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Tragedy and a chance to escape!

The sound of domestic bliss ranged through the milking parlour, filling the building with a deep vibrant sound. The hucows were domesticated, and so very happy with their position. They didn't need more than this. Life was perfect, though there was more. Halfway through the milking process, another vibration started up. The machine was programmed to give yet more pleasure.

The dildo in the girl's vagina began to tingle then throb. It seemed to have a will of its own, as though it were alive, with a determined throbbing inside, filling her vagina. The nozzle had expanded to stretch her, until it filled her vagina, touching, rubbing everywhere. It was vibrating against the walls of her vagina in places that had never before been touched.

The new girl was moved to tears. For some unknown reason, she joined in the hucow sounds of pleasure. Mooing and lowing with the rest of them. When the anal dildo began to vibrate she yelped in surprise. The rest of the machines artful, and induced pleasure sensations, kept her mind off the unusual feeling in an off-limits place. All sensations became pleasurable, and would soon become needed. Being hooked up to a pleasure machine was unexpected, but she was hooked.

If she had the awareness to think straight, it would be realised this was all done to increase her yield. It would continue when she was giving milk, and until then all she had to do, was enjoy it.

An orgasm crept over the hucows, and swept the new girl along with it. The sounds and smells of so many women having an orgasm, was overpowering.

Megan should have left the barn. She clutched her breasts and squeezed. On hands and knees, she joined in the group orgasm. As though it were an orgy, she lifted her head and mooed. It wasn't over for all the hucows. As they were giving the last of their milk, some would have a second orgasm.

Not Megan, as she had to get up and continue with her duties. Another new recruit was due in, though this one would be easier to handle. Margaret, that was her name, if she wasn't mistaken.

Megan pushed at her large breasts, making them fit into the bra. She'd been warned they would respond from working with the hucows. So far they had grown three bra sizes, and her husband loved it. Sometimes she wondered if the guys had been giving her small doses of the lactating drug.

Of course, the hucows had massive breasts, touching the ground under them if they weren't in a sling. A bra was out of the question, as no one made such a large garment. As the breasts grew, a board was removed from the centre of the stall. It gave them room to dangle in the sling. Great big udders swung underneath the hucows while they were milked. It was fascinating to watch.

Frank, her husband, had been curious so she smuggled him in one weekend, to show him her work. He was fascinated as most people were. Especially seeing naked women from the rear, while they were ass up. She made the mistake of letting him stroke one of the hucows breasts. It was weird seeing her husband stroking another woman's breasts, then her rear. She stopped him going further, as that would be too much to bear. Taking a firm hold of his arm, she led him out of the barn.

He later suggested she should be a hucow for just a weekend, or maybe a whole week. Telling him she might become addicted to the machine did no good, as he didn't understand, or didn't want to.

The thought of it was both fascinating and terrifying. There were women that had been in stalls for years. They were still giving milk, but their minds had given up trying to hold onto a human identity. They were thoroughly domesticated cattle, no longer human, they were true hucows.

Frank told her he wanted to take her while she was helpless in a stall. Again that fascinated her, as she had watched the hucows being mated. The bull would arrive and the hucow would become obviously excited. Eager to be mated, they would thrash around in the pen, desperate for a fucking by a big powerful bull.

It would be interesting to experience being mated, while helple

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