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That amazing night when her son fucks her four times.

Having my hands finally free, I gave Bob a little of his own medicine.

So there I was not even on the boat an hour and all I had on was a tiny g-string bikini. I might as well have been naked for all it covered. Boats passing by probably though I was completely naked. Clothing somehow seemed out of place in a place like that, so I stayed that way for the rest of the day and then some.

After I calmed down from Bob's attention, I made sure everyone knew how steer and pick up someone if someone like me fell overboard. It felt weird but kind of fun running a mini sailing course while all but naked. I just had to be a little careful when I'd brush up against something. Once while I reached for a line mast my bare breasts brushed against the mast and some rigging. I got a 2-inch scratch from a loose bolt across my right breasts almost across the nipple. It didn't draw blood but hurt like hell for a while. Bob later called it my badge of honor worm proudly upon my bosom. All I knew was it hurt. Of course he helped with that also until long after the pain went away.

After everyone got used to steering, I settled in and laid out and worked on my tan for a bit. By then I was so relaxed, I didn't care if anyone saw me topless.

We were headed over to this little anchorage over on St Johns where we heard it was really quite. When we got there, I was disappointed to find three other boats there. We dropped sail and motored over to this spot that was furthest away from the other boats, yet close enough to shore that we could easily swim ashore.

Having anchored up we broke out the food and beer. Lisa and I cooked while the guys set up the table in the cockpit and drank beer. It was funny cooking since there was barely enough space for one person much less two. Every time I had to get by Lisa, my breast ended up brushing against her or the cabinets or something. Lisa was kidding me about my chest getting in the way, so I kind of brushed them in her face once when squeezing by.

I kidded Lisa about her telling me this morning to put on sun block since she was sporting a pretty good burn from too much time on the sun.

Finally, the food was ready and we sat back on deck and enjoyed our first dinner afloat. It certainly wasn't as eloquent as dining out but was really romantic and sexy since I still only wore only my tiny G-string bikini bottom. It felt so nice eating dinner under the open sky with a light breeze blowing while being nearly naked. Two other boats had pulled in and anchored close, but not close enough to make me put something on. I figured everyone wanted their privacy as much as possible which was fine with me.

We were so lazy after stuffing ourselves that we just sat there talking and telling stories. We talked about a lot of things, but it wasn't long before the subject of my dares came up. Lisa proceeds to tell Brad and Bob half of my life story. Bob had heard most of it before, but it was still a little embarrassing especially in front of Brad since he only knew me through Lisa and what he heard the other night at dinner.

To relive my vacation adventure and my visit with Jane on the Long Island was embarrassing but exciting at the same time. Lisa started to describe my towel story, but I had to finish it. She wasn't even there so she was making it sound even wilder than it really was.

The whole time this was going on Bob had his hands all over me. I tried to get him to stop since the conversation was enough to get me going. Besides, this was no place to be getting it on. Eventually I elbowed Bob in the ribs to try to get him to stop, because I was starting to feel its effects. Bob said, "What do you expect with you being so available like that." I suggested going below and putting something on, but both he and Brad stepped in. I noticed Brad and Lisa getting pretty friendly as well. I guess my attire was having its effect on Brad.

Eventually we left my dare adventures topic but only ended up on a worse one.

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