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I thought my battery had more life than it does, and I didn't happen to see an outlet here."

"Really? I thought there was one under this table. Let me see...."

She took a small step back and bent over from the waist, putting her hands on her knees. Of course, that gave me an awesome view down her shirt. The lace of the bright white bra was the perfect color contrast between her tanned skin and the black shirt, and I couldn't NOT stare. Her arms pushed her boobs together beautifully, and the shirt hung open just enough to showcase the view. I knew there was no outlet by me, but it seemed odd that she needed to look for 30 seconds when it only took me two. And she worked there!

Karen started moving up and I jerked my gaze away pretending to look for an outlet also.

"Ahh, now I remember," Karen said, looking back at me, "the closest one is down there by the comfy chairs."

She moved a step closer to me, stopping right by my shoulder, but still facing me. She leaned forward slightly again. Pointing to the screen of my laptop, she dropped her voice to just above a whisper.

"I'm pretending to help you right now, so just be quiet."

Once I nodded my head in agreement, she leaned forward and stopped when I felt a firm breast press against my arm. My height above her, plus her leaning and being so close, I had another great view down her shirt.

"I saw you staring at my boobs a minute ago, and I know you're doing it now, you old pervert. If you keep staring I am going to get you kicked out. Go ahead and move to the other chairs, but you might want to wait a few minutes if you don't want to be too obvious."

Confused, I looked up at her and followed her gaze. To my crotch. I had been so focused on her boobs that the uncomfortable feeling in my khaki pants had been ignored. The chubby was clearly obvious through the soft fabric, and there was no way I could walk around without pointing the way.

In a minor huff, Karen stomped away. Trying not to be obvious about looking, I saw she was still swaying her hips at me. And again, she turned to look before she went out of sight, but with my limited view I couldn't tell if she was smirking.

Turning back to the coffee to help resume my normal blood flow, I got my mind (and the little guy) calmed down enough to move a few minutes later. Gathering up my gear, I moved to the seating area below. As promised I saw a power outlet by the chair nearest the bottom of the stairs. In just a few moments everything was situated properly, and I was finally able to get logged into my email account and start the job of sorting through the inbox to clear out the spam.

Two older ladies were sitting a few chairs away, just far enough away for me to not be able to hear everything they were saying, but close enough to hear random distinct words. One of them was facing me, and she looked at me oddly from time to time. They had just come in just as Karen was leaving my table a minute ago. Had she heard or seen any of what went on? I didn't pay much attention to them, and I really hoped that Karen's escapades were done since there were other people so close by. The coffee really was good, and besides the few awkward moments I was enjoying my stay here.

Karen arrived again with another exotic blend for me to sample. She set the cup down on the small table next to me, but since this was so much lower than the previous table, now she had to bend down to do it. I really didn't mean to stare again, but I was looking at the cup, and only had to glance up a tiny bit to see her breasts again, and my heart skipped a beat as I saw her bra was now gone!

She lingered much longer than she really should have, but I still couldn't tear my eyes away from the view. Her tanned skin changed quickly to the pale skin that never saw sunlight, her smaller hand-sized breasts only foot away from my face. The dark brown small nipples that tipped each breast were clearly visible and looked to be just about as hard as my cock was right now.

With no regular table, my laptop was on my legs,

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