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Sixty somethings cousins share a bed

Her tongue slid into my mouth, moving about with the grace of a dancer. A soft shoe tap on my molars. A tango with my tonsils.

As we kissed, Gayle's nipples brushed my chest as I felt the firmness of her mounds crushed between us. My own nipples tingled, demonstrating excitement seldom felt in my mature years. Gayle made me feel nineteen again. She was busy running her fingers through my hair. This made me wonder what I ought to be doing with my hands, which had instinctively begun caressing her back, but without any real purpose. 'I know - I should remove those pesky panties.'

I hooked my fingers in the corners at her hips, and Gayle tried to help by arching her back, but her silent refusal to break our kiss frustrated my efforts. Leaving the rolled fabric trapped around her knees, I ran my hands across her buttocks, taking a moment to appreciate the ripe fullness. As Gayle chewed my lower lip, my fingers ran up her spine, tapping the vertebrae like keys on a clarinet. I teased the swollen breast tissue spilling out from between us, rubbing the hairy backs of my hands along. My real target however was that thick lush hair. I combed it with my fingers, grooming her as she sucked my tongue deeper into her teeth.

We were fully focused on the activities at the top of our bodies. My cock however, was smart enough to think for itself. It tried its best to find an entrance into Gayle's warmth, not being fussy about which hole came open. This finally distracted Gayle from her kiss. Leaning back into an upright position, she grasped my shaft firmly in her fist.

"Naughty boy, you have work to do before you earn that."

She slid forward, her knees soon straddling my chest. I could barely breathe, but the vision of this young angel offering herself was enough to take my breath away even if I could expand my lungs. Without releasing my cock Gayle spun around. Her delectable ass was inches away from my face, sparse pussy hairs winking at me from beneath. Gayle blew warm damp air across the tip of my cock, still squeezing it at the base. I elbowed myself up enough to tenderly kiss each of her buttocks. She mewed like a kitten. I nibbled her right cheek, eliciting a squeal of mixed pain and delight. I was tempted to try rimming her anus to see just how quickly this recent virgin was ready to embrace kink. I knew however that licking her tender pussy after anal play was not good hygiene, and a good cunt lapping was what she really craved. I traced a line around the curve of her glute, tasting the dampness dripping off her pubes. Despite our earlier exertions, she tasted better than in my dream.

"Ohhh," Gayle moaned as my tongue tickled her pink flesh. I felt a little ripple of electricity running through her. "Be gentle," she urged, "but not too gentle."

"Don't worry, I know you want an older man because you need someone who knows how to please you just right."

"My Mom used to call me 'Goldilocks'. I guess you're not Baby Bear though."

"Well, I think you taste just right," I said, licking up one side of her eager pussy.

"I bet you taste 'just right' too, Papa Bear," said a new voice.

Gayle gasped, jumping off my face, grabbing bedding to cover her nakedness. A more mature version of Gayle's beauty was leaning against the door frame.

"That must make you Momma Bear," I replied, guessing from her erect nipples and the hand inside her open jeans that she was not really upset, " and I bet you're wondering who's been eating in your bed."

"I think I saw enough to answer that, but I didn't mean to interrupt. You're right that Gayle deserves a good cunt lapping to get her started right. Has she sucked your cock yet?"

"Not here. She did earlier at the store though."

"Good job, Goldilocks.

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