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Alastair Rashkel, Black vampire.

I buried my face in Natalie's hair, which somehow looked even more sexy since she'd tied it back after showering. I bit her ear and she let out little yip and then moaned.

All afternoon and evening Natalie had been wearing a jean top open at the back and I'd been admiring her bare back, fighting for the whole day the temptation to put my hands on it. And now I just had to kiss it from top to bottom. I turned her around and drew my tongue slowly down the middle of her spine, brushing my hands along her sides as I went. I travelled back up, kissing and massaging her back with my lips. Her body shuddered and she pushed her ass back into me. I reached round and filled my hands with her delectable boobs, bouncing bralessly under the soft denim. She grabbed one of my hands and began to suck on my finger, then gently bit the web of my thumb. I reached up and unbuckled her shirt and pulled it off her shoulders. I'm pretty sure there aren't awards given just for shoulders, but if there were, Natalie would own the trophy permanently. I kissed them both one by one while I undid her jeans. Giggling, she reached backwards and pulled down my shorts and underwear in one motion.

"This penis. This big, long hard thing that brings only joy," she chanted as she fondled my dick behind her back. "Best of all, it's attached to the guy I love more than anything." She stroked me sensually. I got her pants off and bent to kiss her delectable ass. I bit her cheek playfully, eliciting a long purr. Then I spread her cheeks and teased her anus with my tongue; she moaned loudly and held one breast.

"Oh god baby, I want you," she whispered. She turned around and swooped down on my cock, licking and sucking like a starving animal. She nipped up and down its length, then she put it right down her throat and started throat-fucking me - I have no idea how she did that without gagging, but that feeling will stay with me until my dying day. Then she licked and sucked my balls, almost making me come right there. Then she put my cock between her breasts and jerked it with them - feeling those big luscious nipples on either side of my shaft put me at the very doors of heaven.

"Oh baby, you just transported me," I blubbered, half drunk with the sensation. Natalie looked around.

"We should have brought a blanket for this rough rock," she said.

"Hang tight my love," I said, and reached into the canoe for the package I'd tossed in at the last minute. I opened it up and pulled out a hammock, which I quickly tied between two nearby sturdy pines, adjusting the height until it was just so. I ran a long bungee cord up into another tree and fastened it onto one edge of the hammock, tilting the whole thing up into a chair shape. I must have looked funny doing it, naked with my cock standing erect for the whole time. Natalie looked over the arrangement.

"Hey, that's great," she said.

"You have no idea how great," I replied a wink. I sat her down right near one edge and gently laid her back onto the canvas. Then I retrieved the two kneeling cushions from the canoe and placed then on the ground. I knelt before the delta, as Leonard Cohen said, and proceeded to slowly ravage my lover. I kissed a lingering path up either calf, alternating legs as I went, nestled briefly in the hollows at the backs of her knees, then kissed, licked and bit up the inside of her thighs. By now she was writhing, trying to push me further up with her feet. Finally she leaned forward and grabbed my head with both hands, plunging my face with surprising force right into her pussy. She screamed like a banshee when my tongue entered her.

"Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Oh GOD!!" I was able to position her fairly precisely with the swing, so my tongue found depths in her not possible on a bed. She groaned wildly and panted and humped my face. Again I slipped my tongue into her ass, and here too the swing allowed significant penetration.

"Ohhhh, Jake, ohhhhhhh.

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