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When Light means Darkness.

Awakening that day and missing a year and half of her life had been difficult for Stacy, but she knew it had to be a million times worse for Kim. Through it all, Kim had never given up on her. If hadn't have been for Kim's persistance, Stacy may have never woken up. She'd still be in that state of limbo, unable to open her eyes or live her life. Stacy knew that she owed everything to Kim, her best friend in the whole world. Ever since the day they met, Kim had always stuck by her. Whenever Stacy had set her sights on some guy, no matter what the circumstances, Kim had always tried to help Stacy get whatever it was she wanted, because all she had ever really cared about above anything else was Stacy's happiness.

Right now, Stacy was so happy and thankful to have regained her life. Sierra Rose was the cutest little girl with Stacy's blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Never had Stacy imagined how much love she would have for her little girl. Everytime she looked at her daughter, she was reminded of how much beauty and wonderment there was in the world.

Oliver dropped by one evening, carrying Sierra Rose in his arms. "Is Stacy home?" he asked when Kim had answered the door.

"Yeah, she's here... but she's sleeping," responded Kim as Stacy still required a great of rest as she worked to regain her strength.

"Well, Kyle and I are going out tonight so we were wondering if you and Stacy could keep an eye on Sierra," spoke Oliver as he shifted Sierra Rose on his hip.

"Sure, it's my night off from the club. We'd love to have Sierra Rose," answered Kim as she held out her arms for the little girl. Oliver handed Sierra over to Kim as the little girl settled into Kim's arms.

"Be a good girl, Sierra. Daddy will see you later," Oliver said to his daughter, giving Sierra Rose a soft kiss on her little cheek.

"See ya," said Kim, closing the door. She walked into the apartment, cuddling Sierra.

"Well, Sierra, I'm wondering when your mommy is waking up. Should we go in and surprise her?" Kim said to the little girl. Sierra looked up at Kim with big blue eyes so much like Stacy's.

"Yeah, let's go wake her up," Kim said with a little laugh, carrying Sierra toward the bedroom.

A moment later, Kim stood over the bed where Stacy was sleeping. When Sierra saw her mommy, she wiggled in Kim's arms. Gently Kim sat the small girl on the bed next to Stacy. "Wake up, sleepyhead," Kim coaxed, lightly running her hand down Stacy's arm in a soft caress.

Stacy mumbled something in her sleep, but did not awaken. Sierra looked at her mommy, then at Kim. The little girl wanted her mommy to wake up and play with her. "Let's tickle her, Sierra," Kim said mischieviously.

Kim knelt down on the bed, placing her hands on Stacy's body, tickling her all over the place. Stacy grumbled again, then tried wiggling away. "Kim... Ohhh myyy God, what are you doing?" she moaned as her eyes popped open and Kim was mercilessly tickling her. She then looked over and saw her baby girl there beside her. A smile came to Stacy's face at the pleasant surprise as she brushed Kim's hands away.

"Bout time you woke up," said Kim as she was grinning at Stacy.

"What's Sierra doing here? It's Oliver's night to have her," Stacy asked Kim as she sat up in bed, reaching for her adorable little girl.

"He stopped by and said he was going out tonight with Kyle, so here she is," explained Kim. "Tonight is my night off, so what are the three of us going to do?"

"I don't have a clue," replied Stacy. Ever since she had regained her life and awakened from the coma, she had been turning her life around. No longer did she have the urgency to get together with Rex or any other guy who caught her eye. She was content to spend time with her bestie, Kim, and her darling little girl, Sierra.

"We could take Sierra out for ice cream," Kim suggested.

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