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Joni M. Ch 01 - "Doing her at my house".


Mother and I just stared at each as the waiter brought us another round of cocktails. Her eyes were pleading with me. She began again, "He can't go over a year without sex. He'll try, but sooner or later he will give-in to temptation. Some flirting secretary at work or the manipulations of one my so called friends. Maybe, even a prostitute." She got a faraway look and a tear ran down her cheek.

"Don't cry mom. Daddy would never cheat on you."

"Yes he will, sooner or later. I have accepted that. I just want it to be with someone who loves and cares about him. I want it to be with someone who won't give him a disease or try to convince him to leave me."

"What about my marriage?"

"Your father is no threat to your marriage." She said wiping the tears from her face.

"Daddy may not even find me attractive." I said relenting a little.

"Nonsense, your father thinks you are beautiful. You are beautiful you know. I know you worked hard to get yourself back in shape after your kids were born. A trip to the hairdresser and you'd be stunning."

I grasped one of auburn locks of hair and twisted. "You think so?"

"Sure do. In fact let me treat you to a day at the spa, we'll do your face, hair, bikini wax, everything. Maybe some new lingerie, too."

"Wait a minute. I didn't agree to ...."

"Are you saying no?"

"I haven't made-up mind."

"Haven't you." She stood-up grasped my hand a led me out the restaurant.

I called my neighbor to make sure she could watch the kids the rest of the day. I then called my husband, Tyler, telling him I was going to be with my mother the rest of the day and he should get the kids from the neighbor when he got home from work.

The rest of the day rushed by as mother hustled me through hair, nail and make-up appointments. We stopped at a lingerie shop and she had me try on several outfits she kept saying, "You father will love this one," and she purchased each one.

We hurried to her house and I changed into blue garter and black stockings in the guest room. No bra, no panties I would have soaked through them anyway. A see-through blue dressing gown covered the outfit. Daddy arrived home.

I could hear mother talking to daddy as she led him down the hall. "Come here Allen I have a surprise for you."

Daddy opened the door and his mouth fell open. "What the....?"

"Now Allen," mother began, "Your daughter has graciously agreed to be my surrogate until I can have sex again. Don't tell me you don't need sex. After thirty years I know your needs."

Daddy looked at me hungrily, "This is ridicules, and she's my daughter."

"What's ridicules? You have needs that have to be fulfilled. She loves you and will not do anything to hurt either one of us. You've had a vasectomy so you can't get her pregnant."

"Sadie, what about your husband? What about your marriage?"

I walked seductive towards him and grasped his hand, "My marriage is fine. I love Tyler and I love you. This is about you, Daddy; you took such good care of me growing up. Let me take care of you." I place his hand on my 38D breast and reached behind his head and brought his mouth to mine.

He squeezed my breast. His tongue invaded my mouth. I heard the door close as mother gave us privacy. I dropped to my knees and unzipped Daddy's pants. His nine inch cock jumped into my face. Mother was right; Daddy was hung like a horse. My husband just had a five inch cock; I always told him size doesn't matter. I wondered if I was wrong as I ran my tongue down the length of Daddy's dick. It pulsated with pleasure and he let out a groan.

I couldn't take the whole thing in my mouth so I sucked on the head and jacked his dick off with my hand. Daddy moaned and I felt his dick grow larger in my mouth. "I'm going to cum, Baby girl" I pointed his dick at my tits and jacked him for all he was worth. I was rewarded by several long ropes of cum spurting like a fire hose all over my tits.

Dad was weak-kneed but he helped me stand.

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