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Partying with Bill and Susy at their house.

She nods a thanks and draws deeply on her home made cigarette. I can tell like like me that she enjoys a good smoke, she closes her eyes and exhales a long stream of bluish grey smoke from her mouth and nostrils. I can't help but stare, she is a beautiful woman, and she's talking to me. My mind is now working at full speed, and i'm thinking of a way to invite her back to mine for a cup of coffee. I'd hate to come of as a presumptuous pillock and scare her away. I laugh at myself and shake my head gently.

"So where you going home or going on holiday?" She asks with genuine interest.

"I was supposed to be going to Leicester to visit an old friend, but it looks like i'll have to go tomorrow now. What bout yourself?"

"I was just going to Liverpool for a long weekend, stay with a couple of friends, do some shopping. Ha, I suppose i'll have to wait until tomorrow myself now" She smiles up at me as she laughs about our predicament. I have to laugh myself, it's not, at the ed of the day, the worst thing that could happen.

"I'm John, by the way" I introduce myself and I hold out my hand

"Hiya John, I'm Sharon." She take my hand and I can feel how smooth her skin is, and warm. My own hands are like blocks of ice with the cold, poor circulation causing me much distress.

"Your a local then?" I ask her

"Born and bred, and judging by your accent i'd say you were too" A smile twitches at the corners of her mouth, she hides it well by taking another drag on her cigarette.

"Yep, a Douglas boy for almost 23 years now"

"I'm from Port Erin myself, moved there from Ramsey when I was a baby, almost 26 now" She smiles, I think she realises what i'm up to.

"Do you need a ride home, I have the car parked in long stay."

"I dunno, there's no one home right now, my parents are both in Greece for two weeks."

"They never missed their boat I take it" She laughs at my joke and I smile.

"No they made it on time, I could do with a coffee though, i'm parched, do you think there's any cafe's open?"

"I shouldn't think so, not at this time of day." I take a chance and ask her if she would like to come back to my house for one.

"That would be great, thank you John".

"Don't thank me just yet, you haven't tasted my coffee" She laughs and tells me that she has never been any good at making her own, so mine can't be any worse.

I hold out my hand to help her up from her seat and she takes it with a smile. She pulls herself up and stands in front of me, it's only then that I see her for he beautiful woman she is. Tall and slim, her breasts swelling under her coat, rising and falling with every breath she takes. Her long dark hair falling around her shoulders as a gust of wind passes by. Her full lips have the faintest hint of lipstick and she is wearing very little make up. Her beauty is such that she doesn't need a lot.

We throw our cigarette stubs away and I shoulder my backpack, watching as she lifts her case and extends the handle so she can wheel it along behind her.

"Are we ready?"

"Ready when you are" she says with a nod and a smile "Thanks for this John"

"It's not problem, I didn't exactly have plans for the day" We laugh and stat walking the 100 yards to where my car is parked.

We chat about all sorts during our walk and then our drive back to my house. I can't help but look at her at every chance, she is beautiful, and she has such an amazing personality, I can feel my second brain take over the controls. All I want is her, it's the only thing that's now on my mind, I must have her.

We leave the bags in the car and I invite you in, we divulge ourselves of our coats and walk to the kitchen where I put the kettle on.

"Milk and sugar?" I ask

"Milk please, no sugar, i'm sweet enough" She says this so calmly, then we both break down into torrents of laughter. Her face had been so serious while she said it!

We laugh until the tears are running down our cheeks, and I really can't help myself when I reach out and wipe her tears from her cheek.

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