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Ah, the trials of parenthood.

I lean in and place a soft kiss on your lower belly, just above your pussy. I breathe in deeply, savouring the sweet, musky smell of your sex.

Standing up, I turn you around and press gently on your back to bend you over. You place both hands on the bench in front of you for support. I drop my pants and my rock hard dick springs forward. With my hands on your ass, parting your buttocks, I line my cock up with your pussy and push firmly forward. It slides into your wet snatch with hardly any resistance. I start to press in and out, going as deep as I possibly can. At the same time I flex my knees so that I am also moving up and down, pressing my cock hard against the walls of your pussy as I start to build up the speed of my thrusts. My balls bang against your legs as I start to pound harder and faster.

The level of noise we are making rises with the intensity of our fucking and the people in the store cannot fail to recognise what is going on in the changing room, as we are separated only by a curtain. At any moment I expect it to be pulled back by a member of staff to reveal you stark naked and me with only my trousers round my ankles banging you from behind.

But no-one comes, except the two of us. You soon reach a climax and put a hand over your mouth in a pointless attempt to stifle a moan as the orgasm sweeps over you. A few more strokes and I am soon releasing my load deep into your pussy as I pull your ass hard towards me.

We take a moment or two to regain our breath, dress and gather up the beach clothes. We head to the cash desk to pay, without ever having tried anything on. The face of the girl at the cash desk is beetroot red as she takes the payment. She can't look either of us in the eye. Two more staff are standing near the back of the store, whispering to each other and constantly glancing over at us. We proudly stride out of the store and back to the car, holding hands and chuckling at the story they will have to tell their friends about their day at work.

We park by the beach and walk across the road. We turn and head off down the beach until we find ourselves a fairly secluded spot where we are unlikely to be disturbed. We set out the blanket and mattress on the white sand and change into our swim clothes. Your panties are now soaked with your own secretions and my cum leaking from your pussy. The bright yellow bikini fits perfectly and looks as good on you as I knew it would. We run into the water to cool off and refresh ourselves, spending thirty minutes just playing like kids in the waist-high water, diving, play-fighting and splashing each other.

Still laughing we return to our blanket and use the towels to dry off. You pick up the sun cream and throw it to me. I start applying it to your neck and shoulders, massaging it into your soft skin. I untie the back of the bikini top to spread the cream across your back.

Standing behind you I slide a hand round in front of you and onto your firm breasts, massaging more cream over them and your stomach. Pulling you to me, you can feel the bulge of my erection in my shorts as it starts to develop. You reach behind you, grasping the shaft through my shorts and start to squeeze - bringing me immediately to a full hard-on.

You turn to face me and take the cream from me. Your bikini top is hanging loose over your boobs. I take it off over your head and run my hands over your perfect tits. You squeeze some cream into your hand and reach down into my shorts. You grab my dick and spread the cream up and down the shaft.

For a while we stand there. I am gently stroking your boobs and playing with your nipples, while you slowly but firmly jack me off. We both look up and down the beach to see if we have any company. There are a few people to our right, but they are more than a hundred yards away. To the left there is a couple about twenty yards away but they are lying on their fronts and appear to be asleep.

You pull my shorts down and I step out of them.

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