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He makes her wait and anticipate a spanking.

I laced my fingers about her ass and lifted her. Naturally, her legs came about my waist so that I could feel the heat of her pussy against my hard cock. By then, I was already so hard that I could've burst, but I wanted to savour this and the following moments. With her still wrapped about me like pretty paper on a Christmas present, I turned from the still-running TV and walked down the hall to our bedroom.

"I got you a present," Rachel said as we stumbled into the bedroom.

"You mean there's more?" I asked, intermittently speaking and kissing her lips, nose, throat, and the tops of her breasts all the while.

"No it's all part of the plan," she said. "Put me down, you big bastard."

"But you feel so good right here," I complained.

Then she gave me the sexiest smile I think I have ever seen. Her lips sorted pouted out, and I could see just the barest hint of teeth and the tip of her pink tongue. "It'll feel even better when you slide into my ass, baby," she purred.

I have never put anything down as quickly as I put her down. One second she was in my arms, twined about me like ivy on a tree, and the next she was on the floor, staggering from the suddenness of my motion.

"Well then," she said, before turning and moving over to her side of the bed. She bent down, giving me a good view of what I was about to plunge into. Rachel's ass was simply amazing. It was round, firm, and fat. She loved it when I spanked her. I felt like a young teenager again about to have sex for the first time and frankly didn't give a shit. She rummaged around in her drawers for a moment before pulling out a bottle of KY jelly. Turning back to me, she lifted a hand as if to forestall any motion I might make and began to undress.

One of her tiny hands dropped down her front, grazing over her breasts, running down her flat stomach, and then down one long thigh to the hem of her nightshirt. Up it came, fabric clenched between her fingers, revealing inch by excruciating inch of flawless creamy skin. When the garment reached the level of her neck, she gave a small giggle, a shimmy of the hips to draw my attention back down to her panties, and flipped the shirt up and over her head. Tossing it aside, she began to undo the clasps of her bra. Her breasts spilled out as if glad for the freedom. Both her nipples were hard and seemed to point right at me. I knew they were begging to be sucked. With the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, Rachel reached back down and began rolling her panties off her legs. She stepped out completely naked before me and made a small turn, letting me get a good look at her.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked coquettishly.

"Let me show you," I said, and started forward.

But Rachel held up a hand and shook her head. She came towards me as I came to a reluctant stop. She was totally bare save for the bottle of jelly in her hand, and that sight excited me more than it ever had before.

She kissed me first, hot and passionate, her tongue slipping into my mouth and twirling with my own before I asserted dominance and forced my own tongue into her mouth. I slowly ran the tip of my tongue over the roof of her mouth and then twined with her in a slowly sensual dance. She moaned softly. I growled with need, but still, she would not let me touch her with my hands.

Rachel finally broke the kiss and then knelt down before me. She gazed up at me and then began to undo the button and zipper on my jeans. My cock sprung free through the slit in my boxer shorts as the pair of jeans fell about my ankles. She tugged them down too, and I aided by stepping free of the clothes.

Then she took me into her mouth, making a hungry growling sound as if wanting.

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