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A fictional account inspired by meeting a real guy.

The man's intrusion was painful, causing her to grimace. She could have made it harder for him, squeezing the right muscles to close herself to him. But, she knew it was hopeless and, in the end, would only be more painful to her. So, she 'let him in'.

As the man pounded his cock deep inside her, harder and faster with each thrust, William asked with feigned sincerity, "He's not hurting you, is he ... baby?"

Maria's response was a spreading smile and a chuckle, rising deep from within her. She answered firmly, "No ... baby. He feels ... good."

William laughed as well. "I'm happy to see you're enjoying this."

Suddenly, the man inside her grasped her hips tightly, rammed himself deep inside her one last time, and grunted in orgasm. She could feel his dick lurching, emptying; it disgusted her to think of this uninvited man taking pleasure from her this way, and yet she was glad it was some unknown henchman as opposed to the man whose dick had been in her pussy -- and mouth, and ass -- on so many occasions over the past twelve months.

She laughed, "He didn't last long ... baby. But you know what ... he lasted longer than YOU usually did."

She could see his head shaking slightly, amazed at her attempt to needle him in this way.

"Funny," he said simply, following it with, "Next. NEXT!"

Maria grimaced again as the man pulled his cock out of her suddenly. A moment later, the hand of a second man was attempting to direct his not-quite ready erection into her swollen, now-wet hole. Again, she laughed. "This one's got your OTHER problem ... an inability to GET ... IT ... UP!"

"Next! Someone else."

William's tone was beginning to show his frustration, and Maria could sense it. She mimicked him, "NEXT! Someone who's more man than that! More man than your boss, the big dick in this operation."

A male voice she recognized said, "Move. Get out of the way."

She felt the second man's hands rip away from her body and knew he'd been forcibly sent away. She felt pressure at her pussy, then cried out in pain as a larger than expected cock rammed deep into her in one, violent plunge.

"I'll fuck you to death, bitch," a voice growled deeply.

"Frankie...?" Maria feigned joy at the knowledge of who was pummeling her pussy. She tried to look back, but could only see the shape of his body. But it was the voice of the man who was her full time chauffeur. She endured the pain of what was truly a mean fuck as she returned to her taunting. "Frankie! BA-by. Oooo, baby, I knew it was you, baby. I could tell the moment you got inside--"

"You're cute," William said softly, trying his best to hide his disappointment that his former 'cop' lover wasn't pleading for mercy. "You were always cute."

She ignored him, continuing to applaud the man raping her. "DO it, baby, DO it! Just like last time, baby. Remember last time, baby."

Maria felt hesitation in Frankie's thrusts. She continued complimenting him, causing him to slow even farther.

"I never fucked her before, William!" Frankie defended, his tone filled with obvious concern. "This is the first--"

"Tell'im the truth, baby. We fuck like this every time his back is turned. DO it, baby. FUCK me like William could only HOPE to fuck me."

"I wouldn't do that, boss." Frankie was beginning to sound as panicked as Maria had feigned being upon William's initial arrival. "Boss...?"

"Fuck me, Frankie--" The pain rising in her was almost unbearable, but she endured, willing herself to deny the crime boss the satisfaction he sought from this entire affair.

William again started for Maria's side, again blinding her temporarily with the harsh light of the sun that had almost risen out of frame of the window.

"FUCK me!" Maria continued, waiting for her eyes to adjust and find William, now standing over her with his hands upon the cutting block, holding his weight. "Just like before, baby. FUCK me HARD."

"Shut up," William said almost in a whisper.

"Boss?" Frankie was questioning, beginning to lose his steam.


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