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Do Jeff and Tracy end up together?

Laid out naked before her, Jessica stared down at the picturesque vision of her sister. A feeling of desire, intermingling with an odd sentimentality came over her as she thought how much she loved and wanted Trish in that moment. She just never knew her love extended this far, willing even to defile the very notion of their sisterhood to quell the frustration they now shared.

Raising her knees, the blonde opened wide, inviting Jessica in. Tentatively, the brunette ran a hand up the back of an outstretched thigh, massaging soft skin as she stared at the perfect folds of her sister's sex.

Leaning forward she flicked out her tongue, swiping tentatively at Trish's swollen lips. The blonde quivered, a barely perceptible touch that nonetheless sent an electric thrill coursing through her. Bracing herself, Jessica took another, longer and a little deeper lick into her sister's hot pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, ohh Jesss..." Taking a long, quivering groan, Trish screwed her eyes shut as her sister's insistent tongue moved up and down several times inside her slick entrance.

Getting past her initial reluctance, Jessica began to eat with earnest, her tongue moving everywhere, rolling deliciously over the surface of Trish's lips with a wet squish, touching lightly at her clit before finally exploring deep inside.


Moving away for a second to catch her breath, Jessica found that Trish almost immediately dragged back to the main course, grunting, frustrated at her delaying the blonde's pleasure.


Releasing an indelicate moan Jessica licked even deeper into her sister's snatch, practically smothering herself as she tasted her sacred honey.

Moving up the bed, Trish knelt, forcing Jessica to follow her prize, crawling forward and craning her neck to reach for the blonde's pussy.

Not waiting for Jessica to adjust, Trish squeezed her head with her thighs, instinctively rolling on top of the brunette consuming her pussy. Surprised, Jessica spluttered into her sister's snatch; Trish had tried this Kung-fu shit on her before. Having effectively reversed their positions, the PI had to admit she'd gotten one over on her.

Pressing down onto Jessica's face, Trish started a slow, unconscious motion with her hips, grinding easily into her sister's mouth as both made lurid, unlady like groans of utter arousal. ___

This went on for sometime, both women undulating and clawing at each other in place as their decency degenerated, becoming lost in lust.

Digging her fingernails into Trish's full behind, Jessica began devouring her sister's sweet centre, cream drenching her chin, her tongue swirling between tender folds. Mindlessly burrowing further into the warmth, Jessica's mouth pulsed vibrations inside the blonde's throbbing cunt, eating wantonly.

Soon Trish was humping her bedraggled sister's face, enjoying the feel of those plump lips around her luscious fruit, the bed frame shuddering against the wall once more:

Bang! Bang!

Breathing in, Jessica inhaled a torrent of Trish's cream as she ate her out, uncomfortably aware that she was loving what was happening, even as her sister rode her face.

Unfortunately for the confused brunette, Trish the loud sound reawakened her, the blonde realizing it was not just an orgasm rising in her belly, suddenly feeling the alcohol in her system rushing southward. Biting her lip, the blonde attempted in vein to warn her wanton sibling:

"OHHH!! Ohhh Jess!! Stoppp! Oh! I'm gonna, I'm gonna..."

Shaking, Trish felt her first orgasm explode out of her, cum rushing into Jessica's mouth. Inundated by hot sweet cream, Jessica opened wide to receive her sister's delicious gift. Swallowing gratefully, Jessica rallied, keen to coax more tangy nectar from her forbidden fruit.

Racked with pleasure, Trish struggled to keep her bladder under control, just as Jessica ramped up her assault on the blonde's tense nethers. Feeling another orgasm boil, Trish desperately tried to warn the brunette beneath her:

"Jessss! Jessss!! I can't -OHHH!!"

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