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Sex, violence and intrigue in a magic-filled steampunk world.


I woke up and Bev was still in bed next to me. I glanced at the clock, saw that it was nine-thirty and I panicked. I grabbed Bev's shoulder and shook it. She was slow to wake up and I shook her again. She sat up and asked what was wrong and I told her we were in a shit load of trouble.


"Because it is almost ten o'clock! What are you going to tell your husband when you get home?"

"Nothing. He's not home. He's out of town and won't be home until tomorrow night."

"Don't you have to be there when he calls?"

"The cheap bastard never calls home when he's on a trip. He won't waste money on a long distance call." She reached down and put her hand on my cock, "But since we are awake do you suppose we could find something to do?"

I call in sick to work and then I called Tyrone and told him to stop by in the morning. "And Ty? Bev says please don't come alone."

It was the first time in six years that I'd had a woman in my bed all night, but I got damned little sleep.

Ty arrived at seven-twenty with Carlos, Juan and Francisco and Manulito showed up ten minutes later. I sent them all up stairs and then I went out onto the deck, turned on the waterfall and then sat there sipping coffee. I didn't expect that I would be joining the crew upstairs because, quite frankly, in the last twenty-four hours Bev had drained me dry. I knew I would get the cream pie when everyone was gone, but I seriously doubted that my dick was going to get hard again for a while.

I was feeding the fish when a voice behind me said, "And just how is my favorite cum sucker today?"

I turned and saw Helen standing there with an extremely tall and well-built blonde. "I brought you what you asked for sweetie. Cindy is a young housewife with no kids and I left mine with Sandy. So, you have two of us to play with and no interruptions. Best of all, as you should be able to tell from the way I'm talking, Cindy won't need any coffee."

There was a moment of silence and then Helen said, "What's the matter sweetie? You don't look happy to see us."

"Well I guess that I'm embarrassed because you caught me at a bad time. I don't think that I can perform."

"Bullshit! Take it out sweetie and let Super Slut Helen at it. I'll have you up in no time and if I can't do it I'll bet that one look at Cindy's naked bod will do it. Go ahead honey, show him the goods."

Cindy looked hesitantly at me and then at Helen. Helen said, "Go ahead honey. We talked about this and this is what you need. No emotional entanglements, nothing to get in the way of your love for your hubby, just a no frills fuck for the sake of sex."

Cindy glanced nervously at me and then I saw determination in her eyes and she began to unbutton her blouse. Helen said, "This is prime stuff and you owe me big time for getting you first crack at her." Cindy was indeed prime stuff. Six feet tall, 140 pounds and a rack to die for. As Cindy stripped I got the full story from Helen. Cindy had gone to the alter a virgin, got hooked on having sex everyday for a year and then the cowboy in the White House had called up Cindy's husband's National Guard unit and had sent him over the big pond to get sand in his shorts. Cindy went from daily to nothing over night and she hadn't seen or touched a cock in almost six months. Cindy lived next door to Helen and one morning over coffee Cindy had cried the blues to Helen and Helen had spent the next two weeks convincing Cindy that being a faithful little housewife was a waste of time. "Save your love for your hubby sweetie, but give your body what it is crying out for." Finally Cindy's sexual frustration had become so overpowering that she had agreed to come with Helen to my place.

Cindy was finally naked and standing in front of me. She was magnificent and I'm ashamed to say that even though my cock twitched a time or two it just would rise to the occasion. "I'm sorry ladies, but I'm embarrassed to have to tell you that I can't help you."

Helen gave me a funny look and said, "You're telling me that you can't get it up?"

I opened the bathrobe and displayed my

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