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Wife gets her pipes cleaned while hubby's away.

Once again the cell phone rang, and this time Laura answered it with a bit of attitude. "Oh Rob, guess what I'm doing now!"

"Well little lady, I'm not Rob, but I know exactly what you're doin'." came the voice of the truck driver. "I'm just calling to tell you how much I'm appreciating your little show, and to ask pretty please could you give me a better view between your legs?"

Laura realized she was unconsciously holding her knees firmly together. "Um, OK", she weakly answered into the phone and parted her legs. A wave of embarrassment mixed with overriding excitement caught her as she consciously exposed herself to a complete stranger. Just knowing that he was looking was arousing, and she quickly became wet.

The horn of the truck sounded a couple quick blasts. The driver must like what he is seeing. The excitement built and Laura began to finger herself. Again the truck horn, this time two long blasts. Then it slowed. Laura could see in her rear view mirror it's turn signals were on as the truck took the next exit.

Her skin tingled. She had just shown herself to a complete stranger and she liked it; liked it very much. She felt somehow exotic, erotic and sexually charged.

The highway did not yield any more opportunities before the Saturn reached the exit leading to U-Wash-It. Darkness had settled in and short of turning on the dome light, there was no way anyone could see into the car. Not that there was much chance anyway, as the two lane leading to U-Wash-It was a little-traveled stretch of road, normally only traveled during the day by commuters.

U-Wash-It was deserted, the parking lot lit by halogen lamps above. Laura pulled up to the automated teller and rolled down the window and quickly discovered she could not quite reach the console without a stretching reach out the window causing her breasts to peek well above the door sill. Laura liked the feeling of the night air against her bare breasts, her nipples hardening slightly against the cool breeze. She leaned farther out the window than was necessary for the task, secretly hoping someone would drive by and notice.

But no one happened by. Somewhat disappointed, Laura finished the transaction, rolled up the window, and pulled into the stall where the machinery quickly washed the car.

Pulling back onto the darkened road, Laura eagerly anticipated flashing a few more truck drivers on the highway. But her excitement was cut short by the bright flashing of red and blue that illuminated the car's interior. In her excitement Laura had strayed over the speed limit and a cruiser was now commanding her to pull over.

"Shit!" exclaimed Laura out loud, "Shit, shit, shit!". Pulling over she frantically opened the glove compartment to pull out a map, a brochure, anything to try to attempt to cover herself with. But Rob's cleaning efforts had been very thorough; the glove compartment was completely empty except for the registration and proof of insurance.

The flashing lights and headlights of the cruiser was blinding and illuminated the interior of the Saturn. Laura could see the silhouette of the officer and his flashlight approaching in her rear view mirror as she rolled the window down.

"Driver's license, proof of insurance and registration please" said the approaching officer in a firm baritone. Directing the flashlight into the car he added "Interesting outfit."

This was going to be a real problem if anyone found out, that was for sure. At the same time here she was fully exposed to a complete stranger. She could see by the flashlight's beam he was taking full advantage of the viewing opportunity. Laura felt an electric jolt of excitement send goose bumps down her arms. Here she was in big trouble, yet she was excited.

The officer remained a dark outline because of the flashlight but Laura could see a muscular arm in a pressed short-sleeved shirt as she handed over the insurance and registration info saying "I'm so sorry officer, but I don't have my license with me, I left it at home and..."

The officer interrupted, "Ma'am, it appears

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