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Almost over.

..moving in time to the music. If you can't already tell, I'm not wearing much of anything under these pants either."

A simple unzip, and a slight adjustment of my skirt, and you would be out, underneath, and inside. We were lucky that our heights made this easy to accomplish-I would only need to arch forward slightly. It would work. And no one would be able to tell. And if they could, so what? The lust-ridden part of me was having its way again. I could feel the wetness spreading between my legs, and I jumped slightly as your erection pressed into the small of my back.

"Fuck getting caught, let's do this," I whispered.

Moving me away from me only slightly, you casually worked your hand between us, while encircling me completely with your other arm. I heard the sound of the releasing zipper, and my toes once again curled reflexively against the grass. This was it. We were actually going to fuck in public...and my excitement was quickly outweighing my fear. Or maybe my fear was making me excited. At this point, it was hard to tell.

Once the zipper was down, I knew the game was on. I moved directly in front of you, being careful to align my ass with your crotch so no one standing near us had a chance of getting an eyeful. Your hands gently tugged again at the hemline of my skirt, only this time, you were pulling the fabric upward. I was suddenly conscious of the fact that this was much shorter than any skirt I'd ever worn. I felt uncomfortably exposed for just a moment as you pulled the fabric up over my ass, and the breeze on my flushed skin felt dangerous, but so good.

Suddenly, your bare cock was pressed against the skin of my bare bottom, and I adjusted without even thinking so you slid down further, to where my pussy was now practically dripping onto my thighs. Your hands clasped me more firmly around the waist, fingers clawing my skirt hungrily, and I rose up onto the balls of my feet, just a little. A fraction of an inch, your hot breath on my neck, your hand "accidentally" brushing one of my nipples, almost making me scream, and you sank into me from behind. I wiggled my ass against you, and your cock leaped inside of me, stretching me pleasantly. I turned my head toward you only a fraction, pretending like I was merely about to lean my head against your shoulder in music-induced bliss, and spoke three words:

"Don't lose control."

You only moaned in response, and I could feel you fighting the natural urge to begin thrusting into me, your cock twitching, your hands unconsciously rubbing my thighs over my skirt, up and down, up and down. Again, you pulled back slightly, trying to build up a thrusting rhythm, but I intervened, knowing that once you started, we would both lose ourselves. I squeezed my PC muscles as hard as I could, clamping my slippery walls around your dick, and felt you stifle another moan.

"Fuck, babe, you feel so damned good. But you're torturing me."

In response, I leaned forward almost imperceptibly, then pushed back against you, knowing the sensation on your dick of being pulled partially out of my hot, slippery hole, the wet skin being exposed to the cooling breeze, then being forced deliciously back inside, would be more what you had in mind. You growled, having momentarily lost your powers of speech

"I want to make you come inside me, in front of all these people. You're going to keep still and let me do the work, ok?"

I phrased this as though you didn't have a choice. I knew you loved it when I took control in our sexual encounters. You exhaled hotly against my ear, and your grip tightened on my waist ever so slightly.

"I guess you're the boss."

The music pulsed lazily, and I used the beat as a metronome to keep time as I began squeezing and releasing my pussy muscles around your cock.

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