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Cheater must face the music.

She didn't realize what was happening until it was done. She protested behind the gag, pleading with him. She tried to get his attention, but she was then prevented from speaking, in addition being blindfolded.

The familiar hum of the vibrator returned. Gloria felt it on her pussy. A moan started deep within her, as he moved it to her clit. He turned it sideways between her pussy lips. He slid it up and down. On each downward movement, it brushed her clit. Its buzzing became intense, as it continued to tease her. She started anticipating, trying to get it to touch her clit for longer periods. Her moaning was becoming audible, getting louder and louder. She was fighting with the ropes that held her, trying to get more and more of that vibrator.

Again, he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Do you want to cum?"

Gloria moaned, feverishly nodding her head. She tried to say something, but she just mumbled muffled gibberish. She groaned in protest of her limitation. She wanted him to understand. She wanted him to fuck her, but she could only whimper her need.

He took the vibrator away, leaving her pleading behind the gag for its return. But, the next thing she knew, she felt a sting on her butt. She felt another, and then another. She yelped after each one. There was still another, before she knew what was happening. He was cropping her ass.

"Do you still want to cum?"

Gloria tried to catch her breath so she could answer him. Then, another sting landed on her ass. This one landed so it caught her pussy lips and she jerked with the pain it caused.

"I asked you a question. Do you still want to cum? Answer me."

Gloria was shrieking behind the gag, confused about how to feel. That damn crop had most of her attention. Her behind was stinging and surely welted where he had been striking her. She tried to ration some sanity in her mind. It was all happening so fast.

"Just tell me yes, or no."

He gave her another quick swat of the crop, in the crack of her ass. "Yes, or no! It's just a simple one word answer. Do you still want to cum?"

She finally regained enough of her senses for a frantic shake of her head. She yelled "No, no" from behind the gag. "No!"

Just as soon as she answered, he returned the vibrator to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down her lips, just as before, feeding her desire. It didn't take long for Gloria to start responding to it, again. She moaned, and twitched as it hummed between her legs. But, how long would this go on? When would he let her cum?

He removed the vibrator and she could feel him lean down. He blew on her pussy, causing it to twitch even more. She could feel his hair brush against her ass, and she knew he was looking at her exposed sex. She felt so humiliated and denied. He couldn't help but see she was sopping wet with need, and only he was in control to satisfy it. She tensed her body, trying to control herself. She could feel a throbbing deep inside, slowing increasing in intensity.

He kissed her bottom, several times. Nice wet kisses, as if to cool the welts from the crop. His tongue made circles around each, leaving moist pools to cool her pain. Gloria couldn't help but whimper her appreciation. But, this didn't remove the primary thoughts that were running around inside her. Her body was a rollercoaster of feelings, up and down. Her need for satisfaction was growing out of control.

Again, she heard the hum of the vibrator, and its touch quickly after. He knew just where she wanted it, and it seemed he moved it everywhere but there. He rubbed her ass cheeks with it, and slid it down the crack between them. He held her cheeks open, allowing the point of the vibrator to touch her ass hole, as it moved down. She moaned as it slowly brushed her there.

Gloria was on fire again and he knew it.

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