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The crop is moved round against your skin softly again until it rests across your nipples. You can hear yourself whimpering softly as you wait for the next blow, knowing that the second the leather leaves your skin is when the blow will fall.

The time comes...but it's softer this time. Just a tap. Your nipples jump to attention. You know the power that he can wield but for some reason he isn't this time. Then again. And again. Getting harder now. Hurting your breasts. Bruises forming and being struck again on the same spot. He's getting faster and faster and harder and harder. Raining blow upon blow down upon your increasingly tender breasts.

You can hear your own cries, 'Stop, please stop! I can't...Please!' Your pleading is getting more and more desperate and your screaming is growing with every blow. He is moving around you now. The blows are hitting your back, your arse, your hips, legs, side and your poor, poor aching shoulders. Every blow stronger and more cutting. Taking your pain to another level each time.

'Fucking shut up whore!' In an instant he rips up your hood to your nose, exposing your mouth. Then seconds after you feel his fingers forcing it open to be followed by his cock. He pushes it right into you and you gag on it. It is all you can do not to vomit as the whole length of it slides into your throat. You feel hands on the back of your head as he starts to thrust violently. Fucking your mouth. Raping your mouth! It seems to last for hours and yet you know that can't be right. Finally you feel his hands force you deep onto him and his cock begins to pulse. Hot fluid fills your mouth with every convulsion. Straight down your throat, forcing you to gag once again. Four, five, six shots filling your bruised mouth. Finally he subsides and withdraws and you feel the cum trailing out of your mouth off his cock. You feel a spot of it splatter on your thigh as it drops away.

'Good to have a use in life isn't it, slut?' He says as he pulls the hood back down over your mouth and you listen to his retreating footsteps in a state of agony and bewilderment.

As the door closes you whimper quietly whilst asking yourself 'Why am I so wet?'


You jerk awake as the door slams again. The disorientation is so great that it is a second before you register that you are still hanging from the ropes. Your hands feel numb from lack of blood and your arms aren't much better off. That door slam means he is back again? What is this? The fourth, fifth time? You can feel the dry cum on your skin and still taste him on your lips mixed with blood and sweat. Every time has been the same performance, whipping you till the screaming was too much and then fucking your mouth till he came. The only variation was where he'd come. In your mouth, on your chin, across your swollen, damaged breasts. It had rolled down you and dried with the sweat and blood. You know you must shimmer with emissions.

'You awake cumslut? I think you've been such a good whore that you deserve a reward.' You feel the blade slide under your knickers sides and feel the pull as he slices through them. Left first then the other side. You feel a shoe between your thighs and he forces them as far apart as your kneeling state will allow. The material drops away but because you've been so wet it sticks to your cunt.

You hear a laugh 'What a slut! All this time you've enjoyed every second.' The slap hits the side of your head sharply and the ringing pounds through your skull. At the same time he rips the material away from you and you can feel the cold air across your swollen, pouting pussy lips.

'Well it's only fair that you get your reward after being such a good little fucktoy for so long isn't it.' You feel your right arm release from the rope and for a second it hangs in the air, held by the muscle memory, before it crashes down against your thigh.

You hear a metal on concrete scrape as a chair is pulled up and then 'Wank then slut, give y

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