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Multi-orgasmic woman learns the joy of delayed gratification.

I was stretched around him and felt myself, swollen and bruised where he had entered me so roughly. But I wouldn't change anything. If this were all I was to have, it would be enough. Then I became aware that Caleb was no longer snoring. His body tensed over mine and he pulled his head up to look at me. Confusion warred with pain as he looked at me. Then I could tell when he became aware of where his penis was. Confusion turned to weariness.

"What the hell is going on? What are you doing in my bed?"

"I... uh..."

"Luc. What happened?"

"You were drunk last night when I stopped by. I was helping you to bed. You were telling me about Darcy and then you fell on top of me..." I let my voice trail off. He knew what had happened because he was still inside me. I was hoping he would get excited, maybe want to go for another round. Instead, once realization came to him, he sat away from me, pulling out fast. I couldn't help it. I cried out. I was so stretched; all that Caleb had ejaculated into me came pouring out, mixed with a good dose of bright red blood. I looked down between my legs, the mixture pooled onto the sheet, lying atop more bloodstains. Well, he had been a little forceful.

I watched as horror crossed his face. He turned pale and sweat beaded on his lip. Then Caleb was running into the bathroom. I heard him retching. I wanted to go help and moved to do so, but the ache was a little too strong and I whimpered. Then I heard Caleb moan and then retch again. I stayed in place, hearing him clean himself up, including brushing his teeth.

I heard the bath turn on. He filled the tub up then came walking back into the room. He had cleaned himself up, sponge washing the dried cum from his body and the blood from his dick. He came to the bed and lifted me in his arms. He carried me to the bathroom and lowered me into the tub. The water was almost too hot. But he placed me there and then left me to soak for a few minutes. I heard him moving around his bedroom. I lay in the tub, letting the warm water sooth my aching hole and loosen and rinse away the dried cum on my own body. And then Caleb was back, still naked, and I watched as he moved towards me.

He was beautiful. I had seen him in his underwear and it had hinted at his manhood. But I had never thought it would be like it was, thick and long and heavy. I started to stir under the water, remembering the pleasure and forgetting the pain. For there had been pleasure, unbelievable pleasure, over and over again I had cum. Caleb dropped to his knees and grabbed a cloth and the soap and lathered the two together. Then he proceeded to wash me. He was so gentle. I could tell by the haunted look in his eyes that he was feeling guilty.
"It wasn't rape. I wanted to be there, Caleb. I could have gotten away."

"Luc, I don't remember any of it. Not one bit."

"I know you don't. But you only hurt me for a minute. Aren't all virgins supposed to bleed a little?" My try at levity was a dismal failure. He looked even more haunted than before.

"You hadn't ever before? Not once?"

"No. I never had the opportunity before. I didn't want to before."

"But Luc, I didn't know it was you. I didn't know you were gay."

"So, does it change anything? Do you not care about me anymore because I'm gay?"

"Of course not. But I hurt you. I would rather cut off my arm than hurt you."

"It didn't hurt for long. And you obviously needed to be with someone. I'm glad it was me who was with you."

"I don't drink Luc. I really don't. I was just so damn lonely. I am going to miss you and Nathan when you go away to school. I'm going to be alone. So I was feeling sorry for myself."

"I don't mind. I know you were lonely. You talked a lot before you passed out. It only made my feelings for you stronger." With that he looked up sharply at me, staring into my eyes, trying to find an explanation. The question was obvious in his eyes. "Yes Caleb. I love you. I have been in love with you for some time."

"Oh Luc. Why?"

"You sat by me all night in the hospital.

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