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Her duties no know bounds.

His movement halting by You, Your hand coming up, grabbing his hair turning him to face You "by rejecting him you're rejected me my dear. Now relax or you might see of side of Me only he likes" Your fingers slip from his hair as You push him to me.

My arms wrap around him, pressing his body to mine, smiling gently into his eyes whispering "Relax. I don't bite. I nibble," laughing as I crush my lips to his, my tongue playing along his lips seeking to force open his mouth, my fingers massaging the back of his neck trying to get him to relax. Feeling his lips give way to my tongue, I gently run it along his tongue, tasting him slowly, smiling inside as I catch a hint of You on him. Gliding my hands along his body, feeling him tense beneath my fingers, his reaction driving me mad. Nipping down his chin to his neck, slowly nibbling along his skin trying to get him to relax. Watching the look of joy on Your face "I'll be right back" is mumbled as You stand and disappear heading for O/our room. Looking in his eyes "mmmm got you to myself now give in" unbuttoning his shirt, leaning in kissing his right nipple, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Smiling as I hear him groan, "I'm a little scared. Will it hurt?" Laughing as my mouth drift over his chest "no it won't my dear" leaning up catching his lips in a kiss, smiling inside as he finally kisses me back.

Hearing You come back down the stairs, breaking the kiss to watch You, chuckling softly seeing you carrying our collection of toys. Standing up and moving to You, offering to carry them and awaiting Your instructions, holding all of them except the silk scarves as I follow You. You look down at him "strip dear show John what he gets to play with" You turn to me "Strip John he deserves the same privilege" nodding to You, setting the toys on the couch. My eyes never leaving him, enthralled as more of his flesh is exposed, taking in every inch of him. My eyes grow wide as he sheds his pants, my eyes instantly falling on his cock, noticing the difference in sizes between his and mine.

Stripping out of my clothes quickly, consumed by a sudden need to have him, my eyes glance to You asking permission without speaking, You catch the look and laugh "suck him John but if he cums you share it with him" nodding as I fall to my knees in front of him, sliding my tongue across my lips as I slide my hand down his bare chest, the fingers playing against it as my nails graze against the flesh, continuing downward, my hand stopping above his shaft, extending a finger and running it slowly down the length of his cock, my nail pressing against the small slit as my gaze shifts to him, curling my fingers around it, slowly beginning to stroke it as I lean forward, dragging my tongue across the head, then blowing softly, feeling him tense. Laughing gently as I kiss the head of his cock, my lips slowly enclosing him, I glance up, seeing You tying his hands behind him, smiling inside knowing he is at O/our mercy.

Slowly taking his total length into my mouth, slowly swallowing as I feel the head resting against my throat, my fingers slipping to his balls, gently rolling them between my thumb and forefinger.

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