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She finds love on Valentine's Day with another woman.

I kneel, knees spread, back straight, shoulders back. I look into his eyes and can feel him reading me. His understanding of me never stops surprising me.

Slowly, Master reaches behind me and takes hold of my wrists. I hear the click of the restraints as he clasps the rings on each wrist cuff together. My smile is slow and gradual as I again marvel at his ability to read my mind.

I rise to my feet until I see the surprise on his face. "Sir?" I whisper before quickly realizing my mistake and dropping back to my knees. "Master, I am sorry. I did not wait for you to tell me to stand." My heart drops as I wait for his response. I hate to disappoint him. I place my forehead in his lap to try to avoid his gaze. Master's hand gently but firmly in my hair pulls me back to look up at him.

His voice is serious and low as he replies to me. The soft drawl that is usually such a comfort to me is hard to hear now. "Little one, you know my rules. You know what I expect of you. You are to wait for my permission to move. Over my lap now."

I can feel my eyes widen. He has spanked me for both pleasure and punishment and has the power and control to make it either. I would have loved one of his loving spankings tonight but know that this spanking will not be for my pleasure.

I quickly stand and turn to lie across his lap. It is awkward to get into the correct position with my hands bound behind me and I know that my movements are not very graceful. Without my hands to support me I brace my upper body on the bed, my face turned against the blankets, just able to see his profile. My feet on the floor give me support and balance until he pushes them apart and I can feel my hips press into his leg in an attempt to hold onto my position.

My ass marks easily and I begin to envision what I will look like when this spanking is over. The hard sharp sting of the first slap breaks me out of my wondering as I inhale sharply to avoid the scream that was my first instinct. But the children are asleep in their rooms down the hall and I know I have to be quiet. It would be easier if Master gagged me, but I know the restraint he expects me to show is part of my punishment.

The room echoes with the slaps of his hand on my now burning cheeks. I am careful to keep my hands up and out of his way as I feel my entire ass covered in his slaps. I have since buried my face into the blankets on the bed to try to keep quiet. Tears cover my face and I can picture how red my ass must be. The darker marks will appear soon enough. The spanking ends as abruptly as it began and I fight the urge to move off Master's lap. He is rubbing now, working to soothe the sting on my ass, firmly massaging my back to remove the tension that I hold there when I am punished.

"Kneel for me, baby girl." His voice is strong and clear and at the same time soft and tender. I slip back to my knees and bow my head, in part out of respect and in part out of self-consciousness. I am ashamed to have disappointed him. Master's touch on my cheek pulls my head up to look at him. "Shhh .... You did well good little girl. Now stop your crying." He wipes my tears and brushes back my hair. I can feel his love in every touch. Master knows what I need, knows that I need his discipline and control as much as his love and care.

My gaze drops from his face to his now rigid cock.

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