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We start living together and I'm reacquainted with Susan.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Kira cries out each time I thrust forward. Soon, the two of us are both groaning with pleasure.

I slow my pace slightly, going back to a more relaxing speed as I feel myself about to cum once again. "I'm getting close baby." I whisper to her.

"Give me a minute..." Kira gasps out, pushing my hand away and furiously rubs her clit. Soon, I can barely hold back and Kira lets out a "Oh god..." Then I feel her pussy spasm around my cock, milking it for my cum. I release and her pussy is warm and wet, both of us cumming at the same time. I slowly slide out of Kira, shooting one last weak strand onto the front of her tan thigh. When I do pull out, a rush of cum follows, some of it falling directly to the floor, the rest of it slowly sliding down Kira's inner thighs. Kira looks at me and lets out a laugh, "You done for the day? Cause I'm either going to need a bit of a break here or something!"

I laugh, "Don't worry... I'm whipped out. Besides, your kind of a mess."

Kira nods, "It happens to the best of us. Can I clean off in here? It would make less of a mess than going to my shower."

"Kira, we literally just had sex and you feel the need to ask if you can use my shower?" I ask her, reaching to the side and turning the water on. Once it warms up, I turn the shower head on and let Kira clean herself off first. She starts by washing the cum off of her inner thighs before detaching the showerhead and directing it up into her vagina. She lets out a soft sigh as she does this but quickly moves on.


With both of us clean and out of the shower, I head back to my room to dress. Picking my phone up off of the bed, I see that I have a text from Susan. Looks sexy. Wish I was there!

I laugh before typing back, I'm sure you do. Now about that surprise?

After a minute, I get a response, Your just going to have to wait. You'll know it when it happens. I read the message several times. Of course I'll have to wait I think, feeling momentarily angry. I finally reply, So want to do dinner this week?


Life goes back to normal. Kira and I occasionally have a little fun with each other, but it mostly stays to teasing and occasionally a bit of oral. Susan and I also go back to our normal love lives, having sex when Kira and Isabella aren't around. I begin to forget about the "surprise" Susan mentioned. In the middle of July, Susan and I are watching the end of a movie, while I take care of some work related emails. Susan turns to me, "Can I borrow your laptop?"

"Yeah. Give me a sec..." I reply, finishing typing one last order before sending it and handing it over to her. Susan presses up against me, allowing me to view the screen while also putting my arm around her. I watch the movie absent mindedly for several minutes before Susan calls my name. "Yes?" I ask.

"Look. Your birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to get some nice lingerie to wear for you. Pick out a few things and I'll surprise you with a couple of things!"

"Well now I know what I'm getting for my birthday." I chuckle.

Susan playfully slaps my chest, "I think you are the first man to ever complain about birthday sex!"

"I'm not complaining, I just wanted to be surprised." I jokingly correct her before starting to scroll through the website.

"That's why you're picking a few things!" Susan says, watching my choices with interest. I click on several items, bodysuits, crotch less panties and some stockings. Finally, I go back and pick my favorite three things.

The first is a black fishnet bodysuit, which is crotch less and has large cut outs where the woman's nipples would be.

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