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Twins get more involved.

We had been asleep probably for two hours when the doorbell rang. I nudged Jewel and told her someone was at the door. She got up, slipped on a robe, but before she could get to the doorway, my stepmother, Velma, suddenly appeared.

"Hey Jewel." she said. "The door was unlocked so I just came in. Am I interrupting something?" She asked as she looked at me still on the bed..

"No. We were just taking a little nap dear." Jewel told her.

"Well I'll be damned. It's my stepson John. What is he doing here with you?" she asked. "Giving you that peter of his that you have always wanted?"

"I came over to pick him up and take him home. When you called you told me he was here and on his way home. I guess he's not quite ready to go is he?" she asked.

"Well. that's fine because Mac just left for a convention and will be gone a couple of days. He didn't travel alone though. His red haired whore, Barbara, went with him so he will be fucking her tonight. That means I can stay here and suck Bob's cock while we watch you two fuck each other."

"I didn't think you would be coming over so soon." said Jewel. "We just got out of the shower and were taking a little nap. Johnny doesn't have anything on but a gown. Would you like to see it?" she asked.

"Oh. I'd love to. I want to see how long his cock is after two years in the military. I'm sure he has fucked a few whores while he was in Europe." she said.

With that, Velma came to where I was lying on the bed and pulled back the covers.

"Oh my God. He's wearing a fucking nightgown. And look at his fucking cock." she cried. "That motherfucking thing is eight inches long now. No wonder you wanted to fuck him so badly Jewel. I probably need some of it too."

With that Velma lifted her skirt revealing she was not wearing any panties and showing off her auburn haired belly and cunt. There was plenty of bush and it extended down her thighs.

Jewel asked. "Are you no longer shaving your legs dear? How about your pits? Does Mac have you on a get hairy routine where he wants to see your body hair?"

"Yes. he won't let me near a razor anymore and frankly I love it. I don't have to concern myself with shaving and nicking myself." Velma replied.

"Where are your Directoire Knickers darling?" Jewel asked.

"They're in my bag. I didn't put them on when I started over here. I just put them in the bag in case I needed them." Velma replied.

"Well you won't need them here dear. Bob should be home anytime and I know he will want you to suck his cock for awhile as he eats your pussy." Jewel told her.
"Now let's have Johnny stand up so you can see how short his gown is and get a better look at his prick." Jewel said.

I got out of the bed and Velma gasped as she saw how my prick hung down along my thigh.

"Oh God. I need to suck his cock." she said. "But first, I really need to pee pee."

She was wearing a very light control open bottom girdle with four garters that had a puckered material on the front. Velma had a good figure and really never needed to wear a girdle. In fact, she often wore a product called Suspants which was a nylon panty with four detachable trolley style garters. She could wear stockings and they would be held up with the garters.

She took me by the hand and headed for the bathroom. She hiked her skirt up to her waist and sat down on the toilet, spreading her legs as she did. It was then I could see all the dark hair on her thighs and legs. The pee began flowing immediately.

"Oh fuck. I really had to go." she said as the flow continued.

She finally finished and just left her pussy all wet.

"Bob will want to eat me when he gets here and I know he loves the smell of fresh pee, so I won't wipe it." she said.

She dropped her skirt and we went back into the bedroom where Jewel was waiting for us.

"Can you spend the night with us Velma?" she asked.

"Of course. Why go home to an empty house and not have anything to do except look at John's cock?" she answered." We'll fix dinner, have a few cocktails and smokes and then fuck or suck."

"Oh Bob wil

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