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Hallie makes a confession.

A beautiful, scantily clad young lady appeared tableside. She introduced herself as Candy and said she'd be part of the serving staff waiting on us. Her melon sized tits were spilling out of the tiny top she was wearing and her garter belt and stocking tops were visible beneath her extremely short skirt. Her short brunette pageboy hairdo went perfectly with her pale complexion.
The ladies both told her how beautiful she was and how much they liked what she was wearing. She thanked them for the compliments and then she explained that she and the staff was here for our pleasure and anything she or anyone else could do for them, all we had to do was ask.

Patty motioned with her finger for her to come toward her. As she took a step closer, she could get a good look at my cock in Patty's hand. Candy smiled at Patty as she played with my hardon. As Candy watched, Patty looked up and asked if she'd like to lick my cock. Candy nodded and lowered herself to one knee. Then she leaned forward and put her tongue out so Patty could guide my shaft to her mouth. She slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started to suck softly. Patty lightly squeezed my nuts and stroked my cock while Candy's warm wet mouth sucked the tip. Candy tickled the underside of my cock with her tongue. The sensations were maddening.

I knew I wasn't going to last long and started to moan. Patty started pumping my cock faster and Candy started sucking harder. Patty whispered that my balls were tightening and I could tell I was about to come. I groaned that I was about to shoot and looked over at Sonia and Marcus who were watching. I began to shoot blast after blast into Candy's mouth and she swallowed every spurt like a pro.

As my cock started to soften, Candy stood up and leaned over me to kiss Patty. Patty greedily met Candy's lips and they began a passionate deep kiss. Patty kept one hand on my cock, but her other hand came up to Candy's tits. I could see their tongues dueling with each other. Patty was hot. So was Candy. Watching the girls kiss was bringing my cock back to life. It felt good in Patty's hand. Finally, they broke their kiss. As Candy stood she said, "Mmmmm, that was delicious. Thanks for letting me play and share Michael's hot cum with you Patty."

Candy stood tableside and smiled as she wiped at the corners of her mouth. She asked if we would like another round of drinks as it would be a little while before dinner was served. She was also going to have the wine steward select wine for dinner and it would be brought out after drinks. Then Candy excused herself.

Both Patty and Sonia were smiling at each other and I could tell something was up. Sonia reached across the table to touch Patty's hand. Patty looked in Sonia's direction as Sonia said, "I think it would be more fun if the gentlemen's pants were off, don't you Patty?

Patty nodded yes, and in no time our pants were down around our ankles. It felt wonderfully decadent to be almost naked while the ladies were still fully clothed. All I could do was smile as Marcus smiled back. Patty looked at Sonia and said, "Michael really likes this. His cock seems to like being on display. I think they both really like this as a matter of fact."

Just then Candy returned to the table with wine glasses for dinner. As she placed them on the table she noticed the pants bunched at our feet. She looked at the ladies and said, "It isn't appropriate for the gentlemen's clothes to be on the floor like that. May I gather them and hang them up properly?"

The ladies nodded in unison and Candy stooped down below the table. She removed our shoes and gathered our pants. As she stood she raised her hand and signaled. Instantly a gorgeous busty brunette dressed just like Candy appeared. Candy introduced Lou to us.

She gave Lou our stuff, whispered a few instructions and both were off.

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