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Vacation continues; relationship grows; boobs are ogled.

Getting dressed in a rather short cute black cotton dress, I decided not to wear a bra. However, I did put on a beautiful new pair of delicate lace trimmed ivory bikini panties over my freshly shaved bod. Then some pearl earrings and matching necklace for accent. The shoes were a beautiful shade of blue and had cute straps that went around my ankles.

Ready for action I grabbed a small purse and headed down to the lounge to grab a drink and try and calm my ever growing excitement to which my dearest husband and I had planned for the evening. I knew Greg was around somewhere but was not concerned as I did have my phone and could ring him round if I so desired.

Being in a relaxed yet feisty mood I sipped my appletini and looked out the window wanting to appear available. My legs were not crossed and I unconsciously bounced my knee up and down as I thought about what Greg and I had talked about the previous evening.

I had to admit to myself that he always did appear to be submissive to me in all manners of our relationship. The fact that he loved to orally pleasure me was no surprise but pleasant non the less. What did surprise me though was his admission of this fantasy that slowly played out in his mind of me being a naughty wife. Of course I'd heard of men who liked such things, and even things more perverse including bisexual activity along both lines. I wasn't sure exactly where Greg fell among these non traditional mates and also wondered where or how his pleasure would be derived.

I have always felt a man's eyes when they glanced, peered, and studied me. It didn't really bother me too much and understood that men are just more visual of the sexes. I also knew I had a very nice body because not only did I compare to the better looking group at school, but I knew there was something unspoken that went on in a man's mind when they did see me. Maybe I appeared to be innocent, or maybe cute, sexy, or was it motherly.

These self absorbing thoughts were interrupted by a unfamiliar voice.

"Hi, may I have the honor to introduce myself, my name is Brian."

"Hello, glad to meet you. My name is Gail, like in sail."

"Such a pretty name. Are you alone, and am I interrupting you."

"No, no, please sit. You seem like a nice guy."

Brian and I sat and talked and he bought me a few more drinks. He seemed intrigued that such a beautiful lady, as he called me, was sitting alone in a Caribbean paradise. I explained best as I could that I was indeed not alone, but only for the moment enjoying his company. He didn't pursue an inquiry as to why, but did reassure me he found me attractive and intelligent, and asked me if I'd like to dine with him.

Having eaten hardly anything except what they gave me at the spa, I was actually famished. So we adjourned to the dinning room and continued our discussion of holidays gone wild, both his and mine, and also where we each were from and what we did for a living.

I found out he was a builder from Florida and was working here in St. Thomas for a few months. He said he did a lot of traveling and was not married. He laughed when I said I was from New England, sort of like Rhode Island was written on my forehead. Duh? We enjoyed a few good laughs and after a couple hours and almost a full bottle of wine, he asked me if we could take a walk together. I thought that was a marvelous idea and so we left the hotel and wondered over to the bay.

The damp warm air felt heavenly against my skin and with the alcohol I had consumed my mood was giggly and feisty. Standing by a railing he took me in his arms and looked at me, studying me.

"You are a very beautiful woman. I don't know where your husband is but he's a fool not to be here with you instead of me."

I just leaned in and kissed him softly on his lips. He grabbed me and pulled me in for one of the hottest kisses I've ever had. Finally we fell apart and I said, "Yes he is, but his stupidity is your gain. I'll show you." I grabbed my phone out of my little purse and text him.

"Greg, I'm with another man.

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