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The introduction ceremony.

He closed the door, then directed the two guys to start their conversation again and shouted "Action"

Danny: Greg, I really want to fuck your sister if you don't mind.

Greg: Come on Dan, I know her she's not going to do that, She is very straight.

Danny: Let's check her then. . . Will join me?

Greg: (after a little hesitation) Why not. . . .

Then they both started to walk towards Indiana room. They silently opened her bedroom door and saw her playing with her with her eyes closed. They tip toed towards her bed and sitting beside her said, "Lady why are you playing alone while we are her to help you out?"

She opened her eyes in fear but as she started to talk Danny began squeezing her breasts and Greg pushed his hand under her skirt to feel her pussy. Her dress was soon up around her hips. Indiana shook in disbelief and only said, "Greg, what are you doing you are my brother?"

Greg: And a man too, who could give you the relief you need now.

Colin then stopped the scene and asked the two men to make their dicks ready first. They both went to the make-up room with Melina and I went to Indiana's bed. I was a bit worried that two guys were going to fuck my wife. I told Kiran we ought to get out but she just laughed at my fears. She had a glint in her eyes that hadn't been there before and, from her actions and the way she spoke, she was looking forward to having it off with those two virile, handsome men in front of a camera and me.

As they came out after 15 minutes the camera started to roll on again. The continued the scene from where they left. Now Indiana was quite and Greg her acting brother unbuttoned her shirt to expose his acting sister's beautiful breasts confined in a lacy bra and Danny was pulling down her skirt to expose her cunt in thongs. Colin got the two studs to strip off and got Indian to remove her bra and panties so that all she had on under her dress was stockings and suspenders, they snapped her bra open and thongs to made her expose her naked body. We all three were told to stand out of the way in a corner. We couldn't see very well as the lights and equipment were in our way.

Now the real action started and the guys closed in on Kiran, and Danny had his thick, white fingers in her shaven gash, her juices streaming down his fingers. Greg was sucking on her tits. AII two sported erections that made mine look feeble. Colin told us they both were over eight inches long, and Greg, when really worked up, was 9 and half inches.

Danny, who was fingering Indiana's snatch, lifted one of her long legs over his shoulder, so he could work his long tongue into her cunt. Kiran was soon sobbing and crying out to be fucked. She lay there like a starfish gazing at them through hooded eyes. Her chest was heaving and her skin flushed, especially the insides of her plump thighs.

Danny, who had been fingering her, eased his thick white cock into her pussy. Her head went back and she began to pant hard as she took the longest thickest cock she had ever had. Her legs kicked and her knees came up. He rolled his hips, slowly sinking all of his seven inches into her. Then she came off. God what a noise she made. She clutched at his shoulders and her hips lifted to help. He waited until she came down to earth, then he began fucking her.

Then Greg, who had been sucking her breasts, offered his mammoth cock to her mouth. He eased the foreskin back and placed his thick pink knob against her lips, but she couldn't have realised as she was in a world of her own, having orgasm after orgasm from the solid fucking she was receiving.

The guy's hips were moving as he fucked and his thick white shaft glistened with Kiran's juices.

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