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Several long conversations that eventually ended in great sex later here we were.

I was drawing the bath for my son when he came to pick her up. A whiff of her perfume drifted into the bathroom as she walked up the hall to answer. 'I'm off, if you could stay in the office after ten just in case, that would be great.' There was an exchange of pleasantries and the sound of the door followed by a car leaving. I must admit, I put my son to bed early. Once he was down I paced the house nervously.

I watched some porno, while imagining all the situations she could be in. I masturbated and got a snack. The clock ticked it's way to nine o'clock. I wondered what she could be doing right then. He was a friend of a friend from work. I wondered who else knew. I imagined the looks she must be getting, here I was at home a dark spot of precome on the front of my sweatpants while my half-naked wife was out on the town. I started to jerk off again then gave up and retreated into the office. Time crawled by. I started writing a draft for this very story. I didn't dare go on-line in case she called. Finally at eleven fifteen they pulled in the driveway. I heard her key slide into the lock. She whispered to someone to get her a lemonade and something for himself. Her soft footsteps padded down the hall. I jumped away from the door and grabbed a book way too late to have been reading.

She knocked once and came in. 'I had a blast.' She said, reaching under her dishevelled dress and removing her panties. As she slid them down I could see a glob of cum trail from the crotch to her open vagina. She turned as she stepped out of them showing me her ass. She knew it turned me on. 'I won't be needing these.' she said. 'I know you like to smell and taste me, so now you can have something to smell while you listen' she winked. 'we played pool, and did it once before we went in and once after, then we got a nightcap and came back here. I love you' she said and closed the door behind her. In the living room she turned on the TV and suggested they order a dirty movie from pay-per-view. He said something affirmative and a few seconds later I heard fake groaning. I could also hear wet kissing noises and giggling moans. She had placed the panties on the desk. I picked them up, the crotch was slimy and damp.

I took one look at the door to make sure it was shut, and embarrassed that I did I held them to my nose. They reeked of sex. I inhaled deeply knowing that I was smelling my wife and another man. I ended up with a wet spot of cum on the end of my nose which I wiped off with the back of my sleeve. I tried to look out the crack under the door, but couldn't see a thing. Finally after several minutes had passed and all I could hear were moans and the couch creaking (not rhythmically yet) I decided I really had to pee. It took a second to get my erection to subside and once I did I headed up the hall. Just before I got to the bathroom door, which coincidentally is right across from the couch I stole a sideways glance. There was my wife on all four facing away from me, naked. There were four fingers in her pussy which stared up at me, she was bending over the man's lap, and her head was slowly bobbing up and down with a bit of a circling motion. I stepped quickly into the bathroom and had to jerk off in order to pee on anything other than the wall. Finally after I had both cum and peed I prepared to leave. How long had I been in the bathroom.

I opened the door there they were now she was sitting on his lap facing him, grinding against him.

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