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Slash fiction with a twist.


Gabi and I invited all of Monique's friends to welcome her home for the college summer break. She arrived with her boy friend Scott. Gabi greeted the young stud warmly and introduced him first to her lesbian friends Lenore and Ingrid.

"Very nice to meet you," Lenore offered

"Any friend of Monique is a friend of ours," Ingrid added.

Monique had told him all about her friends and he envisioned her eating the pussies of the beautiful lesbians and sucking Lenore's huge 40-inch tits.

Gabi introduced Crystal, the Amazonian transsexual. Like all who met her for the first time, Scott could not believe the amazing beauty has a 10-inch cock. He became curious immediately and hoped to meet her privately someday. She hugged and kissed him warmly.

"Monique is a lucky lady," she said unabashedly looking over his body from head to toe.

Gabi deliberately introduced Fran last, knowing her mouth and pussy would water at the site of Scott's hard body. Her nipples hardened in her sheer haler top as her camel-toed hot pants became damp.

She invited Monique and Scott to her house promising the two a refreshing drink. "You must be thirsty after a long drive." she bargained. Scott and Monique eagerly accepted knowing the only thing Fran thirsted for was Scott.

Monique returned home a little over an hour later finding me at work framing a painting I sold to a tourist earlier in the day for $1500.00. It was a silhouette of a nude Gabi standing on the beach admiring a beautiful sunset.

"Still at work, as usual," Monique said kindly.

"Your mom is out with Lenore and Crystal." I told her. The quiet time helps me concentrate. Where is your boy friend?" I asked.

Her two-word answer told me where Scott was and what he would by up to the rest of the night. "With Fran," she answered.

"Where's Ingrid? I asked.

"I don't know for sure. She is probably out night fishing with her Uncle. Besides I wanted to spend some quality time with you."

She guided me to a stuffed chair. Telling me to relax she plopped in my lap and hugged my neck placing her head in my shoulder and caressing my long hair. I returned the hug and detected the odor of what had to be Fran's pussy.

"I know what you have been up to." I told.

"You smell Fran, don't you?" she retorted.

Gabi and I taught Monique from an early age it was OK in our house to talk openly and honestly about sex. We expressed to Monique our belief that sex of any kind is the overt expression of love for another person. At age 16, we allowed her to watch Gabi having sex with me, or any of her woman friends. She was allowed to observe without touching and encouraged to masturbate openly or in private as often as she wanted.

Thusly she had no qualms about revealing every detail of her and Scott's evening with Fran.

"As soon as we arrived at Fran's we undressed each other. Scott's cock grew rock hard tenting his shorts. Fran told him to undress and guided him by his cock to her bedroom. She ordered Scott to lay face up on her bed.

"We straddled his body and kissed each other passionately, the first look at lesbian sex he wanted since I knew him. He often asked to see sex with my girlfriends at school. However, they are too shy to allow any observers.

He fondled my ass and fingered my pussy the whole time Fran and I kissed. I did the same to Fran.

"We were all incredible hot by then and Fran sat down engulfing Scott's 9-inch cock. I sat near his face and he licked from my asshole, over my pussy, thru my soft tuff of hair and kissed my butterfly tattoo"

"That must be new?" I asked, not remembering it seeing her masturbate.

"Yes daddy. It tells anyone who sees it to eat my pussy." she explained, and continued her threesome story.

"Fran teased Scott unmercifully. Every time he showed signs of a blowing his load, she stropped. By then I had two orgasms filling his mouth with hot nectar he always enjoys.

"Fran finally relented and took his cock in her mouth."

"Good for him," I exclaimed. "She gives incredible blowjobs."

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