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A new society.


"That's cool." He was already staring at the screen again.

Alyssa had never drank much before- her parents were always against it- but once she moved to Oklahoma she had needed a drink now and again with her new girlfriends to forget her problems. Hell, it was something fun to do in an otherwise boring town.

After an hour they were all drunk. The TV was on, but at 1 AM it was all infomercials.

"This is gay," Austin quipped. He started turning channels until he hit on a screen of a slutty blond bimbo riding a black guy's cock like her life depended on it.

"Holy shit! That's a huge cock!" Sammi gasped loudly, then shoved her hand over her mouth.

"Shut up! The others are asleep..." Jake sighed. As he reached to change the channel Sammi and Austin both jumped to grab the remote. "Leave it, it's the only thing on."

"Yeah except I'm here with my cousins and no pussy to relieve this!" Jake said in his drunken logic, pointing to a bulge in his pants. Alyssa's eyes widened, and in her drunken stupor she mumbled all too loudly, "speaking of large cocks..."

All eyes shot to her. "Sorry, I mean... look at that!"

"That's my brother, I'd rather not, honey," Lisa laughed.

"It is big, but I bet mine's bigger. I'm just a bigger guy," Austin said confidently. He swigged down another mouthful of grey goose.

"Is it me or is it awful thick in here?" Sammi leaned over and stared drunkedly at Austin and Jake. "We better have a showdown."

"No way, Sam" Jake waved her off.

They went back to watching the porn. More beers, more vodka later and all five of them were almost unable to stand. Austin passed out first, then Lisa. Finally at 3 AM Sammi got up from her beanbag. "This is making me horny, I'm gonna go get my vibrator and go to bed. Bother you? SUCKS to be YOU TWO!" she giggled and stumbled off.

"God this is making me horny, too," Jake said intently. "I wish could get some tonight."

Alyssa was just drunk enough to take the bait. She couldn't resist... after all, that fantasy had given her an awesome orgasm. And all night she had secretly been thinking of it over, and over, and over again. Now she was drunk enough that it sounded like a perfect idea.

"You might can. I'm so wet I can't stand it. And I don't have a vibrator..." she made a motion over her shoulder to where Sammi was already in action, slowly and quietly relieving herself.

"Ha. You're my cousin, but nice try. You won't be blueballing me tonight, thanks."

She slid off the couch and towards his bean bag. He was unconsciencely rubbing his cock through his shorts, staring at the TV where now two busty brunettes were hungrily making love to eachother as a guy fucked them.

She got close to his neck and breathed on it softly, then let her lips hover across his jaw and lips. She meant to say something, but her motor skills were shot down with the last five shots of vodka. Instead she dove into his face- and her lips hit his. Without thinking she pulled his head close and let her tongue play in his mouth for a moment. Then she felt it... his hand on her head, pulling her closer, and another on her lower back. His tongue dancing with hers.

Their kiss lasted a few more moments. Then she pulled away. "Let's go to bed, Jack."

She grabbed his hand and led him to her bed. She stumbled into the foot of the bed and tumbled over, landing on her stomach on the narrow bed.

She rolled over and found that Jake was already on his way down. He began kissing her lips, running his hands along her legs that she had now wrapped around him.

He pulled the tank top she was wearing up. Her gorgeous, full breasts came loose and he began to hungrily kiss them, run his hands on them, and then began on her neck. She was so wet now she couldn't stand it... she needed his cock.

She rolled over onto him so she was on top and began to take his shorts off.

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