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Master Alex and Mistress Martha have words.

Chelsea moved lower with her washing and Cory moaned out loud as Chelsea slid her finger along the girls slit. Cory's body was giving her hell. The many different sensations that this older couple was giving her were like nothing she had ever felt before. Of her own accord, Cory began to slide her body up and down.

As she did so, Harry's dick slid up and down her crack. Cory was searching for Chelsea's finger with her cunt. Chelsea smiled as she kept moving her finger away from Cory's clit. "Please!" Cory couldn't believe her voice.

"Please what Cory?" Harry whispered in her ear. "Put your finger up my cunt. Please! Just rub my clit. I'll cum if you rub my clit." Chelsea smiled, as her finger slid easily up into Cory's eager wet cunt. These two had enjoyed many a woman together! Their moves were smooth.

Harry reached around and began to pinch and pull Cory's nipples. Chelsea knew exactly how to work Cory's cunt without allowing her to cum. Cory's whole world was now centered on her cunt. She would have done anything, promised anything to achieve the orgasm that she so badly needed.

Suddenly they both stopped their movements at the same time. Cory felt her body shiver with penned up frustration. "Don't fuckin tease me," Cory shouted. Chelsea laughed. She put her mouth close to Cory's. "Before I'm through, you'll be begging me a lot harder than you are now."

They rinsed off and helped Cory get out of the tub. The two of them dried her off, and then they dried themselves. They walked the young girl into a bedroom that had the biggest bed Cory had ever seen. Laying her down on the bed, Cory watched as Chelsea dropped to her knees and took most of Harry's dick in her mouth. Cory's mouth opened even as Harry grabbed Chelsea by the hair and pushed his bloated head in.

"Suck it you slut. No matter how much you slurp on this black dick, I always want more." Cory watched, to her amazement, as Chelsea took the entire black snake-like dick down her throat. Harry was looking directly at Cory as he fucked Chelsea's throat. Chelsea was a wet cocksucker. As the dick slid in and out of her mouth, she left a coating of pre-cum and saliva all over it.

Then still holding Chelsea by the hair, Harry pulled it slowly free of her sucking lips. "Would you like to taste it too?" Cory couldn't take her eyes off the bobbing shaft. She nodded her head. Chelsea crawled up onto the bed and slowly pulled the young girls white thighs apart.

There was no foreplay involved. Chelsea dived between those soft white thighs and began to lick and suck the young girls shaved cunt. Just as Cory felt Chelsea's tongue push between her pussy lips, Harry grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up to meet his dickhead.

"Suck it bitch! I'm gonna show you what it's like to have a black man's dick in your sweet pink mouth." Cory didn't even try to take it in her mouth; she just licked her tongue all around the head. Chelsea's tongue had her cunt on fire. But each time Cory thought the older woman would give in and suck her clit; Chelsea would tease her some more.

Cory was humping against the older woman's face for all she was worth. Her mouth was open now and Harry was pushing the head in. Cory wanted to push him back, afraid he would choke her. The older woman grabbed her hands and held them to her sides. Harry pulled Cory's hair and the young girl opened her mouth to moan. Instead, she felt the dick push into her throat. She began to gag and choke. Chelsea had the girls legs pushed up over her shoulders.

Suddenly, Cory began to cum. Her body shook like never before. She had never cum with this much intensity before. Her mouth was full of dick and her cunt was being eaten in a way no other man had ever done. Even as she tried to scream out her release, she could only mumble and choke her sounds.

Harry pulled his dick from her mouth.

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