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She's got the need...the need for speed!

I know she loves me to wiggle my bum for her, which I know will mean she will put on her rapturous strap-on attachment and give it to me to the full, like it is the masculine part of her coming through, and for me of course the feminine.

But it is all part of what Janice is all about and I love and adore her for it so very much.

As it is when she does her office girl stint, those horn rimmed spectacles doing everything.

She knows and wants for me to be laying on the bed facing up, she teases me to the hilt making me wait for the scent and taste of her as she so tantalisingly and slowly manoeuvres herself astride me, gradually crouching down and hovering her warm wetness inches over my face - then lowering, more close as eventually she arranges her skirt like a tent over my face until I begin to feel her presence with my lips, gently licking and devouring her gorgeous wetness there, sniffing the exclusive scent of woman, of my woman -to love and touch and enjoy in every way. I am like an animal as she moves her lovely round curves over my face, in a way which repeats and becomes more rapid as I enjoy her pussy lips with my tongue - and it is like I am eating my baby.

And I sense her touch of me below and the whole world is now heaven. And for her she whispers, it is her 'seven of heaven' and the throb grows intense.

When I respond that it is now seven and a half of heaven she chuckles telling me that's because of her sexpert massage.

Like an animal my being thrives for it, the taste, the scent of prime pussy and the looking forward to its deep stimulating fuck. For that is what she will want more so by the time I have finished with her, and when eventually I come up for air and she jumps off me I can still taste her in my mouth and smell her on my face

She removes her wet thong with an eagerness that announces she wants me now- that she needs my fuck.

But before that, she announces boldly that she needs for me to feed her and already I feel the throb come strong in my cock, which is now so ripe and ready for her in every way - but for me to hold back and for her to enjoy is very important, for then she ties her thong around the root of my cock, tight enough to hold me back until she is good and ready - I know that, here is a girl who needs and wants all I can give her in so many ways, I want to snuggle, love, kiss and bond physically with her all at once, but to enjoy to the extreme - our special foreplay is vital.

Janice has done her Office Girl bit, maybe next time it will be the nurse or the Victorian kitchen maid with me the master - taking full advantage. She needs to be in her subservient mood to enjoy that - and me in my masterful mood.

Then how she likes for me to dress in my Canadian Mounty outfit, with my stirrup complete, just to stir her up a but, the touch of it stroking her breasts and her private place, a light slapping across that well presented hind, how she loved the fuck of a Canadian Mounty!

But for now ,still in her black skirt and sensual black hold-up net stockings she loves to suck cock , I have already felt and enjoyed her touch of me as I was down under inside her skirt, her touch that signalled the way she wanted me later, the way she ran her fingers teasingly along my zip and down to my inner thigh, kneading it like she was so enjoying, which I knew she was because of those wonderful throat sounds, the sounds of love coming through, like when she likes to hear my moans when she sucks and teases me with her fingers, running them along and down my full length - down to my balls and between, I gasp when she asks for me to feed her as she opens her mouth wide to take in the bulbous ripe red plum and tongue tease its so very sensitive p-hole. Driving me absoluitely crazy with lust.

I feel myself build as she sucks me so strongly, moving her head side to side, seeing her cheeks bulge as she goes to it like there was no tomorrow, then she pauses, examines me, gently squeezes my balls -she knows the signs, she will know when I am about to erupt like a volcano and deliver my cr

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