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Poking the lion.

Sarah looked at me.

"And you, Frank, what about you? How do you feel? Talk to me, baby, please!"

I didn't know where to begin, so I started at the beginning, rambling on about how Kat had always been the most important thing in my life, how I'd steered her through the rough patches following all our losses, Joe, then Dad, then Mom, and how she'd always been uppermost in my mind, how I'd worried about her, and also how I'd felt when she began dating, the possessiveness and irrational jealousy, and how I'd finally realised what it meant, culminating in our mutual attraction, and what had happened on her Prom night, only a few days ago, I realized with a slight shock, finally winding down once I got to this evening's confrontation in Sarah's living room. Sarah listened attentively, nodding now and again as something became clear to her, never once letting go of Kat or ceasing stroking her hair or gently rubbing her back.

At that point Max cleared his throat.

"Frank, Caitlin, you do know what you're doing is illegal, right?"

We both nodded, and he grinned wryly.

"So I suppose me telling you to stop isn't really gonna work, is it?"

Again we both nodded, Max grinning as we did.

"Both of you, you look so familiar, and not just because I know you so well; Frank, you're the image of your father, and you, Caitlin, you have Roisian Moran stamped all over you; your grandmother and your aunt Rosie both. I went to school with your parents, with your aunt Rosie, Caitlin, and I put that silver bangle on your wrist the day you were christened, so I think I have the right to speak to you now, not as Frank's boss, not as a family friend, but as family. What you're doing is dangerous; there are people in this town who will use that against you, who have reason to use that against you; you know who I mean, Frank. If word of this gets out, it will be bad, very bad, and will only get worse, for all of you. Sally asked me if I knew of a way to help you; I have one, but you may not like it; in fact I know you won't; I don't, and neither does Sally, but it's the only thing we can do that will keep you both safe."

Kat looked at me in apprehension, then squared her shoulders and lifted her chin to look him squarely in the eye.

"As long as Frankie and I can be together, we can live with it. What's your answer, Uncle Max?"

Max clasped his hands in front of him, looking at the floor, a faraway expression on his face.

"The penalty in this state for In...for what you're doing, is five years on each count, up to ten if the female is under 21, so you're looking at a possible seven to ten for each count they choose to charge you with; that's a lot of jail time, Frank, so you have to go; you can't be together here. We have a new office just opened out of state, they're in dire need of a good B2B sales manager, I mentioned you before to Human Resources when the vacancy first came up, they thought you were a good fit, now it looks like fate's taken a hand, so the job's yours if you decide to take it. The salary is pretty good, there's a pretty generous relocation assistance package, and the company will pay for your basic accommodation for up to 90 days, which should give you time to find a place of your own."

Kat looked at him, her lip quivering.

"Where...where is this job, Uncle Max?"

Max looked up, but not at her, rather he looked over her shoulder, fixing his gaze on the wall.

"Santa the San Francisco Bay Area..."

Kat gasped, her hand flying to her mouth as she looked in shock at Sarah, who sat with her face expressionless, no flicker of emotion on her face.

"California...Frankie, no, it's the other side of the country, how can we...Sally...Joey...!"

I was in shock too; even though I agreed with Max that we couldn't stay here and be safe, to suddenly up-stakes and go all the way to the west coast...!

"Take it, Frank!" hissed Sarah, "You'll never be safe here, not after today, not after what you did to that filthy bastard, they'll find out about yo

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