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What happens on the second half of the drive to college!

When I pulled away and looked up, she was panting but wearing a big grin.

"My god, you are so good at that. I don't think I've ever been eaten that good before."

She sat up and reached for her beach bag on the table.

"You deserve something really nice for that," she said, pulling out a tube of lotion. "Here, take this and rub it into my boobs. Get them good and slippery. Then put that hard cock of yours between them."

I did as she said. I took a good long time rubbing the lotion into her breasts, all the while telling her how damned sexy she was and how much I had loved eating her out. As wonderful as her tits were, I still looked up to lock eyes with her, saw the desire in hers, and showed her mine. I wanted her in every way possible and told her so, with my eyes.

When I decided I was ready, I moved into position with my now throbbing cock below and between her breasts. She pressed them together, forming a soft, slick passageway into which I nudged the sensitive head. Feeling the warmth of her flesh, I slowly pushed through until it reappeared near her throat. Reeling from the sensation of taut skin on soft, oily skin, I withdrew and repeated my entrance. She lowered her head and was able to take the head of my dick between her lips when it reached its highest point.

After a few more strokes like this, my cock was aching for release. I had been pent up for days, and it would be denied no longer.

"Denise, ohh, I'm going to come, you're so hot—" I heard myself moan.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, come for me baby. Come all over my tits. Get me all wet."

Hearing her words, I surrendered to the urge. Holding onto her shoulders for leverage, I pumped fast into the tunnel she had made for me. Twice, three times, and then my orgasm took off and carried me with it. My spasming cock shot juice up to her neck and chin. My cum pooled in her cleavage and drizzled back onto my shaft, still pumping between those luscious breasts. My primal growl of pleasure sounded in my ears.

Spent, I fell forward onto the bed, taking Denise with me. We tangled together haphazardly, naked, and she laughed like a child who had just seen the bowling pins fly from her ball.

"Oh, you came really hard, didn't you?" she chuckled. "That was great. I've been dying to have someone like you in this bed."

"What, a gorgeous woman like you couldn't find a guy in Playa?"

"Thanks for the compliment, Dan, but you'd be surprised. Partly it was my roommate. We were using the buddy system, you know, safety in numbers, going everywhere together. Turns out it worked too well. No one could figure out how to approach either of us without slighting the other. That's what I'm guessing, anyway."

"She was the one with you last night, then? Is she going to show up soon?"

"Oh, she left for home this morning. She had to be back to work before I do."


"Yeah, I leave tomorrow. This is my last night."

Shit. "Well, that's a shame," I said.

"Still, we have some time. We're not done yet, by any means." She gave me a quick kiss. "Say, want to have a bubble bath?"

"That sounds like fun."

"It is. I'll get it started."

She got up and strolled to the bathroom, pert buttocks rolling, and those legs! I was getting hard again already.

She got water started in the bathtub, then shut the door for a minute. When she emerged and walked back toward the bed, the view of her front was just as stunning. She caught sight of my renewed erection.

"Wow, baby, you are going to be fun tonight!"

"What can I say? I'm a guy, we're visual. And you are quite a vision!"

"Thanks. We girls can like what we see, too. And I definitely like what I see. But I was just going to say, if you need to pee, this would be a good time. We're just waiting for the tub to fill up."

"Cool. Now that you mention it..." I got up and walked toward her, standing between me and the bathroom door.

She grinned and grabbed my erection when I came within reach.

"Be sure to bring this back to

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