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Mike and Simon work through their differences.

Tommy dismissed the notion and chalked it up to his nervousness.

Luckily, at least, Black Mask's suit fit. It fit really well. Suspiciously well, actually. It fit as well as Batman's suit fit on him. Really, he was incredibly lucky that both Batman & Black Mask were his exact dimensions. Seriously, the odds of that happening seem suspicious, don't you think? I mean how are we supposed to believe that Tommy is the exact size of both men? It's just ludicr-

Anyway, Tommy adjusted his well-fitted suit and quickly made his way to the closet he was recently hiding in and where Black Mask was "resting" now. Black Mask was still there and still unconscious. Tommy turned and headed behind the desk to take a look at Black Mask's computer. He jiggled the mouse to turn on the screen and tried to navigate through the maze of files on Black Mask's computer.

"Jesus, this guy really needs a secretary," Tommy muttered. Nothing was organized and everything was named in incomprehensible jargon. Tommy quickly gave up trying to find a file. He decided e-mail might work better.

"Let's see... gun shipments, cop payoffs, discussing the murder of an alderman... nothing good," Tommy muttered defeatedly. He was about to give up when he saw a reminder notice on Black Mask's computer. He clicked on it and a meeting popped up.

"REMINDER: Meeting with Mystery Man and Calculator arranged 1 week from today at 5PM. Meeting to take place at TBD."

Bingo! Tommy clapped his hands. He didn't know who Black Mask's benefactor was but he knew where he was going to be. Tommy closed the notification and turned off the computer monitor. He was just about to change back into his Batman suit when he heard a loud bang on the door.

"Don't come in, I'm still busy!" He hurriedly called out. He listened but didn't hear a response. Instead, he heard what sounded like fighting.

'What the fuck is going on?' Tommy wondered. He crept over to the door to take a look. He pushed the door but it didn't budge. He put his shoulder into it and managed to push it open enough to squeeze his head out. He saw why he couldn't open the door: Black Mask's lead henchman was leaning unconscious against it. Tommy forced the rest of himself through the narrow opening and stepped into the church once again.

As he glanced around, he saw none of the earlier hustle & bustle that was going on. He couldn't see anyone, really. Everything had suddenly gone deathly silent. He stepped farther into the church, trying to find any source of movement. He thought to himself that it was a lot more fun to do the stalking than it was to get stalked.

"Hello?" He called out softly. Tommy was on the steps of the altar now, peering down the rows of pews for a sign of life. He saw nothing. He heard a noise behind him and quickly turned around, facing the front of the church. There was a thick marble table in the center, presumably used for communions. Above the table was a large statue of Jesus. Tommy noted with surprise that Jesus was wearing a black mask.

As Tommy was distracted, he suddenly felt something tight against his throat. It felt like a metal bar was squeezing his wind pipe. Tommy coughed and struggled to breathe.

"Sorry to spoil your party," A deep voice behind Tommy said. "But I guess that's why they call me The Spoiler."

Tommy wheezed. The name didn't ring a bell. Must be new. "What the fuck...?" He muttered.

"You've been running drugs through this neighborhood for weeks," The voice said quietly. "Tell me where you're keeping them."

Tommy's eyes were getting blurry. He cursed his luck. He had always figured his run would end getting overpowered by some supervillain; he thought it ironic that he was going to end up getting arrested by another superhero.

He tried to think of something to say. He couldn't exactly tell the truth; the story sounded crazy and he doubted the superhero would believe him anyway. He figured that his only hope would be to bluff.

He tried to laugh but it was a struggle with the bar against his throat.

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