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How someone will react.


Tina: Any force required? was there any command in my voice? or just a hint?

Lana: Just a hint

Lana: Look let me tell you something I am a strong 6ft tall woman that works out

Tina: So, brute force. that is what you use to pretend to Krystina you are strong

Lana: No

Lana: No not at all

Lana: I don't know what I do I just do it

Tina: A true domme never uses force

Tina: You use it to disguise the fact that you are not a domme, but have to pretend for Krystina

Lana: No Tina no

Tina: Lana, if I asked you, would you kiss me and hug me? without crushing me?

Lana: Umm I guess

Lana: Idk

Lana: Yes I suppose

Tina: I would appreciate a kiss and a hug from you

Lana: If you're serious I will

Tina: I am serious, I never joke about kissing pretty girls

Lana: Wraps my muscular arms around you kisses you with passion

Tina: Mmm, not bad

Tina: Lana, may I kiss you?

Lana: Yes, please

Tina: Reaching out for your hands, taking them in mine

Tina: Gently pulling you into my arms

Tina: Putting your arms around my back

Tina: Holding your face in both hands, cupping your cheeks

Tina: Looking deep in to your eyes as I approach you slooowly

Tina: Caressing your cheeks with my thumb

Tina: Getting closer to your lips

Lana: Yes

Tina: Feeling your warm breath mingling with mine

Tina: Breathing your scent

Lana: Yes I feel

Tina: A warm womanly earthy smell

Lana: Yes yes

Tina: Looking deep into your eyes

Tina: My tongue snakes out

Tina: Draws the outline of your lips

Lana: Oh Tina

Tina: I feel your breath getting warmer,

Tina: Panting a little

Tina: I feel you take a deep breath to try to control yourself

Lana: Breathing faster

Tina: I come closer to your lips

Tina: Take your bottom lip in mine

Tina: Suck it gently as my tongue caresses the inside of your bottom lip

Tina: Lick your lips for me, wet them

Lana: Oh Tina yes

Tina: I want to taste your warm liquid

Lana: Yes

Lana: I am soo wet

Tina: And slowly, releasing your lip, I let my lips meet yours

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: Gently pursing against each other

Tina: I feel you wanting to press your lips into mine, hard

Lana: Yes I do yes

Tina: I push them back with my tongue

Tina: And lick the inside of your cheeks

Tina: The roof of your mouth

Tina: Circling my tongue in your mouth

Lana: Ohh God

Tina: Our lips glued together

Tina: You try to suck my tongue

Lana: Yes

Tina: My tongue battles with yours

Tina: Dodging yours

Tina: I pull my tongue back into my mouth

Lana: Oh Tinaaaaa

Tina: Yours follows

Lana: Please

Tina: And I suck it gently

Tina: Licking the underside of your tongue

Tina: Until finally, you pull away with a deep deep breath

Tina: That is how a domme kisses her sub

Lana: Omg Tina yes

Tina: Are you wet?

Lana: Soaked

Tina: Ask Krystina from me to check if you are really soaked

Lana: Yes

Tina: If you are, I would like her to take your juices and feed them to you

Lana: Yes she is feeling ooo

Lana: My hair is soaked

Lana: Ohhh

Tina: Tell me when she is feeding you

Tina: Please lick it all off, make it clean

Lana: Yes

Tina: Would you like me to make you cum?

Lana: Sucking her fingers

Tina: Like your taste?

Lana: Yes

Tina: Ask Krystina. I would like her to reveal your breasts, and anoint the nipples with your juices

Tina: Tell me what she is doing as she does it

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: Remember I am not commanding either of you

Tina: You can walk away any time you like

Lana: Yes baby

Tina: Do you want to walk away Lana?

Lana: No

Tina: I don't think you were paying attention, but you were too far gone so I'll forgive you

Lana: Ooo Krystina Tinaaa ohh

Tina: Lol still not paying attention

Tina: What is she doing?

Lana: She is on my nipples my bikini top is off

Tina: It would really please me to see you suck your pussy juice off your nipples

Lana: Yes baby

Lana: Licking my nipple

Tina: Is it stiff? Achingly stiff?

Lana: Yes baby

Tina: You may pinch them if you like, or you may request Krystina

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