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New pleasures at the back door.

As I did I noticed that he turned his head to see what the other women were doing. When I'd finished his back he rolled over and he instructed me to do his front. Evidently, my rubbing and his lying against the sand had gotten him excited and his penis stood up, then plopped down on his stomach. Dave seemed to enjoy my embarrassment, and as he watched the women around eye his hard-on, he told me to get busy. I applied the oil to his upper torso, and then his legs avoiding his member as it bobbed around on occasion. I started to put the oil away when Dave sat up and handed me a different bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil.

"Now you need to put that on my prick." Dave had that ordering tone again. "Lube it up real good and don't forget my balls." He said this loud enough for the groups of other women to turn and take notice. In fact some of the couples and single guys nearby kind of perked up and looked over as well.

"Dave I don't know about this." I said.

"No one is going to be offended, surely you don't want me to burn there of all places."

"No, but you could put it on yourself couldn't you."

"Why should I, it's not like you've never handled my dick before, besides the other gals will get a real eyeful, it will turn you on, turn them on, and will keep me turned on, besides some of the guys may realize what a prize you are."

I don't know why I did it, part of me said no, but he was right, part of me was extremely turned on. I squirted the oil into my hand and began applying it in a very masturbatory manner. I could have just put it on and quit, but I kept stroking him, lubing his balls, and glancing around through my sunglasses at the other people around. The two groups of women were watching and whispering to each other. The other couples were watching too. One of the single guys began to stoke his own enormous cock as he watched me openly stroke Dave. I must have gone on for several minutes before I stopped and Dave's dick was rigid. As soon as I stopped he stood up and walked over to one of the groups of gals and stood talking with them with his prick shiny and poking straight out at them. He lowered his voice and crouched down and said something to one of the girls, then he stood up and walked off. He waved at me and said "I'm taking a stroll, see you later."

Not more that a minute after he walked off, two of the girls he was speaking with got up and headed the same direction he'd gone. There I was all but dumbfounded, sitting on my towel with several of the guys really giving me the eye. My first reaction was to go after Dave, but after a few seconds I began to realize that the attention from these strange men was having an effect on me. I thought why not oil myself up the same way I'd done Dave. With that I began applying the oil to my own body. I saved my privates for last. First I oiled my tits, giving myself more of a massage that an oiling. Then I got to my pussy. I was neatly trimmed, so I made a big deal of getting alongside my pussy lips just before the tops of my thighs. I gave a sideways glance at the guy who had been stroking himself, and although he had turned surreptitiously toward me, he was at an angle that prevented most of the others from seeing he was masturbating and watching me. Some of the others were watching too, but they were not as blatantly stroking themselves as he was. Almost all of the men had giant pricks. I decided to give him a little show. I made a big production of "protecting myself" from the sun "down there". I ran my fingers up and down my slit, and even got my clit to stand up and rubbed it with oil too. Then I just rolled over to catch some rays.

I saw a shadow come across me and looked up expecting Dave, but it was the giant stroking guy, and his cock was still hard.

"Hi, I noticed you didn't get to do your back, do you need some help? I noticed you seem to not want to burn in other sensitive areas."

"Uh-h-h yea I guess so," I stammered not knowing exactly what to say.

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