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A college professor falls for a younger man.

If you don't mind, I'll share your table."

We sit down and I order her some white wine. The waitress brings the wine and places it in front of the young lady. Then she leans in to me and whispers in my ear. "Like them young, do you, Big Boy? I know tricks she has never even heard of." I reply, "Well, I may want you to prove that." She slips me a card with her name, Rhonda, and a cell phone number, I slip the card in my pocket. If my young friend notices any of this, she does not let on.

"My name is ROGO," I say to the French girl and I offer my hand.

She delicately takes the hand, smiles and replies, "I am Jane, thanks for letting me sit down."

"Miss," I comment, "I may have to be your protector tonight, as gorgeous and fresh as you look, the wolves will be hitting on you all night."

She grins, "Won't they think I am your date and leave me alone?" She takes my arm in hers as she says this.

"NO, they will think you are my daughter or that I am a dirty old man." I comment.

She laughs and I see white beautiful teeth. Her eyes sparkle. "Well, are you a dirty old man?" she grins at me.

"Jane, for someone as pretty as you, I can be anything you want me to be, but you are young enough to be my granddaughter."

She laughs again & gently puts her hand on my chest. "In Europe, older distinguished men are with younger women all the time. Aren't you attracted to me?"

It is my turn to laugh. "Honey, haven't you noticed me drooling just trying to peek at the tops of your gorgeous breasts?"

She again grins and lays her hand on top of mine. And she tells me that she did notice me peeking, but missed the drool.

We talk a little and then a slow dance number is playing. I ask this lovely vision of womanhood to dance and she stands and walks with me onto the dance floor. I hold her gently and we begin to glide around the dance floor. She moves very well. By the second slow number, the respectable distance we had kept between our bodies has disappeared (much to my joy) and her full breasts are pressed warmly against my chest and her hips are brushing against my groin.

I have the feeling she is purposefully teasing me and she is very good at it. My penis is beginning to stir and as she detects that, her hips make sure the contact is kept. My brain is still in control at this point and I am thinking what a little minx she is to tease a man 3 times her age.

We keep dancing (because the music is still slow) and soon, my hand touches the underside of her breast. How firm and tender the flesh feels. I let one hand stray to her butt and squeeze one cheek of her ass. The response to the breast touch was to snuggle closer. The response to my feeling her ass is to grind her hips hard against my almost full erection. I like where these signs are heading.

As we walk back to the table, we get a lot of strange looks due to our age difference (I was not dancing with this stunning young lady the way a man would dance with his daughter). I am careful to stay close to her with her body just in front of mine to hide my growing erection. We make it to the table and reseat ourselves. I place my hand on her thigh under the table and lean in to whisper.

"Jane, I am a lot older, but I would love to take you to my room and discover all your delights." Rather than saying anything, Jane pushes her thigh against mine which opens her legs wider and she pushes my hand to the inside of her thigh .Then her hand heads for my thigh until she finds my penis, now fully rigid.

I lean toward Jane again and whisper, "Let's go, Jane, I want to taste you." With that, I motion the sassy cocktail waitress over and she gets the tab. I give her enough cash to include a generous tip and whisper to her to thank her for the good service. Jane and I stand and leave the bar.

It is a short walk to the elevator bank.

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