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A hungry girl must find a way to pay the pizza delivery man.

I do appreciate moving around with the collar and without being in Transport Mode. It seems to me to be unnecessary most of the time. If your slave has accepted her slavery, then the greater freedom may well increase her sense of responsibility and commitment."

Ah, there's the rub. I don't want to tell him that I'm pretty unsure whether I have accepted my slavery. He just smiles faintly and nods. Master turns and touches my elbow, as a signal to leave, and we pass out into the reception area.

He says, "Tell Edward where I am, please," to the lady at the desk. "Already logged," she replies.

We drop down in the lift to a garage where a classic sports car awaits. He indicates that I get in, while he settles into the driver's seat.

"Seat belt on," he commands. "Not standard in this old girl, but required by law."

So, belted up he charges off, slowly through dense traffic at first, then faster as we leave the built-up area.

"I'll take the scenic route. I expect you haven't seen much of Hong Kong yet." The understatement of the month.

Master winds along the twisty roads that cross the island, a legacy of the times before motorways. We thread our way through the congested streets of Central, climbing up we pass some of the grandest mansions I've ever seen, and as we go over the Peak, I glimpse jungle clad valleys, blue-green reservoirs and the outer harbour.

"We could have taken the Express-way," he shouts, "but we wouldn't get this view!"

Hong Kong island is not large, so pretty soon we have zipped down to the coast. Master has to travel at a more sedate speed along the Stanley village Promenade. He points out some of the features, the working fishing fleet, Stanley Market and Murray House, the colonial heritage building, relocated from Central.

"Even though all the blocks were carefully labelled, they weren't quite reassembled correctly." He chuckles, "I've heard there were even some left over!"

There is still a little way to go, to St Stephens Bay, where Master's yacht is stored.

"It's really a Sailing School," Master remarks, "but I have an arrangement with them for storing my dinghy."

Master leads me to the last of a group of boathouses. Really, they are just like garages under the main building. The door is open and the young woman waiting says, "Have a great time on the water. I'll lock up again when you're back." She leaves us alone.

There is a two man dinghy on a trailer; the mast is unstepped and I can't see any sails. Master heads for the gear room at the back and I follow on.

Once we are inside he says, "We're not really dressed for sailing, are we? You'll find a variety of shorts and tee shirts in that locker."

He slips off his shoes and strips off his shirt and pants, while I rummage through the locker til I find a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that will fit me. I wonder who has worn them before me. Was she a slave, a girlfriend, or just a sailing companion? I also find some sneakers that more or less fit. Master has already donned a similar outfit, and watches me as I unzip and shed my office clothes. Well, he has already seen a lot more of me than this, so, really, there's no need to feel embarrassed, but somehow, this perfectly normal situation unsettles me more than all of the sexual training and nudity I experienced while in the Intake Corridor.

"Life jackets, under the bench," indicating a cupboard.

I open it and take out two jackets which I think will fit us. I take one and hand him the other.

"I think this will be your size, Master."

"Thanks," he says. "Give me a hand with the sail bag."

Together we carry it outside, then pull the dinghy out to the beach on its trailer. This casual, normal behaviour by my Master rather un-nerves me. I don't know how to react, or what is allowed, but I decide to just follow his lead and hope for the best.

"Look to the sails, Mister Mate, while I step the mast."

"Aye aye, Captain!" It seems as if this is the Master's fantasy of the simple life. I'm very prepared to go along with it.

While I unfold the mainsail

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