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Rose takes in Jackson.

Wet squishy noises filled the tiny room as Shawn pounded me silly. Then he grabbed my hips, slid his cock all the way in and just ground inside me. My pussy clenched his hard shaft with desperation. Then his cock seemed to get thicker and harder and my eyes widened as I realized he was cumming. My hips wriggled in his grasp and my vision blurred as an impossibly intense wave of pleasure swept over me.

My heart was still racing and I was still trying to catch my breath when I finally realized I could hear voices nearby.

"See, Keith? I told you," said Derek's voice.

An unfamiliar voice replied, "Alright, I admit you weren't yanking me, Derek."

"Dude, I'm telling you, this chick is hot! Get in here now before she cools off, boyo!" said Shawn.

"Damn straight," said the unfamiliar voice, "But I'm not going in behind you clowns."

I giggled. My lips were still too swollen and I was still too breathless to talk clearly but it seemed Keith was content to just look. Or so I thought. Suddenly I felt fingers sliding into my wet pussy again and I shuddered helplessly. How could I possibly be getting hot again?

However, it wasn't my pussy Keith was after. I realized this when I felt a sudden pressure against my tight rear opening. I gasped and clenched, figuring that would prevent him from penetrating me back there but too late I realized he had taken the abundantly slick lubrication from my pussy and liberally coated his cock with it. My tight rear opening unexpectedly relaxed against my will and my eyes widened as my ass was suddenly full of cock. It took me several heartbeats to get used to the sensations. Then Keith began to stroke into my ass with a steady rhythm and impossibly I was moaning in pleasure. Incredibly intense sensations of pleasure bloomed from my rear opening and suddenly I was parting my thighs further to give Keith more room to work. I could feel the unseen Keith's hard shaft sliding back and forth inside my ass and I was wriggling like a slut in heat, my belly muscles twitching and jumping yet again. When my tight clenching ass felt Keith's cock harden and thicken my head went back, my red lips parting soundlessly as my arousal reached a peak and hovered. Then my ass was filling with cum and I was crying out with helpless pleasure as my mind exploded with colors from the intensity of a devastatingly wracking climax. I could feel Keith's shaft pumping wave after wave of hot semen into my ass and I couldn't stop orgasming from the sensations. I wondered briefly if my ass could possibly hold all the cum that Keith seemed to be pouring inside it. Then my vision faded to a wonderfully soft wave of darkness.

I remained in a giddy state of limbo for several minutes. Finally it dawned on me that I was alone in the dressing room. The workout clothing I had selected earlier had been folded and neatly bagged. A receipt was stapled to the side of the bag even though I hadn't paid for anything. I slipped my thong back into place, checked myself in the mirror and then made a beeline for the door. A man in a suit stood by the cash register. His managerial air suggested he was the reason the guys had made themselves scarce, and I was fine with that. I saw Derek and Shawn stocking some shelves but realized I had no idea what Keith looked like. I had been fucked in the ass by someone whose face I never saw.

I got back to the arena as fast as I could. I had spent way too long on my shopping trip and I definitely couldn't be late for my match with Dominatrix. I grabbed my bags and went straight inside. Of course Diane, Marty and Cruiser were in front of the locker room. There was a moment of silence as they stared at me.

Marty finally said, "Wow, Shannon, you look..."

Diane cut in, "...about sixteen years old."

Cruiser said, "Oh, don't pick on her! She looks adorable!"

I didn't know what they were talking about at first. Then it dawned on me that I had just spent the afternoon shopping in every teen clothes store I could find at the mall. Tyger. Grrrrrrrr.

I giggled, then said, "Okay, oka

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