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A three sided story in five acts.

We should feel our energy dancing and we should allow that. We will heal your body through your spirit. So, it is like that but also different. My hands and breath and soul are just here to let healing happen." Alexa had not ever felt more at ease. The calming nature of this woman was lovely.

Lokelani's hands were roaming north to south, tenderly but firmly covering Alexa's draped body as if her palms were paint brushes and Alexa's legs and back and arms were the canvas. From toes up to shoulders and down arms to fingers, Lokelani tracked slow, knowing strokes along Alexa's supple body. Slowly pulling in her breath and letting it out calmly. She was putting Alexa into a trance.

In her mind, Lokelani was beginning to feel the erotic energy in the room was not just from Hank. She had suspected Hank was lingering too much with his eyes on her tits. But she was surprised Alexa was already nude in the robe. She didn't think she'd ever been offered wine. Really amazing wine to boot!

"I'm going to pull the sheet back. Would you like another sip of your wine before we get into the oil and you get all slippery?" Lokelani asked.

"Sure!" Alexa said. She raised up on her elbows to accept the glass from Lokelani and took a sip. The wine was velvety in her mouth, the scent an aphrodisiac. She looked up and saw Lokelani looking at her almost fully-exposed left breast.

"Woman, you have an amazing body! Hank is so lucky!" She giggled again after saying that.

"He will be lucky later!" Alexa couldn't believe what she just said. The both laughed and she handed her glass back, excited by the way she caught Lokelani looking at her. She returned her face to the cradle as Lokelani grabbed a bottle of oil she had been warming in hot water she had brought in a thermos.

Lokelani gently lowered the sheet down Alexa's back. Stopping and folding it tantalizingly close to the top of her bottom. "Oh, nice tan! You have really lovely skin." As she was saying that she slowly dripped warm dots of oil up and down her spine.

Goose bumps popped all over Alexa's arms and back. She could feel her nipples harden beneath her. Then Lokelani's hands came down to her skin. Grabbing, sliding, and kneading the muscles of Alexa's back. The warmth of Lokelani's hands on her skin surprised Alexa. That mix of heat and excitement of that first slow dance in high school. Her skin was so sensitive right now.

"Breathe, honey. Maybe you'd want to share what you're thinking about? Something has you all tingly!"

Alexa responded. "I wasn't really thinking about much in particular other than how great your hands feel on me. You have really talented hands! I guess I didn't realize how high strung I've been. We just sold a business and gone through a tough few months. I don't know how he knew, but Hank nailed it. You're just what I needed!"

"OH GOOD!" Lokelani said kindly. "I'm gonna take care of you. All you have to do is enjoy."

Alexa focused on the sensation of touch and matched the rhythmic breathing of Lokelani. After spending a good long time on her neck, shoulders and back, her hands slowly floated toward Alexa's sacrum. When they touched the small of her back, Alexa's hips involuntarily moved up to meet them.

"Oh my," said Lokelani "your body is talking to me. This is the anchor of your body. The center of balance. It just told me something." She giggled a little mischievously.

"What? My lower back is talking to you?" said Alexa.

"No. Your hips are though," she said with a smile.

"What are they saying?"

"They are telling me that you have an intimate, sexy feeling going on. If it is alright by you, I want to keep going with that?" Her hands slid south and teased the top of Alexa's bottom. A little finger slowly slipping into the top of the rounded bottom's cleavage. The other fingers rubbing her at the small of her back.

Alexa felt Lokelani's hands slip under the sheet and onto her curvaceous butt.

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