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A moonlight paddle and innovative uses for a hammock.

She laughed into my ear as I found a ticklish spot on her ribs, and she pushed me away playfully. I captured her hand and kissed the pads of her fingers as her other hands ran lightly over my chest. I traced the lines on her palm slowly, kissing the web between thumb and first finger before I drew her back to me slowly, kissing and licking down the inside of her arm and over the shoulder joint. She ached back and moaned quietly, I grinned and surfed down her pectoral and around the edge of her breast, licking the underside as my hands splayed out across the small of her back and slid upwards until they cupped her shoulder blades.

She moaned as I traced a figure eight around her breasts, and her hands leapt to my head, snarling in my hair as she tried to pull me closer to her flaming hot nipples, but I resisted, and instead started circling one breast in a decaying orbit, sliding slowly closer and closer towards the center. The last three lazy orbits on her areole nearly caused her to pull my hair out as she tried to force my mouth closer, but she groaned in satisfaction as my tongue circled her nipple, and I gave it soft flick of my tongue before I repeated the performance on the other breast as she groaned with frustration.

When I was done with her other nipple, I raised up and kissed her again, her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, and her lips again before I slid down her neck, feeling her heartbeat throb against my lips and tongue, down between her breasts, down her abdomen, with a stop at her belly button for a teasing exploration of her abdominal muscles, tracing the bulge of her stomach where it flattened into her pelvis, my hands gently stroking her flanks from thigh to breast.

My tongue swatted through her pubic hair, heading downward, she sighed approvingly, her hands stroking my hair, but her sigh turned to a groan as I hung a left turn a few inches from her clitoris, circling warily around her steaming sex, to fetch up on the inside of her thigh. Her hands tried to tug me upwards, and I allowed myself to be led, and lazily licked her from her perineum, across her lip to just barely to her clitoris, instead blowing gently over it before extending my tongue again and running it across her sex, and down the other lip, retreating down the inside her thigh as she groaned and complained softly in Japanese. I chuckled into her thigh, kissing her just above her knee in apology before running my tongue to the inside of her knee, my hands shifting lower, to massage her foot and toes, before slowly heading upwards again, stopping once to give her fiery swollen sex a long, loving lick, before heading down the other leg.

Her tugs became more insistent the lower I went, and after an abbreviated exploration of her other knee and thigh, I allowed myself to be pulled upwards into an almost violent kiss, as she tried to suck the breath from my lungs. My hands tangled in her hair and massaged her scalp gently in small circles as her arms wrapping around me, passionately pressing herself against me, one hand on the back of my neck, the other rubbing my back from butt to neck and everything in-between as her groin ground insistently against my aching erection.

I tried to move again, but her hand tightened on my neck, her fingernails digging in lightly as she growled warningly at me between kisses, and gentle nips at the side of my neck below my jaw. Laughter rumbled in my chest as she assertively rolled me over onto my back, still embraced tightly. She relented a little, and I felt her warm breath flow over my chin as she lifted up, aligning herself precisely before slowly impaling herself.

Her lustful moan mingled with mine, and brought a swell of warm humid air across my face as her hands tightened possessively.

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