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Conservative married woman wanted to be "bad".

She would bend forward and these large breasts would just hang there, bulging, & dying to escape. Meanwhile under my shorts my cock was fully erect. You could see a tent appear, and I was going to do nothing about it. Something came over me, a sexual drive, I kept looking at her breasts at every chance I had.

Aunt Jill noticed that every time she was bent down, I was following her. She looked over to me as reached up to hang her bra on the line and admired the view. She looked down at my groin and saw the erection I was containing. She thought back to what Sharon said about him yesturday. She said she caught him in the nude and what a grown man he'd become. Aunt Jill certainly understood what she meant.

As we walked abreast to each other, Aunt Jill pretended not to notice that I was staring at her breasts as they wobbled in her bra on the way inside the house. She looked away purposely so I could get a view. She liked the attention she was getting. Inside, we had a drink, and started talking.

By the time we finished chatting, I got up and took her cup, washed it and headed back.

"Aren't you the gentlemen?" Aunt said.

"Well, that's not all you're getting" I said as he started massaging her shoulders. "Remember when I was younger I used to do this?"

"Ohh, you're such an angel." Aunt Jill moaned.

I looked down her cleavage the whole time as my erection was straining against my shorts. I pressed it up against her back a few times accidently. Aunt Jill closed her eyes and felt the sensations.

"Oh but Jeff, I don't remember you ever doing it like this" Aunt Jill said.

I bent down and kissed his Aunt on the neck "And I don't ever remember feeling this good doing it" said in her ear.

"Oh, that feels good" she said as she ran her hands against her lap.

"Do you like this new dress I'm wearing honey? I got it for around the house. Its nice and low cut at the front and it feels comfortable for housework. How's the view from up there?" she asked.

"They're beautiful, I mean it's a nice dress" I blurted out foolishly. "Speaking of which I got a new pair of boxers I'm wearing" I said quickly.

"Oh honey, let me see them" Aunt asked. "I showed you mine, now you show me yours" she said.

"Sure" I said. I didn't feel nervous. I was so horny I wanted my Aunt to see my stiff cock. I pulled my shorts down, and took my shirt off too, and stood to her right. She rubbed her hands over my chest and backside.

"That's beautiful honey" she said as she noticed my cock busting to escape my boxers. She could see a slight bit of the neck and head of my cock in the center opening of my boxers and said, "That's nothing to be ashamed off. My husbands willy used to fall out of his too, but I certainly wasn't complaining."

"Yeah, these have got plenty of room at the front" I said. "They're easy to slip off too, as the elastic around the waste doesn't strain too hard."

"What do you mean?" my Aunty asked.

"Like this" I said, as I pulled my boxers down my waist showing her my hard cock, then pulled them back up. "But overall I'm more comfortable like this" I said as I pulled my boxers to the ground, and kicked them to the side. My hard cock pointed to her face and my Aunty just smiled.

She said, "That's what I kept telling my husband too", and with this, we both laughed. She got hold of my cock and started stroking it and pushing it up and down a little. "This is beautiful" she said with a hypnotic smile on her face.

"So are these" I said as I bent down and pushed her breasted together and gave her cleavage a kiss.

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