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White woman marries a bisexual Black man.

I grasped Bob's zipper and pulled it down, then unbuttoned his slacks and they fell to the floor in a heap around his ankles. His cock, big and solid, literally slapped against my cheek as I continued to stare at his lovely wife's covered pussy.

"Suck on it Maggie," Janet moaned, "suck my husband's hard cock."

I was somewhat reluctant to turn my eyes from her beautiful body, but as soon as I caught sight of Bob's eight-inch throbbing member bobbing right in front of my face my mouth began to salivate and I could think of nothing better than to suck on his prick. I grasped his throbbing member in one hand and gave it a few experimental tugs eliciting a guttural moan as well as a delicious drop of precum that oozed from the tip and began to dribble down his hard shaft. My tongue snaked out and in one long languorous lap I gathered his tasty precum and followed it to the blood engorged head of his cock.

Bob sucked in his breath, a long hissing sound as I twirled my tongue around the tip a couple of time before I opened my mouth wide and descended down his large hard on. He tasted good and I gobbled up as much as he had to offer, my throat opening up to allow his cock to pass and farther still until my nose nestled against his pubic area.

"Oh, God!" I heard Janet gasp as she watched my mouth deep throat her husband. "I've never even been able to do that." She was awestruck that I could take it all and I had Mr. Hall and his nine-inch cock to thank for the practice.

I paid very little attention to my surroundings now as I became fully engrossed in the task at hand. I love sucking cock and was discovering that I was quite good at it. I loved everything about it, the salty-sweet taste of precum, the hardness of flesh as it guided across my tongue and down my throat and the reward for my hard work as the guy reach the final culmination and climaxed his hot sticky seed into my ready and waiting mouth.

"Goddamn, Maggie," Bob groaned. "Are you sure that you just recently started doing this? You suck cock like you've been doing it all your life."

I released him long enough to say, "I like cock, and I love to practice."

"Well baby, you can practice on me anytime you like."

"I might take you up on that." And with that I engulfed his tool again, this time taking half before backing off to bob rhythmically on his cock. Each time I pulled back till just the head rested between my lips and my tongue swirled around to gather up the ever present precum that now flowed constantly from the sensitive tip. Then back down, my teeth lightly grazing the skin and eliciting shudders and moans from Bob's hips and mouth. His legs were shaking now and I wasn't sure how he was continuing to stand upright, as though reading my thoughts, he moved to the side and sat down on the arm of the couch. I followed, moving my body slightly but never relinquishing my prize, his cock staying firmly in my mouth.

The new position caused my dress to ride up and as my legs were still spread, one bent and resting on the couch now, and the other slightly out to steady myself on the edge, my pussy was clearly visible to Bob's gaze. He moaned again as he saw my unclothed and shaved pussy lips peeking out from between my parted thighs.

"Oh Janet, she's so fucking hot darlin'. She's not wearing panties and I can see her hot little pussy, it looks absolutely delicious. It's shaved smooth and glistening with her wetness." I think he was getting even more turned on -- if that was possible -- by describing my pussy to his wife. "You really should see her, honey." He told her.

I hadn't even looked toward Janet once I had started sucking her husband's dick; it still felt somewhat weird doing it in front of her and knowing that she was willingly allowing it.

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