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Heather has other ideas for Harriet's wand.

The Photo Session took place two days later.

I was incredible nervous when I started to undress gradually in front of the big camera mounted on an extendible pole, while Abel was taking several shots. Finally, I let all my clothes drop to the floor and emerged, totally naked wearing only black stiletto heels that Abel had recommended to increase the eroticism of the photos, and to take advantage of my wonderful legs. I could not avoid covering my lower body with my hands and the photographer, perceiving my reservations about showing that part of my body, managed to indicate poses that helped me to hide my pussy.

Abel's voice was the only sound to be heard in the Studio. Everybody was immobile and absorbed in the contemplation of my naked body. I could feel all those eyes on my rounded buttocks and my provocative legs stretching up from those gorgeous black stiletto heels. Abel snapped picture after picture and I got wetter and more excited with each flash of the camera. All that erotic atmosphere...with so many people, men and women watching to me...and I was naked, absolutely naked in front of all of them...The first people to see me nude in years... and then Abel asked me to adopt a more daring pose than any I had taken yet: Sitting on a chair that was on the platform, I opened my thighs completely and arching my back to show my tiny tits. In that provocative position, but still keeping my pussy hidden my thighs were contracted when Abel knelt down and began to focus on the area between my legs. Suddenly he asked: "Could you please take off your hands away from your pussy for a second?"

The silence in the room was heavy... I took my hands away from my crotch and let my thighs open to completely expose my vulva to the photographer and the spectators...

An intense whisper ran through the studio. In front of them, as focal point of the composition, appeared a giant clitoris as large as a thumb, in erection!

This was my intimate secret, concealed from everybody since my teens and from now it would no longer be a secret.

The photographer, who had been transfixed by the vision of my pussy, said nervously "Hold that pose, don't move with this pick we win!" And with the lightning flashes that followed those words, I lowered my right hand and pressed my clitoris with my fingers, moving my fingers back and forth along it as a man would with his penis. As my body shook on the chair, in front of those excited students, I experienced a massive orgasm, cumming so hard that my juices were running down the inside of my thighs and dripped to the floor...

As I calmed down and returned to myself after my orgasm, embarrassment over took me. Immediately, I closed my thighs tightly, my emotions were tangled up and I broke down crying in deep sorrow. Someone helped me to the dressing room.

The International Festival was a huge success. More than 30 photographs of myself were displayed under the Cuban flag. I did not attend the exposition a single day; I was never so embarrassed in my entire life. I could not explain how I could lose control that way and it especially grieved me that now so many people knew about my unusual pussy.

I thought that was the end of it, but then one day Abel the photographer, appeared at my home, bringing with him a large envelope.

I still clearly remember the words of Abel and they exerted great influence in my life.

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