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Twin girls celebrate their eighteenth birthday with uncle.

Seen enough to last me the rest of my life, but I'm done." I stood. Maybe it was something about Dylan. Something about the alphas making me feel so welcome. Right then I felt braver than I had in a long time. "I'm done running away. Running for help...I'll do that. I'm not stupid." He laughed and stood up too. "And you're too durned tall. What is it with you alpha types? Just...corn fed and huge."

"Yeah, well, from what Grandpa says about Solaris, I will never be an Alpha." We started walking back. "I'm too aggressive. Solaris leaders can't feel like ripping off people's head for being dicks more than once a day. You laugh, but it's true. I know Dad said something about me...and my past." I nodded. "I don't trust people easily. You should know that by now." I did. From our first meeting he hadn't trusted me, but then I was not the type to trust either. "I'll be honest, I've had to fight the urge to question you about this Amos guy. To know how he thinks, to find out what makes you tick. I'm doing it for my dads because they asked me not to pry. It's hard because I don't want another knife plunging towards my chest." It hadn't been a lie either. I could see the haunting thoughts behind his eyes. "So I'm trying here, Quint."

"Wait...Alphas aren't born? And why do you want to know about me?" We started walking back slowly.

"Most are, but Dad became an Alpha. All of his experiences when newly born, having to deal with Angus and all the stuff with me, he became something more. He wanted more than anything to protect me and to help the Lunais and I guess he was just made to do it. I don't know how it happens, only that it does. You would have to ask Grandpa or Papa Travis about it.

"As for you,'re only a few minutes away from where I live and you've got someone following you. You also look like you need a friend. You don't want one, but you need one, and I would like to see if I can't get you wanting friends."

" got me there. I'm no longer the social type."

"I could tell, Quint. and make nice and you may find our Pack a good fit for you. And be sure to ask the Alphas about it, if you're curious."

I wouldn't, it would be a bother, but it was something to think about. Was Amos an Alpha? He was an alpha dick, that was for sure. I doubt he was, but if Alphas could be...forged, he might be one. We walked back to the barbecue and I grabbed a soda from the cooler, feeling a bit easier now with all the noise and scents as it made me feel safer. I could hide among them and Amos would never find me, or if he did, I would be surrounded by people who would keep him from taking me.

"Hey, Quint, over here!" I looked over at Dylan who towered over everyone else, and waded through the crowd. He stood next to two people. One was a stunning young lady I could smell was a Lunais. She was a ginger blonde with a killer figure and the way she stood, she could probably kill me easily but would rather tickle me to death.

The other was a man with blonde hair that had some odd coloration. I knew what becoming Lycan could do to your looks, but he...he was handsome with his grayish blond hair and slightly pouty lips. I knew he was as young or younger than Dylan by the way he held himself. A bit unsure and wanting to look more impressive than he felt. His eyes were kind of wide spaced, but it was not unattractive.

"Hey, Quint. This is Colton Matthews, one of the other hunters for the pack. Just relocated over from Toledo, Ohio a few months back."

"Nice to meet you," he said and offered his hand. I shook it. "Welcome home." I smiled. His scent was pleasing and honest.

"And this...this is Heather." Even the tone of his voice said he was in love with her. His scent went through the roof and I had no doubt that she knew exactly how he felt.

"Hi. Has Dyl really been stalking you?" We all laughed at how red he turned.

"Not so much any more." So this was the special girl he wanted advice about. "He's still creepy though."

"Has been since I met hi

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