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Alexa models her thin cotton panties.

Looking from Alicia with a small, loving smile, Nick turned to look at Eric, calm and confident, though with a hint of enjoying the whole situation. Eric found out why when he spoke.

"What do you say we continue this in the bedroom?" His friend asked and it was Eric's turn to go wide-eyed.

For a long moment he stared at his friend. He couldn't mean what he thought he meant surely? But then, what else could he have meant? Looking from Nick who was calm and confident, to Alicia who stared intently at Eric's face, her breathing growing faster and heavier and her eyes shining like the sun as she stood naked except for her white lace panties, Eric's eyes widened slightly more. If Nick meant what he thought he meant then Alicia must have known...she didn't seem surprised...for a few moments Eric's mind reeled.

"Are you saying...?" Eric began, and trailed off as he looked between them both questioningly. Fuck! He wanted this so badly! But was this some kind of dream, or trick? If it was it was bloody cruel!

Nick, however, nodded calmly and Eric let out a deep breath.

"Damn." He said as he stared at his friend and his girlfriend. He really wanted him to have sex with her! And here he had been thinking of how to get her alone...had they been planning this all night? Suddenly Eric shook himself. What was he doing? Here was his friend, offering him the chance to screw his hot girlfriend, and here he was thinking about it! What the fuck? There was one thing he had to make sure of though, and so looking to Alicia, he spoke. "And you want this too?"

Alicia, looking oh so beautiful, with her long hair falling down her back and some gently over her large, round tits, half covering her nipples as she stood staring at him, took a deep breath, oh that was a magnificent sight, before she nodded. Her nod was very definite, yet at the same time more than a little shaky. She was obviously very, very turned on right then.

"Damn." He said finally, grinning broadly as his long, hard dick twitched at the thought of what was to come; he was actually going to bury his dick in his friend's girlfriend! Fuck, that was a once in a lifetime situation! "I'm up for that, definitely!"

Alicia seemed lost in her horniness as Nick nodded with a turned on smile.

"I'll be watching, but as long as you two agree, you can do whatever you want tonight." He said and Eric nodded in return, brightening even more as he realised he would get this stunner all to himself, not to mention that he could do whatever to her! He would have to do his best, perhaps then she would beg him for more later, she already seemed transfixed with his dick.

"Sure, sounds good to me." Eric replied confidently now as he reached out his hand towards Alicia. He wasn't going to argue. If Nick had a fetish of watching his hot girl getting screwed, well hey, as long as he was the one banging the hell out of her, who cared right?

Alicia's eyes sparkled once more as she looked at Nick for a moment before she reached out to gently take a hold of Eric's hand before Nick led the way towards the bedroom he shared with Alicia, that was now going to be shared with his friend too.

Eric couldn't help but glance over his shoulder a couple of times as they made their way to the bedroom. Alicia looked stunning, and intensely horny, as he led her into the bedroom she shared with Nick, her large, naked tits jiggling erotically as she walked heavily, her mind reeling in lust.

Eric smiled as his eyes fell on the room that was meant solely for Nick and Alicia, but would tonight be witness to his friend screwing her hard on the bed.

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