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They had asked Gary about this of course a long time ago. He has no problem with it.

Trish parked on the back of the house so Gary could pull in and walked to the front door and knocked. Kari's oldest child Adam 17 answered the door. Adam is well aware of his parent's lifestyle without having to know any personal details. His father has taught him how he is to treat a woman rather in the lifestyle or not.

He hugged Trish and said, "Hi Aunt Trish, mom is in the living room"

"Hey sweetie, thanks I see her."

Trish goes in, bends and hugs Kari, which they always do. Then she sits down beside her.

"Hey hun, what are you up to?"

"Not too much, Michelle has dance practice tonight."

There is a deep noticeable silence. Kari knows Trish has been affected by last night's conversation and feels bad and wishes she would have waited until she knew for sure.

"You are wondering and wanting to know aren't you hun?"

"Yeah *hanging her head* I guess I am not as over this thing as I thought."

"Hun, All I can tell you per Gary's strict instruction is Gary talked to him. I do not want to get into any trouble and I am sure Gary knows best."

"You are right. And if he is into this it should happen naturally not put together, I just found myself longing all day for a Master. Even though I haven't ever had a good Master it felt good to be owned, ya know? To know you belong to somebody...I guess the grand kids and kids don't take enough of my time because I still find time to be lonely."

Kari hugged her. She knows when this part of Trish's depression hits her; it isn't good and can last for a time.

"It's going to be ok hun; your "Master Right" is out there. You won't be lonely always."

About that time they can hear Gary pulled into the garage and letting down the door. Suddenly Kari hears Gary talking to someone. She hasn't made out who it is yet and can't get up until given permission.

Gary came around the corner and put his arms out wanting her to come to him and give and get a hug. He lifted her up as he hugged her then kissed her and thanked her for the selection of dinner he could smell.

Then he looked down on the floor. His heart sank, there is no way Kari could have planned this because she had no idea he was bringing Chris by. Trish got up and got her a hug too.

Chris knowing Gary's ritual of hugging his wife and speaking to her and now the why he does it the way he does; he decided to stay in the den by the fireplace and wait for them to come out as they usually do. Chris could hear someone was talking but had no idea who it was.

"How are you doing Hun?" (Careful not to say her name)

"I am ok I guess. I just thought I would stop by because Michelle is at dance practice again over at her friend's house close to you. I know it is your dinner time so go ahead and have your dinner I will sit in here and watch TV or Play video games."

Kari still not knowing Chris is there whispers where only her, Gary and Trish can hear, "Our little one is depressed again and feeling lonely"

"Aww come here hunny" Gary hugged her again.

"You want some dinner?"

"No I kinda have been moppy, wallowing and not really hungry."

Gary gives her a stern look, "have you taken your medicine today?"

"Of course"

"Then shouldn't you be eating?"

"I know I should..."

"Come on in here and I am not taking no for an answer"

Trish knows he means it. He has never spanked or disciplined her but she often wondered if he dare if really needed so she followed along. Kari was still by Gary's side and had no idea Chris was there.

Just as Kari was fixing to ask who he was talking to when he came in, she seen Chris and nearly fell and held onto Gary.

She whispered to Gary, "I promise Master I didn't do this."

He shhhhed her and said, "I know"

Gary was holding Trish's hand and walked closer to Chris.

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