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Promiscuous wife reunites with old boy friends.

"Ten," Cindy said as she started to rub her shoulder.

"The movies over already?" Andrea asked as she started to yawn.

"Nah, it just sucked, so I turned it off."

"Oh, it wasn't that bad," Andrea said as she got up and stretched.

"How would you know? You were out fifteen minutes after it started," Cindy teased as she got up and folded up the afghan and put it back on the couch

"Was not," Andrea protested as she turned around to face Cindy's as she flattened out the afghan trying her best to make it look perfect. Andrea suddenly remembered the promise of money and started picking up the living room a little herself.

"Please, I heard you snoring right after the dumb bitch was ripped to shreds," Cindy teased as finally finished her small task to see Andrea carrying the popcorn bowl into the kitchen. Her eyes were instantly drawn to Andrea's cute, little butt in her tight jeans. She was a little more interested it was between those thighs, but it was still a nice view.

"I don't snore," Andrea said from the kitchen as she put the popcorn bowl in the dishwasher and turned it on. She yawned again as she turned around. Why am I so tired tonight, she thought to herself as she made her back to the living room. Cindy was standing by the entertainment center again this time turning everything off.

"So," said Andrea after Cindy finished her small task, "what do you want to do now?"

"Let's go listen to some music up in your room. I feel like getting out of these clothes and getting comfortable," Cindy said as she pulled on her on second hand soccer shirt and grimaced.

"Fine by me. I'm thinking about going to bed anyway," Andrea agreed.

"No sleep, music," Cindy said in a mocking, parental tone as she pointed authoritatively at Andrea. Andrea just yawned again.

"We'll see."

The girls wasted no time getting changed once they were upstairs. Not that it was hard considering their usual sleep attire was a pair of panties and a t-shirt. Cindy merely unbuckled her belt, unzipped her cargo pants and let them slide down her leg to the floor revealing a pair of incongruous pink, floral panties.

"Hey!" Andrea said as she noticed what Cindy was wearing on her cute butt, "those are mine."

"I wondered where these came from," Cindy said as she ran her fingers along the inside of the waistband,. "They're too cutesy for me."

"Cutesy?" Andrea replied as she allowed her pants to fall to floor. "They're panties. What else are they supposed to look like?"

"Umm, ever heard of thongs?" sneered Cindy as she sat down on the bed on pulled her cd book out of her backpack. Andrea noticed this and immediately began to protest. "No punk," she said as she sat down next to Cindy and began to pull off her socks.

"Okay, okay," Cindy said as slipped a couple of cd's out of the book and got up to put them in the cd player. She put in one from Andrea's pathetic selection to keep the peace and hit shuffle and play before sitting down at the head of the bed.

As the music began to work it's magic the girls started talking about the usual subjects of gossip. Andrea focused on cute guys somewhat convincing while Cindy centered more on bitchy girls she obviously had a thing for. They also talked about the next day, clothes, the music that was playing and so much more.

As time clicked by Cindy started to talk more and Andrea started to talk less. The music Cindy had selected was extremely relaxing and Andrea was again having a hard time staying awake. She tried to fight it off, but as Cindy was describing the difference between British punk and American punk Andrea nodded off.

Suddenly she became aware of the fact that she was being beat across the head with a pillow. She grunted in protest and put up her hands to block the offending bag of goose down only to get across the stomach.

"Stop it!" she finally shouted, "I was sleeping!"

"I know you were, you dumb ass.

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