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He chuckled. "Something like that."

"Well, I design and model my own clothes Monday to Wednesday. I'd do it for the whole week, but the money's not quite there yet to live off that alone."

"What sorts of clothes do you design?"

Lucy's smile broadened into a wicked grin. "Lingerie."

Lingerie?! Daniel's cock twitched at the mere thought, and he had spoken the next words before he could catch himself. "Got any pictures?"

Lucy laughed, her brown eyes glowing. "Yes, of course I do. Would you like to see them?"

He could only nod.

"Then follow me."

Daniel stood, following the well-stacked blonde from the living room and up the stairs. He could do nothing but stare at her lovely ass as she climbed the steps ahead of him, though he was quite sure she would not have cared.

They came to a small room at the end of the landing which Lucy stepped into. Daniel followed her, and his eyes widened in surprise. Pencils and pads and stencils and scissors lay everywhere, and he turned to Lucy. He must have looked shocked, because she laughed.

"Yes, I really do design underwear. I wasn't lying."

"I never suggested you were!" he hastily said. "I just didn't think it required so much... equipment."

"Well, designing underwear properly takes a little more work than those pictures of women in their bras you drew at the back of your sketchbook in school." She laughed at that. "Here, there's my portfolio. I'm going to go and change. Enjoy it." She winked at him, then left, taking the door immediately to the right of her study.

Daniel held the thick, broad book. It was fake-leather bound with expensive glossy paper within, and he took a seat before opening it.

The very first picture took his breath away, and it never returned as he leafed through the pages. Every image looked fantastic. Most were of Lucy, standing or reclining in numerous seductive poses, gorgeous underwear adorning her form. Some of it he swore he had seen before, and it took a moment before he realised he had done - on Jenny. Obviously she got her lingerie from her sister, which given the quality of these designs was not altogether a surprise. Occasionally women he did not recognise would be in a photo, but they all looked great, and more importantly Lucy's underwear looked great on them all.

Of course, the pictures were not overly erotic - they were underwear models not softcore pornstars, after all - but a certain level of eroticism was inescapable in images of beautiful, scantily-clad women. Daniel breathed in sharply as he turned to the last page, a two-sheet spread of Lucy awaiting him there. She stood smiling at the camera, her wavy blonde hair swept forward over one shoulder, her hands by her hips and a set of lacey purple underwear protecting her modesty.

He glanced up as the door opened, and smiled at Lucy. She was still in her robe, and she stood looking at him with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.

"Having fun?" she said at last.

"I am indeed," he breathed, staring at her. Seeing her in those pictures had brought his member half to attention, and he yearned to grasp the stunning woman who regarded him with a wicked smile. "But it seems I've finished the portfolio."

"That's a shame," she said back without breaking eye contact, still standing motionless in the doorway.

"Do you have any more pictures?" Daniel placed the heavy book back on the desk which Lucy had picked it up from. "I'd like to see some if you do."

"How about we go one better, hun?"

With that, she undid the belt to the dressing gown, letting it slide from her shoulders and flutter to the floor. Daniel's breath caught in his throat; underneath the golden silk she was wearing a white teddy. His eyes eagerly took in the sight, the frilly-edged lace that pushed out magnificently from her huge breasts, then hugged her slim form.

In one movement he stood and stepped towards her, wrapping her in his arms, crushing his body against hers.

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