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Kelly's father defends the punishment he delivers on Kelly.

"Very good work, Mr. Rodgers I've got your check right here but I'd like to keep you on it if you're not too busy. I need you to follow Mrs. Clark some more and oh yes, much more pictures."

"But Mr. Clark these should be more than enough to prove that your wife is cheating on you..."

"Mr. Rodgers I already know my wife cheats on me, I not looking for evidence I'm looking for titillation."

He went on to tell me of a marriage gone stale and the role-playing games they indulged in to spice up the bedroom. At first when he encouraged her to have an extra-marital affair, she was shocked. However, when he confessed a fantasy of her making him a cuckold she told him of a long known friend whom she often thought of in a sexual way. Everything was set she arranged a date as he sat home awaiting details. His wife spent the night with her lover yet when she came home, the next morning looking used, and spent, she refused to talk to him about it.

After sleeping most of the day when she arose, she still would not talk about her evening. She told him the night was thrilling and her man wonderful and she would not cheapen her affair by giving the sordid details to her husband. He could not believe it after finally convincing his wife to indulge him his fantasy she now refused to include him in it. This is where I came in to the picture, after seeing my ad on TV he decided to live his life vicariously through me.

Very interesting, this was all new to me, he didn't want to catch his wife cheating he wanted to witness it. Could I develop this into a new branch in my business? I was wondering just how many husbands out there wanted their wives to cheat. As with most detectives, when you have a question you head for Google. The first shock was when I found over six million results for the word 'cuckold' this meant I had a lot of research to do. This all brought on only more questions, if a woman is openly cuckolding her husband then he wouldn't need my services. Yes, that's true but what if he's only a fantasy cuck, afraid to tell his wife of his perverted desires while in reality, she is actually cheating on him. To me it only stood to reason that if a man is such a wimp that he wishes his wife would sleep with another man, she might well be looking outside the marriage to find a real man for her pleasure.

I went to my R&D firm to see what they could work up and I have to say they are talented in the ways of marketing. Their research showed that most cuckolds craved humiliation and that ads slanted that way would achieve the best results. They told me that any ads they could put on TV would not get my point across due to censorship. They said the key would be on the net and as a test market, they suggested some well placed ads on various cuckolding sites. They also suggested I stay away from 'Pop up ads' as they are called and other intrusive forms, as they tend to alienate the customer. To be truthful I personally couldn't see the market for this service but with prospect of added business with little added expense, I said to run with it

They banged out some copy in an afternoon, bought space, and were on line the next day.

"Are you a closet cuckold? Do you delight in the desire to watch your wife with another man but not man enough yourself to approach her with your craving? Don't you think that if you're not man enough to talk with your wife that your are also not man enough to please her. What if she is out enjoying your fantasy right now and you don't even know it. Our trained staff can follow your spouse and bring you evidence for your own pleasure. From pictures, to audio, to even video whatever you need for your prurient interest. Although our rates may be high our results are worth it." It went on with phone number and web address.

The first week showed little results and no new clients.

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