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Henry massages his niece, and his sister again.

Now each stroke in and out was pushing into my throat. I ran my tongue out further, making more room, helping to open me up for this invasion. Each time swallowing as the head hit my throat and pushed past. My nose was getting closer to his pubic hair as I sucked, licked, as gasped for air, breathing when I could.

The first guy moved in closer to us from the side. Glancing sideways, I could see he was hard again, and was stroking his cock, watching us. Then he too started rubbing the head of his cock against my cheek while his friend fucked my mouth. I was in sensory overload as I could feel wetness on his cock as he spread it onto my face.

My own cock was hard again in my pants, but this was all about them, not about me. Time for my own cock later.

Then the second guy that was fucking my mouth pulled out, turned my head sideways toward his friend and that cock slide into my mouth. I moaned. Having my mouth fucked by one cock was heaven. Two cocks? OMG!

They took turns, first one cock in my mouth, then the other, then switching again and again and again. I glanced up as best I could and saw that they were kissing each other deeply as I was servicing them.

Then I became more actively involved. Wrapping my fingers around both cocks, stroking them, bringing them to my mouth, sucking, licking, deep throating first one and then the other, taking turns.

They both relaxed slightly and just enjoyed the sensations that I was giving them.

I serviced both of them, building arousal, making their cocks throb and jerk around.

Each guy was quietly moaning and thrusting his hips forward each time I had a cock in my mouth. My throat was pushed into again and again. I moaned and just enjoyed what we were doing.

Then the pace changed. there was an urgency as both of the guys were pushed past the point of no return.

I smiled as I realized.

I was a pretty good cocksucker!

Each of the guys stiffened, pulled back slightly, I opened my mouth, then each stroking their cocks furiously they blasted cum all over my face and into my hair, also entering my mouth!

I loved it!

After they both had finished with me and pulled their clothes back on, they left, leaving the door open. I was sitting on the bench slumped against the wall. I was still breathing hard, and was covered in their cum.

I had cum on my face, in my hair. It had ran down onto my shirt. I was still swallowing some of the cum that they had put into my mouth.

I looked up to see another younger guy standing in the doorway and I recognized him!

It was Garrett a 20's something iron worker that worked with my neighbor that lived across the street.

Garrett had a girlfriend and even a 8 month old baby with that girlfriend, yet here he was!

Garrett was a good looking guy with a muscular upper body covered with tats.

I looked at him, he looked at me as I said,

"Garrett, what are you doing here?"

He said. "I come here now and again to get a blowjob. I'm mostly straight, but my cock needs a lot of attention. Guys do a better job sucking cock than girls do."

Then he said: "What are you doing here?"

I swallowed, hesitated, thinking about what this might mean and then said:

"I'm also mostly straight, but cock calls".

"I'm here to suck cock."

He knew I was married, he had even met my wife.

He hesitated a moment, then quietly stepped into the room with me, closing and locking the door behind him.

My mind was racing as I remembered seeing him at my neighbors, sitting astride his motorcycle, my eyes dropping down to his crotch realizing then that he was packing some heat, but never thinking I'd ever have a chance to find out just how much.

He stepped close to me and just quietly stood there. I straightened up, now sitting within reach of him.

I said quietly, "Take off your t shirt please." He did.

His upper body was magnificent. His muscles sculpted and defined. His tats covering all of his chest, sides and strong arms too. For the first time, other than shaking his hand, or clapping him on the shoulder, I touched him.

Using just my fingertips, I explore

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