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She flirts with him, then seduces him.


I could picture Stacy wearing these and had an image in my mind of what her pussy would look like and how the thin material would show every detail. Stacy just stood back leaning against the breakfast bar, she looked as sexy as I've ever seen her before and she had a mischievous look on her face. She was dressed in a pink cotton dress which showed off her lovely legs well, it was held in place by the thin straps over her shoulders. She wore a pink bra which pushed her tits up and together to form a nice cleavage. Going back to her undies I said, "These I like, any see through knickers do it for me you know, I bet you look wonderful in these."

As I spoke Stacy's face became a little flushed and I noticed that her nipples were pushing her bra out, it was clear that she knew I had noticed them and she made no attempt to cover them up, "It looks to me like your need a little attention in you bra."

"It looks to me like you need a little attention in your jeans." she replied.

She was now looking down at the bulge that had been growing in my pants. I moved to stand in front of her; she took the panties from my hand and led me into their living room. Once inside she turned around and kissed me hard. Her kisses were very passionate and she was pushing her hips into my crotch, I returned her kisses and probed her mouth with my tongue. I raised my hand to caress one of her tits and as I did she slipped her dress strap from her shoulder. This left her boob exposed and to my surprise the material of her bra was see through, her nipple was so hard it must have been at least 15 mm long and as I touched it for the first time she gasped and rolled her head back.

"God that feels good," she sighed, "I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first met you, I have dreamed about you fucking me hard, Amanda is so lucky to have you and she has told me of how good your sex life is, I need you to take me now, right here, right now!"

She was clearly in a state of extreme passion and I was going to make the most of my position.

Well who am I to let a lady down, I leaned back to take a good look at Stacy's tits. I pushed her other strap off of her shoulder and pushed her dress to the floor. I stepped back to admire the full view and noticed a smile on Stacy's face as she watched me admiring her, she wore the same type of see-through panties as I had in my hand earlier but these of course were pink, "So what do your think, do I look any good wearing them?"

Her question was answered with a smile from me as I reached out with both hands to pinch on her erect nipples. I moved forward to place a kiss on her mouth and as I did Stacy took a firm hold of my belt buckle and proceeded to undo my belt, flies and push my jeans past my knees, all in one swift motion. I continued my assault on her tits whilst she tugged my hard on out of my pants, the feeling of her soft hand around my dick was fantastic, as she began to wank me slowly.

"My you are a big boy aren't you, I want to feel that inside me, I need to be fucked soon or I'll scream the house down."

I lowered my head and began to suck firmly, through the material of her bra, on her right nipple, she groaned deeply and pushed her hips against my erection in her hand. She lowered the tip of my dick and rubbed it against the front of her knickers, still sucking hard I pushed both tits together and rubbed and sucked feverishly on her long hard nipples.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, Oh yes, that is wonderful, your making me so wet, I need you inside me, I need to be fucked good and proper."

As she whimpered under my control her legs seemed to become more like jelly and her hips began to push into me harder and faster.

I began to think to myself that I could make Stacy come with out even touching her cunt at all and, suddenly, this became my goal.

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