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My girlfriend meets up with my workmate and wants to play.

There was no one or nothing around.

She scurried back into the house and put the items on the kitchen table.

Her cellphone rings. She checks the number and turns off the phone.

She goes to the back door. "C'mon, Emmett. Come inside."

Emmett trots into the house and she closes and locks the door behind him. She then turns on all the lights.

Lyssa walks over to the sink, drains the cold water, and stands there, staring at the dishes in the sink.

Emmett makes a circuit of the lower floor. His nose leads him around. A faint scent of another dog. The smell of a mouse around the cupboards. He checks the doors, the bathroom, the furniture.

She jumps when the refrigerator kicks on and again when he noses her palm. She still stunk of fear.

She runs a hand over his head. "I don't know what he'll do." Emmett whines.

She shakes herself and looks at him. "You're right. Dishes, dinner for you, and I'll check you out again. Then a movie and some popcorn, whaddya think?"

He gives a light bark of agreement.

Releasing a deep breath, she starts the water in the sink. She rinses out the bowl she had used to feed him, portioned out some hamburger, folded in an egg, and set it on the floor. "There you go."

He'd never actually hit her but he had a temper and was rough sometimes.

Emmett didn't like him.

He had been pretty good to her but..

She drops the plate in the sink as the phone rings. "Lyssa? ... Lyssa pick up the phone. ... C'mon, we need to talk. ... Quit being a bitch already. .."

There is a click as the answering machine stops recording and she releases a held breath. He sounded mad, and drunk.

She pulls the broken plate out of the sink then finishes the dishes and drains the water.

Another deep breath and she turns.

"OK. Shall we see how you've healed?" She drops to the floor. "C'mere."

He walks over and lays down, like the other times she's checked him.

The wound on his flank is now a reddened scar. She pulled the gauze away from his rear leg. That wound was red, and angry looking, but there was no longer any blood.

She strokes his side. "Who are you? Wonderdog?" He shouldn't look this good this quickly. She shrugs. "Anyway, I guess you're good to go."

She stands and he rises as well.

"OK, shall we see what's on tonight?" She sits on the couch, turns on the television, and checks the listings.

"Saw? Geez, like I need a scary movie right now. Treasure of the Sierra Madre? Bridge on the River Kwai? Isn't there anything decent to watch? The Break Up. Nope, no relationship movies. There, how 'bout Up?"

Emmett is standing at the back door as she looks up. "Oh. Sure. Not a bad time for a potty break."

She opens the door to let him out. She watches as he walks out of the lighted area. "Be careful. Hurry back." She closes and locks the door then uses the bathroom herself and hunts for some popcorn.

Emmett heads for the back of the property. Be careful, she'd said. There really wasn't much out here he needed to fear. Hurry back. He smiled a wolfish grin. She wanted him there. Good.

He again marks more of the property borders then walks beyond the treeline again to defecate.

The query reaches his mind as he sees half a dozen eyes reflecting the light of the house.

'Randall wants to know what's going on, Emmett. What happened?'

'Courting a female, Rolly. Now's a delicate time.'

'Who's on the other side of the ravine?'

'Not sure. One of the Macy pack. He came up while I was watching and challenged me.'

'Looks like he got in a couple good licks. Losing your edge?'

'Missed a feint. Nothing serious. I've gotten worse from you and Randall. Anyway, gave me an in with her.'

Roland takes another breath. 'What about her male?'

'He hurt her tonight. She kicked him out. She feels safer with me there.'

Samuel growls lightly. Abuse of females and young was not tolerated in their pack. 'I don't understand you, Emmett.'

'When should I say you'll be back?'

'I'll need a few days to make sure the male's going to leave her alone and to show her what I can do for her.'

A couple of chuckles sound in his mind.

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