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High schooler finds herself in booty call relationship.

I set you down into a chair by yourself and walk away. I start talking to a few others and we separate again. Walking back to you, I say, "come with me whore, I will show you what kind of mess you made."

I lead you to a separate room from the party and there stand 3 men and another woman. "Look what you did whore, you got all of these people horny and interested in you and they think you're a slut and whore. Are you a whore?"

"Yes", you reply, fearful to say anything but the truth.

"Well each of these people have decided to pay 10 dollars to have the night with you. And because you are my whore you are going to do that. They will hurt you so much you will know next time the kind of pain and humiliation it will cause the next time you disobey. From this point on they are your owners for the night."

I walk away and sit in a big easy chair in a dark corner of the room away from your sight. Quickly one man, Allen, grabs you by your neck and throws you on the floor. The bed is too good for you. He unzips his pants and shoves his hard cock into your face, hitting you on the cheek and mouth. You open your mouth and gently slide it over his cock, using your tongue to wash and caress the shaft. You have been taught extremely well over and over until you are the perfect whore. You take your hands and start playing with his balls when another man, Frederick, also slides his cock at your face. You use your hands on his thighs and cock, rubbing and starting to be more forceful with it as you suck down a load of cum from Allen. Suddenly you gasp in pleasure as Mary, the other female starts pulling off your skirt and throws it on the floor beside you. She unzips the leather thong you have on and starts using her warm tongue on your now warm, wet, shaven pussy.

"Uhhhhh" is all you can moan out, being pleasured along your clitoris and outer lips by such a sensuous tongue. Your breathing is now fast and hard, panting even. Sweat is beading on your skin and your hair is damp and sticky from cum as well. Frederick cums on your face and leather corset, moaning as he does so.

By now you are near orgasm after the cock and now Mary shoving several fingers into your pussy while licking it. You buck uncontrollably and cum, moaning and yelling as you do. Steven, the last male, unzips and pulls your corset off so you're totally naked save for your slutty mesh stockings. He rolls you over and enters your asshole, not waiting for you to get used to it, but brutally banging away. The pain is almost overwhelming as you close your eyes and gasp but at the same time you love this feeling.... being used...serving your master and making him happy. Plus you are earning him money, all of which make you feel better about yourself, making yourself useful. Plus there is something just about cock that you can't help but love. Allen is slapping your face now, and shoving his cock forcefully into your mouth just before he cums, making you choke it down. Allen and Frederick, now spent, lay on the bed and watch Steven and Mary use you, masturbating as they watch. Steven cums in your ass and you orgasm for a second time.

Lying there, hurt and spent, the 3 men and woman lay resting as well.

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