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She lets herself be unzipped in public.

As we passed through the town square, there was a crowd standing in front of a platform. On the platform were a number of naked people, all chained to the platform. All of them were very fair skinned, with blond hair. The captain stopped to look. "Enemy slaves" he told me, when I looked to him. There was a man selling them, a young girl crying on the front of the platform as she was made to show herself to the crowd. I had heard of these slaves, but not seen them - Tom's specialty of the house was full blooded Livian girls only, no ugly foreign women. Surely this poor girl would end up as a sex slave of some sort. Would they control her with selial seed too?

The captain frowned and made me leave. He took me down a side street and through a dark doorway into a dim room. I recognised the smell immediately, we were in a healer's treatment room. A wizened old lady came into the room and looked at me.

"Hello child," she said, "you come to me at a time of great need. I will do what I can to help you. But you will have to find some strength from within you." First, she made me undress, and she examined me thoroughly. Even after all that had happened to me, it was embarrassing to be examined so personally in front of the captain, who didn't move to leave. She made me spread my legs and lift my groin so she could spread my vaginal lips and look up inside me. I asked her what she was looking for.

"I'm looking for early signs of pox, dear, and you don't appear to have any."

Once she had given me the all clear, she gave me a brew to dampen the desire for seed, and explained to me what would happen when I didn't get seed. I would actually have 6 or 7 days during which I would have no control over my body, nor any memory of the time, but that then I would recover fine, though I would always feel a desire for selial seed when I was tired, depressed, or pregnant. When I asked her how she could know that, she said something that really surprised me:

"I remember what it was like."

The captain asked her to help kit me out for winter in the mountains. I really enjoyed working with her to fill a bag of medicines. I found that I hadn't forgotten as much as I thought. How wonderful it was to work with a healer again, and even better that she shared a past with me. She taught me some new simple medicines, like the brew to dampen desire, and she gave me a good supply of thornstar, which I used to prevent my monthly bleed, and stop me getting pregnant. It had been the only plant that I had easily been able to get supplies of since leaving Undartha.

The captain had to drag me out of there. It was a long walk to the captain's camp, outside the city walls, and I had so much to carry; I was tiring fast when we finally arrived, and the need for seed was consuming me. I realised I hadn't slept for more than a day.

I struggled to be properly aware when the captain introduced me to his men. I was aware enough to see that some didn't seem to approve of me. He said I was known as "Magic Hands," which, to my surprise, some of them seemed to recognise. Sometimes Tom had called me that. I was glad that I didn't recognise any of the men, though that didn't mean that none of them had used me before. There seemed to be rather a lot of them. One really stood out - he had a deep scar running down the side of his face, but he gave me a nice smile. The captain took to me a tent, pulled a small bag out of a pocket, handed it to me, and said "I'll see you in the morning. We leave at sunrise."

All day I had hungered for this moment, when I once again held seed in my hand. But now that it had come, it didn't seem quite so attractive anymore. It didn't have the sweet smell I remembered, and the thought of taking it revolted me. But so did the idea of not taking it. I guessed that this what the wizard had done for me, I had never had anything but raging desire before.

I decided not to eat the seed.

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