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Wally wants the madam, not a girl, at the Aloha Spa.

"Oh my God, they're really delusional," Alexis said. "They really think there's some sort of maker who is responsible for putting all the genies on Earth?"

"It's stupid, yeah, but what can we do?" Matt said.

"Well, I was thinking about it in my lamp, and actually, if we want to get hold of those lamps they have, it may be a good idea to simply wait it out," Alexis said.

"Why?" Matt asked.

"Because the two of you are the youngest members of the society, so you'll outlive the others, and be able to take the lamps for yourselves, especially as you'll presumably be able to overrule any other members you've picked up by then."

"But that could take years!" Lumiosa protested. "Don't you want to free our brothers and sisters now?"

"Of course I do, but realistically, this is our best strategy," Alexis said.

"I agree," Sophie said. "At least until we think of anything better."

Sophie then stood up, pulling Matt up with her.

"Anyway," she said. "Time to go out. Alexis, I wish for you to dress the 4 of us for school."

"School?" Alexis asked, confused. "But it's Sunday?"

"No, it's not, we just let you two stay in your lamps all of Sunday," Matt told them. "Mostly because we wanted to have a day to ourselves."

"Well I hope you enjoyed it, I had a nice nap in my lamp," Alexis said. "Now let's see about getting us dressed." She snapped her fingers, and the 4 of them were instantly dressed for school.

"Alright, and now, I wish that all 4 of us were in all the same classes," Sophie commanded.

"Even PE?"

"Yes. Now do it."

"Your wish is my command, Sophie."

The 4 of them drove to school in Sophie's Ferrari. As they walked in, they saw Max and Sam.

"Hey guys," Matt said to them.

"Hey Matt," Sam said, before he saw Sophie and Alexis. "Hi Sophie...Please don't do anything to us."

"Aw, what's the matter?" Sophie said teasingly. "Afraid I might give you more blowjobs?"

"We're afraid you might make us orgasm in front of the entire school again, or give us blowjobs without letting us cum," Sam replied. "It's a valid concern."

"The concerning bit is how you're the only boys in the whole world that don't want a girl to get them off," Sophie said. "Come on, let's go to class."

As they walked into class, Sophie made a wish.

"I wish that no matter what we do in this class, no-one will find it weird," she whispered in Alexis' ear.

"Your wish is my command," Alexis whispered back.

Meanwhile, the boys were sat chatting.

"So when are you gonna get us laid again?" Max asked Matt. "Come on Matt, you promised you'd make it up to us. Or are you still in no magic?"

"I'll do it after school, I promise," Matt said. At this point, Max and Sam felt their trousers and underwear vanish, and their cocks growing instantly hard.

"What the..." Sam said. Suddenly, both boys gasped, as they felt warm, wet mouths engulf their dicks. "Holy fuck..."

"Guys, what are you doing?" Matt asked, before he noticed that they were both naked from the waist down. Matt looked under the table, where he saw Sophie and Alexis sucking his friends off.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" He asked under his breath.

"Having fun," Sophie replied, talking through having Max's dick in her mouth.

"Sophie, you can't keep messing with my friends!"

"If it makes you feel any better, you can mess with my friends."

"I don't want to mess with your friends! And I want you to stop messing with mine."

"Oh fine..."

Sophie and Alexis pulled off of Max and Sam, and moved out from under the table.

"You know boys, clearly Matt doesn't want you to feel good," Sophie said.

"I just don't like you using my friends as your toys," Matt said. "If they're going to get laid, it's off their own free will."

"You're so cute when you're trying to be nice," Sophie smiled, and kissed him.

"But you know what, I think I might take you up on the offer of messing with your friends," Matt grinned. "Lumiosa, I have some wishes."

"I'm all ears, Master," Lumiosa smiled.

"Good," Matt said.

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