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Frankie takes his mustang down memory lane.

" she related, as my excitement grew.

Tiffany went on with her story, "By the time it was all over with, both of us were covered in their cum." Then, with a bit of a laugh, she admitted, "Boy, was my pussy sore the next day!" Looking down and picking at the towel she expounded further, saying, "But the down side was that almost every guy I sucked wanted to cum in my mouth. And some of them literally held my head to keep me from moving while they did. That's why I don't let just anyone do it now." She explained, "It's not that I mind doing that; It's just that I want to be in control of it, I guess," finishing with a shrug.

"Well, I know I sure enjoyed it that day on the trail," I told her, genuinely appreciative, but in hopes of getting the treatment again before we left.

"Thanks," she said with a contented smile, and then shyly acknowledged, "Well, just so you know, of all the lovers I've had, you are probably my favorite," before smirking, "...so far."

Then she sat up, crossing her legs 'Indian style', and looked at me with a serious look. "That brings up something I wanted to ask you," she said before tipping her head downward, looking into her lap.

"What's that?" I queried nonchalantly.

"There is something that I've never done, but always wanted to try," she confessed quietly.

I sat there silently, waiting to find out what the 'something' was. Finally she said, "I'm a little embarrassed to ask," and I was stunned. I didn't think anything could embarrass this little nymph, at least not when it came to sex.

But, I encouraged her to tell me, saying, "It's okay, you can ask me anything."

Without looking up, she said, "What you did to Kelly yesterday. I want you to do it to me."

Now I was really taken back and stammered, "You mean anal sex?" I figured, with her experience, she would have tried that long before now.

"Uh-huh," came her meek reply.

My mildly hard penis came to full attention as I sat there dumbfounded. I certainly wanted to do the deed, but I didn't want her to know just how eager I was to aid her in adding butt-fucking to her sexual repertoire. So, with an air of indifference, I assured her that I would be happy to help. She looked up with a wide smile and lurched forward to give me a big hug. You would have thought I'd just rescued her puppy from a burning building or something. Then she noticed my tented shorts and slipped her hand inside.

"Looks like you're ready to get started," she croaked as she pulled on my pecker. Most people would have wanted a little privacy, but if she didn't mind doing it right here, neither did I.

I pushed her back onto the towel and then stood to remove my shorts. I had no more than dropped them on the dock before she pulled my dick into her mouth. Her lips moved effortlessly up and down my shaft for a few minutes and then I pulled free and started to crouch, guiding her back as I lowered myself between her legs. I slid back so that my face was positioned in her crotch and started licking up and down her bare slit. She sighed deeply and let out a low "Mmmm....". I wanted to take my time and make sure that she was really hot before attempting an anal entry, so I munched her hairless pussy until she was grunting and groaning, her juices flowing freely.

When I felt she was sufficiently turned on, I decided to turn up the heat a notch, just to be sure. I slid up her body and inserted the tip of my cock into her wet hole, just teasing her with the first few inches for a short time, then slowly built up the length of my strokes until I was nearly fully inserted. Knowing that her tits were a hot spot, I lowered my head to her chest and started biting and sucking on them. It didn't take much of this before she was moaning and twisting beneath me and I knew that she was climbing toward release. I didn't want her to cum yet, though, so I stopped what I was doing and just laid there, kissing her, with my dick deep in her vagina.

"Are you ready?" I asked, knowing that she was.

"Uh-huh," she replied, but still sounded a tad

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