength wise I was above average for a man of my age, but cardio wise I was equal to a man twice my age. Dennis had mercy on me that first day and let me stop after only twenty minutes. He gave me a meal plan and ordered me to start it that day. I stopped at the supermarket and got a fresh salmon steak and the vegetables the meal plan called for to go with it plus the food I'd need for breakfast and lunch. I went home and threw all the junk food and sweets away like Dennis had told me to do.

I had a new trainer the next day and we began after I had met with the nutritionist and gotten a more detailed and varied meal plan than the one Dennis had given me. Mike, my new trainer, didn't show me any mercy and I ended up vomiting in a plastic bucket after only thirty minutes doing the exercises Mike put me through. He allowed me to rest and re-hydrate before starting me out again. I managed not to puke again and dragged myself to the showers thirty five minutes later. I worked out with Mike every day except for Sunday when I was on my own. It took me two weeks before the soreness left me and another three months before I could do the full routine without a break. One year after starting, I had lost thirty of the forty extra pounds I had been carrying. I did take some ribbing from the other members when my before picture was first posted, but ignored them.

I had gotten the pay out from the two life insurance policies that were on Renee. I paid off her car, then sold it, and paid off the loan on the double wide; putting the rest in the bank. I had hired my friend, McDonald Hood, a Harvard law school grad, old scouting buddy who had told me his wife, who he dated all through high school and college, was the reason he had came back to our hometown; to sue Dr. Rogers' estate and auto insurance company for his causing Renee's death. He asked for $5 million at my insistence and he was in final negotiations with $3 million or a little less appearing to be the final number. Besides Lori I had Janet Blankenship, another of Renee's fellow nurses, who would testify to the doctor's affair with Renee. Mac was using that information as leverage to get the settlement we wanted.
After my first year of working out, my body had changed from flabby to firm and I began to be surprised by the women who came onto me; the biggest surprise coming from Ashley the receptionist I had talked to that first day.

"Hello Marty, you're looking good."

"Hello, Ashley. I don't mean to be rude but call me Martin. Only four people call me Marty and three of them are dead."

"I'm sorry, Martin. I was wondering if you'd join me for a drink after your work out."

"I don't drink, but I'd be glad to sit and watch you drink, say in about an hour and a half."

"Sounds great, see you then!"

I watch as she flounced her 24 year old, blonde haired, slim and trim body across the floor away from me, her ass cheeks swaying to and fro and giving me an instant hard on.

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