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The first time he licked her.

"These are lovely. Very fine nylon that wears exceptionally well yet feels almost like silk. Much less expensive than silk also." She drew up a cushioned stool in front of Sally and gracefully settled down. "I think 'Nude' would go well with your skin and clothing."

Leslie slowly drew the fine stockings up Sally's leg. The strong, capable fingers continually smoothed the material against the skin under it. Sally bit back a moan as Leslie seemed to almost caress her calf. She inched up her skirt and Leslie leaned forward, her hands touching Sally's thigh now. The stocking was drawn tight as Sally stretched her leg out and the flowered elastic top was carefully adjusted.

Leslie moved slightly and repeated the action with the other leg. Sally was in heaven now, enjoying and appreciating the arousing touch of Leslie's hands. Obviously the other woman was seducing her. Also as obvious was Sally's encouragement of the seduction. Out of the corner of her eye, Sally saw that the Open/Closed sign had been flipped around, probably when Leslie first invited Sally in the store. Well, that was alright too.

Leslie's hands were at the top of the second stocking now. She was looking at Sally with poorly concealed excitement, her fingers stroking Sally's thigh and inching up towards frankly already wet panties. Sally made no attempt to smother a moan. Leslie scooted on to the edge of her stool.

Then Sally slipped her foot between Leslie's legs and slid her toes up the inside of the other woman's leg. After all, fair was fair. Leslie jumped, an expression of alarm on her face and began to stand up. It was too late. Sally's foot had reached up between the store owner's legs and touched the hard bulge that was concealed there.

Leslie ran from the room. Sally stood for a moment, completely stunned. A He/She! Or rather, she corrected herself, a Transgendered Female. A She-Male was the term used sometimes. Interesting. She considered the arousal she had just been experiencing. She added in what she had just discovered. A mischievous twinkle lit her eyes and she followed Leslie back into the storeroom.

"Leslie," Sally called softly as she stood behind the other figure. Leslie turned.

The two stood face to face. Leslie's frozen face thawed as she saw that rather than any condemnation, Sally's face showed nothing but interest, and more than a hint of excitement. The smaller woman stepped closer, her hands dropping to settle on Leslie's hips. Then Leslie's eyes widened as Sally's fingers began to slowly hoist her skirt.

"I'm curious," inquired Sally. "How do you keep from, I suppose the best word I can think of is 'Showing', what you have?"

Leslie shivered as Sally's fingers continued to creep up the outside of her legs. Now they, and the hem of her skirt, were over the tops of HER stockings and on her bare skin.

"I wear a specially constructed panty, that restricts blood flow there and holds me in when I do become aroused."

"This panty," Sally noted, her hands touching the hem, her eyes dropping to view it, and view the straining bulge that was forcing the reinforced material outward. "It works?" Even as Leslie nodded, Sally ran one fingertip over that bulge. "It seems to be losing the fight," she noted.

Leslie suppressed a groan. "Well, usually, when I get this aroused," she stopped and blushed. "When I get this aroused I masturbate."

"Not lately though?"

"No," Leslie admitted. "Business has been slow today. And you caught me off-guard. I had planned on going into the back for your shoes and then, well, I got carried away. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry." Sally stepped closer. She stretched up on her toes and kissed Leslie. "Don't be embarrassed." She settled back down and then began to sink slowly as her fingers tugged the constricting panty down Leslie's legs. "Hopefully though, you will be impressive."

"Oh my," breathed Sally.

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