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Coed is coerced into lesbian servitude.

As I sat on the bed she raised up and whispered in my ear.

"My family won't be home for awhile. Since the first time I saw you I made up my mind I was going to have you."

As I turned toward her she kissed me shoving her tongue in my mouth and pushing me down on the bed. I stripped her top off and reached for those perky tits. I sucked on those puffy nipples and knew they must be sensitive because of how she was moaning. Since she weighed well less then 100lbs I easily picked her up and laid her down on the bed. As I pulled those tight shorts off her I found she wasn't wearing any panties. She had the perfect body. Tight abs that led to muscular thighs. She had no sign of hair on her pussy. Probably because of those tight leotards for competition.

As she opened herself to me I noticed something that surprised me. Sticking out from those moist lips was the biggest clit I have ever seen. It was as wide as my index finger and about __" long. As a dove in I wondered to myself if this was a side effect of her workouts. I started licking around it as she moaned and when I finally took it in my mouth it seemed to even get bigger. I had shoved 2 fingers up inside her and could tell she definitely wasn't a virgin. As I stroked the roof of her vagina and continued sucking her clit I knew her climax was approaching.

"Oh God, Oh God, I'm going to come." she said. "Fuck don't stop"

I could feel her pussy starting to spasm around my fingers.

"Look out, here it comes. Shiiiiiittttttttt"

She was nearly crushing my head with her thighs but I hung on. Suddenly she released my head and a huge gush of fluid shot out of her. I had never experienced that before and was kind of shocked but I knew exactly what had happened. She had squirted all over my face.

As she came down off her orgasm I stood up near the bed. I still had not taken my shorts off and my big cock was straining to get out. As I was pulling my shirt off I felt her trying to yank my shorts down. Just as got my shirt over my head I heard her say, "Oh my God I have to have that in me." As my shorts came off my cock came out at full attention, huge head and all.

I was on my back on the bed now and she was working my cock with her mouth. She was doing her best but she couldn't get the whole head in her mouth. She had both hands on my shaft, though they wouldn't fit all the way around, and she was licking my glans getting it as wet as possible. When she was satisfied that it was wet enough she straddled me with those powerful thighs. As she rubbed my huge cockhead over her pussy lips and swollen clit I said "I'm sorry but I don't think it will fit."

She looked me in the eyes and I saw the competitive nature in her rise up.

"I'm going to make it fit." she said. I had no doubt she would find a way.

Her pussy was wet from her orgasm and she had lubricated my cock with her spit. I guess her pussy had loosened up some because she must have found the right angle because it started to go in. I couldn't believe that I was actually penetrating this tiny girl. She took a deep breath and I could see the concentration on her face. Her muscular thighs were trembling and I could feel my cockhead slowly stretching her opening. Then all of a sudden with what I swear was an audible pop it was in.

She was breathing hard and sweating and I said "Oh my God you got it in." She smiled and nodded her head. I couldn't believe what happened next. She started to work those thighs and her perfect ass to try to get more and more of my 10" cock in her. As she ground and worked I could feel her tight hole slowly take me in. She must have loosened up even more because she was able to sink lower on me. Finally I hit bottom, but still had 2" of cock left to go in.

"I want it all." she said and I saw that look of determination again.

I grabbed her ass as she rode me.

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