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Kay's husband has to go home, but she doesn't.

Cindy's passiveness was turning me on something bad.

I knew she wasnt going to move so I let her shoulder go and unzipped my pants, pushed them down my thigh to my knees, releasing my aching cock.

Cindy was now moaning quietly as my hand made her pussy even more wetter.

"oooohhhhh" Cindy moaned as I slipped two fingers inside her hot pussy.

I held my cock in my hand and stroked it slowly as I finger fucked Cindy's pussy.

Cindy breathes now came in gasps as her body now rocked in time with my fingering.

I decided to make my move and lifted Cindy's hips up slightly as I crawled on my knees towards her.

"Your turn to make me feel good"

"Please no" Cindy whispered as the tip of my cock rested just inside her pussy lips.

"Too late" I grunted, lowering Cindy's body down onto me, my cock slipping into her tight pussy with ease.

"oooohhhh jjjjeeesssuuussss, it's too big" Cindy whispered throwing her head back so that it now rested on my shoulder.

Cindy had her eyes clamped shut as I raised and lowered her pussy up and down onto my stiff cock, grunting with every thrust I made into her hot sweet pussy.

Her pussy felt like heaven as my cock slipped in and out more easier now that her juices began flow.

I could hear the slurping sounds my cock was making everytime I lifted Cindy up so that only the head of my cock was in her cuntial canal before I rammed her back down again.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh god" Cindy moaned as I continued to ram her pussy down onto my cock, savoring the feel of her pussy muscles as they tightened even more around the shaft of my cock.

"Good isnt it".

"No, it isn't".

"I'm going to cum inside you".

"No please don't".

"Yes I am".

"Please no" Cindy moaned, trying to pull yourself off me.

I slipped my hands up her jersey and squeezed her breasts, clamping her stiff nipples between my fingers, squeezing them hard until she cried out, holding her tightly against me.

"If I can't cum in your pussy, then I'll cum in your ass baby".

Cindy threw her head forward and held onto her knees again, clamping my hands firmly onto her breasts and was silent for a moment, probaly thinking of her options, cum in her pussy or cum in her ass.


"Okay what, your pussy or ass".

"My ass, I don't want to get pregnant".

I didnt waste anytime, I lifted Cindy straight up onto her feet without letting my cock slip out of her pussy and carried her further into the trees until we came to a steel fence.

I pushed Cindy hard against the fence and pumped my cock in and out of her hot pussy, making her gasp and moan with every thrust I made.

Cindy clunge to the fence with her arms raised above her head.

"Oh fucken hell, you're ripping me apart, fuck you".

"Good isnt it".


"Good isnt it" I grunted, ramming her pussy harder with my cock, practically lifting her off the ground with every thrust.

"Yes goddam it yes". Cindy sobbed as she held tightly onto the fence.

"Good". I said giving her tight pussy one more powerful thrust.

I knew I had her now, I slowly withdrew my cock from her twitching, whithering pussy and began to rub the head of my cock between her ass cheeks. Cindy slowly lowered herself back down onto the heels of her feet, panting as she tried to catch her breath from the powering pounding she had just recieved.

I grabbed the suntanned globes of her ass and spread them gently, lining the head of my cock just outside the opening of her ass.

"Oh chirst, this going to hurt" Cindy moaned pushing herself harder against the steel fence to brace herself for the ordeal she was about to recieve as I slowly pushed the knob of my cock into her tight ass.

"Oh no" Cindy gasped lifting herself back onto her toes as I slowly pushed my cock upward into her anal passage.

"Oh yes and it wont hurt for long" I said inching my cock deeper into her ass.

"Oh no....oh please........it's hurts........please, slower please".

I slowly pulled my cock out so that only my knob was inside her, feeling her relax a little, before I pushed my cock further into her ass, making her grasp the bars of the

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