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Brother's friend finds her shoes, and they find each other.

Take my dog Marquis for example. He's half pit bull and half German shepherd, and kind of huge. A lot of people think large dogs are dangerous. I say there is no such thing as a dangerous dog, only lousy owners. Bad parents often produce bad sons and daughters, any psychologist or cop will tell you the same thing. Why is it so hard to believe that bad owners produce bad dogs? I am the owner of a large breed dog and he's the most gentle creature I have ever seen. See? Don't make snap judgements about that which you don't understand. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

Today, I am feeling pretty good about myself. My boyfriend Rahim Muhammad bought me a lovely necklace. My sweetie is oh so good to me. Hmmm. How I met Rahim Muhammad is a story in and of itself. I was visiting my aunt Gina in the City of Ottawa and we were having dinner in the food court of the Saint Laurent Mall when I spotted a tall, dark and handsome young Black stud sitting with a hijab-clad, chubby Black woman wearing a somber dark robe. Somalis by the look of them, I thought. Now, I don't speak Somali. I only understand three languages, Jamaican patois, English and profane, the truly universal language. Still, no need to understand a particular language to understand when two people are having a disagreement. All you got to do is pay attention to their facial expressions.

While eating some delicious Manchu Wok, I looked at the Somali couple surreptitiously. After a while, the hijab-clad Somali woman got up, scoffed at the man what I assumed to be a parting shot, and then walked her big ass out of there. The young Somali man sat there, looking crestfallen. I mean, I've seen guys look down after getting dumped by their girlfriends but this dude looked like he was at death's door. When my aunt excused herself to go to the ladies room, I went over to the young Somali man and asked him what was wrong. I looked into his eyes, and saw something quite familiar.

All at once I knew what was going on with him. His eyes told the whole story. The look of elemental pain and confusion I knew all too well. A lot of young gay and bisexual men go through this, especially in the Black community where homophobia runs rampant. Whether Christian or Muslim, Black folks are NOT tolerant of gays and bisexuals, especially men. The young Somali man looked at me and told me he was fine. He clearly wasn't okay, but I could tell he didn't feel like talking to me. So I handed him my card. Bell Canada agent. Just in case you need a new phone, I said with a wink before returning to my seat just as my aunt emerged from the ladies washroom. And that's how I met the young man destined to be the love of my life.

That same night, I got a call from Rahim Muhammad, and even though it took much wrangling, I got the story out of him. Rahim was bisexual, and that's not considered okay in the Somali Canadian community. The majority of Somalis are Muslim, though I hear there's a growing Christian minority in Somalia these days. Islamic law sees gays, lesbians and all non-heterosexuals as perversions in the eyes of its strict doctrine, and Somalis follow its tenets to the letter. Rahim told me he's married to a Somali woman named Fatima, the lady I saw at the mall, and they have a daughter together, little Aisha. When news about Rahim Muhammad's bisexuality got out, his wife decided to divorce him even though he swore to her he'd been faithful throughout their marriage.

I learned quite a bit about Rahim Muhammad that night.

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