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Brooke is punished for shopping in a revealing outfit.

I know that your superior, Abida, expects you to deepen your servitude for the love of me. She wants you to be not only our servant but our slave. She wants you to do everything to please me and do whatever we ask you to do, whatever we think of to spice up our sexual life. The unlocking of your chastity cage is a reward that we give you tonight as a gesture of gratitude for having so obediently let Abida become my property. Of course, you're forbidden to masturbate... Abida, your superior, will see to it that you release your weak milk either by stroking your cockette or by being so verbally slutty and kinky that you'll come without being touched."

"Yes, wayne, our Master is right," confirmed Abida. "I am and want to be His exclusive property, I will be His obedient wife and remain prude and modest in the presence of other men. As a matter of fact, as a good muslim wife, I will never be alone in the presence of other males without Him or without being chaperoned by another man of our family, such as His father, the imam or you. At all times in public, I will wear an abaya and a burqa [an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public. The face-veil portion is usually a rectangular piece of semi-transparent cloth whose top side is sewn to corresponding portion of the head-scarf, so that the veil hangs down loose from the scarf, and it can be turned up if the woman wishes to reveal her face (otherwise the whole face would be covered). In other cases, the niqab part can be a side-attached cloth that covers the face below the eyes' region.] covering my face, as well as elbow-length gloves. I would not want my beloved Husband to ever have the slightest reason to question my complete fidelity to Him and my modest behavior. That will not be a challenge for me but rather a fully accepted way of life. Master Faisal not only seduced me but He also made me a true and devout muslim believer. And this is the way a muslim wife has to be and behave."

My wife's new way of thinking was obvious to me after seeing her scrupulously obey the Islamic precepts in her everyday life. She would always do her five prayers a day, go to the mosque for the Friday prayer and wear the most orthodox Islamic feminine garments. Furthermore, she made a point of including a visit to the Mecca as part of their honeymoon in the Middle East.

"However, in our private life, I am already, and will be, my Master's sexy, naughty and horny lover just as He has trained me to be," Abida continued. "Whatever He wants me to do and be to please Him, I will do. I will be a proactive rather than reactive wife, lover, whore, slut, bitch if it's that's what He wants me to be. And I expect you to be the same with our Master and me. I can't wait to be impregnated by my Adored One, to become pregnant at 46 years old for the love of Him, to bear and feed His child. I will proudly carry and deliver our baby, His baby, the concrete result of our deep love. My only goal in life from now on will be to love, obey and serve my Adored One, my Master, our Master."

This had the effect of keeping my diminutive penis stiff. I was not on the brink of cumming yet but I knew that it would happen, whatever the way.

"wayne, I expect you to seriously consider your future life with us while we are on our honeymoon," said Abida, now sitting on one arm of the chair where her Lover was. "I expect you to continue to be a proactive submissive and to increase your inferior status by becoming our slave. Whatever ideas that you have to make that a reality will be welcome. The more kinky your suggestions will be, the more frequently you will have the privilege of being unlocked and to come without touching yourself."

"As a matter of fact, I came to realize that you're way too busy as CEO to give us all the attention and devotion we deserve," she continued.

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