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Michael is trained by his friend's niece as a slavebitch.

I glanced to see Kelly staring back at me. She gave me a mischievous, almost flippant smile and I realized that she had obviously timed this to coincide with her sister's biological cycle, since it was just about identical to hers. I thought to myself, "Of course! They would both be keyed up at the same time!"

I looked back to Jessica and watched as she momentarily reached down and fingered herself at the thought. Her partner noticed as she looked dreamily into his eyes, suggesting exactly what she wanted. She also made sure to glance back and forth at me, making sure that her Master could see his nude sub cuddling up to her black escort.
Jessica was told to kneel as a man approached from the side. She did not recognize him, but was told to undress him, leaving his pants until last. After she finally removed his pants and pulled the shorts from his hips, a large black tool, appeared and stiffened under her manipulation to an estimated 9.5 inches or more. One big black hand held the back of her head as the other held up his cock to her awaiting mouth. As the man pushed the head past her lips, he said, "Ya wanna taste it, dontcha, slut? Don't be shy ..........put yer sweet lips around it!" he suggested. That suggestion was all it took for you to lean forward, open your lips wide, to engulf the thick bloated cockhead. Biting down gently, anxious to find out what it felt like to have a man's cock in your small mouth, you darted your wet and pointed tongue forward to press against the flaring pisshole. Teasing the tip of the cockhead, you then quivered with excitement as your jaws were forced to widen even more as the cockhead twitched from your teasing and expanded in your mouth.

"Ahhhhh, baby .........ohhhh, yeah .........oh, yer mouth is so hot, you white slut! Ahhhhhhh ...............Jezzzzzzzzzz .................oh, shittttttttt ...............yer a natural born cocksucker, sweetie!" he groaned as he reached forward to keep his balance by holding onto the back of your head. Then he pushed forward slowly, the pain of your teeth scraping along the sensitive skin of his cock actually adding to his pleasure, as he began you inch after inch of his dark meat.

I could hear her gagging as both black hands were used to pull her head forward. The black man cock fucked her relentlessly and uncaring. The strain was obvious by her expression, and she could only breathe in short moments of release before she again had her throat invaded. She emitted short muffled squeals on every thrust as her eyes began to tear.

Amazingly, and for the most part, she tried to hold her hands to her side, but occasionally I could see her arms involuntarily raise and her fingers spread wide as if she were wanting to grab onto something. It was amazing to see her throat bulge on every stroke, and one could tell the depth of penetration of the cock-head. Jessica was very good at giving head as I can attest, and her skills included efficiency at long slow sensuous deep throating.

However, the man in her mouth was anything but slow and sensual. The force of his treatment indicated that he wanted to see her choke on the thrusts, and to rape her throat in a wild and forceful public exhibition. He was doing a good job!

"Damn, bitch it it alllllllllllllllll! Oh, shit ..............shit baby ..............ain't nobody been able to gobble it all up like you ...............ahhhhhhhhhhh!" the huge black giant groaned. Entwining his fingers into your silky brown hair, and shivered with pleasure as he slowly withdrew his lengthy cock till just his cockhead remained enveloped between your lips. Then he slowly fed you inch after inch once again, the speed increasing faster and faster each time.

The crowd was inching closer, and I glanced across the semi-circle to watch Kelly getting hot as she massaged the crotch of her escort, who in turn was mashing her breast with his black hand while pinching her nipple with his fingers.

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