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Man finds his ideal existence--or does he?

ho is it?"


I tensed a little when I heard his voice over the speaker. I wasn't exactly afraid of Dav's second-in-command, but I didn't really want to be in the small room with him either.

Dav tapped a series of buttons and the screen flicked on showing Benny looking up. "It's just me, boss."

My mate pressed a button and then turned a set of levers on the door. I couldn't believe how thick the door was when he opened it, but it seemed to move easy enough.

"Stay here; I'll be right back," Dav said.

I frowned as the door shut behind him. I knew that he could feel my nervousness through our bond when I saw Benny, but it was strange that he shut the door behind him. Was he hiding something, and if so, what was it? I knew I shouldn't, but I was tempted to eavesdrop now that Dav had shown me how.

A surge of irritation through our bond decided me. I slid off the bed, wrapping the sheet around my waist and tucking it in. It still trailed on the floor but it kept me covered.

I walked over to the panel, studying it. I'd seen him press the buttons and it wasn't that difficult to remember the pattern. I pressed what I thought was the code, feeling a surge of triumph when the screen flicked on. I could see them talking, but not hear them. I looked at the panel and saw the button for the speaker, Benny's voice suddenly filling the room.

"-can't find them, but I was checking the security footage tonight after the club closed."

He handed two pictures to Dav, but I couldn't see the pictures, just the white backs. My mate hissed, his fangs dropping as he looked from one to the other.

"That's them." I could feel his anger through our bond. "They were here?"

Benny nodded. "I thought they were acting strange on the video and that caught my attention. This one," he pointed at the picture, "was walking all around the perimeter of the bar. It was subtle, but he was checking out every opening."

"Looking for us, do you think?"

"Word's out; your little mate pissed off the remaining members of Mishtar's little group, and some of them have escaped the Falcon's search. I wouldn't doubt they're gunning for revenge and they want to take out the man that took out their leader. These guys are real fanatics, they think that they are superior beings. Word getting out that a human took out their golden boy? Not something they're taking well. They'll kill him if they get the chance."

Dav's fists clenched, and he hissed again. "Not going to happen!"

"Normally I wouldn't worry, boss, but I pulled some files on these guys and they're hardcore. Mishtar wasn't playing around when he recruited them; they're straight up lethal."

"No one touches my mate; no one."

"You could keep him here, until they're found. Sooner or later they'll be back or we could set a trap for them. I don't understand how they know so much though; someone has to be helping them. They're not from this area yet they know where to go. It's not like we get a lot of Carthera coming here, so how did they know it was your club?"

"I don't know, but I can't keep Ellis here much longer. I've got to take him to his doctors. He's been changing, Benny, and we need to find out what's going on inside him. They need to run some tests; I almost lost him once before. I can't lose my mate."

I hadn't really thought about it with everything going on, but my migraines were a real danger. I didn't even know if I had any of my medication here. Though doctors had said that venom would be helpful. I shivered at the thought of my mate's venom pumping into my body.

Benny looked sad. "I understand, trust me."

Dav reached out and squeezed the tiger's shoulder. "Sorry, Benny, I know things have been rough for you lately."

He took a deep breath. "It's okay. I understand your concern. I'll talk with Velaku; I'm sure he'll loan you some Falcons. When do you want to set it up?"

"What time is it?"

"Just after two a.m."

I was surprised when I heard that, but without windows or anything to see outside, it was impossible to tell what time it was.

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