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An Older Man's Fantasy.

She dashed inside, thankful for the respite. The only other times she got to enjoy this peace was when she came home while he was still in school. It was the only time she ever got any real sleep.

Deciding to take advantage of her aloneness, she ran to her room, and locked the door. Stripping off her clothes, she grabbed the vibrator from its spot on her nightstand, and slid it into her sopping pussy. Not for the first time did she wonder why she left it out, where Adam could see it, and know what she did with it. She wondered if he ever picked it up, and smelled it; smelled her juices on it. She imagined him licking the thing, and tasting her again. She was so close to an orgasm, she could almost taste it.

She was plunging it in and out of her, moaning and writhing in her sheets. She was rubbing her clit while the device plunged into her, somehow missing all the vital places that her son's cock had filled that auspicious morning.

She turned onto her stomach, remembering how she had made Adam take her like this before he came that last time. Remembering how he had filled her up to bursting as she screamed for him to fuck her harder. She screamed it again now, "Yes, that's it, fuck your mom hard, baby. Shove your cock deep inside me! OH! You know just what your mom needs!"

And still she couldn't cum.

This is how it had been ever since she had succumbed to her own handy work. She could get close, oh so deliciously close, but she couldn't bring herself over the edge. She feared what it might take to get her there. She also feared what she might do if she didn't cum soon. Most of her life she had been a creature of science; devoting herself to her studies. She had never understood why in college all the girls were sleeping around. She had been a virgin by choice. She had had plenty of offers from the men her age and older, but sex just wasn't important.

Till she had met David. She had met him by accident, when she bumped into him at school. An hour later she had given him her virginity. She had been able to graduate before April was born, and hadn't seen David again since that afternoon in the broom closet, until she was going for her master's degree. She had run into him in the grocery store, and demanded he take responsibility for their daughter. An hour later he was between her legs again, this time in the back seat of his car, and nine months later, Adam had been born.

Now she understood how she had wound up where she was. David must have been just like her son, with pheromones that overrode a person's willpower. She had never been with another man since, and never felt the loss of it, until that depraved morning.

The vibrator was still going away inside her, and she screamed in frustration at her inability to reach the peak of climax.

"Mom? Are you okay in there?" At the sound of her son's voice, wave after wave of sexual pleasure washed over her. All the frustration, all the pent up sexual feelings, crashed down on her for one glorious moment as she finally came. She swam in an ocean of bliss, all her worries, fears, and concerns burned away in the fires of her ecstasy.

By the time she finally came back down to Earth, Adam was pounding on the door, demanding to be let in. She could hear the worry in his voice, and she wanted to run to the door, and let him know she was alright. She wanted to hold him in her arms, and comfort him. She wanted to-- NO! She cut the rest of that thought short. If she opened that door, it wouldn't be five minutes before she was also opening her legs to him.
She got dressed as fast and silently as she could. Opening her window, she slipped outside, and ran for her car. Embarrassed and ashamed to be sneaking out of her own house, and away from her loving son, whose only crime was loving her too much, Carol cried as she drove back to her lab. She had to find an antidote to her son's hold over her. Even as she thought that, a question entered unbidden into her mind. Would it really be so bad?

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