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Two longtime friends make the most of the night.

I was just hoping that the guys sitting around me in calculus wouldn't notice that I was getting a bit flushed -- I have really pale skin -- or perhaps detect pheromones. My sense of smell was heightened; could I detect a slight scent of my wetness right there in calculus? I wasn't worried about the geek on my right, who didn't look like he'd ever even touched a girl before, but the guy on my left had the look of a man who knew women. Was that a slight smile he gave me when class was over?

I couldn't help it. When class was over, I usually went to the campus coffee shop and knocked out my calculus homework right there, because I had an hour break before second semester physics. Not today! I rushed back to the dorm, glad that Annette had a class right now, because I practically tore off my pants and brought myself to a quick orgasm. And I mean a quick one; I was so turned on it took maybe twenty seconds! All of the other girls were out, so I didn't have to be quiet about it, and I wasn't. A little more playing with myself, and I came again, twice, and they were intense!

A quick trip to the bathroom to clean myself up, and a fresh thong, and I had to hurry to get to class. But even though I had taken the edge off, I was still turned on. I found myself looking around the hallways of the classroom building, trying to see if Larry was there. It had warmed up nicely by the time I had left the dorm again, so I left my vest behind, and my braless tits were attracting a bit of attention from the guys, and a couple of the girls as well, in the hallways. I was wearing a thin grey t-shirt that wasn't see-through, but it fit me very well, and my nips, which are normally soft and puffy and stick out a bit, were hard and obvious.

I didn't have any time after physics to look for Larry, since I had German just ten minutes later, two buildings away. I already speak Pashto and Dari -- the Army put me through intense language training at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at the Presidio -- so I had already met York's foreign language requirement, and I was taking German because I wanted to, not because I had to, but I just don't miss class, ever. The sun was out, and it was a nice spring day now, despite the cold start, but my nips were still rock hard, so hard they were beginning to hurt. Finally, by the end of German, they were beginning to return to normal.

I had settled down by now, so I headed over to the coffee shop after German. It was 1300, which made it the second lunchtime rush, for the people who had 1200 classes, and there were some of the gang -- Annette, Megan, Jamie, Jim and Butch -- at a long table near the far right corner. I grabbed an egg salad sandwich and some coffee and joined them. They'd already eaten, since none of them had noon classes, but you know how it is: college students drink gallons of coffee, and if there's one thing that's cheap at York, it's coffee. When the gang's cups are empty, one of us winds up going for a whole tray full of coffee, in the cheap but durable white cups, whose ever turn it is to buy. I take my coffee black -- another habit picked up in the Army -- which makes it simple; I don't have to grab the sugar and creamers strewn around.

Now that I was here, the gang started teasing Butch again about having to pay up on the stripping deal, and he seemed in a better mood about it now than he did earlier. Annette was sitting right next to him, so I didn't try to rag him any this time; now that I knew he had asked her out, I didn't want to be seen as flirting with him in any way. Secretly I was thinking, why couldn't I have made that bargain with Larry instead? I had to turn my thoughts elsewhere, because I was starting to get that tingle down below, and while my t-shirt doesn't hide the outline of my nipples even when they're soft -- and I know the guys appreciate them! -- I didn't want them to harden up again. I like showing off, but I'd rather it be a bit more subtle.

And then Larry showed up.

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