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He didn't know what Rachel was thinking or doing while he was gone but then he had learned that she was every bit as capable as he had hoped that she would be. That thought gave him enough confidence that he knew that his previous decision was the right one. He sighed and went back inside.

Rachel was sitting on the sofa writing on her computer. She had a cup of coffee on the end table and there was one sitting next to the recliner. She looked up and pointed at the recliner and said "Sit." Then she went back to whatever she was writing. He sat in the chair while Goldie lay down in the space between the recliner and the sofa.

When she finished her writing, she either hit "send" or "save," he wasn't sure which. Then she closed her computer and set it aside. "Chet, thank you for opening up to me; I wasn't expecting that and I still don't know how to respond to what you said but rest assured, I remember every single word and I will respond to you soon. I have a meeting to go to tomorrow which may last all day. Tomorrow night, I have a reception to go to that may be good or intolerable depending on how the meetings go tomorrow. A friend of mine is coming in tomorrow afternoon for the reception and she and I are leaving on Tuesday on a two o'clock flight. If you are still in Dallas, Tuesday morning, I would like for you to meet her and spend the morning with us."

He sighed and then lied through his teeth, "I would love to but I need to be back here tomorrow night and I have something to do here Tuesday morning." He didn't tell her that he needed to start getting over her.

"Fine. I can't tell you when but I will be back here soon and we will talk more then. Is that all right with you?"

He caved in a little and replied, "Rachel, you are always welcome here. I don't lock the door so come on in even if I am not here. Goldie will be glad to see you again."

"Chet, will you be glad to see me again?"

He paused and then barely whispered, "Yes."

"That is all I need to know. Now I think we need to get some sleep if we need to leave by six."

"That is a good idea." Actually, he thought it was a terrible idea but it was the safest one he could think of. He doubted that he would sleep but he would take the computer with him and write to escape from his fears and dreams.

She stood up as he did and then walked to him and put her arms around his neck. "Chet McAdams, the demons that are following you do not exist. Let them go. I heard nothing but wonderful things about you today and they do not conflict with anything I have experienced. You are wonderful; start thinking about that side of you." Then she kissed him on his lips and went into the bedroom with Goldie at her heels. He stood still for several minutes before picking up the computer and going into the other bedroom.
He woke at five after getting only two hours of sleep; he had managed to write 30 pages, some of which might be usable. He went out, made coffee, and opened her bedroom door to let Goldie out. Then he took a cup of coffee and sat on the porch while she went about her morning business. The morning hadn't cleared his mind at all but he did feel like he had made the right decisions and in a little over three hours, this chapter of his life would be over and he could go on with a blank calendar in front of him.

When they went back inside, he could hear that she was up and moving around so he went into the other bathroom and cleaned up. For his meeting, jeans and a clean shirt would suffice. He also made a list of things he needed to pick up in town. When he came back to Goldie later, this would be over and he could pick up where he left off on Friday; maybe.

He was waiting for her when she came out carrying her briefcase and suitcase. "Chet, I have one more bag on the bed, would you get it for me please?"

He retrieved it and saw that she had changed the sheets and he wondered if he really wanted to wash them.

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