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Alex and Gracie continue to deepen their relationship.

I went back to my teasing torture of just playing with her lips and barely dipping into her fuck hole while lapping softly up and down her ass crack.

"Touch me... ohhhhhhhhhh ... Please ... touch me ... down there ..." She replied.

"Tell us what you want or I'll stop!" I demanded, wanting to bring out the wanton slut hidden away inside that normally shy shell.

Jasmina rose pushing Enver off her lush body and said "tell Master what you want and he'll make you feel what it's like to experience nirvana my beautiful lover ... it's ok ... you can say all those things you want to say inside your head ... it's just us here".

She started out looking up first at Jasmina - the picture of womanly sexuality who was up on her knees in front of Enver's face - her cunt just inches away from Enver's nose - and then around to me behind her with a cock so big it looked like a big pink dripping zucchini.

"Please ... both of you ... I need to experience everything. I have been hidden away for so long ... these thoughts, these dirty filthy thoughts in my mind... They're always there ... constantly ... I need to become a woman..." She quietly said as she dropped her eyes, now moistening with tears.

In all my life I have never seen a young woman so eager yet so terrified of what she was about to do. I took Jasmina's hand and pulled her back down to the bed - one of us on either side of Enver, Jasmina spooning her from behind and me face to face with this angel. The heat emanating from her was incredible - like a furnace about ready to boil over.

"Do you want me to be the one who takes and owns your virginity forever?" I asked, staring directly into her eyes.

"Yes Master" she replied without a second's hesitation.

"Then you'll have to ask it of me directly" I simply responded.

"I want ... want you to ... please ... take me the first man to fuck me ... make me yours... " she replied.

This was what I wanted to hear but not the way I wanted to hear it. Enver pushed into me and groaned making me wonder what was going on behind her. I looked over at Jasmina who smiled lasciviously and winked.

"What is Jasmina doing to you?" I asked Enver.

"She's ... she's using her finger inside of me..." Enver replied and then groaned again.


"She's got her finger ... in me ... back there ..." she murmured with eyes half lidded.

"WHERE DOES SHE HAVE HER FINGER?" I demanded. I was going to get this girl to open up both literally and figuratively, on her own, though with a little forceful prodding.

Enver groaned again, loudly, while pressing even harder into me... "IN MY ASS" she replied... "SHE'S FINGERING MY ASS!" Enver finally said loudly while moaning even harder, her pelvis thrusting back and forth against my rock hard cock.

"What is Jasmina doing to your asshole baby?" I asked softly.

"She's FUCKING MY ASS ... ohhhhh ... it feels so good ... she's sliding her finger in and out of my ass... I never knew it ... ahhhhhh, ohhhh god ... would feel so good ... fuck... please, please... more ... put another one in" Enver moaned and panted.

And then Jasmina did. I could see from the flash in Envers eyes and the smile on Jasmina's face that she had joined up another finger and sent it sliding up Enver asshole. As a treat I sent a continuous but barely perceptible orgasm washing through Enver's body at just that moment as a reward and kept it purring through her head, her cunt, her belly, her nipples, clit and asshole for a few minutes, enjoying watching her squirm and writhe around as her body became awash with pleasure.

It was time to see this beautiful young creature impaled on cock so I disengaged myself from Enver's grasp.

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