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The video went blank and Holly set it down then reached under her dress and neatly took off her bra and panties under her dress and handed them to Mr. Price, they were the slutty ones he had given her at Christmas.

"Better hang onto these, asshole because you are going to be wearing them when you visit Ken. Red is the team's colour isn't it?"


And that proved to be the end of their mutual goading as things got busy towards the end of the school year and things got awfully tight in the soccer league. So tight, in fact, that the outcome of their bet and the school's attempt to win the league for the first time in forever would come down to the last match of the season with them in second place and two points behind the team in first place, who they were playing at home on that last day.

Holly couldn't help but attend with pretty much the whole of the rest of the school and she felt she was probably the only one of them praying for a defeat. The prospect of losing was horrible but at that she had a wetness in her panties at that prospect and would be lying to herself if she didn't admit to a few fantasies about what would happen were she to lose this bet. But no, on the whole seeing Price either humiliated in a homosexual situation or agree to hand in his notice was much the more preferable option the pretty blonde thought. Still..

In the end it came down to almost the last kick of the game, with the game tied at one all and nearly at the end the home team earned a late corner, they threw everyone up and when it was swung in the tallest of the boys rose like a salmon leaping and slammed a powerful header home sending the home crowd into hysterical celebration, especially as the referee called a halt to the game mere seconds later. As everyone around went wild Holly just sat stunned in place as she contemplated what she was going to have to do (and she would do it , she was no welcher on bets plus she just could not afford to not have a job). Amongst the delirium on the pitch, even as he was mobbed by excitable players Mr. Price scanned the crowd and seemed to lock eyes with Miss Will and she knew what he was thinking right then.

Holly made all the right noises to the kids and other teachers but she just wanted to escape, she had sent Ken a heartbroken text and was trying to flee when Joe cornered her and handed her a plastic bag, she knew it had that damned lingerie in it.

"Tomorrow morning at the changing rooms here at 8am, me and the boys will be waiting, and wear those Miss Will!"

She paused and fought back tears of frustration.

"Unless you want to go with me to Mrs Cotton and ask her to send your envelope, either way is good for me."

She bit her lip and stammered.

"No, 8am, I'll be there."


It would be no great surprise to learn that Holly spent a restless, fitful night during which she achieved very little sleep. Before going to bed she had spoken with Ken who was crushed that his opportunity to humiliate the man who had made his life hell was gone and did not seem overly sympathetic to what Holly faced. They hung up not on the best of terms.

Then she must have changed her minds a hundred times about going through with it or agreeing for her resignation to be handed in.

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