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Sarah becomes a submissive slut for her newest lover.

ed it to my head muttering to myself,

"This is ridiculous, how stupid is this I can't look at my body and do a tie, there's no one here but me."

After my hair was secured to my head I resumed doing the tie. I made sure the rope was even. Then carefully avoiding my eyes I looked in the mirror and began to twist the rope down the front of my chest, And between my breasts. Like tunnel vision I looked directly at the rope and my breast. Noticing that my nipples were hard as they always get when I bind my breast.

Taking the rope I slid it across my right nipple a tingle shot through me, and I craved for more. The rope was rough with out looking I couldn't think of the name. Master would be upset for he likes me to know my ropes by name. All I knew was it was ruff and made my nipples hard when I used it. Reaching for the end of the rope, I held it in my hand firmly as I swung it and felt the sting as it hit my breast hard, again and again I swung the rope feeling it as it snapped on my nipple.

Then switching hands I repeated it on my left. As I looked in the mirror I thought,

"Christ this is the only time I can look at myself naked."

I loved the marks and bruises I some times get from binding and a little nipple torture. Knowing it must of hurt, but not remembering the pain. Only the excitement and wanting of more. Seeing the red and swollen welts from the rope I traced my fingers along the raised welts softly up one and down the other ever so close to my nipple.

Closing my eyes I remembered Master doing the same. The warm soft touch of his fingers as he blindfolded me and kissed my cheeks them traced his fingers down my neck and over my tightly bound breasts.

Snapping out of the fog I was in, I took the rope and gently lifted my left breast placing the rope under it. And did the same with the right. Wrapped it around my back and bringing the rope to the front. Crossed it centered at my belly button and made a knot there. Took it between my legs, and avoiding my shaven mound and clit I put it on either side.

Reaching behind me I grabbed the rope and pulled it up snug. Looking in the mirror I thought god look at how my pussy swells and gets wet when I use rope. Giving the rope an extra tug I could see my clit swollen and peeking out. Putting the rope in one hand I put my finger to my mouth and sucked it. Then dropped it to my swollen clit, rubbing it gently, not wanting to cum. Just to be on the edge.

As I looked in the mirror I seen a shadow, it was Master my heart pounded as he knows its hard for me to do a tie and him watching me.

I'm just not comfortable enough with my own body, and Master has been very supportive and patent with me. W/we work at it slowly, as he wants me to feel the trust not just take his word.

Holding the rope in one hand I walked over to the stand and turned on the music. Not letting Master know I had seen him watching. As I walked back to the mirror and stood there, I closed my eyes and focused on the music and tie. I opened my eyes and looked past Master to see a man that truly loved me for who I am.

I took the rope one in each hand brought it up the back and around the outsides of my legs. Brought it around front and under the rope, over the knot and down the front again. This time I looked in the mirror and seen a smile. Master had quietly pulled up a chair and sat and watched with out a word.

Taking the rope I spread my legs and closed my eyes as I placed it carefully at my clit, stopped to tie a knot and then place it back. Continuing with the tie I went a bit further stopped and placed another knot. As I struggled to get the rope just right I felt warm hands on mine. I took a deep breath and let go of the rope. Master continued to do the tie with a tug that made me moan, he brought the rope up over my shoulders and over the front with out looking at me.

He came around front and didn't say a word, just took the rope and continued the tie.

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