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A High School reunion brings a second chance.

She'd been more exposed before, but this seemed different. This wasn't an accident; this wasn't someone who knew what was going on. This wasn't even like Mary was confidently flashing her. She was just trapped naked in the car, and unable to hide.

The silence was killing Mary. It seemed to last an eternity. Even with her eyes shut she knew that everyone had to be looking at her. Mary just wished that Jenny and Julie would get their food and just leave. She wished Jenny would just drive away. Mary wished she'd just wake up, and this was all some sort of dream.

"It will be $16.75," she finally finished. Mary opened her eyes to see the lady still staring at her, but it seemed like she somehow accepted the nudity. Mary wasn't sure what to think. Would it have been better if she did react differently?

A new fear crept up as the woman in the window turned and walked away. What if she went and got some of her coworkers to come look?! Mary didn't want to be seen by more people. She looked around, as if to find a way out. She knew it was probably not a great idea to leave the car and run off, especially not in the middle of town. She'd have nowhere to go.

When the lady came back, Mary tensed even more. Yet when Mary didn't see anyone behind her, she thought she was spared at least a little less embarrassment.

"So, what is this all about? I figured you'd have driven away by now?" She asked.

"Oh, no, nothing like a prank. More like a bet," Jenny explained.

"That's cool, you've got some real courage girl, you know that?" the lady said.

As embarrassed as Mary was, she couldn't help but feel a little pride. As crazy and embarrassing it was to be sitting there naked, Mary figured it probably did take some amount of courage to do it. "Thanks," Mary managed to say.

The food soon arrived, and they were just about to go, but before that could happen. "Real quick Mary, give her a quick flash for a tip!" Julie said.

"What!? No way! She probably wouldn't want to see anyways!" Mary said as she just gripped her body tighter.

"Actually, I think it would be pretty cool," The girl behind the window admitted. Mary looked around her. Three pairs of eyes stared at her, expecting her to.

Would Jenny and Julie deduct a point if she didn't? Did they really expect her to flash this girl?

Mary could feel her nipples beneath her arm. She could feel her pussy below her hand. Could she really bare all that to this woman?

To Mary, it wasn't just the nudity. She wouldn't just be showing her naked body. She'd be showing her naked body to a stranger in public.

Mary thought about what would happen if she didn't. What if Julie pulled her arms away again? Could she stand struggling naked, her body shaking about in front of this stranger? What if she loses a point? Maybe the final challenge would be to be handcuffed and taken through the drive through in the middle of the day?

Mary's heart raced. She wasn't sure what would happen if she didn't show herself. She thought if it would be better just to bare herself now, not make it worse later.

Even with all the worry, embarrassment, and fear, Mary also couldn't deny her other feelings. Her body felt like it was tingling all over. Her nipples were hard, and she could feel moisture gathering against her hand. She wanted to hide and cover up, but something inside her was telling her to expose herself, to let her body be seen.

Silently, Mary slowly moved her hands to her sides. Everyone silently gazed at her naked body. Mary shut her eyes, and tried to ignore everything around her.

Mary couldn't ignore everything though. With the window open, she could feel the cool night breeze blow through the car. She felt Goosebumps popping up on every inch of skin. Yet even with the cold air against her skin, she felt her skin was on fire. She could actually feel the blush in her cheeks.

"Wow, totally nuts! You go girl!" Mary heard the woman comment. Mary didn't dare open her eyes, but she felt the car start to move. They were finally leaving!

Even before leaving

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