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An abduction, inconsequential sex, and lots of spilt drinks.


The locker where the university football team had stuffed Max was dark and hot. Thankfully, they had stripped him naked first, so he wasn't too uncomfortable. Plus, even though locker 23 wasn't the most spacious real estate in the girl's locker room, Max always thought it had one of the best views.

It was about 20 minutes before the university women's softball team came filing in. Max held his breath so they wouldn't hear him.

"I played awful," one of the girls sighed. Max recognized the voice as Stephanie, the blonde freshman with the huge juggs. Max knew most of the girls on the university's many athletic teams.

As luck would have it, Stephanie stopped right in front of locker 23 before pulling her jersey and sports bra over her head. Sweaty as she was, she had some difficulty getting free of the jersey, and her massive tits jiggled with the exertion.

"I think you played just fine," Max heard Monica say, before she stepped into view of the locker 23 vent that Max was using as his viewing port. The tall, brunette team captain was already completely naked. She pressed her toned body against Stephanie's back and wrapped her arms around the shorter girl's stomach, giving her a reassuring hug. Monica's hands then shifted upwards as she began fondling the freshman's tits, eliciting a series of giggles from the younger girl.

"Yeah, you play good," Ami said, entering Max's vantage point from the other direction. The slender Japanese exchange student was also completely naked except for a skimpy black thong. Within moments her tongue was inside Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie moaned with pleasure, making out with the Asian girl as her team captain continued to play with her breasts.

Apparently deciding she wanted to taste more of the freshman, Ami pulled down Stephanie's pants and knelt down, sadly mostly disappearing from Max's view. All Max could still see of the Japanese girl was the back of her head, and a tight, black ponytail that bounced around wildly. Another naked team member quickly took Ami's place, making out with the freshman. It wasn't long before whatever the Asian girl was doing down there had Stephanie whimpering uncontrollably.


It took the girls a moment to hear it, but when they did, everything stopped and all eyes were on locker 23.

Max didn't understand! He was breathing softly through his nose and had barely moved a muscle.


Max looked down to see his enormous cock pulsating violently against the creaky aluminum locker door.

Monica sighed, and released her hold on the amazing set of freshman tits. She walked up to locker 23 and stared into one of vents with a scowl, as the rest of the girls scurried around to find towels to cover themselves.

"You in there again, you little pervert?" Monica asked in a disgusted tone. She just stood there naked, glaring, with her hands on her hips. Max couldn't help but stare at her tan, perky tits.

Max knew this wasn't going to end well for him, and that's what made it so exciting! His throbbing rod picked up the tempo.


Monica rolled her eyes, and slowly reached for the locker door. Max could feel his heart beating in unison with his massive cock. This group of gorgeous college girls was going to see how the football team had roughed him up, stripped him naked, and crammed him into a locker. He couldn't wait!

It all happened so fast! Monica flung the door open. At the same time Max's gigantic penis, finally free of its tight confines, flew up to greet her in a rock hard 15-inch salute. Seeing as Max had been leaking like a faucet ever since he was first stuffed into the locker, this resulted in poor Monica being thoroughly splattered with precum.

Some of the freshmen shrieked, but most of the other girls just looked angry, Monica most of all. With a grimace, she wiped a stray fleck of Max's fluids from her cheek.

"Hi!" Max managed to chirp, seconds before Monica violently buried her foot into his huge nut

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