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They were off the island, but the fever still raged.

Brenda said "Son I ahh I Misty get your clothes..David I ..its not ..Ahh we that movie was .." as she stammered she was looking for the remote.

Misty was rolling ond crawling on the floor reaching for her clothes. As she did she kept saying "Shit, Shit ."

David looked as his mother tried to cover herself. He only caught a glimpse but he could have swore that whatever his sister got from her dad her cunt was modeled after his mom.

He only half heard everything they were saying as his boldness took over. He said "You don't have to stop. That has to be the most erotic thing i have ever seen. Misty why don't you come over here and start over."

Misty now standing holding her shirt in front of her said "You fucking shit you would like that wouldn't you. Is that how you get off sneaking around peeping on people you pervert."

Dave said "No more perverted than eating you own moms pussy."

As he said this he noticed that his mom had relaxed back onto the couch and was slowly rubbing one of her big stiff nipples.

Misty looked at her mom and said "You want us to do it in front of him?"

Brenda said "Well he's already seen all there is to see and we don't want to let this become part of the rumor mill down at the club, now do we."

As she said this Dave saw that she was telling his sister something to appease her but the look in her eyes was turning to that he'd seen earlier.

Misty said "Dave if you say one word to anyone I'll kill you I swear. If mom says its ok to do it with you here I'll do it."

As she approached her mom she dropped her shirt. Dave was pleased that although her tits were smaller than Brendas she had very hard long nipples that looked like his moms.

He approached the couch at the same time.

Misty said "Hey watching is one thing but no touching."

Before Dave could say anything his mom said "Now Misty dear we wouldn't want to make Dave feel like he's not part of the fun would we. Besides you've been needing a good fucking with a real dick for sometime."

Misty looked at their mother as if she had gone mad. She said "But mom you can't be suggesting that i let my own brother fuck me."

She said "No more than I'm willing to do to keep everybody happy and this episode hush hush."

Dave was not going to say anything. He had stumbled into an erotic fantasy that few ever get to see and now by the way his mother was leading things he was about to enter.

He looked at the lust in his mothers eyes and knew he would play along.

He said "Misty you've hurt my feelings now. I might just do something to ease my pain like say showing that video to all my dorm buddies."

Misty looked at him like he was bluffing but decided not to push it. She looked at thier mom and said "If thats what you think is best I'll do it."

Dave said "You'll probobly like it you little slut." And smacked her on the ass.

Brenda spread her legs and Dave was greeted with the sight of which he could not believe.

His moms cunt was meatier and bigger than he could have believed. Her labia was not just full but layered and pouting. Her clit stood out like a pink finger from the folds and was in contrast to the lips of her cunt which were dark and textured deeply.

It was not like the entrance was gaping wide open but that she seemed to possess enough cunt for three women.

Pleased with the look her son was giving her she said "It has always been my crowning glory."

Misty placed her mouth over as much of her moms cunt as she could and started to lick and probe once again.

Brenda immedeatly started to moan and rub her breasts. She circled each nipple with her fingers as they seemed to grow harder and longer.

Dave unable to hold back unzipped his pants and pulled out his 7" cock which was harder than ever.

He stroked it and reaching down tugged on his balls.

Opening her eyes his mom motioned for him to come and kneel by her. As he did she reached and took his cock into her hands and pulled him close to her mouth.

When she sucked the head of his dick into her mouth

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