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Book Three: The Diary of a Hero - Scars Remain.

I remember thinking how fucking crazy this is. That at any time someone could see or hear us and we would all be busted.

Brad was still working his cock in and out of my pussy and sucking on my nylon cover toes. I tried to hold off but I was hit with my next orgasam. I was panting and moaning a little too loud I guess because Jeff moved over and covered my mouth. He told me to be quit before we are all busted. My orgasam just keep going and Brad just keep pumping into me. After what seemed like 5 minutes of hard pounding by Brad, I felt him shoot his cum into my pussy. I used my legs to pull him into me as hard as I could.

Brad pulled out of me and moved over by Jeff. I moved up a little on the mat so that both Kent and Jimmy have their cocks over top of my nipples. I aimed their cocks at my nipples and really started to pump them hard. I could still see people through the curtain as I was laying with my legs fully spread with cum running out of my pussy and down my ass. I was pumping two guys cocks hard and had them pointed straight at my tits. I was so turned on at that moment that I started to have another orgasam without anyone even touching me. I was pumping my hips into the air and straight at the crack in the curtains. I did manage to keep my moaning down this time.

Jimmy was the first to cum and he let out 2 or 3 long spurts of cum that hit my tit and nipple. Kent reached down, took his own cock in his hand, and started to pump hard. Just as he started to cum, he cupped my tit and pushed the tip of his cock hard into my nipple. With each spurt of cum, I could feel it pushing out of his cock and spraying out and over my nipple. When he was done, he moved away. I pulled both of my tits up to my mouth. I licked and sucked as much cum off my tits and nipples as I could. I looked straight into each of their eyes, the whole time I was sucking their cum off my tits. I love watching guy's reaction when I do something like that.

When I was done, we all get up and dressed. I headed to the bathroom to clean up before meeting back up with the guys at the bar. Each of us did several shots. Each of the guys keep asking when they could meet up with me in the future. I tell them that we still have lots of fun we did back in the day. I got all of their contacts and told them that the next time we have a party I would let them know.

I then headed back over to my husband and told him 5 down and 6 more to go. That is when he told me Bill and Mike would not be coming. Bill had passed away last year and Mike had declined to come. I felt bad about Bill, he was always nice to me. I was ok with Mike not being there. I only ever did stuff with him because he hung around with us. He always seem like a jerk to me. I told my husband that leaves 4 but I still have not seen Donny or Greg, so maybe only 2 more if I can get them.

Dinner was served. My husband and I sat down with John, Ted, and their wife's. These were 2 of the 4 guys I needed to get with. We all share a few stories of what we have been up to over the years. I told everyone about my job and my husband told them all about his work.

John introduced us to his wife Kelly. He lets us know that she worked as a nurse at the local hospital. He also told us that he still lives in the same house that he grew up in. He purchased it from his parents and that they moved to Texas. I remember the first time he fucked me was on his mom and dad's bed. He told us that Kelly is his third and with luck last wife.

Ted had married Sue.

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