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"David David David." She cried as she arched her back. Her whole body was shaking with the intensity of her orgasm. She rolled over and hugged me tightly as she calmed - kissing me all over my face and neck.

"Oh my God David, I've never had an orgasm that intense. How did you know to do that? My female friends tell me most men won't have sex when they're on their period."

"I'll just say that another woman in my life used to enjoy that."

"You just don't know how much I love you."

"I think I do my sweet sweet Zoe."



Anya was already up and was making a pot of coffee when I entered the kitchen.

"Morning Anya. You're up early."

"Morning daddy. I never have a good night's sleep in a different bed. Zoe still asleep?"

"Yep, she always tired on a Friday evening - hectic work schedule."

"You two seemed be having a good time last night as I passed your bedroom on the way to bed." She was smiling. "I've not seen you so happy since mom died and I can see why. Zoe is so beautiful and adores you - what man wouldn't be happy."

"I'm not only happy but so thankful that we met. Funny how your life can change in a instant with a chance encounter in a hotel hallway. Never much believed in fate but I do now."

"What's all this talk about fate?" Zoe hugged my back.

"I was just telling Anya that I am so thankful that we met in that hotel corridor and, I wasn't before but I'm a believer in fate now."

"I know David - I feel so fortunate too. Can we go onto the terrace - it seems so nice out there."

We took our coffees and sat looking out over the lake - a sheet of glass on this calm early morning. Zoe put her hand on mine.

"You were so good to me last night and I'm going to be really bad for you tonight." She whispered. I almost spit out a mouthful of coffee.


"Yes David." It was said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

"Oh nothing, I lost my train of thought. Oh I know what it was - is that my shirt you're wearing?"

"It is - I found it on the bed. You remember tearing it off before you got into bed last night?" I smacked her tush.

"I'm fixing breakfast this morning." Anya proclaimed - poking her head around the door and thankfully changing the subject.

"I'll help." Zoe offered. I went in the kitchen and refilled my coffee mug.

"Okay as I'm redundant - and less one shirt I'll take my coffee back to the terrace." Zoe smacked my behind.

Jacob came downstairs and onto the terrace after grabbing a coffee for him and juice for little Davy in tow.

"You are so fortunate to live here David - I love coming here."

"I know. Anya's mom and I fell in love with this piece of land and we had a great time designing the house. It's not too large - just two guest rooms. Shall we go for a boat ride today - lake is nice and calm?"

"I know Davy would love it. Zoe is just gorgeous isn't she?"

"I'm a lucky man Jacob - very lucky to have a second chance at love."

After breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast we put some drinks in a cooler and carried it to the boat. Zoe had changed into a red bikini and had on the usual floral cotton kimono.

"You look red hot Zoe - if I stood any closer I'd catch fire and burn up." I whispered in her ear. She giggled. "Oh and no topless bathing today. We don't want to corrupt my grandson."

I was wearing shorts as was Jacob and Anya had a black one piece suit and a pair of shorts. We put on a life vest on Davy and I steered the boat out onto the lake. I headed for the same cove as before. We arrived and there were two other boats already moored but we had plenty of room. I dropped anchor and sat on the transom bench seat putting my arm around Zoe.

"Anyone want to go swimming?" Anya asked.

"Me me." Davy shouted.

Anya dove in and came back to the swim platform. Jacob hoisted Davy into the water and he dog-paddle to his mother. Jacob got in as well leaving Zoe and me alone.

"I could just sit like this - with you next to me - your body nestled against mine - no conversation - just enjoying each other's company.

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