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Her submission to her Master & sister's betrayal.

On the way back, I picked up the clean sheets, therefore having an excuse for leaving the room. If Tina asked. Thankfully the room didn't take too long and I went into my room. I usually wasn't very nosy, but for some reason I was intrigued to find a notebook stashed between my parent's mattresses. I opened it up and saw that it was Tina's handwriting. It was her diary. Thumbing through it I noticed the usual teen stuff. But then I came across a very interesting part of the diary. She had written stuff about me and Jason in it.

After reading a few pages about how we were good brothers even with all the fights, I got to the juicy stuff. She had written about how cute we were. How she saw me in the shower and masturbated to that sight nearly every night. Then why was she always so mean to me? I should've been disgusted, but I was so totally turned on. My hot little sister was fantasizing about me when she fingered herself. I read on and found out that not only did she fantasize about me, but she fantasized about both me and Jason teaming her. This was one horny little girl!

I shut the notebook and took it with me when I knocked on her door. I didn't really know what I was going to do about it, but I felt guilty for reading it. I wasn't even sure if I was going to tell her that I had read it, but I ought to at least return it. She opened the door and glared at me for a second. Then she saw the notebook in my hand.

"Where did you get that? Give it to me!" She screamed. She smacked my arm and that pissed me off. Here I was trying to be nice and she was hitting me. I pulled the notebook away from her.

"Stop it Eric, give me my notebook back!" She leaned against me, reaching for her notebook. I pushed her away a little and left the room. She followed me into my room jerking on my arms trying to get to her notebook.

"Damn it Eric, please just give me that notebook!"

"Why what is so important in here that you want to keep me from reading?"

"Nothing, stupid, I just want my notebook back."

"Well if you ask nice I will give it to you."

"Eric, just please give me my notebook."

"Thank you that is all I ask." I handed her the notebook and she snatched it away from me. I caught her arm and spun her towards me. She looked up at me, her big brown eyes showing a little fear. My animal instincts took over and I pulled her to me and began kissing her.

She pushed at me and yelled, "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Only what I know you want."

"You read my diary you dick."

"Yea, and I found out some interesting things too. Like how you think about me when your fingers are in your pussy. So, why not just cut to the chase. You want to fuck me don't you?"

"Fuck you? Right, whatever. You are a loser, why would I want you?"

I grabbed her and pushed her down on the bed. "You know you want me Tina. That is why you are so mean to me all the time. Because you want me and you can't have me, admit it."

"No, because it is not true."

"Sure it is, you wrote it in your diary. You want me and you want Jason. But for now, maybe I will let you have me." Normally, I am not an aggressive person, but seeing Tina under me, holding her down had me so hot. I began to pull at her shorts. She squirmed under me.

"No, Eric. Please don't do this. Look I am sorry for being mean to you."

"But Tina, I know you want me as much as I want you. Come on, just give in to me. I won't tell anyone and neither will you. What have we got to lose?"

"But, Eric. I am still a virgin. I am not ready, please don't"

"Oh, Tina. I am so sorry. I don't know what got into me." I let her up, totally kicking myself because I almost had her. Without saying a word, she left the room. It was only 1 pm and our parents weren't coming home until 5, so since we had nearly the whole house finished, I set my alarm to take an hour-long nap. I took off my clothes and laid only in my boxers. It was so hot that I quickly fell asleep.


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