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A plot to save Karina. Pursued by a sinister warlock.

Her husband and my date were gone when the kiss ended. I was breathless and my erect cock strained against my pants as I looked to see where they had gone.

"Mmm," she purred as she brazenly rubbed my dick through my pants. "Is that for me?"

"Yes," I sighed. I was still in a daze, overwhelmed by desire and drunk with lust. "Where did they go?" I continued to look around but saw no trace of my date or her husband.

"Don't worry, my husband well get her home safely. Maybe he'll have better luck with her than you did. She was a pretty thing. Not my type or I would have brought you both home with me." Her soft, supple lips grazed my earlobe before descending to the nape of my neck and planting butterfly kisses along my collarbone.

I moaned softly and cradled her head in my arms. Her insistent fingers continued to tease my rock hard cock and I felt a cool wet spot on my underwear as I leaked precum into them.

"Let's get out of here, " she purred in a deep, sultry voice that betrayed the level of her excitement. She turned and led me to the door. I was used to being in control. It was my thing but I was along for the ride with her and it was a very nice change.

We stepped into the muggy, mid Atlantic summer air and she flashed a mischievous smile.

"Where are you parked?" She asked and I motioned to a dimly lit parking lot across the street.

"The blue BMW right in front," I said as I pointed to my car.

We jay walked across the street and hopped inside. I felt a momentary pang of uncertainty as I recalled arriving with my date. Our conversation had been strained even then but at that point I still had hope that I would turn the night around. I hoped she was okay but as my sexy new companion rubbed my still rigid cock through my pants my concerns melted away.

I drove quickly while she navigated and in less than 15 minutes we pulled up to a beautiful Georgetown home surrounded by a tall ivy covered wall.

"Put it in the garage," she said confidently as the door raised before us.

Her lips met mine as the door closed behind us and my hand slipped under her blouse touching the silky flesh of her curvy torso. It slid up to her huge pillowy tits encased in fine silk and she moaned into my mouth. Her long tongue slipped past my lips and entwined with mine in a searing hot kiss.

We kissed for several long minutes as we both clutched and groped. My heart pounded and I was breathless when she pulled away and climbed briskly from the car. I followed her inside watching her big round ass sway gently from side to side with each step. She met me inside the door and pinned me against it as she tugged my shirt over my head. She quickly dropped my pants and underwear to the floor leaving me naked and exposed as she stepped back and looked appraisingly at my body. She gripped my painfully hard cock and squealed with delight.

"I knew you'd be hung, " she purred as she rubbed and tugged on my throbbing manhood. It had been over a month since I had gotten laid and I feared that I might cum quickly but she knew how to keep me on the edge without going over. My body was trembling with desire when she hopped onto her kitchen counter and spread her thick meaty thighs wide.

The pungent yet alluring aroma of her arousal filled the air and sent my libido into overdrive. I wanted her and I stepped forward guiding my cock towards her pantyless pussy as her skirt rode up to her waist.

"Not yet Lover," she purred. "We don't fuck until my husband gets home but you can put your pretty mouth to good use." She flashed a bright smile that made my cock twitch.

She didn't have to ask twice. I had always been very oral and I dropped down in front of her and leaned close. Her labia glistened with her fragrant juices and I dragged my tongue up the length of her swollen lips. The taste and feel was electric and a long low moan escaped her lips. Her thick thighs trembled and she inhaled sharply as I licked her hard clit.

"Right there Lover, " she panted.

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