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Trapped and outnumbered by inferior rivals.

"Thanks again," she says, putting out her hand. "I'm Tammy." She smiled, her light hazel eyes sparkling in the lights. Her hair was light brown or maybe it was just he light. Her clothing is suggestive of a workout, tight spandex pants, a loose top and running shoes.

"Hi," you reply taking her hand. "I'm Craig. No problem with the car. I've been there a couple of times myself. It's always good to have some help, especially pushing something heavy like this." You pat the car on the trunk.

"Yeah. I'd been pushing this heap for about twenty minutes." She wipes her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Well, no wonder you're dressed for a workout," you say, indicating her clothing.

She laughs. "No, I had been working out at the gym, you know just little stuff. I got out to my car and made it about a mile before it conked out. I think the gas gauge is broken."

"Well, that sucks. Maybe you should look into getting a new car. Well, newer, anyway."

She takes on a look of mock indignation. "What? And get rid of my Ethel? No way, mister!" She leans over and hugs the car and starts laughing.

"Ethel? What kind of name is Ethel for a car?"

"Oh, yeah? What do you call your car?"

"I don't call it anything," you reply.

"Well, you're just boring then." She laughs when you start to make a comeback and fail miserably.

You think of a few things to say, but leave them unsaid. "I'll let you pump your gas. I need to do the same."

She gives you an odd look, but nods and you walk away, back to your car, scolding yourself mentally for not trying to at least get her phone number.

You walk back over to your black car, admiring its lines and sigh, swiping your card through the reader and putting the nozzle in your tank. You lean against the car and look across the lot toward Tammy. What you see makes you hard in an instant.

She's leaning in the passenger side window, her tank on that side, showing you her nicely rounded ass. The only thing you want to do is go over there and pull her pants down and give her your cock from behind. You shake your head and wait for your gas to get done.

The lever clicks off and you fill it for a few more cents to make it even and look across the lot again. Tammy is still leaning into her car through the window. 'What the hell,' you say to yourself. It's two thirty in the morning. What do you have to lose?

You walk across the lot and you can hear that Tammy is playing music. She is wiggling her ass, almost at you, as she bops to the music. With the feeling of a drunken man, ten feet tall and bulletproof, you walk right up to her and put your hand on her ass, moving it around.

Tammy turns and looks at you over her shoulder. "Took you long enough," she says, smirking back at you.

You put both hands on her ass and start massaging it, Tammy pushing back into your hands. You can tell she's not wearing any panties, so you pull her pants down and rub your fingers against her slit, feeling her getting wetter. She moans softly, barely audible above the music.

With audacity that is shocking even to yourself, you pull out your cock and stroke it where she can see. She licks her lips and shakes her ass against your hand. You move behind her and slowly push into her, watching her eyes close as you move into her. Slowly, you pull back out and just as slowly, you push back in.

She opens her eyes and shakes her head no. "Fuck me hard and fuck me fast. I want it rough."

You nod and grab her hips and start slamming into her hard and fast, just like she wants it. She leans her head down as she accepts your cock, her whole body rocking as you pump into her. She's making noises with each thrust, slowly getting louder.

Tammy starts playing with her nipples, squeezing her breasts through her shirt, her ponytail bouncing as she bumps back against you. She's pushing back against you with every thrust, her noises getting louder.

You can feel your orgasm approaching, just like hers.

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