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Just when you thought Halloween was an innocent holiday...

One of the ice cubes missed its mark and bounced onto the counter. Rick quickly grabbed the ice and opened Kristine's robe. He stood behind her and turned on the blender as he touched the ice to her warm skin. Kristine's "NO" was muffled by the sound of the loud blender.

The ice felt great against her hot body as Rick slowly ran the ice from her neck to her 34 B breasts. Kristine reached back and massaged Rick's hard cock through his pants as he continued to explore her warm body with the ice cube.

The cheap blender continued to grind and chop at the ice as Rick's hand and the quickly melting ice reached the top edge of Kristine's panties. She tried to resist, but Rick continued past the soft fabric barrier down to her awaiting petals.

Kristine grabbed Rick's forearm firmly as the cold ice disappeared between her soft lips. Her legs got weak as she felt Rick's finger and what was left of the ice melt deep inside of her.

With his left hand, Rick shut off the blender and wiggled his right middle finger in Kristine's slippery wetness. She stood there motionless, frozen until he slowly removed it. Rick tasted her wetness from his finger, then shared the sweetness with her in a deep kiss.

Kristine finished pouring the margarita's and started back to the living room with Ryan's drink and hers. Rick stopped Kristine, kissed her softly, then whispered. "You don't need these."

With a drink in each hand, Kristine was helpless as Rick raised her robe and quickly pulled down her panties until they fell to the floor around her ankles.

"Rick!" Kristine whispered.

Rick knelt down to assist her out of the fallen panties, then grabbed her hard on the ass burying his face into her wetness.

"Oh my gawd!" Kristine blurted out.

"You guys okay in there?" Ryan asked from the other room.

"Just mopping up a little wet spot," Rick laughed.

Kristine set down the glasses, retightened her robe and stepped out of her delicate panties. Rick picked up the lacy damp panties and stowed them in the drawer next to the silver wear.

Coming to the realization that they were definitely not alone, Kristine delivered Ryan's margarita and sat back down carefully on the couch and quickly covered up her lap with a near by blanket. Rick sat down next to Kristine sharing a small part of the blanket to cover his hard on.

After a few minutes of idle chit chat and watching TV, Ryan excused himself to use the bathroom. As the door closed, Rick grabbed Kristine's legs and swung them over his lap. He repositioned her knees slightly apart, then guided her hand to her clean shaven pussy. "I want you to masturbate for me."

Kristine quickly covered up her body. "I can't while Ryan is here," she whispered.

"I think that you should masturbate for Ryan," Rick said as the door opened from the bathroom.

Shocked from what Rick had just said, Kristine watched Ryan sit down and take another drink. She had fantasized about something like this with Ryan, but she could never tell Rick.

The margarita's were starting to take hold and Kristine was losing her inhibitions. The thought of turning Ryan on while Rick watched was making her wet.

Kristine sat up slightly against the arm of the couch and took another sip of her margarita. As she did, she loosened her robe slightly just enough to expose her right breast to Ryan. She spread her legs a little more under the blanket and guided Rick's hand to her smooth pussy.

Rick felt Kristine touching herself and spreading her labia wide for him. She guided his finger slowly into her awaiting wetness. "Ohhh.'

She knew now that she had Ryan's attention and no longer cared.

Rick slowly removed his finger, "Let Ryan see. Masturbate for him," He said softly pulling back the blanket.

Kristine lay there, almost naked with her right hand over her swollen lips.

Grabbing Kristine's legs and swinging them to the floor towards Ryan, Rick pulled her hand away exposing her shaven pussy to Ryan. "Masturbate for him."

Ryan watched intensely as Krist

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