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Zain, a successful architect, tries open marriage.

Jerry had completely adjusted to the cock in his ass and he actually liked the feel of it sliding in and out. As if he had done with Barry, Jerry pushed his ass back to receive Lee's cock.

The two young men were now caught up in the act and Jerry began to moan, groan and tell Lee to fuck him. Lee was incredibly turned-on and he felt his second orgasm building in his balls. He didn't want to cum that soon as he loved watching his cock slide in and out of Jerry's shapely ass. As much as Lee tried to prolong his ejaculation his body took over and he fired another massive load this time into Jerry's rectum. Jerry's eyes widened when he felt the surge of Lee's discharge and he instinctively contracted his sphincter muscles around the spurting shaft. Lee pressed forward burying his cock in Jerry's ass and savored the feeling of his release. Lee remained in Jerry's ass as Jerry squeezed the cock with his sphincter muscles until Lee's cock eventually softened and slipped out.

Lee stared for a moment at the ass that he had just fucked as he was in disbelief that it belonged to his friend. Lee never expected this to happen but he was glad that it did. Jerry remained on all fours for a few more minutes as he expelled some of Lee's cum from his anus. Jerry felt the semen ooze from his hole and trickle down the inside of his thighs. The feeling was erotic to Jerry and he now needed to get off. Jerry rolled over on his back and grabbed his erect cock and began to jerk off.

"I need to get off," Jerry rasped.

Jerry then had the urge to put something in his ass as he jerked off. He took the lotion and put some on his fingers and then he inserted two fingers in his ass. As Jerry fingered his ass and jerked his cock he came to the recollection that Lee would now know Jerry was gay. He liked having something in his ass and he would learn in time about his prostate but for the moment it just felt good. Jerry ejaculated and his cock fired rounds of semen over his head, on his chest and abs. It was one of his best cums ever. Jerry slowly jerked his cock and fingered his ass as his orgasm subsided.

"Come on let's get cleaned up before your folks get home," Lee urged.


One Saturday Lee was visiting Jerry and accepted Jerry's invitation to spend the night. The two young men hung out by the swimming pool in the afternoon. A few times in the pool with their hands under water, Lee put his hands down the back on Jerry's swim trunks and cupped Jerry's curvy buttocks. Jerry also put his hands down the front of Lee's swimsuit and played with his cock. The two of them worked themselves into a state of desire that afternoon and they looked forward to bedtime.

After dinner that evening, Jerry and Lee helped clean up and then they watched TV in the family room until it was bedtime. Jerry's parents said good night to the boys and then went to bed. Jerry and Lee also went to bed but not to sleep in Jerry's room. Both boys stripped down and they were excited to see each other totally naked. Lee walked up behind Jerry and cupped Jerry's curvy ass cheeks. He played with them for awhile and both boys got erections. Jerry turned toward Lee and then dropped to his knees taking Lee's cock in his mouth. Lee let Jerry suck his cock for a few minutes but Lee was anxious to fuck Jerry again.

"Come on let's get in your bed," Lee whispered.

Jerry and Lee got in bed and Lee then began to prepare Jerry's ass for another fucking.

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