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Grace is seduced at work.


"I really like you, too. I've never felt like I've had a male friend, but you are so nice to me. I think I would like to have you to talk to from time to time. LDS men seem to like to be the boss all the time. Plus, I've never seen you in a white shirt and tie with a Book of Mormon and Bible under arm," she laughed.

"That's very true."

"I don't want to embarrass you, but I caught you checking me out, and I am very flattered. It made me feel good about myself."

"I probably enjoyed it more than you did. I really like what I see." You're the first Mormon I've seen on my porch that made me really glad you were there." I kidded.

She was fidgeting, acting very much the child. Can we really be friends?" she asked.

"I'd love that, " I told her, and she got up to give me an awkward hug. She had hugged me months earlier when she greeted my wife and I at a store. At the time I was thinking what a bag of bones this skinny bitch was. Now, I'm sort of rubbing her back and trying to feel her breasts push against my chest. And, I am close to her neck and I lean to smell her hair.

"Thank you", she said as she pulled back from me. There was a look about her and those eyes captivated me and she lingered in front of me, just outside the embrace.

Thinking this may my only chance, I took her hands and pulled her closer and gave her a kiss on the mouth. She pulled back and looked at me with a quizzical glance and asked, "Is that the best you got?"

I reached for Joni again and embraced her. We exchanged a lingering kiss. She led the way with the slipping of her tongue into my mouth. I was determined to get my hands on her small breasts as she started to grind against me. I noticed the difference between my wife at 5'-1" and Joni at 5'-7" as my hands went to her ribs just below her boobs.

"Whatcha doing there, Cowboy?" she asked. "I never expected this to happen and I'm not sure I want to go past a kiss."

"Well ... " I paused, "I was trying to do this ..." and I kissed her again and the tongue came right back at mine. Then I rubbed below her tits a few times and hooked my thumbs up so I could get to her nipples. I rubbed over them and they got stiff very quickly.

Joni broke the kiss and caught her breath, "Do we agree that we want to go ahead with this?"

"You bet. I'm voting yes!"

"Okay, then I need to take off my clothes. The garments are part of a vow and I need them off of me." With that she kicked off her shoes, pulled everything off the bottom and everything off the top and quickly stood before me totally nude. "What are you waiting for? Can't you take a hint?

"Uhhhh, sorry. You completely mesmerized me. You are so sexy and beautiful."

"I'm a skinny, white, Mormon girl. Do you really like this?"

"More that you could ever know," I said as I remembered to start to strip for the lady. She did look painfully thin, but the flair of her hips, her trim waist, and I was fascinated to learn I had a thing for small tits. I looked back down to her stomach and to her pubic hair covering her mound. Her pussy really was prominent with her thin build and I couldn't wait to get at her.

"I see someone is excited to see me," as her brown eyes flashed and her smile made her look almost frightened. "That is a bit more than I expected. I thought all men must be pretty much the same."

"I'm glad you said a bit more, anything the other way may have spoiled the moment. Just what is it that you expected?" I kidded.

"That seems big. John is a little over 5". I've heard jokes about Mormon men having small penises. Maybe it's not a joke. How big are you down there?" She sounded a little bit silly, as if this was her wedding night or something.

"I've measured myself between seven to seven and a half inches." I replied.

"I assume that is something I can handle. I wouldn't think it would get it any harder than it is now. So, why do you measure it?"

"I knew some day a gorgeous woman would ask and I didn't want to be stuck for an answer. But, you can tell how excited I am. How do I tell about you?"

"Come with me," she teased and le

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