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It reminded him of a small, pink tongue poking out at him and he longed to pinch, pull, suck and nibble at them. Alex marveled at his good fortune -- not 2 weeks after he finished his long planned cage, the perfect woman walked into one of his offices. She had been expecting to meet the branch manager for an interview but he had been called away urgently so Alex, owner of the company, had stepped in to help out. She was beautiful, expressive and vulnerable. When he had unwrapped his prize he had been delighted to see her shaven pussy and protruding labia -- the icing on his cake.

He studied them for a few seconds and stretched them out noticing the way they snapped back into soft wrinkled morsels. Then his attention switched back to her face. Jess had her eyes closed and was biting her bottom lip. Alex could see she was trying to be still but her hips moved in time to his hand just a fraction. He kept up his assault.

"Still so wet Slave? I wonder what thoughts have been running through your little head to keep you so aroused. I think I can guess." Alex watched the colour fill Jess's cheeks for the third time that day.

"That blush is truly lovely. Do you think your backside will look as pretty when it's that colour?" he asked with a smile. Jess whimpered -- his cock twitched at the sound.

"Answer me Slave." Alex tightened his grip on her labia. Not quite enough to hurt but the threat was clear. Jess hurried to respond.

"I don't know." His pinch increased and Jess's body tensed and lifted off the mattress with shock.

"MASTER!" she added. Alex released her and went back to his gentle play.

"Good girl for remembering. That is one of your rules -- to always call me Master. You will do what I tell you without hesitation. You will present yourself to me when I enter - I will show you how later. You will speak when spoken to. You will please me. That's 5 easy rules Slave. If you fail to remember them I will take great delight in reminding you -- is that clear?"

"Yes Master." Jess cringed at the word.

"Good. Now I think I've waited long enough -- time to take what is mine." growled Alex climbing between her thighs. Jess felt a wave of nausea hit her as she realized what was to come. It had been inevitable yet still it was a shock. She opened her mouth to protest before remembering her rules and biting her lip again. Alex reached down to release himself from the confines of his expensive jeans. He was in a hurry -- all that play with her labia had made him uncomfortably hard and he couldn't wait to plunge into her wetness.

Jess turned her head away and focused on the jungle surrounding her enclosure. Absurdly she felt a jolt of panic at the thought that someone might see and almost wished that the doors would close again. She felt him latch on and begin suckling at her breast as his hot pole nudged at her entrance. He reached down and slipped a finger into her core. Jess hadn't been with a man since her family died and despite the ocean of fluids gushing from her, she felt every millimeter of him slide in. He gripped his cock and pushed until his head was just inside.

"Mmmmm. You're gonna be tight for me aren't you." Alex murmured around her breast. When Jess didn't respond he clamped down on the nipple between his teeth and pulled.

"Owwww! Please..."

"Forgotten the rules already Slave? You will speak when spoken to. Perhaps I need to drum them into you." With that Alex forced his full length into Jess's tight channel. She screamed as she felt her walls stretching to take him. Alex pulled out and plunged again and again until she had no breath left to put behind a scream.

"" he accentuated each word with a powerful thrust.

"" Jess could feel him stabbing her cervix.

"You...will...present...yourself." Alex thrilled at the whimpers and moans he was forcing from her.

"" The pain he was inflicting on her only seemed to excite her more.


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