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She gasped quietly, made a low groaning noise and sped up for about fifteen seconds. Suddenly she rolled over so that she was on her side, facing Moira. The covers bunched up, hiding everything below her navel, but Moira could see that her hand was between her legs. Moira looked up and saw that Seetha was staring at her, her brown eyes shining in the darkness. Neither said anything. Despite the cold, she could see sweat beading Seetha's forehead and cheeks. Moira lost track of time, her eyes locked onto Seetha's. Eventually, Seetha closed her eyes, her breathing slowed, and she slipped off to sleep. Shortly after, Moira did the same.


They woke the next day, and Seetha made no mention of her activities of the night before. Dressing silently, Moira snuck a quick peak at her temporary roommate, but Seetha's back was turned. Moira felt guilty as a rush of excitement swept through her body. Seetha's bra was plain and white, like Moira's, and she was picking out her underwear. Her bottom was full and luscious. When she bent over to slip a pair of navy blue cotton panties on, her vagina pushed between her full thighs, and Moira turned quickly away.

They went to morning mass, and Moira stumbled through the services. Despite being quite religious, her Moira and her mother had lived far from any church, and only occasionally managed to go. The breakfast afterwards was plain but warm and hearty; eggs, potatoes, some bacon, and the last tomatoes left over from the previous year. Moira conversed quietly with her fellow nuns, noticing that most of them were much older than she. It occurred to Moira that even though she'd never questioned it before, it was quite unusual for a young girl to enter a convent these days.

After breakfast, Moira, Seetha, and a few of the other nuns cleaned up. Seetha seemed to have been appointed as some sort of guide for Moira, and she directed her through the clean up, telling her where the dishes went, how much soap to use, and generally what to do. Moira followed the instructions immediately, easily slipping into her life long role of the obedient girl. The water in the kitchen was cold, and when they were finished, her hands ached numbly. Seetha looked over and saw her reddened fingers working like claws.

"Oh, Sister," she said. She reached out cupped Moira's hands in her warm fingers, then tilted forward and blew hot breath onto them. She rubbed them a bit longer, then slipped her gloves out of her pocket and over Moira's numb hands.

They walked through the corridors, and Seetha began giving her the full tour. On the western side of the convent was a garden. The ground was mostly frozen solid at this point, and the dirt was empty, save a few late green onions and chives here and there. "In the spring, summer, and fall we work here a lot, planting anything we can get to grow," Seetha told her. "Of course, in the winter, there's not much to do with it." They walked around the castle, and Seetha showed her the path down to the lake shore. "We can fish here in the summer, sometimes."

Seetha lead her north along the pebbly beach. She pointed out a looping path that made it's way towards the woods at the north part of the lake. "That path runs through the woods and to the moors beyond. It follows the river for a ways." She turned and looked at Moira with a sideways stare. "There are some great pools in that river, on the rare summer days when it's hot enough, they're perfect for swimming, if the Mother Superior doesn't catch you." Moira decided that Seetha didn't really fear angering the kindly old matron, she simply didn't want to disappoint her. "But it's far too cold now," Seetha continued, looking away up the lake. As if to reinforce that point, a light snow began to fall. They turned back, and by the time they'd passed through the outer wall heading back to the castle, it was falling in thick flakes, and had already started building up on the frozen ground.

Seetha and Moira helped prepare lunch, and then spent the rest of

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