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...it was well worth the wait.

The hunchback clapped.

Lady Indigo stepped back-into Oxhide Drang's palm against her back.

She felt the length of her legs and the closely cropped hair of her pussy, the bounce of her breasts, and the desires she aroused just by being...

"Fresh off the march, I bet you can still smell the Submissionettes on her," somebody said.

"It true that they make you all do it, together-like, I mean?"

"Woman on woman, he refers to."

When she shifted her weight onto her left leg, she shifted their attention with it. When she leaned right, their desires leaned right, too.

"One crown per answer," Oxhide Drang said.

Several coins hit several tables.

"Answer him, Lady Indigo."

She wasn't stupid. She knew what this was about, and truth wasn't it. "Yes," she said, making sure to stretch out the s till it wrapped itself around every bated breath in the room. Even the bartender, who'd until now kept himself busy pouring and mixing drinks and opening casks, leaned on his elbow, drying a mug with a dirty white cloth, ready to hear the rest of the answer. In that instant, Lady Indigo wondered whether these men actually wanted reality or whether they wanted fantasies in which they could fool themselves into believing. Their gazes fell upon her not as sex, but as boredom begging to be relieved by storytelling. She stepped forward. Oxhide Drang lowered his hand. "Yes," she said again, "it is one of the first rituals. To prepare us for the lusty excesses of the male, we practise with the more subdued female."

"In pairs... or, like, all at once?"

Lady Indigo strode toward the man who'd asked, swinging her hips into every table on the way, grabbed a mug, and thrust it in front of his face. He stared at her breasts before fumbling with a coin and tossing it into the ale in the mug. As it dropped to the bottom, Lady Indigo said, "Sometimes in pairs, sometimes in groups."
The man reached out a hand and touched the side of her body.

Her natural reaction was to recoil, but she kept that reaction in check. "Like with licking pussies and squeezing breasts?" he asked, stuttering.

She angled the mug sideways and let some of the ale flow into his crotch.

The hunchback whistled.

Even his whistle was a painful screech.

The man with the wet pants fumbled out several more coins and dropped them all into the mug, which Lady Indigo again held in front of his face.

"Yes, with licking wet, willing pussies, and squeezing breasts until they're pink and tender, and sometimes..."

Another coin dropped through the ale.


She grabbed his nose and twisted it, causing just the right amount of hurt.

He groaned and his tongue fell out from between his lips.

"...each other's nipples."

A hand slapped her butt. She wiggled it to entice more slapping, but even as other men's hands handled her body, she kept some of her attention on Oxhide Drang, for whom she was really performing and whose acceptance she was really craving, and when Oxhide Drang smiled, she wiggled even more lasciviously than before.

"Hip hip," the hunchback sang, keeping time with each thrust of her hips, "Whore-ah!"

She answered question after question drifting from table to table to dripping tongue, slicing through arousal and desperation so dense that she could have climbed it:

"How many times ya done it since ya got here?"

"Ever taken two men at once?"

"You been so wet before that it squirts out of yeh and drips down yeh legs?"

Coin after coin after coin dropped through the ale, until there there were more coins than liquid, and each subsequent coin clicked rather than dropped, and the mug was so heavy that Lady Indigo could barely hold it up.

Oxhide Drang watched from the edge of the room, but after half an hour or so, his attention waned and his thoughts, as best as Lady Indigo could guess them from between the more raunchy acts of her performance, veered away from her and sex and settled on something she kn

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