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I get to know my new professor reeaaaaallllly well.

You notice the scarves tied all to convenient at the corners of the bed. I see where your attention has gone and explain "they're for later much later..." leaving the meaning hanging.

You awaken slowly at first; aware of the sun hot on your face the glare making you squint. Then a shadow falls across you; looking up you see a silhouette as I stand in front of you with the sun behind me a halo of reflected light glistens off the water on my skin. "Morning sleepyhead" I say cheerfully "while you were sleeping I went fishing." You become aware off a delicious smell arousing your hunger and your curiosity. Looking past me down onto the beach you can see a parcel of wrapped green leaves on the fire smoking away slowly and wafting incredible aromas whenever the wind comes from that direction.

I walk over and sit beside you.

"It'll be awhile yet" I say, "It's a big fish." Looking at you with a cheeky grin on my face. "Let's see if we can build up an appetite first. I've been for a swim already I'll race you to the water. Come on!" Taking you by the hand I drag you out from under the makeshift shelter and onto the hot sand. But it's only a few steps to the cooler damp sand and the water. The cooler water splashes up across you as the first wave hits you at about knee height. The goose bumps are instantaneous the water swirls around your thighs and between you legs reminding you of your nakedness.

"My is it cold in here or is it just you." I say my eyes firmly on the erect nipples of your uncovered breasts.

"Don't be such a smartarse." You reply making a lunge for me. I dive just out of reach but you see my outline against the white sand circle and return to surface right in front of you dripping cold water on your still dry top half. I take your face in my hands and kiss you wrapping my arms around you and pulling you close as I kiss you neck and shoulders. Going down on my knees in the water my chin just above the gentle waves. I kiss your thighs and stomach homing in on your love nest cradled between your legs. The heat that begins to generate inside of you makes you notice the contrast of cool water splashing against you even more. Taking your hips in my hands I circle your clit ever so briefly with my tongue. Letting it follow the groove down between your legs to where the damp spot is beginning to form. Bringing my fingertip up to the entrance of your dark tunnel I just gently insert my first finger up letting the warm wetness pool on my fingertip before sliding my tongue back up between your labia and finding the hard sensitive nub again. Slowly inserting my first to fingers into the entrance of your warm slippery love tunnel I begin circling and randomly flicking your clit with my tongue. The cool waters swirl and crash around your legs as you let your hands trail beside you enjoying the contrast of sensations bombarding you. One of the bigger waves crashes around us covering my head and causing a new tingling sensation to course through you as the cold water briefly makes contact with the intense heat being generated between your legs.

Coming up coughing, I stand.

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