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Minutes later she heard the ringing of tiny bells and her heart leapt. A petite blond shuffled into the bedroom. Her arms had been bound behind her back and her ankles were in shackles making walking awkward. There was also a familiar buzzing emanating from between her legs.

The girl was completely naked bar a leather collar round her neck. The collar spouted two strings of tiny bells that on the end of each had a tiny clamp, which allowed the bells to be attached to the girl's nipples. Steve himself was also now sporting only his boxers.

Stephanie was visibly thrilled. "Oh you bought it!" She squealed excitedly. "But how did you know?"

"Do you not think after five years of marriage I cannot see when your eyes light up at something? I went back to that shop after work today and got it for you, that's why I was a bit late coming home. Besides doesn't Candy look just perfect with her new accessory?"

"I have never loved either of you more." Cooed Stephanie. She threw her arms around her loving husband and kissing him passionately whilst the ringing Candy shuffled over towards the bed and waited.

"So what are we going to do with them," asked Stephanie playfully as she glanced back over to the two bound girls.

"I think I've got an idea." Said Steve, leaving his wife and heading towards the bed.

Once there, Steve hoisted Candy onto the mattress behind Paris and positioned her into a similar kneeling position but with her back to her fellow slave. Reaching for some spare ropes from under the bed (you never know when a spontaneous bondage session can occur.) He bound the girls wrapped a rope securely around them both leaving them attached to each other, back to back. By now Candy was reaching orgasm herself and without a gag to suppress her moans, she was soon audibly aroused.

"I think their ready." He smiled.

Steve maneuvered himself round the bed to be in front of Paris and Stephanie rushed over to the bed to join him from Candy's side. Now facing each other with the bound girls between them, they rose to they feet and began to kiss.

Soon their arousal grew and Steve pulled Stephanie's negligee off over her head, she quickly returned the favour sliding off his tented boxers and freeing his rock hard cock. Once the boxers were gone, Stephanie released Paris from her gag but before the sub even had time to react, her head had been eased towards the cock of her master and she obediently put her lips together and began to blow. Steve, in turn had guided Candy's mouth to the pussy of is moistening mouth and her tongue began to coax and tease her mistress' clit.

With their respective sub now attending to their lustful needs, the couple melted into each other's mouths and they were soon on the verge of joining their slaves in orgasmic bliss. The subs had been well trained and sucked and licked in expert style, savouring every ounce of pleasure until soon, husband and wife could stand it no longer and buckled and quivered under the weight of the orgasm that assaulted them. Both could n longer stand and fell to the side of their sluts, clamped in each other's arms and allowing the euphoria to consume them.

When the sensations finally subsided and the couple lay motionless looking into each others eyes until Stephanie finally spoke:

"Don't you think we should untie them now honey?" She asked playfully.

"I suppose we better," conceded Steve, "can't have them cumming all night now. We'd never get any sleep."

"You do what you think's best dear." Instructed his wife.

At his wife's command Steve removed the vibrators from the lust-ridden subs and began to untie them. Then, after attaching Paris' collar, he clipped on both the girls' leashes and led them downstairs. When he returned to the bedroom, he lay beside his wife and they made love before falling to sleep in each other's arms.

The next day, the couple woke up and resumed where they had left off the night before.

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