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A massage turns sensual while Hank is out.

That damn good, light fairy was still lazing about in bed. She snorted, maybe years of being in the human world had truly weakened Priscilla. Shame. After her ascension, Priscilla became the Grand Fairy of the Kingdom, deeming her the most powerful fairy of all.

She was the equivalent of Camelot's Merlin. It's a disgrace that she never used her powers for her own personal ventures. She could have easily ruled the Kingdom and perhaps they could have divided the spoils together. Genevieve sneered at her sister who was currently coughing in bed. So weak. Who would have known? Before her exile, Genevieve confessed that Priscilla had been her greatest challenge.

However, now that her sister was more or less of a moot point, she could fearlessly send Igor into enemy territory and get the results she needed. If she could do it herself, she would but when she banished her sister, Priscilla had casted an enchantment upon her which left her trapped in the castle. "Bitch," Genevieve muttered.

Every time she thought about what her sister had done to her, she was engulfed with rage. Some might think it was her just desserts for throwing the Kingdom into utter chaos, but it was pure bullshit. Even to this day with her sister casted into exile and growing weaker every moment, her blood enchantment had yet to wear off. Perhaps she could find a way for Igor to break the curse. She decided to play it by ear.

Speaking of Igor...Genevieve turned about, practically prancing with excitement as she made her way across her dungeon to her Helper. "Beautiful," she whispered as she regarded his fluid like capsule aiding in his transformation process. His blond hair was now black, his stature was diminishing from his normal giant like height, his muscle mass reducing to accommodate his new look.

Genevieve could feel her emerald eyes glowing in delight the longer she gazed upon him. He was becoming the man of the chosen girl's dreams. There was no way this human wouldn't fall under his spell and betray the Grand Fairy. Everyone has a price, and Igor would gladly pay for the human's loyalty. "My little Igor, you are truly magnificent."

She could hear the low, nasal whine of several approaching vultures as they one by one entered her dungeon. Vying for her attention, they pecked and hissed at each other, their necks snapping like whips as they cautiously leered about the room as if they were suspicious of her cauldron and enchantment paraphernalia. A large vulture, she had deemed the leader of the flock, awkwardly hopped/ran in her direction.

He hissed violently in her direction and Genevieve giggled like a playful child, ignoring his snapping beak as she reached to rub his small head. "What do you have for me?"

She listened as he continued his hissing, nodding her head every so often as he continued his monologue. Her head jerked in his direction as he uttered something she disliked. "What do you mean the ice seems to be melting? Who is in charge of keeping the sacred territory protected?"

The oversized vulture hissed and whined which reassured Genevieve that the issue would be handled quickly. "Good. I want you to keep the forest creatures in order. Do not allow them to escape from the dark forest. Now that the vines have engulfed their territory, they have nowhere to hide. Once they make a true appearance, send them to the frozen lands to join the rest of the Kingdom. They're the last of the resistance."

She rummaged through her cabinets in search of her spell book as the vultures waited for her to finish. "To think that furry critters are my annoying adversaries puts me to shame. At least Priscilla was worth the fight. How one gets defeated by mere berries and pine cones are beyond me."

The vultures hissed in chorus as if protesting her backhanded statements.

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