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Married white woman begins a fling with a black co-worker.

"She's got a nice fucking body for an old bitch." He thought.

Toni looked away as she reached behind her and undid her bra. She let it slowly fall away from her body and then looked at Gary as she removed her panties. She was now nude in front of this young man, and she felt totally humiliated.

Gary sat down on the side of the bed. His cock was now hard, standing up straight thick and long. He looked at Toni and smiled.

"Get on your fucking knees and give me some head babe." He commanded.

Toni rolled her eyes slightly and moved towards Gary and dropped to her knees. She'd never felt worse in her life. She had to do whatever this horrible young man told her or her life would be ruined. She reached forward with her right hand and gripped his hard young shaft.

"Come on babe. Get busy on it." He told her.

Toni closed her eyes and leaned forward. She opened her mouth slightly and took some of the head in as she stroked it slowly. She was now doing something she had only done for one other man, her husband, and she felt ill.

Gary felt the warm wet mouth encircle his hard cock and he moaned. "Yeah baby. That's it."

Toni kept her eyes closed as she sucked Gary's cock. She began to stroke the shaft faster and firmer as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. She had trouble taking too much of it in. Gary was larger than her husband Don and her hand barely encircled his shaft as she stroked it.

"MMMM babe. You know how to suck a cock. Do it babe. Suck my cock." Moaned Gary.

Toni hated what she was doing and she hated that this young man was making her do it. She thought if she went a bit faster and did more with her mouth, he would finish and it would be over for her. So she did.

Gary saw and felt what Toni was doing. He felt so full of himself. He had this woman at his command. She had no idea of the things he had planned for her before the week was out.

Toni felt Gary begin to pump up into her mouth. She heard his breathing increase and his rhythmic moans. She also felt his young cock stiffen and stir to her attentions. That pushed her to stroke and suck him even faster. She opened her eyes and saw Gary's eyes were closed and his head was leaning back as he moaned while Toni sucked his cock. She knew it wouldn't be long.

Gary began to moan deeper as his young cock began to jump in Toni's hand and mouth. He was pumping up into her. Toni fought to keep from gagging as she felt him pump harder into her mouth. Toni increased her efforts trying to get the young man off.

Toni felt Gary's cock shudder to her touch. She laughed a bit inside knowing she now had the power. She began to stroke him firmer and faster and saw how Gary reacted. It had been so long since she'd had this effect on a man.

"Oh fucking shit!" Screamed Gary as the first shot of cum sprayed into Toni's mouth. Toni sucked and stroked and swallowed as Gary pumped her mouth full of his young cum. Toni couldn't believe how much was coming out and she also couldn't believe she was now sucking his cock with increased enthusiasm.

It had been so long since she felt such passion in a man she was with. Her and Don barely now had sex once a month. Don almost seemed bored with her at times and she felt unattractive and old. And now she had a hard young cock and she was making it explode in her mouth. She sucked him until he softened.

Gary reached down and pulled Toni up on top of him. He kissed her quickly and with a passion she hadn't experienced in years. Before she was aware of what she was really doing, she had opened her mouth and allowed Gary's tongue deep into hers. For a moment, she got lost in the passion and kissed him back deeply.

Gary's hand slid down to her pussy and he inserted a finger inside her. Toni quickly came back to her senses and stopped kissing Gary. He looked at her and smiled and she became overwhelmed with guilt. Tears formed in her eyes.

Gary ignored the tears as he flipped the housewife onto her back.

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