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Woman is suprised and tied up with her own home.

"Yes Sir," she replied, looking up into my eyes.

"Now take over all of your clothes and go over and get on the bed, on your hands and knees, for my inspection."

Without hesitation, she did so

From behind, I could she her nice rounded ass, her puckered asshole and, of course, a pussy. And from the pussy, already gaping open, leaked fluid, falling off the lips and onto the bedcover.

"Why you little slut, I said. "You are dripping already!" And with that I smacked her ass several times, and not gently.

Tammy moaned and said "Thank you, sir. Sorry Sir."

"No don't be sorry, Tammy. It is a sign of a proper arousal."

Then I went back, sat in a chair and proceeded to slowly dump the ashes out of my pipe, refill it and light it....and sat smoking it as I continued to look at her from the rear. Finally I called her over to me and had her kneel in front of me.

"Look at my crotch," I said. "Do you see how you have made me hard?"

"Yes, Sir," she said, and smiled.

"Do you wish to suck it?"

"Oh Yes, Sir."

"Ummmm," I said. "Maybe later."Of course what I wanted greatly was to feel her lips around my cock, but controlling her, finding out if she was a true sub, was much more important.

We talked a while in that position, me seated, she kneeling. And then she asked if I wished to see her toys, which, with my approval, she began to show me. There were several, including a very nice vibrator dildo, quite large. I had plans for that.

But then I ordered her back on the bed, on her hands and knees again. And now I began to spank her, in varying degrees of harshness, and watch her ass redden. She would thank me, and sometimes moan, and I could see the liquid dripping again from her cunt. I would, of course, rub her bottom soothingly after a few brisk slaps. The idea is to vary the sensations. I used a crop on her, a flexible rod that left very nice marks. But I also used a feather duster. Her shoulders and her ass were the focal points, and I would from time to time lean down and kiss her on the cheek and ask how she was doing. She was, it was clear, doing very well, and enjoying things very much.

She was emitting that wonderful perfume of an aroused woman. Soon it got to me. I knew what would be very effective in heightening the sexual tension. I unzipped my pants, stepped close behind her, and slipped my cock up her pussy for the very first time. I felt her quiver...she moaned again and started to move. "Be still!" I ordered, and put both hands on her ass to hold her. I pushed deep into her...held it there and began to stroke...but within 15 seconds I took it out. And kept it out.

I used a few other impalements: a two-sided hair brush...and felt her again guiver at the softness, and then the harsher wire side.

Then I ordered her to lie down, on her back, and handed her her big dildo.

"Fuck yourself and cum for me!" I told her.

Then I stepped back to watch as she inserted it and I could hear the wetness. Soon she was plunging it up to the hilt in her cunt, fucking wildly. Twice it slipped out and she quickly put it back in and soon was cumming.

:Don't stop!" I told her. She did not, but continued to rise and cum again and again.

Then I told her to stop, and, moving to lie with her, kissed her.

We talked a bit more. I wanted to learn all I could about her, and her sexual responses. Then, knowing she liked it, I put her back on her hands and knees and took a 8 inch pink dildo I had brought with me and slowly inserted it in her ass. She moaned, and I kept giving it to her. Before long I was fucking her with the dildo hard and fast, and she was cumming again and again.

Tammy had told me she was multiorgasmic, but, my god, could she cum! It was wonderful, and exciting, and thrilling. And as she did so, on her back, I could see fluid squirting from her. She was one of those rare women who ejaculate! The bed was soaked.

After I had made her cum for quite a while using the dildo, I told her to relax.

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