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The summer gets a little rough.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," Larry screamed.

As Larry screamed Kimberly stuffed the pink panties in his mouth.

"Thank you, darling," Kimberly said sweetly. "Don't worry, they are clean."

Kimberly then secured Larry's panty gag with the light blue scarf, securing it with a knot behind his head.

"There, that should keep you quiet," Kimberly said.

Scarlett got off Larry as Kimberly picked up the two stockings and tied his feet to the two bottom corners of the bed. Scarlett knelt between his legs and Kimberly sat on the bed next to his head. Scarlett took his balls gently in her hands and softly massaged them, as she looked him in the eye.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you, honey," Scarlett said motherly. "But you were not being a good boy. And the only way to control a bad boy is through his balls."

"Mmmmppphhhhh," Larry said.

Kimberly could see both fear and anger in Larry's eyes as she ran her hand through his hair.

"Aaahhh, baby," Kimberly said softly. "Don't be afraid. Just do as you are told and everything will be just fine. But if you keep that anger in you

Scarlett wrapped her hand around Larry's cock and started to milk him. His cock responded instantly as her hand moved slowly up and down his cock. Kimberly moved her hands down to his chest and started running her fingers lightly around his nipples. His arms and legs pulled against his silken bonds to no avail. His head was moving from side to side.

"Mmmmmmmpppphhhhhhh," Larry moaned through his panty.

Kimberly looked at Larry and smiled.

"Having fun, baby?" Kimberly asked. "We sure are."

Suddenly Larry's hips bucked almost knocking Scarlett's hand off his now fully engorged cock. She slapped his balls sharply with one hand and with her other hand she squeezed the base of his cock where it met his balls his cock. His cock quickly deflated.

"Whoa, there, stud," Scarlett said. "Who said you could come."

When Larry's cock was completely flaccid Scarlett let it go and she and Kimberly checked his restraints.

"That should hold you till we get back," Kimberly said.

"Don't go anyplace, honey," Scarlett smiled evilly.

"Make yourself at home," Kimberly giggled. "We'll be back soon."

Scarlett and Kimberly kissed Larry on the forehead, gave his cock and balls a playful squeeze, waved as they shut the lights and left the bedroom closing the door behind him leaving him in darkness.

"Mmmmmmppppphhhhh," Larry screamed through his panty gag.

Larry struggled frantically against his silken restraints. After about twenty minutes, he managed to get his left hand free. He quickly untied his right hand and after about ten more minutes he managed to untie his feet. He got up, turned on the lights and went directly to the closet. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his suitcase was still there. He took the suitcase over to the bed and opened it. He put on a pair of underpants, jeans, a red t-shirt and white socks and sneakers.

Larry slowly opened the bedroom door and when he did not hear Scarlett and Kimberly, he moved quietly into the living room. The two women were gone and Larry decided that he had better get out of there quickly before they came back. He left the apartment complex and started to walk swiftly down Harvey Street when he saw Scarlett's silver Lexus turn the corner. He quickly ducked behind a parked car as the Lexus passed. As soon as the car was past him, he leaped up and ran as he turned the corner he saw Stephanie and Desirae walking towards him.

Larry knew that any second Scarlett and Kimberly would enter the apartment and find him gone he also knew that as he got closer to Stephanie and Desirae that they would notice him. He decided to run right past Desirae and Stephanie. As he ran closer to them, Desirae recognized him.

"Hey look who got away," Desirae said.

"We've got to stop him," Stephanie said.

As Larry got closer, Desirae and Stephanie stood in front of him with their hands on their hip their legs spread apart.

"Where do you think you

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