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I'm not a particularly good dancer unless it's square dancing, but we didn't really dance. We mostly held each other and shuffled around the floor, somewhat in time with the music.

While we were dancing, I asked her about the first time with Brett, what had that been like? "Another time sweetheart, I'll tell you about it, but not tonight, okay?"

I reluctantly agreed and tightened my grip, pulling my woman closer to me. She apparently couldn't help teasing a little because she said, "All I'll say for now is that it was worth it, for both of us."

I'd decided I was ready to take my wife up to her room, our room. When I suggested it, she got this big grin on her face, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Me too." I paid the bill for our two drinks each, leaving a nice tip for the barmaid who'd been so nice.

She led me by the hand back to the elevator. It was amusing to watch the disappointment on the men's faces as we left. They'd obviously been enjoying the view. Even though it had happened so many times before, that night I felt especially proud that it was me this beautiful woman was leaving with.

Walking behind her, I was privileged to the view everyone else had been given that evening; the big cutout showing her bare back, recently tanned from her Caribbean trip, and I realized with no bikini strap line to mar her perfect tan. I wondered how much of the trip she'd been topless. There was so much she still had to tell me from that month. Even her walk in those high-heeled boots was erotic. The vast amount of leg shown between the top of her boots and the dress's hemline was so incredibly sexy.

I had been turned on all evening in the restaurant and bar, but by the time we arrived at the elevator, probably ten times more so. Standing in the elevator, our hands intertwined, my heart was probably beating a couple hundred beats per minute. Her room was on the eighteenth floor. As fast as the elevator moved, those eighteen floors seemed like an eternity.

We arrived at the door and Michelle swiped the key card. This seemed so different than the dozens of other times we've entered a hotel room together. I'm not sure how to explain how I felt: Trepidation, a little fear that I wouldn't stack up to the lover she'd been with the last eight weeks or so; a longing for her that went to my very soul; or just plain horny for the woman I loved. I guess all of them and several more that I have no clue how to articulate. I guess the most accurate description is that I wanted her. I wanted her with every fiber of my body!

Michelle adjusted the bedside lamps, which surprisingly each had a dimmer so that they were throwing a soft glow through the room.

The blinds for the large picture window overlooking the harbor below were open. I'd commented earlier on what the view would be like after dark. With the City lights reflecting off the bay and the lighted boats and ships, it was even more beautiful than I'd expected. I started to close the blinds when Michelle interrupted me, "No," she said, "Leave them open."

She stepped over to the window with me, looking out the window. "Remember that night, when you pretended to have the blinds open?" She looked back into my eyes, "This time for real." She reached behind her neck and undid the one button holding her dress in place, letting it fall away from her, then pushing it to the floor, leaving her clad only in her tiny thong panties, boots and smoky, lace topped, black stockings, to feast my eyes upon for the first time in eight weeks. My breath caught in my throat. I'd been imaging this moment for nearly every second of those long eight weeks!

Michelle and I took a step toward each other.

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