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She lets herself be unzipped in public.

She lifted one, then the other. Her skin was pale; a few freckles dotted her knees and thighs. The curse of having fair skin and red hair. Ruby let her leg drop and fall open.

She still had one hand in her skirt and the other in her hair. Her gum was still popping, but her thoughts were taking a more decadent turn. Ruby angled her head slightly to the left, abandoned her hair and lifted her t-shirt. The tip of her tongue darted out, moistening her lips. She tasted her cherry lip gloss. One finger slipped in between her lips. She sucked on it, brought it out and ran the warm moisture over her left nipple. It tightened; she smirked.

Her lower lip was tugged gently by her front teeth. She bit down; the pain was enough to make her groin muscles flex. A soft purr of pleasure caressed the air. The hardened tip of her nipple taunted her. With her thumb and middle finger she began to roll the swollen pearl. Sensations resembling tiny pricks of electricity danced through her breast. Another moan of pleasure and another gentle roll of her stomach muscles made her twist the button harder.

Ruby's breath caught in her throat as she abused the hungry bead. Her other hand dipped further into her skirt; her nails caught on the material of her panty. The three center fingers pressed against her mound. The pressure was light and gentle. Slowly she increased the tempo and the compression of skin on cotton. A low grunt, followed by the gentle smacking sound of her gum went ignored by the dust bunnies under the couch.

The bubble gum rolled in her mouth; she pushed it to the side, tucking it between her cheeks, teeth and gums. The watermelon flavor soaked her mouth, she swallowed and drew a circle around her nipple, before abandoning it to tease its twin. Ruby knew the sensations she wanted and needed. She wasted no time in twisting her aureola and her nipple in one hard turn. Her hips rose off the couch and her fingers pressed hard into her thong.

Ruby's pussy flexed and pulsated. She wiggled on the couch, spread her legs further and pushed the panty covering to the side. It hung up on her swollen lips. "Damn it," she muttered. With her legs spread, her other hand slid up and under her skirt. She pulled the material as hard as she could, until when it was released it remained settled in the crevice of hip and thigh. A long drawn out sigh of satisfaction accompanied her voiced "there we go."

With one hand up her skirt, the other down it, Ruby opened her pussy up for a deeper and more in-depth exploration. Her pointer finger and thumb paired up to roll, pull and twist her clit. As she played there, her other hand matched up two fingers and were shoving themselves into her tight channel. She pushed and dragged her fingers around her fleshy wall. The sides brushed the ridged opening; her nails scrapped the sensitive flesh.

The two hands worked as one cock and one tongue. Two digits became three; juices coated her palm. They were pushed up to her clit, where it was worked in and over the hard nub. Ruby fucked herself. Her back rose off the couch as she angled her body so she could drive deeper inside. A hiss and a gasp for air made her stall her actions. She felt the telling signs of a climax, yet knew she could do more.

Her breasts lay bare. Dark eyes, laden with lust bore into the aching tips. A look of curiosity crossed her angelic features. She blinked, bit down on her lower lip and sucked on her bubble gum. The hand that played with her clit was moved to cup her right breast. Ruby gripped the freckled globe and pushed it as high as she could. Her long neck bent as she lowered her mouth to her nipple. The strain on her muscles begged her to stop, but the pink pearl was just a lick away.

The tip of her tongue hit the top of the button.

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