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Healers get Screwed, and Tanks get Fucked

....it's quite addictive!."

My wife traced her fingertip softly along the length of my cock.

"Go on..."

I took a large gulp of air to stop my head swimming and tried to put into words the complexities of what I was trying to explain.

"It's like...cumming is wonderful, but it only lasts a few moments, when I'm like this I get hard probably every couple of hours and I'm constantly thinking about it, and you."

She bent forward and tickled the tip of my cock with her tongue, which made my lip tremble slightly.

"It's hard to explain, but it's not the same as just not having sex. If there's some reason why you can't have sex it tends to go to the back of your mind, but if there's no reason, then the tension just builds and builds... that's why I wanted you to control me. But I still want to feel close to you, I still want to make you cum and hold you and feel you next to me, it just builds it up even more, that's why I love it when you bring me to the edge and stop. Of course I want to give in and explode, but part of me wants it to go on and on. I don't always feel like this, I mean I wouldn't want it to go on forever...just..."

All the time I had been talking I had been looking straight up at the ceiling, now I looked at her and saw she was rubbing her pussy with her fingers. My confession had obviously had quite an effect on her and as she rubbed her clit she said "So deep down, you don't really want to cum at all...."

"I do..." I said "...but only when you let me."

She took hold of my cock again and squeezed it hard, then gave it a several firm strokes.

"Beg me then, beg me not to let you cum tonight, or any night until I want you to."

I hesitated, wondering if she'd taken in the last part of what I said, but then my submissive side kicked in and I knew that if she wanted me to continue indefinitely I knew I would do so. I begged as she asked and once she was satisfied of my sincerity she released my cock and lay down on the bed beside me. I was quite surprised and extremely pleased when she told me that she wanted me to eat her pussy again. Evidently, making me beg like that had made her very wet, as I soon discovered when I moved between her thighs and began to lick her pussy. It took a lot longer to make her cum the second time but when it hit she came even harder than the first time, which left me feeling blissfully happy and extremely proud of myself. As we lay together afterwards, my still-hard cock nestled against her gorgeous arse, I tried to remember the last time I had made her cum twice in one night. I concluded that it had been at least seven years, maybe even ten.

As I noticed the time approach midnight I kissed my wife's shoulder and whispered in her ear that I loved her so much and told her how happy she was making me. She told me she was happy too and reached behind to squeeze my cock a few times. I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the feel of her fingers curled loosely around my meat and then she let go and I reluctantly turned over and went to sleep.

Sunday's femdom session was typically superb, indeed it was hard to remember a time when it had been anything else. As always, Mistress came super-hard on these occasions, which confirmed to me quite spectacularly that while I may have initiated these sessions all those years ago there was certainly nothing one sided about them these days. As the end of the hour approached I was tied spread-eagled on my back with Mistress standing over my head, bent forward rubbing my aching cock. I love looking up at her open pussy and ass and she knows damn well the effect it has on me when she uses her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and show me her puckered hole.

"Do you want to lick my ass slave" she asked.

"Yes please Mistress" I responded hoarsely.

"But do you deserve it slave" she continued.

"I....if it pleases you Mistress" I stumbled.

She crouched down over my face, her asshole just inches away from my eager tongue.

"Do you promise me you haven't cum since I last allowed it?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Mistress"


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