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She is finally allowed to...

But upon closer inspection I could see the hand of one of the women, in the lap of her male partner, moving quite vigorously up and down. It took no large stretch of the imagination to guess what was happening. At first I was shocked. But then I accepted the scene for what it was, a loving couple enjoying themselves, not caring one bit that they were in a public arena. I came to accept that this type of behavior was normal here, and to wonder what else I might see in the hours to come.

Outside the TV room and adorning the hallway walls were framed black and white pictures of female club members. These pictures were erotic, bordering on artistic. The females presented were all posed in provocative and revealing positions. Some of them were nude, or mostly so, and left nothing to the imagination. I found them to be quite exciting. I had not been aware of it before, but now I felt a stirring. An erection was growing that I hoped would be put to use later.


I didn't tell him ... just yet ... that I knew most of the ladies pictured in this hall of fame. These were the various ladies that had posed for contests each week since this club had opened. They were the best of the best. No, they weren't 21, and no, they didn't have the best bodies, but they were fine. I think he was starting to realize the concept of quality vs. quantity.


As we walked further down the dark hallway, we found other rooms, all furnished with beds. Some of these rooms were plain; some were decorated in various themes. Some of the rooms had no doors. Others had windows that I could only guess was for the entertainment of the voyeurs in the club. I knew immediately that I would never have the courage to make love in a room where people could watch. Yet I wondered what it would be like to stand on the other side of the glass and watch, as complete strangers played out their passions.


Well, he didn't want to leave, and he had seen the whole place. There had been nothing going on in the back rooms, but still, the night was early. We went back to the main room, and found some seats well in view of the dance floor, as this is where things were starting to heat up. There was a half-naked woman sitting just across from us, so I didn't think he would mind my choice of seats. We sat on the barstools, my legs inside of his, and watched the dance floor as partners changed as fast as did the music. One couple was dancing and, the next thing we knew, another man had joined them dancing close behind her. Pretty soon another lady joined that same couple, or rather threesome. Soon the two guys went back to their tables, as the two ladies enjoyed themselves. I'm not even sure they noticed that the guys were gone. There was another lady dancing while her husband sat in a chair at the side of the dance floor watching her every move. They were in their own little world. I noticed the lights dim, and the spot light illuminated the smaller stage, the one with the pole. I could see to one side that a lady was getting ready to entertain. I'm not sure if it was for her personal entertainment or for someone else. Either way, she was very entertaining to the rest of us as she stepped up onto the stage. The dance floor cleared, and a mix of both men and women sat around the edges of the small stage. I saw his eyes focus on what was happening.


As I watched what was about to happen, I felt a sudden impulse to reach into my wallet for one-dollar bills. Then I checked myself -- no, not here. So I watch with interest as the show played itself out.

The lady dancing wore a slinky, yet simple dress.

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