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Conclusion of story.

I had him heel while I opened the door for my second team. This time, it was only two guys who'd I'd worked with before. My security team. I shooed Bethany up the stairs to watch over the laborers.

Then I took Dave and his partner to the old servants' wing and showed him where I wanted the new cameras and surveillance equipment to go. He had a lot of work ahead of him and looked askance at me as I showed him the passageway.


"To start. There's also some passages upstairs to take care of, and I want the room next to mine set up as my command central, with remote access through the computers in the study."

Dave went to work, and I made a few calls, checking on my other concerns. The dumpster that was supposed to be delivered was already late. The mechanic claimed he was on his way. The decorator I'd hired swore she was less than a mile away, blaming traffic.

Within the hour, I was in a madhouse. The noise upstairs was constant, as anything that couldn't be salvaged was broken down and taken out of the house. The decorator was reviewing each piece, selecting what could be saved, what could be sold, what could be donated and what needed to be trashed. With eight rooms upstairs, the two spare rooms downstairs, and the retrofitting of the downstairs formal living room we never used, she was staying busy.

Bethany was in over her head, but, for the most part, was shadowing the decorator, who had her orders to keep my companion involved and busy. I didn't want her around where some of my more dastardly activities were going on. I felt a certain joy in doing it all right under her nose. I know that's kind of warped, but I'm not going to start lying to you now.

I won't go into all the details, it would take forever. Suffice it to say, that with a score or more people running around the house for four days, what I wanted was accomplished, the sisters were moved in, the house was modified in the fashion I desired, and the girls were kept unaware of what mattered.

The secret passages, as Dave liked to refer to them, were cleaned up as much as possible, and surveillance cameras were installed providing both video and audio surveillance in nearly every room that mattered. Half of the upstairs rooms retained their original feel, after being renovated and updated, using the original furniture that was still in good shape. The rooms were gorgeous, spacious, and would be perfect if family or guests came to visit. The remaining four rooms were outfitted spartanly, a utilitarian bed and chest of drawers, small closets, plain drapes and a rug over the hardwood floors. A simple wooden cross was positioned over each doorway, and a single picture of Mary Magdalene was centered on the wall opposite the bed.

Why? you might ask. Simple, I was planning for the long term.

By the middle of the next week, the crowd was dispersing. I had a new team out working on the grounds, once again creating the proper ambiance. The guest house was undergoing a renovation, after having served as a gardener's home, exercise building, and for the last several years, overflow storage. I wasn't sure how I was going to use it yet, but I liked having options.

My virtual assistants, hired online and based in the Philippines took to their tasks exceedingly well. My audio surveillance was extensive, and I didn't have the time to walk through all of it. For a very reasonable fee, everything was transcribed, and highlights were summarized. In less than 20 minutes I could review most of the conversations that occurred on the grounds, and when warranted, view the video and listen to the full audio. They did the work overnight, and first thing in the morning, I was up-to-date on the previous day's activities.
It was disappointingly useless at first. The women were open books for the most part. I did learn a few things I might be able to use, but not much. No matter, the potential was there.

I did catch one of the renovators making off with a box of jewelry that must have been in the house for at least half-a-cen

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