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Mia reached over and held Gretchen's hand. "More than friends by now, I'd say."

Gretchen smiled, and they both leaned over and engaged in a long, sensual kiss. Tim beamed.

Jeannie smiled, and registered no surprise.

Gretchen continued. "We all got to talking after a really great session and meditation, and I felt this remarkable connection between us that I really wanted to tap into. So I took the plunge and told them flat out I liked them both very, very much, and if it wasn't too forward of me I wanted to take our friendship to a deeper level.

"We were a little surprised at first," said Mia. "But we looked in her eyes and saw this beautiful sincerity, and we looked at each other and instantly...well, we knew."

"So we went back home together and we made love for...mmm, hours," Tim said. "And then we asked her to move in with us. And it's been that way since."

"Yep," said Gretchen.

"Well, I'm glad for you," Jeannie said. "I had a feeling you were an item, but I didn't want to pry."

"We're very open people," said Tim. "It's been nothing but a beautiful, honest friendship together. We really fit well, and Gretchen is the perfect complement to our marriage. We share everything. We give each other emotional support, and we have no secrets."

Gretchen spoke up. "And we have a lot of fun, too."

"I'll bet!" Jeannie said.

"So we saw you guys last week, and we kinda knew in a flash that we shared an adventurous spirit," Mia said. "We haven't done anything as crazy outside the confines of our home...or other friends," Mia said, with a laugh that was shared by Gretchen and Tim.

"Are you, uh...swingers?" I asked.

"No, we just enjoy other friends together sometimes. People we really connect with."

I nodded my head, slowly. Jeannie looked intrigued.

Mia continued. "We just really like you guys, and we think we'll wind up being very good friends." She caught my eye. "I'm not suggesting we do anything I just mentioned. We just want to share our experiences and maybe have some of the same adventures together. You know, see what happens."

Jeannie smiled, and held my hand. "You know, I'd really, really like that. I'm new to this, but I've really been open to seeing new things and doing new things...I've had an active imagination all throughout my teen years, and my boyfriend and I have talked about so much but only recently we've stepped out of our bubble." She stroked my hand. "How do you feel, honey?"

Before I spoke, I saw Gretchen looking at me, a warm smile but staring intently. I saw Jeannie looking at Tim and Mia with a fixed gaze. They looked back at us, smiling.

"Um..." I started. "Yeah, I'm new at tapping into my adventurous side, I guess you could say that. I wanted to broaden things with Jeannie, and it's really exceeded both our expectations. I wasn't expecting to make friends also interested in these things...at least, not this fast."

Everybody laughed.

"But hey, everything falls into place in its own time, right? I'm really impressed with you guys, and I've learned a lot. I really like all three of you, and I'm glad Jeannie does too. It's wonderful our paths crossed. Let's have fun!"

Everybody breathed a happy sigh. We raised our glasses and toasted to our new friendship.

"Hey," Tim said. "This is a pool party, and we haven't gotten in the pool yet? Anybody in?"

"Oh my gosh," I said. "We forgot our swimsuits."

"I can get you some if you like," said Tim. "but since we're all enjoying the spirit of adventure, I'm willing to suggest clothing-optional. That's what we do when we have no guests!"

"Sounds good to me," Jeannie said.

"Alright, I'll go first." Mia said. She pulled the string of her bikini top, and revealed a gorgeous pair of C-cups, with tiny pink nipples that instantly went hard in the summer breeze. She had no tan lines, one of the benefits of being able to tan by your own backyard pool.

Gretchen followed suit, and untied the string around her neck that held her one-piece, She hooked her thumbs over the top, and pulled it down over her EE breasts, which popped out and wiggled s

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