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Power and corruption... Meet Sheriff Segan

She didn't know it yet but Tom was also having fantasies of little Morgan.

Later that day she left her dorm and headed home for the summer. All those naughty thoughts running through her head. Wondering the whole way if she could make Daddy see that she wanted him as much as she hoped he wanted her.

It was a long drive and just as night fell, Morgan pulled into her driveway. Morgan became even more nervous as she walked into the house. Looking around for her Daddy but he was nowhere around.

She went into her room dropping off her suitcases and washed up in her bathroom. Then as she looked out of her bedroom window she finally caught of glimpse of her Daddy.

Tom was walking one of Morgan's old classmates out of his garage/workshop. Morgan noticed she looked pretty worn. Hair a mess and makeup smeared down her face. She was pulling her shirt down as if she had it off and was putting it back on.

Daddy was adjusting his crotch and pulling up his zipper.

Morgan thought to herself, "how suspicious" as she dropped her shade and ran down the stairs to meet him.

She ran to Daddy's arms, kissing his cheek. She felt his hands pulling her tight against him. She loved the feel of his hard body against hers. Morgan recognized a heavy smell of sex on him.

Daddy's hands groped her in ways other than fatherly, but Morgan didn't feel creepy. No, she liked it and it made her feel loved. She knew that no one could ever make her feel this safe besides Daddy.

Tom, felt apprehensive when Morgan jumped in his arms. But that started to fade away quickly. Her scent intoxicating, almost hypnotizing. Her body soft and inviting.

Tom had felt many women in those days after the death of his wife. But none had made her feel like Morgan did tonight. He thought about Margo when he touched Morgan intimately.

He had always felt so close to both of them. Tom eventually let his guard down and leaned in and kissed Morgan's throat. Not like her daddy, like a lover. It just happened, unplanned and uncontrolled.

Tom's animal came out and his instinct took over. He realized after it happened that as weird as his mistake was Morgan's reaction was even more strange. She didn't pull away like any other daughter, Morgan actually acted as if she welcomed it.

Morgan acted as if Daddy was that long-lost lover. It was so natural, to allow him to take control. She leaned into her Daddy and opened herself to him.

In that few seconds, they both realized what had occurred and they stepped back from each other. Apologizing and looking away.

Of course, Daddy took responsibility, but Morgan knew the truth and so did Tom. They both felt so comfortable it seemed like a natural evolution in their relationship.

Both of them made some small talk and Tom welcomed her home. But they both knew they had just made a small step closer. Wondering if they should continue moving forward or take a step back.

Tom decided a welcome home barbeque would be just the thing. So, both of them got on their phones inviting all the family and friends over tomorrow. Then it was off to bed because tomorrow would be a busy day.

Tom woke up early and started cleaning up the backyard. Then it was off to the supermarket to shop for food and drink.

There were eating and drinking, visits from family and friends. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Far too soon, the day ended and the night festivities would begin. Tom was feeling very content, enjoying having his daughter home. His mind was still pinging back and forth over the events of this morning.

He noticed Morgan looking tired but also very happy, thinking to himself she must have had some drinks. Tom saw her doze and thought how beautiful she is, not unlike a younger version of her mother, Margo.

Walking over he leaned down and lifted her into his arms. Tom carried his daughter, Morgan, into their house and laid her on the sofa. Noticing his growing erection from touching his little girl, Tom went to his workshop.

When he got to the g

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