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I shook my head and scooted away on my ass until I hit the wall with my back. That didn't make Matt very happy. His eyes narrowed and his lip curled slightly. The black tank top he was wearing showed that the muscles in his arms were tensed. Instead of fear, though, I oddly felt indignant about the way he was looking at me like I was a meal.

"Problem?" I asked with venom in my voice. After what had happened last night, I was sick of being afraid. I was sick of being the victim. Though, I wasn't stupid enough to not recognize the threat. When I stood up, I pressed as far against the wall as I could.

Matt stalked forward and placed each hand on either side of my head, then leaned forward. HIs forehead almost touched mine as his hazel eyes looked into my blue ones. I could smell him with each breath I took, and the way his broad chest tapered down to his narrow hips practically made me drool through my anger. He had dog tags on and tucked under his shirt. He smelled like the forest and a little bit of cologne...and all male. I was suddenly aware that I didn't have on any panties on under my sweats. Matt took a deep breath through the nose and a small look of amusement cut though the anger on his face.

"You'll do perfectly," he purred, and then I was airborne. I landed with an audible 'Oof' on the bed and before I could sit up Matt was on top of me. He pinned my hands to the bed beside my head when I tried to shove him off and chuckled. His canines looked sharp again like they did the other night, and his eyes had gold flecks in them. When my mouth opened to scream he quickly covered it with his own, replacing my scream with a moan. When he broke the kiss, we were both panting.

"Of course, I can't have someone who hasn't submitted to me join. Especially not you," he whispered in my ear.

"What...what do you mean?" I asked breathlessly. Matt was kissing and nipping his was down my neck as I tried my hardest to ignore the increasing heat between my thighs. Matt took another deep breath through his nose and moaned, nuzzling my neck.

"You are mine, Haleigh. You always were and will always be mine," he said. "And now, I'm going to make you mine. In body," he licked up my neck and I moaned at the flash of desire that coursed through my body like fire. "And soul." He released my wrists and ran his hands boldly over my body, squeezing my ass through the sweats and sucking on my earlobe. The words and questions on my lips vanished and I arched my back, pressing my breasts against his body. It felt like I was being sucked in to his trap, and I wanted to go down the rabbit hole.

Matt brazenly slipped his hands under my borrowed shirt, which I would have bet my life was his, and massaged my breasts. I grew frustrated with the restricting cloth and he seemed to notice. Within a second, the shirt was ripped from my body and his mouth was sucking on one of my nipples. I gasped and tangled my fingers in his hair. He pinched and rolled my other nipple with one hand while the other squeezed my ass. He soon showed my other breast the same treatment and I moaned his name.

I clawed at his tank top and wrapped my legs around him. He broke away from me and peeled off the shirt, revealing his washboard abs and broad shoulders. To put it simply, I went nuts. I leapt forward and wrapped myself around the man who had been in every one of my wet dreams since I had been seventeen. Matt laid me on the bed and kissed me viciously.

"See?" he said triumphantly, ripping my pants away from my body. "You are meant to be mine."

"Yes, Matt, I'm yours," I said breathlessly. He growled in response and stepped back, slipping his pants and boxers off. At the sight of him, my eyes widened and I blinked in surprise. I mean, I wasn't completely inexperienced with men, but I was still a virgin at the ripe age of twenty. Matt crawled up on the bed and pushed me onto my back gently. He rested on his forearms over me and looked into my eyes.

"Are you alright, love? You seem to be a little caucus about me.

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