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Kara takes a bath with a friend.

"She could suck a watermelon out of a faucet!" Harvey wiped his sweating face. Alice was giving him the best cocksucking he had ever experienced. His cum was about to be forced out of his dick without his consent, yet he desperately wanted to hold out longer. "What kind of hose monster are you, bitch?" He stared in awe at Alice stuffed full of his thick prick.

"Jesus, this is the second coming!" Paul grunted. He split her ass wide and dug a finger into her asshole. Alice nearly jumped, but instead she began to convulse as her second enormous cum filled her brain with cannon blasts and thunder.

Paul's cock leaped inside her one final time and blasted her cunt with gallons of white hot cum lather.

Harvey bucked mightily trying to hold off but the crazed librarian pulled on his dick with the force of a vacuum and his wad of salty goo shot out of his prick and filled her mouth cavity until spurts of pure cum ejected from the edges of her lips.

They all sagged together down onto the cold metal floor of the library van.

Alice lay beneath them, feeling their cocks sag against her quivering skin. The last of the cum dribbled down her ass and back. She couldn't get herself to move.

Then without a word, Paul and Harvey exchanged glances, pulled their pants back in place, and stepped victoriously out of the van.

Alice shivered, naked, in the tiny aisle of her vehicle. She could still feel the last pulse of her tremendous orgasm fluttering through her. Everything had changed. Two complete strangers had fucked her and forced her to suck a cock, and she had loved every minute. In a flash all the realization of her long forgotten needs flooded her brain.

As she tried to comprehend the surging feelings and thoughts, she struggled up and grabbed her discarded clothes.

What was I doing? I was mad. She told herself. Like some horny animal, she had serviced the aggressive males of her species, and every moment had been delicious. She had never experienced such a raw force of nature. She had always thought she was above such barbaric cloys, but it had found her anyway and proved itself her master. What was she going to do?

Praying nobody noticed, inside the van she raced to wipe the spurts of cum drying on her skin and drag her clothes back on. Then she scrambled into the driver seat and gunned the engine into life. With a screech of tires she leapt the van back onto the street and headed for the library.

With a jolt she halted the large van into it's reserved space before the grand entrance of the city library. The books almost flew off their shelf. She grabbed the two crates of books to return and she hustled inside the one place she could feel absolutely together.

The solemn atmosphere and reverent stacks helped her tortured mind relax just enough to remember to deliver the books to the appropriate receiving station, and then she walked quickly to her tiny office and locked the door, after hanging her 'on break' sign outside.

She pulled the shade over her small window and slumped down in her hardwood chair trying to bring her thoughts back into focus.

Alice tried to tell herself she had been wickedly abused and forced to perform horrible acts.

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