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Mommy punishes teasing daughter for seducing Daddy.

She has shifted to her back while undressing and so tucking her hands under herself into the small of her back is obvious. She's glad her eyes are closed; she doesn't have to see his face as he processes what she's done.

She can feel him beside her. On his side, with one arm under his head, his other hand returns to between her legs. She can feel his eyes on her. She's not young anymore. Old and fat, she does not match the pictures within her head. It's difficult to let him look. He says nothing - just strokes and strokes, playing with her clit and then inserting his fingers and slamming into her G-spot. It feels so good it almost hurts.

As the pleasure grows, she forgets herself. She forgets how she looks. She forgets the other people in the house. She forgets about being a responsible adult and everything she has stacked against her. All that she feels is white hot. The second orgasm rides her, but it's sharp enough that it feels like it will sit right there at the edge until she does something. But she can't. She must be quiet and her hands are pinned. Her pelvis rocks and her breath gasps and it is enough to finally pull her under.

When her orgasm stops pulsing, he begins again. This is hard for her to take. Her body is so sensitive that all pleasure is sharp. It almost hurts. Her mind tries to wake up and starts whispering to her that she's being selfish and he's been focused on her pleasure for how long? And she should be making him feel good, and Who does she think she is?

"Submit, submit, submit" she chants under her breath. It shuts up the whiny bitch. Her job is to be quiet, not move, and follow orders. To let him watch the pleasure he gives her on her face, in the hitching of her breath, and in the trembling of her body.

Pleasure breaks over her in waves. Every time her clit is brushed she jerks. Is it one orgasm or many if one follows the other on top of each other? When her body finally calms down, it's almost numb.

But he's not finished. Soaked fingers move down to her ass. He begins with two and it burns. It's full and rough and, oh god, but "submit, submit, submit" and her body opens up under his hand.

"You're getting better at accepting," his gravely voice praises her and it rings through her.

"Good girl?" she mumbles. He either doesn't hear her or doesn't know how to respond, so he stays quiet. She's reminded that this isn't her fantasy with contracts and safewords. That he's just her loving husband trying to give her what she needs. She's forced to chant again to silence the screaming doubts inside her head. "Accept, submit, accept."

Everything feels good and hurts. Her body is raw and zinging. Her hands under her body are numb. She is forced to raise her feet into the air to still her pelvis because she can not stop moving. He takes this as a sign and slaps her ass. The pain shakes her body out of it's strange numbness. It rocks through her flooding her with emotion.

"You like that." He taunts. He spanks her ass, her pussy, and then her thigh. Every smack jolts through her.

"Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir." She's crying. This isn't anything he's used to hearing and at first she feels him tense. But he relaxes and goes with it and she's grateful.

He's quickly done with hitting her and returns to filling her. Fingers in ass and thumb in pussy, he's hitting every one of her buttons. Her legs shake so hard that she looks like she's seizing. She starts panting. Little gasps of breath in and out so quick and light that she starts to see stars behind her eyelids.

"Breathe." He soothes. And she forces her breath to slow down before she passes out.

Her skin is hot.

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