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The things one does for friends...

Since Dea was busy attending to Davids cock, she felt I could use a little toying myself. There is nothing sexier to me than watching my wife play, and it certainly doesn't hurt when another woman is playing with my cock.

David lets her suck his cock for a short period of time before pulling his dick out of her mouth. He adjusted his position from sitting beside her to kneeling between her legs. I set in the hot tub with Stephanie stroking my cock, and from the look on Dea's face I can tell our neighbor is fucking my wife for all he is worth, and she is enjoying every moment of his pounding. Stephanie moved in front of me, and sits down on my lap facing me as she grabs and guides my cock into her pussy. I slid right into her in a single motion as she slammed her tongue deep into my mouth. No sense in letting them be the only ones having fun, Stephanie told me. From the look of things, we are both getting a little fucking tonight.

I heard David lightly moan, and his pumping actions slowed to a crawl. He slowly moved himself back and away from between Dea's legs and set down beside her with that look of satisfaction on his face. Dea's skin appeared to be beet red from a combination of overheating in the temperate hot tub and the incredible fucking she just received. She actually stayed in the water longer that evening than she typically did, soon excused herself and climbed out.

David had moved over to the side of the tub, closer to where Stephanie and I were playing. Sitting up on the edge with his legs in the water, his cock amazingly still hard and stroking it in his hand. Stephanie got up off of my lap, turned around in front of David and got on her knees. She leaned toward David and began performing oral sex on him. Getting behind her, I slide my erection back into her pussy and reached around her body to play with her tits. Here I am banging a neighbor that I barely knew and watching her suck the cock of a neighbor right before my eyes. The pleasure her pussy provided me was just too much, and I completely lost it. I slammed my cock into her pumping every ounce of cum my balls contained, yet she never slowed for a second from deep throating David's cock. As my knees weakened, I remained behind her with my cock still buried inside her for the next few minutes.

Withdrawing from her, I made my way out of the tub and into the game room to find my bride wiped out on the sofa. Her towel on the floor, she lay naked with a wicked smile on her face. I sat on the floor beside her as she told me how much she enjoyed the evening. Soon, David and Stephanie entered the room and thanked us the great time we showed them. Stephanie asked if I could help gather her things, and if I wouldn't mind drop her off at home. Dea thought that would be the best for her, as she had a couple blocks to travel. The trip was short and quiet; Stephanie only said thanks as I dropped her at home.

Pulling the car back into the garage at home for the night, back into the house I went.

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