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Vinny does recon, and makes a new friend.

You walk to the right side of the bed, with my eyes on you the whole time. You can see my right wrist straining against the satin tie. I want to touch you...don't I... touch you there.

You slowly pull the shoulder straps off your nighty and let it fall to your waist, running your fingers across your nipples and I watch them as they grow and get hard. With your right hand cupping your right breast, your nipple covered by your palm and painted red fingernails, with your left hand, you slowly slide one finger just inside the top of your panties, then out and down between your legs over your now very wet panties.

You close your eyes and lick your lips as you rub your finger back and forth. You put your fingertip up to my lips and let me suck on it while your pinching and rolling your nipple until it stands up, almost like that achingly hard cock of mine that you're about to have such a good time with.

You pull your fingertip out of my hungry mouth and bend down to my ear; this is only the beginning - lover - you whisper as you begin to walk around to the other side of the bed.

You climb on to the bed beside me, and bend over to kiss my chest, my nipples. You suck and bite a little on each one as you run your fingers over my torso, through the hair on my chest. You lean closer to me and lightly drag your breasts over my chest. You kiss my lips; I hungrily kiss back reaching for your tongue with mine.

Straddling me now, I strain my neck reaching for and managing to make contact with and enjoying a few seconds of sucking on an extended nipple before you pull away. You reach for a bottle of lightly scented, and flavored oil on the bedside table.

You pour a generous amount into the palm of your hand, dribbling a few drops on my chest as you do so. Rubbing your hands together, you warm it before spreading it on my chest and stomach. Your fingers work it into my skin. A second palm full of oil lets you cover my arms and neck. My body glistens in the soft candlelight.

You change positions, moving down you straddle my thighs now, my hard, stiff, cock sticking up in front of you now as if it were yours, and it is. You reach for the oil, take another handful, and this time you spread it over yourself. First a hand on each breast, pushing them up and together. Then you coat your shoulders, arms and tummy rubbing it in. It feels so good and you're smiling thinking of everything you have in store for me.

You cup your breasts and caress them. Your left hand runs up and down your body as your right hand grips "our" cock. You bend down and kiss and lick at my lips while your silky panties slide up and down across my well-oiled cock. You feel me grinding my hips, rubbing up and down between your legs reaching for the way to paradise.

Then you stop and slowly life yourself up off of me and notice the surprised expression on my face, not believing that you stopped. Oh, you're coming back! Hooking your thumbs into the sides of your panties you push them down, you can see my eyes following your panties, your soaking wet panties to the floor. You come up beside me and let your breast dangle in my face, letting me grab onto and suck your nipple again while you pull a razor out from under the pillow.

Pulling your now extended, throbbing, nipple out of my mouth, you move down to straddle my thighs again. Taking my well-oiled cock into your hand, you carefully begin the task of shaving my pubic mound. Long, slow strokes removing all traces of pubic hair.

You get up off my legs, go into the bathroom and come back with a warm, wet washrag to lift and wash the hair that has fallen from the razorblade. You reach for the oil again, pour another handful and after rubbing your hands together, you rub the oil onto my freshly shaved groin area, stroking my cock up and down, baby does that feel good.

Now crouching over my skyward pointing cock, you rub another hand full of oil between your legs.

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