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Ahora es mi turno, pero las cosas empiezan a calentarse.

After he got the lime from my mouth, he stepped back and removed my blouse. Then he took a liberty and felt up my breasts through my sexy bra before Mike pulled him away. I actually had enjoyed the groping. This worried me.

Susie was still kissing when Mike pulled the boy off me. She was enjoying the kiss from one of the boys she had invited. The next boy with a diamond was the last remaining WTC guy and happily I enjoyed my time kissing him.

He was clearly excited by my having just lost my blouse, and as I ran my hands through his hair he pressed an erection against me. Once he got the lime he stepped back, looked me over head to toe as if he were deciding whether or not to purchase me or something, and then he turned me around and unzipped my skirt and pushed it down to the ground.

I was in a bra and panties at this point, and it was still fairly early in the party. Mike had been diabolical. Worse, I still had one boy to go! I looked over at Susie and now she had finished her kiss and the boy had removed her blouse. She looked good, and sexy, in her bra.

The third boy holding diamonds approached me slowly, with a grin on his face. I did not like that. So I was not too cooperative with the kiss until I realized all eyes were on me.

Well, I like an audience. My mood changed and so did my kiss, and the boy was much appreciative and he kissed me with passion but not force in a lovely way.

He got the lime from my mouth, and pulled away, then turned me around and unhooked my bra. He kept my back to him and everyone else, but there was no chance of modesty since I was now facing a mirrored wall. As he removed my bra and let it fall to the ground he felt up my naked breasts, massaged them, and tweaked the nipples.

I was looking in the mirror and could see Mike watching this by also looking into the mirror, but from behind me. Mike was turned on. And so was I.

The boy turned me back around and began to kiss me again, crushing my breasts into his shirt, but Mike came over and stopped him. "Not part of the game, my friend," Mike calmly said.

I had been quickly reduced to only my panties. Susie had her blouse off, and everyone else was fully clothed. I was on display and my cunt was getting wet rapidly. The boys' eyes were filled with lust for me.

Mike announced the next game. He said, "You can see the tattoos on Joanie's body." Addressing the boys he continued, "I am giving each of you a list of all of the tattoos. Tony, choose a tattoo."

Tony chose the Eiffel Tower. Mike announced that he wanted all the boys who think the Eiffel Tower is hidden on Connie's body to stand here. On Mary's, stand here. On Susie's body, stand here. The boys did as asked, as did Mike.

Mike then said, "OK girls: which of you lovely ladies has the Eiffel Tower hidden on her body?"

There was a long pause. Then Mary, who had escaped so far from all the activity, said weakly, "I do." Mary looked apprehensive.

Mike cut her off before she could say anything else. There were three boys in the Mary group: Steve, Tony, and one of the WTC guys. "OK, boys. Each of you lucky men gets to remove one piece of Mary's clothing until you find the tattoo. The game stops when the lucky guy finds it."

Mary turned white and I knew why. She was only wearing three things: her top, her bottom, and panties. Worse, she had asked me to hide the Eiffel Tower under her panties.

She was about to have a panic attack but then John appeared with yet another margarita; God bless him! He whispered something to Mary and she relaxed and took a large sip from her drink.

The WTC guy went first, and he removed her top. We all knew she was braless because her top did not really allow for a bra. It was also obvious she was braless, as her top left exposed the sides of her boobs.

So now she was naked from the waist up. He used the occasion to start to fondle her breasts, but Mike stopped him after a few minutes. No Eiffel Tower.

Steve went next, and removed her bottoms.

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