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Woman attacked by older man after agreement goes wrong.

She yelped in surprise as her little bare ass was exposed and, turning to release her dress from the hook, flashed Tom her pouting, and shaven, pussy.

Tom again stifled his laughing, not just at the embarrassed girl whose cheeks were flushed red, but also at the shocked look on the face of the lady at the end of the aisle, along with the bemused smirk on the face of her husband; a smirk that quickly disappeared when his wife shot him an annoyed glare.

Tom hurried out of the store, got into his car, and making sure no one was looking in his direction, slipped the ring off. Everything shimmered back to normal as Tom let go a laugh, the likes of which he hadn't heard himself do in years. He hadn't had much reason to laugh, back in the day or recently, and it felt good to finally be able to laugh again.

He left his car in the lot, deciding to take a walk through that part of town and test his ability further. Again he thought, nothing mean; just a few harmless pranks.

He stepped into a restroom in the town's park and, making sure no one was inside, said "Per is vox, lux lucis sinus.", and slipped the ring on. He smiled as he saw his reflection in the restroom's mirror disappear and the object surrounding aura glow into view.

Stepping back outside, Tom thought of different ways to test his power. He touched a leaf with one finger to see if it was enough to make it vanish, and it lost its aura becoming just an outline. He tried a bigger object; a tree. Tom hugged the trunk as best he could, but part of its aura remained; the part just above his head. That puzzled him. Then he tried a new tactic: he reached up and grabbed one of the tree's low hanging branches, but only part of the branch's aura vanished.

He then tried something different; he walked over to a parked car and laid his hand on the hood. Tom watched in fascination as half of the hood and the bulk of the engine under it lost their auras and became simple outlines, disappearing and making the car look as if something had just taken a huge bite out of the front end. He let go of the hood and knelt down to touch one of the tires. The tire, along with some of the fender and that side of the engine vanished.

This intrigued Tom, wondering how much (or how little) he could make disappear. He touched the tire again and concentrated only on the tire. A second later, just the tire was invisible and outlined in white, leaving the brake shoe, rotor, and rim in plain sight.

It works, he thought, I can make specific objects invisible. All I have to do is concentrate hard enough, and not even that hard.

Tom stood up and touched the car's hood again, concentrating on the entire automobile this time. But the results were the same as before: only part of the car disappeared. It puzzled him for a minute, and then he finally figured it out, remembering what the old man has said in the note. 'You can't make everything invisible, though; only things about the same size as you, maybe a little bigger...'

The ring's 'power field', its 'sphere of influence', whatever you wanted to call it, extended outward from his body only so far. With a few more experiments, Tom calculated that the 'field' extended out for only about three feet from him in any direction. He could control how far the field extended from his body, be it an inch or a foot away from him, but three feet appeared to be its limit.

Just then, a jogger came running up the path near him. Looking forward to seeing his reaction, Tom leaned on the fender and grinned. But his grin faded when he noticed that nothing had changed; the car's aura was still there. He put his hand on it and that part of the car vanished, but the jogger having already ran by him, didn't notice a thing.

Tom had discovered another limit to the ring's ability: he had to be in direct physical contact with an object in order to make it

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