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A shopkeeper learns a secret when he visits a coven.

Mia put her hands under Lulu's top and lifted it off. Lulu's breasts were small and her nipples were pinky-orange, like tiny fruits. Mia squeezed them, then sucked, and I got a charge in my clit and pushed against my boy's swollen cock.

Their clothes were slipping off, and soon we were all naked. My boyfriend lay on his back and closed his eyes. We all took turns sucking on him, crowding around his glistening hard cock, massaging his balls, trying to see if we could all get our mouths on there at the same time. He put his hands over his face and said, "Oh my god," and then Lulu whispered that she was wanted to taste me. I felt a jolt of electricity straight to my crotch. Girl tongue in my puss, for the first time!

I was slippery wet by this point. I lay down next to my boy and we looked at each other, smiling. He bit my lip and told me he loved me, and I felt like the luckiest girl alive. He squeezed my hand and then I felt Lulu pushing my legs apart and diving into my throbbing crotch. I moaned deeply. She was saying "Mmmm" as she licked me everywhere. "Oh my god you taste good!" she cried, and I was flooded with heat. De-virginized, I was thinking, at least in that way. Her tongue was hot and she licked me deeply, over the length of my entire vulva. It felt amazing, causing ripples of heat to move through me, tingling my toes. It made me want something inside, pushing into me.

Mia was sucking on my boyfriend's dick, and then she came up for air and said, "Switch." Her and Lulu switched places, and I scooted closer to my boy and kissed him deeply. Mia told me that she had been dying to lick me for ages. Really? Did I know her that long? I was trying to remember when I met her, and then her soft, warm tongue was pressing my clit, licking my vulva, while her hands stroked my thighs and ass. She seemed to know all the right ways to touch me down there, sliding her tongue over me with ease and lust. I opened wider for her and pushed my hips into her face. I started to feel hot with need. I had never been brought to orgasm by a girl before, and part of me was afraid I wouldn't be able to.

Lulu seemed to be doing a good job devouring my boy's beautiful cock because he was losing his self-control. She was sucking furiously, wrapping her hands around him and twisting them in opposite directions. She massaged his balls, pulling them away from his cock, and I think she was trying to finger his ass. I looked away, enjoying the look on my man's face when he seemed to melt, morph into a wolf-like creature as his ecstasy rose.

He started saying, "Oh god, oh god, baby," and then he reached for me. We scooted closer together and found each other's mouths, kissing sloppily, squeezing our hands together. I told Lulu to go deep, take it all in baby.

Mia was using her entire tongue, her lips, her hands, and it felt like I was being licked everywhere. At one point it felt like she had three hands and two mouths, and I felt a tremendous pressure building in my clit and radiating outward into the rest of my body. I knew I was going to come and I started moaning, reaching for my boyfriend.

"Oh damn!" I called out and the girls increased their pace. We were all wiggling around and when I felt my boyfriend squeeze my hand tightly, I knew he was about to come. I pushed my hips into Mia's face and she licked my clit hard while sliding her fingers in and out of me. I couldn't hold back and I came with a shuddering moan, feeling the waves of heat move through my body.

My boy was making noises in his throat and I knew he was letting it go as well. "Oh fuck!" he cried, and then his entire body started shaking as he released his load. Lulu stayed glued to him like a champion, taking in his warm juice, letting most of it dribble down her face, saying, "Ummmm." He was breathing hard, eyes closed. I think he was smiling, but it was hard to tell because I was smooching his entire face.

The girls asked us if we liked it, and we said yes.

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