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Mom and Dad seduce their son.

He kissed and licked at her chest while she clawed at his back and hooked her legs behind him, his breath warming her skin while she moaned into his ear. His tongue swirled, once, twice, again and again around her left nipple, never once directly on the center. She bent her back towards him, desperately trying to force it unto the path of his tongue. When he saw she couldn't take it anymore, he licked her nipple and started sucking on it, covering it with his lips while his tongue flickered over it. Each quick swipe of his rough tongue on her sent tiny shocks straight down her body, centering in one place.

She pulled him even closer against her using her legs, tugging at his locks of hair as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth into a tiny, silent 'O'. She started grinding against him, almost complaining when his mouth left her until he turned his attention to her other breast, repeating the same torturous process all over again.

He finally got up from how he was sitting and onto his knees, leaning her back until she was spread out on her bed; this was her favorite position, and she knew he knew it. She reached down and started stroking him, that first touch making him realize how painfully hard he'd become.

She began her own torture, slowly tugging forward, then pushing his skin back, making him almost double over in pleasure by now. She kept this up, tugging faster and faster every so often, pulling him to the brink then slowing her movements so he could come down. When she saw she'd done this enough time, that he wouldn't last much longer from this, she began stroking him faster than ever before, trying to make him cum as she knew what would be next.

She on her back, he kneeling over her chest, she'd finally taken him over the edge; she felt his body tense up, knew he'd gotten there. He let out a quick breath and shut his eyes, opening his mouth as a silent roar escaped him. She felt him get larger than he had been before, turning red as he shot over her chest, her stomach, a few strands even reaching her neck.

His ears were thumping, slightly deaf to any noise for a few moments; his breathing slowed, trying to let him catch up to his surroundings. he looked down at her, his vision still slightly hazy from such an incredible climb. She'd reached for some tissues on their nightstand and was trying to clean up most of the mess, barely batting an eye at all this.

When she'd finished, she looked up at him, wondering what he'd do next, hoping it was what she expected. he gave her an almost wolfish grin as he pushed himself back on the bed, leaving a hand on her stomach so she wouldn't get up. He kneeled on the floor and pulled her legs to the edge of the bed, hooking her thighs over his shoulders; he smelled deeply, letting her scent drive him wild like always.
It never failed.
He began licking from her knees to her thighs, just like he'd done to her nipples, torturing her over time. Quick nibbles and lciks of her skin, getting closer and closer to her center, making that ache in her that much more powerful. Just when she thought his tongue had driven him towards it, he skipped over and began on her right leg now, licking and taking small bites of her skin as he pulled away now.

Her ache had spread even deeper and further now, and each taste of her skin he took sent pinpricks all over him, making her almost shake in arousal.

Oh God...

Again, he did this for far longer than was necessary to drive her wild, to the point where he knew she'd be getting almost angry at his pace, and when he was sure she'd take matters into her own hands, he gave a quick lick down her center.
She let out a quick, guttural moan at her relief.

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