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Carolyn reveals to Pete she is pregnant.

Do you see how fucking wet I am now? Look at how wet you've made my pussy baby. You see it? You like it? You want it?"

With those last few rhetorical questions Jackie lowered herself to my eagerly waiting mouth. My lips touched hers and I began to suck gently on them. I savoured the taste of her pretty pussy for a second and then my lust overcame me...


How the fuck am I meant to sleep with this shit going on next to me? Fuck. I am so going to have to teach them a lesson.

Throwing back the covers I move across the bed. They are too busy with each other to even notice I'm still in the room.

I grab Jane's legs and spread them wide. She doesn't fight me, or even try to see what's going on, she probably thinks that it is Jackie doing it.

I gaze at her spread pussy for a few seconds then line my now hard cock up and thrust it in deep. Jane squeals as I keep on thrusting in and out. Then she starts to buck against me. I keep thrusting my big hard cock into her tight pussy in a slow, steady rhythm. I pull Jackie back so she is leaning against my broad chest as her pussy is fucked by Jane's tongue. I kiss her neck over and over, loving the sound of her gasps and moans into my ears, moans drawn from her by the feel of another womans tongue delving in and out of her wetness.

Soon my own grunts are filling the air as I fill Jane's tight puss with spurt after spurt of my hot cum. I pull out and fall back on the bed.


Teeth nibble at my ear lobe, and I awake.

Turning my head I see Jane. Still I feel a mouth upon me.

I turn my head to the left and see Jackie, her lips on my neck now.

I groan and turn away from her. "Don't you ever stop? For god's sake, isn't a night of fucking enough for you? Huh?....dumb whore".

"Oh you know you love it"

I raise one eyebrow. "Me love it? I think you mean you love it, don't you?"

"You heard what I said Frank"

In a sudden burst of movement I twist and pin her under me, one arm holding her hands together on her stomach, the other under the sheets between us. She gasps as my finger finds her swollen clit, and starts to push herself against my hand.

"See Jackie, I told you it was YOU who loves it" I say as I take my hand out from under the covers.

"Don't stop" Jackie pleads. It makes no difference to me, after all we did last night I am very worn out, and sex is the last thing on my mind. "Fine. You be like that and go back to sleep old man."

And I do. As I my eyes close and I drift off to sleep I hear moaning coming from my right. I forgot about Jane. Oh christ, what is Jackie doing to her?........


I close my eyes and lay back as Jackie's finger slowly runs in circles around my clit, getting faster, and faster as I get louder and louder. Suddenly she stops, I mewl in disappointment, but a smile grows on my face as I realise why she is getting out of the bed.

Coming round to my side of the bed Jackie takes off her skimpy nightie and I am rewarded with the sight of her naked body. Smallish breasts, flat stomach, long black hair, she is very very yummy. I can see the morning light glistening on her already wet pussy, but I have no chance to touch, or to taste before she is kneeling at the edge of the bed and pulling my legs around to either side of her.

I gasp loudly as her long tongue slides into me. She wiggles it slightly inside my tight pussy, then begins to thrust it in earnest. She fucks me with her tongue as I grab and squeeze my breasts. When her thumb finds my clit and starts to rub I cum. I cum so hard I can't help but scream out.

"Oh my god! Jackie YYES YYYESSSSSSSSS"

Jackie lovingly cleans my pussy of my cum and juices with her tongue and sweet little kisses., then stands up on the bed, swaying her hips from side to side, taunting me with the sight of her beautiful pussy, practically dripping as I stare up at her.

"God Jane you taste so fucking good. Do you see how fucking wet I am now? Look at how wet you've made my pussy baby. You see it? You like it? You want it?"

With those last few rhetorical questions Ja

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