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Kyle becomes a cocksucker.

I just looked at her, waiting.

"Well, I thought if I had a friend over that I really knew, we could maybe play some games...."

"I see. And would these games maybe have me naked?"

"__ see where you are going Sabine. Would you mind being naked in front of my friends? Even if some were guys?"

I lowered my eyes and swallowed. I didn't want to say no, but I really didn't want to say yes either. Melanie seemed to understand.

"We won't do anything that you don't want, Sabine, I promise. All you have to do is say no, and I will stop anything we've started."

I still felt uncomfortable with the entire idea of her inviting people to be with us. I didn't mind her making me be naked with her, but if she had a girl or a guy with us, I wasn't sure about being naked. But, if I was, it would probably make Melanie happy and then I might get some things that I wanted too. It wasn't an easy decision to make.

"Take all the time you want to decide, Sabine. We don't have to do anything right this minute."

Melanie was being very nice to me, not pressuring me at all.

"I want to ask a question."

"Go ahead."

"If, and that is a big if right now, I agree to having friends of yours around, I am going to end up naked, I know that. Am I expected to have sex with whomever you have over? Are you going to be naked too? Are you expecting me to have sex with you in front of someone?"

"Whoa, that's more than one question. Let's see, will you be naked? Probably. You do sort of like it and I want to do things that you like too, Sabine. Will I be naked too? That one I can't answer right now. Maybe, maybe not. Will I expect you to have sex with someone other than me? I think we'll just see where things take us. Maybe, maybe not again."

"I really don't want to have sex with a guy, Melanie. Even if you might find it exciting to watch, I don't think that is something that I want to do."

"Sabine, I won't ask you to fuck a guy, but maybe something else, like sucking him. That wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

"I'm not sure. You would be with me too? You wouldn't leave me alone with some guy, naked would you?"

"No darling, I wouldn't leave you alone, even with a girl. I don't want anything to happen that we both can't live with. But with a girl, it would be interesting to have you lick her while I am using "John" on you. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Oh God, I don't know, Melanie. I'd be embarrassed for sure."

"That's what makes it so much fun, Sabine. I know that you would be embarrassed, probably humiliated, and I love watching your face, the expressions you have. How you look is a big part of the charm with you, darling."

"Would your friends be willing to do stuff? Wouldn't they be embarrassed too?"

I know one girl who probably would love to be with us. Every guy that I know would love to see a naked girl. Does it excite you to know that you would be the reason a guy is hard?"

"Um, yes, sort of, I guess."

Well, we can go slowly, Sabine. Like I said, I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to do. You have to want it too. Not just me."

"I guess that's fair, Melanie. Do you want to do something today? I mean we could try it and see...."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I guess so. Oh God, I mean, I don't know..."
"Let's try it tonight, with a girl friend of mine. One who would love the whole idea. And we'd be off campus, since she has an apartment, so it would be a little more private, Sabine."

I was beginning to have second thoughts, but I had already said that I would try this, so I felt committed. Then I had an evil thought about my earned wishes and I sort of smiled. I was still nervous but I had some thoughts that Melanie didn't know about just yet.

'One last question, not about whether I will or won't. I can claim my wishes when I want them, right?"

Now Melanie had to think. I could see the wheels turning in her head. She thought for a long time, looking at my face to see my expressions. I held my face as neutral as I could, not letting my expression change. Finally she seemed to make up her mind.

'Yes, you can claim t

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