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A hockey player gets unexpected therapy after a game.

Soon there was a gap of barely perceptible stubble between Joanna's slicked fringe and the rest of her hair. I then moved to her side, caressing her nape as Joanna caressed herself in a more intimate manner. I carefully isolated a section of hair in front of her ear, before slicing off the hair that grew above it. I pushed the clippers up her head, freeing all the hair until the clippers had no more work to do. Having began to clip the sides of her head I then pushed the clippers over her ear, revealing more of her scalp. Her hair was so light that unless you were close it was difficult to detect the presence of hair. I removed the clippers from her head before they could liberate the hair near her nape. Having temporarily defined the boundaries I then continued to closely shave the side of her head. I repeatedly covered the right side of her head, so that every follicle sprouted a hair of uniform length. Once I had completed one side of her head Joanna took the time to rub her soft stubble, when she felt her payes she twirled them with the aid of some gel.

In next to no time the clippers had Joanna's left hand side transformed to a mirror image of her right. I then shaved up and over her skull, clipping off all the hair between the closely clippered sides. I deliberately overlapped the path of the clippers to ensure that no hair escaped the eager teeth of the clippers. The only hair of any significant length and expanse was that at the back of her head, hair that was hidden from Joanna's view as she smiled at me in the mirror. Joanna was unable to see these remains as I delicately eased her head forward. Putting the clippers down I picked up the comb and began to part the hair at the base of her nape. As I had done with her fringe I carefully selected those few strands of hair from her hairline upwards. I had soon created a clear horizontal division. Below the line hair that would remain, above it the vast majority of hair that was soon to be shorn, to join those that already lay, sacrificed on the floor. Protecting the chosen few hairs from the re-started blades with my left hand, I used my right hand to flick the clippers into her hair and up her head, revealing short vertical swathes of near baldness. The shaven expanse grew as I cut parallel to her hairline, the pitch of the clippers deepening as they became busy in her hair.

The clippers had soon exposed a shaven strip that stretched the width of Joanna's head. I then used this shaven strip as an access point for the clippers, before working them up the back of her head. Four passes of the enthusiastic blades soon reduced Joanna's hair to an almost unvarying length. The only hair that was longer than the 0000 blade dictated was that at her fringe, nape and in front of her ears. These tufts were an oasis of hair, in contrast with the desert-like, clippered majority. I had deliberately isolated these sections from the attention of the clippers in order to offer some contrast in her style. When stroking my hands over her scalp the transition from closely cropped stubble to the more luxuriant and yielding lengths was truly mind-blowing. The feelings and sensations at my fingertips made the actions of the clippers all the more worthwhile. As I selfishly I enjoyed what my fingers were sensing, Joanna's fingers concluded their motion as her body shuddered.

I put down the clippers and styled Joanna's unique coiffure, I asked her what she thought of her unique style, sure that no other woman has ever received and carried such a style.

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