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Hard to decide which one was bad.

"Now remove your panties and hand them to me."

Mary reached down and slid her hands into the waist band of her panties. She liked to treat herself when it came to her lingerie and she was wearing a very sexy sheer bikini with lace trim, a garter and dark but sexy stockings. Chris watched intensely as she forced her panties down her legs stepping out of then to reveal her shaved pussy. Mary handed him her panties and stood waiting for him to command her. Chris held the panties to his face and took in her strong woman's scent. He opened his mouth and tasted the crotch to savor the juices that had collected just for him. When he took the panties away he looked directly at Mary's pussy that was just inches from his face. Without saying a word he knelt forward and kissed her pussy. Mary instinctively grabbed his head and pulled him tightly to her willing him to taste her direct from the source.

Chris complied for a few minutes but he pulled away and said, "You need to give yourself a quick trim to get this pussy as smooth as possible. Besides I like to watch a woman shave herself."

Leading her to the bathroom he began to fill the tub with warm water. As the tub filled he told Mary to undress him. Mary acted as though she was in a trance but she was aware of everything around her. She loved what was happening and wanted to please Chris and make him happy. She removed his shirt and was thrilled to see that he was a trim fit man without excessive muscles which she really didn't like. Kneeling she removed his socks and reached up to undo his belt and the waist of his pants. As she unzipped him her eyes locked on to the bulge in his silk boxers. Lowering his pants she never took her eyes off his cock and once Chris stepped out of his pants he took her hands and placed them on his hard throbbing cock. Mary massaged him through the silk covering and after a few minutes she reached up and pulled the boxers down to reveal a totally shaved and fully erect phallus of wonderful proportions. He wasn't circumcised but the head of his cock easily pushed through the slight foreskin. His balls were smooth and tucked tightly under is cock and Mary kissed each one before moving her tongue up his shaft and finally taking him into her hot and willing mouth.

Chris moaned as Mary treated his cock to a fantastic tongue bath and he let the waves of pleasure wash over him. However he had a tight schedule to keep and he wanted Mary shaved and dressed in the outfit he knew would please his guests. He handed Mary a fresh razor and ladies shave gel and told to start and he would be right back. Mary stepped into the tub and sat in the warm water and she instantly felt her muscles relax and any remaining tension evaporate. She sat up and squirted a small dollop of gel on her fingers and rubbed it into a thick lather on her pussy. She began to shave the light stubble and she could see the lips of her smooth and slightly inflamed pussy opening and closing with each stroke of the sharp razor.

Chris returned carrying a French Maid outfit and a pair of pale blue sheer thong panties.

"This is how you will dress tonight and how you will behave. My clients are coming here in about 20 minutes and I want you dressed and ready to receive them. You will answer the door and offer them a drink and let them see just how much you want to please them. If they want to touch you, you are to let them. I will be there and watching everything and I promise you that I will not let them hurt you. I want you to bend over so they can see your ass and lean forward so they can get a full view of your breasts. As the evening progresses I may have you change outfits but I will decide as we go along. Do you understand?" Mary nodded. "You have a voice so use it." Yes she replied.


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