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A young man goes to the forest looking for fun.

I hated the fact that my swimming attire didn't hide the stimulation she caused. I just made sure that I was in the pool ahead of her.

I felt myself start to rise as soon as she dove in. She started her usual laps. I followed like an obedient dog until I felt a cramp form instantly in my leg. She heard me let out a few little yelps as I made my way to the end of the pool and exited the water. She swam back like a torpedo to tend to me. I sat there and waited, patiently, taking in her every stroke.

Her chest was even more defined as she rose out of the water, wet fabric clinging to her every womanly round and curvature. She walked over, a look of concern on her face, and asked me what was wrong.

"It's my leg. I have a cramp," I winced as I let my eyes fall to my leg.

What I didn't realize or see was that my manhood was snaking down my thigh as she tended to my injury with theraputic hands. She seemed to ignore my love serpent as she massaged vigorously until the muscle released it's pressure, but I knew she had to have seen it.

After the cramp was relieved, she asked if I was ready to "hit the hot tub" to relax. That was a first. She had never wanted to "hit to hot tub" before, but not assuming anything out of the ordinary, I thought it was to help the formerly constricted muscle in my leg from, well, constricting again.

She assisted in moving me over to the stairs and supported me as I limped down, stair by stair. We proceeded slowly until we arrived at the jacuzzi. She turned it on while I managed to get it on my own. She joined me and we sat down simultaneously.

I was relaxing, taking in the moist heat until she started rubbing my leg again, albeit a little higher than previously.

She smiled, got up, stepped out of the water and closed the door to the room that we were in. I watched as she pulled down those crimson straps and rejoined me. She held them in place coyly, slightly above her breasts.

She waded over to me, leaned down and kissed me on the lips. She let the straps fall down and revealed her nipples. I hadn't noticed the small hoops running through them before that moment.

Her tongue massaged mine as she pressed herself into me. It felt like a dream. She ran her fingers through my hair lightly with her hand. As her tongue probed further, I felt myself rise to nearly full salute. My hands roamed down her back and gently squeezed the cheeks of her ass. A moan escaped from her lips. She broke the embrace and retreated to the middle of the tub. She removed her torso from the water and let the suit fall completely, treating me to a good glimpse of her tight stomach.

That was it. I stood and she bent down to her knees. She pulled my trunks down and my member sprang into view. Her blue eyes twinkled up at me as she allowed those luscious lips to tease the head. I felt shock waves tear through my body as she kissed it. I lost my mind to carnal pleasure, as I didn't notice her tongue until I felt it near the base of my cock, lapping at my balls. I leaned back as she went down on me harder and harder. I had never felt a blow job like that before.

She rose up a second time and turned around with her back towards me. She bent over, giving me a generous look at her pussy and ass as she slid the suit all of the way off. She stood there for a moment before I crept in behind her and started licking her, returning her favor.

Her pussy was was trimmed, not completely shaved. I licked slowly as her body thrashed a little. I didn't know at that time that it had been her first orgasm in quite a while. I didn't stop, but kept driving my tongue into her, making her cum a second time as quickly as the first.

I pushed her over to the side of the tub and stuck my cock near her vagina and pushed gently without sliding in, teasing her until she begged me to "fuck her hard". I pounded into her again and again until her knees gave way. Number three.

She finished that third explosion, got up and returned the favor by pushing me onto the bench seat inside of the tub.

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