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His step-daughter date-raped him and his wife helped her do it.

Of course, Snape would not be foolish enough to make such an attempt, but perhaps he could use this situation to his advantage. After all, Snape has always sought to turn situations and people to his advantage and purposes.

Without a second thought, Snape invited the sisters into his home and with the appearance of civility ordered his "assistant" to fetch wine for everyone to drink. He waited patiently for Wormtail to fulfill his task and then dismissed him from the conversation, understanding that he could not be trusted with the information that would inevitably be presented in this meeting. Knowing that Wormtail would be listening, he cast the Muffliato spell over the room so that no one could hear what was going to happen very shortly. Snape had always been a fan of the Muffliato spell for situations just like the one he was about to initiate.

Upon Snape's assurance that it would be safe to speak, Narcissa entered into the tale of her plight and begged him to assist her in convincing the Dark Lord to use another puppet against Dumbledore. Snape responded, "I assure you, Narcissa, that the Dark Lord's anger is very great indeed. Very great. And I am not fool enough to attempt to talk him out of his purpose with your son."

"But Severus, he is only a boy. He does not understand the situation that he is in or the danger of it. Please you must be able to do something!" Narcissa pleaded with fear in her eyes and hope lost from her voice.

Yes, thought Snape, I have her exactly where I want her. Snape knew that Bellatrix did not care if Draco died as long as he was attempting to fill out the Dark Lord's orders. Yet, he could convince Narcissa to show her how much she wanted Draco to be saved. He'd help her... at a great cost. Narcissa had beautiful white hair that went past her shoulders. Her body was petite with well apportioned breasts that begged to be treated roughly. She could not have weighed more than 107 pounds and Snape wanted to experience everything her body had to offer. He'd help save her son, but she would not enjoy the cost.

Snape stood up and with cold eyes pointed at the ground before his feet. Narcissa thought she understood what that meant when she knelt before him begging continually for his assistance. "Shut up," Snape said and was pleased to see that she responded immediately to his command. He loved to be in command over other people. "You can show me how much you want Draco's life spared and my assistance in this matter. I warn you that it comes at a great and painful price...."

Snape could not help but smirk slightly at the surprised and shocked look on Narcissa's face as the implications of his statement settled upon her. She hadn't moved, so Snape went on, "Unless, of course, your only son's life does not mean that much to you."

He'd done it. Snape had broken through her defenses; Narcissa Malfoy belonged to Severus Snape and he intended to reap his reward. Narcissa's defeated eyes met Snape's cold ones, and she lowered her head. With trembling hands, she moved her hands towards the zipper on his dirty black pants. Her fingers fumbled with the zipper out of fear as she started at his crotch only to realize that his cock was growing in size as she attempted to gain access to a place she never dreamed of entering.

Snape grew frustrated with Narcissa's slowness and the lust in his heart was beginning to smolder as he began to think about all of the ways he intended to use Lucius's wife. In a fit of cold, calculated frustration, he slapped Narcissa across the face with his open palm and demanded, "You are my slut now and your body belongs to me. If you want your son to receive my help, then you had better satisfy my every wish. I warn you though, my lust feels insatiable."

With mounting fear for herself and her son, Narcissa finally unbuttoned and unzipped Snape's pants.

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