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She keeps her mind off of her ending relationship.

The out line of an erection was noticeable and I noticed.

Mr. Allen moved off and we entered the dinning room where there was a bar set up with every kind of liquor and whiskey. Kenny fixed me a drink and for the next few minutes we stood in the shadows observing this bunch.

A tall heavy set man dropped his clothing and strode naked around this end of the pool and walked down the curved steps into the water. He was hung well and I got a great view of my first cock of the evening and it was a handsome one. His cock swung nicely from side to side as she walked proudly around where I stood.

Linda; Mr. Allen's wife swam over to be there waiting for the man as he came knee deep in the pool.
His back was to me when he stopped. I then saw two hands come around back to grip the powerful cheeks of his ass. I could only guess what "Dear Mrs. Allen was doing" there in front of all the guests.

This must have been some kind of signal for the festivities to begin. It seemed like everyone started dropping there clothing in place all at once. I was still looking and enjoying the sights when I felt hands start to unbutton the flap in the rear of my sailor outfit. Kenny was about six feet away removing his pants. The cool night air flooded my bare cheeks and the two hands were now reaching up and around me cupping my tits.

I turned to see Mr. Fred Allen smiling at me over my right shoulder. "Nice tits Wilda, I must see these beauties." He said as he squeezed them. I also felt a stiff pointed cock slip between the cheeks of my ass. Mr. Allen had found my ass and was showing off his manhood for me.

My blouse was soon open and sliding down my arms. Kenny was now naked and helping. Kenny unbuttoned the flap in front. It was not long before I felt two strong cock bump heads between my legs. Both cock were rubbing along my pussy and my pussy was very wet indeed. It was exciting for me to think of two cocks rubbing each other as they rubbed along my pussy.

Kenny moved some how and his cock head was slipping into my cunt. At the same time Fred pulled back just an inch or so, so his cock was now pressing into my tender tight ass hole. Kenny worked deeper into me as did Fred into my ass.

I had heard of this thing called a "Sandwich" and all of a sudden I was learning how wild and exciting it could feel. We three slowly lowered to the floor with me on top of Kenny and Fred behind on his knees. God this was so wild I started to cry out that I was cumming.
But I could not tell if it was the cock in my cunt shooting rapturous amounts of sperm in my cunt that had stimulated me to a climax or the wonderful cock that was fucking my ass. As I felt a steady stream of warm sperm filling my ass I thought "My mouth is still available."

I staggered to the nearest bathroom and clean up the best I could. As my legs found strength I walked out and back down the hall toward the room with a view of the pool area. I guessed that many of the guests had moved up stairs to the many bedrooms that awaited them.

Linda Allen was now out of the pool and walking toward me smiling. "Hi, Linda Allen." She extended her hand and did I.

"Wilda Raven I am Kenny's date." I said. Linda did not free my hand but held on and moved very close.

"Oh, yes Wilda, I saw you entertaining my husband and Kenny a few minutes ago. Did you enjoy that double duo of manhood? My husband gets so excited when he can get a real piece of ass. One might say we are now sisters of the same (Manhood). "Then she laughed. I laughed and all of a sudden we were like sisters of sorts.

Linda took me by the hand and walked me down a long hall and into the kitchen. There she poured me a glass of wine and we sat like two nudes statues smiling and talking about men in general.

"I like Kenny.

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