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Kim tries to clean until thoughts of Darnell take over.

She did. Just as the song started to play he blurted, "How much to fuck you gorgeous?"

As Madison was swaying to the music, she timidly said, "But the guy said no sex. I don't want to get in trouble."

The guy they called Squirts, because he could only last a few minutes, replied, "He has to say that for the owners. But every girl here will fuck for the right price. So what's yours slut?"

As they told her to show them her boobs, Devon was holding her legs and pulled her down to fall on her ass. Then he pulled her to the edge of the table and spread her legs apart. One guy began playing with one nipple, while Devon had his hand on her pussy. Spreading the panty aside to expose her wet cunt, he asked, "Well slut, how much for all of us to sink our cocks into that hot cunt of yours?"

She didn't know. She never had been paid for sex before. There was a long pause until Devon blurted, "Okay slut we'll give two bills for all of us. Is that okay?"

With his thumb on her clit, two fingers in her hot pussy and remember the number 200 to have sex, she answered, "Yeah Sure."

There was nothing else she could say. Her pussy was on fire, even with fingers in her. She wanted to feel a cock buried inside her in the worst way. Money wasn't an option. She just wanted to get fucked.

Just as the first 7 minute song ended, Devon unzipped his pants, pulled out his large throbbing cock and put a condom on it. He pulled her to where her ass was hanging over the edge of the table, had the guys spread her legs wide part, and pushed his manhood into her with one hard plunge. She moaned in delight of finally feeling her pussy filled with a large cock. Devon asked how it felt being slowly rammed by his meat.

She answered, "Oh Yes! You feel so good inside me." With more blissful moaning, she said "I love your big cock in me. Oh my God. You're amazing. Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard. And the rest of you guys too. Yes that's it. You're making me cum."

Devon began a non-stop speedy pace of fucking this beauty. As he did Louie got on the table and had her open her mouth. He began pushing his small cock in it. She responded by sucking and licking his head. As the second song ended, Devon pulled out and dumped his load on her pussy mound. Then he yelled, "Next!"

Squirt was the next one to stick his average size hard cock into her hot needy cunt. It was less than a minute until he pulled out and blew his load with some splattering on her breast. Then he plead to let him continue. Devon laughed and Squirt pushed back into her wanting hole. This time he pumped her for 5 minutes. When he pulled out he said, "Let me shoot this in that gorgeous mouth of yours. You are very pretty."

As she began to sit up, Louie pulled out of her mouth. She went toward Squirts cock, just as he blew it. Most of it landed on her face with little sperm making it in her mouth. As she went to scoop cum off her chin, Roach pushed his member into her hot pulsating cunt. It was his turn just as the third song ended. His cock was big, but not as big as Devon's. He pumped her to the music and she responded with an orgasm. It felt fantastic to finally climax. It took all of the fourth song for Roach to finally explode. Pulling off his condom, he made to her mouth and blew his seed down her throat. When he was done squirting, Madison licked her lips and smiled.

"I see you like cum," Devon barked.

Madison answered, "I love the taste. It's so yummy!"

Then Louie had her turn on all fours. With her stomach flat on the table and her feet on the floor, he spread her legs apart and entered into the hottest cunt any of them ever fucked. When the song ended, Louie blurted, "I'm not done yet. Can we stay for another song? You feel awesome."

Loudly moaning in bliss and building up to another orgasm she sighed, "Oh yes Please fuck me until you cum and cum in me. Please. You feel fantastic. Fuck me! Yes fuck me!"

Half way through the song he pulled out, took off the condom and pushed just the tip of his cock back into the open hole.

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