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A cool head against a warm heart; which will win in the end?

"No I'm not." said Steve. "As nice as that sounds. I intend to get you sober before I take you home."

"Boring." moaned Rosie and slumped over Steve with her head in his lap.

Normally Steve would love to have a women's head in his lap and the thought of what Rosie could do to him in that position nearly gave him an instant erection, but he fought it, opened the car door and got out.

Steve walked round to the other side of the car and pulled Rosie out. He held her up and then started walking her round and round the car.

There was a fairly strong breeze and the effect of the wing in her face quickly brought Rosie round.

"Oh, I'm sorry Steve. Am I a real pain?" asked Rosie.

"Yes you are." replied Steve. "But a very pretty pain."

"Oh, do you think I'm pretty then." asked Rosie.

"Yeah, of course you are." replied Steve.

"So do you want to kiss me?" asked Rosie. "I want to kiss you."

With that Rosie moved into Steve and put her lips to his and started kissing him.

Steve wasn't quite sure how to react. He felt he should push her away, but she was over eighteen, and the beast in him overtook the gentleman and he responded by kissing Rosie back.

She opened her mouth, as did Steve, and then they both had their tongues in each others mouths kissing passionately for all they were worth.

Steve was now leaning with his back to the car and as Rosie leant into him, her body squashed against his causing his erection to stiffen considerably.

"Ooh." she said "I can feel movement down below."

"Oh sorry about that." said Steve

"Oh, don't apologise." said Rosie. "I'm sure he only needs to get some air like we both did."

As she spoke she started to rub Steve's cock through his trousers and then with her other hand she undid his zip, reached in and pulled out his cock.

"God Steve." she gasped holding his cock in her hand. "It's fucking massive."

Steve's cock when stiff was about eight inches in length, but it was also quite thick.

Rosie started to give Steve a hand job and as she did so she started kissing him again.

Steve was getting quite worked up by now and decided he was going to see what this young woman was really like.

He put both hands on her waist and breaking the kiss, with one quick upward movement he removed her light cotton top revealing a black lace see-through bra. He threw her top in through the car window.

Rosie's breasts weren't massive, but they were lovely to look at and felt quite firm as Steve started to squeeze them.

"Ooh, that's nice." said Rosie and started kissing Steve again while continuing to rub his cock.

Rosie broke their kiss and with a quick smile at Steve she suddenly dropped to her knees and started planting kisses on the end of Steve's cock. Before Steve could say a word Rosie took about two to three inches of Steve's cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking at it.

Steve was mesmerised by this young woman and the things she was doing to him. He had experienced all kinds of emotions with Karen and some of the other women in his life, but he'd never felt quite like this.

Rosie was now taking four or five inches of Steve's cock into her mouth and as she did so she started playing with his balls. Steve felt he needed a bit of a break to ensure he didn't cum in her mouth and he quickly pulled Rosie to her feet.

"God Steve, I was just getting going." moaned Rosie.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not stopping." said Steve. "But I thought you deserved a bit of attention."

"Ooh, well I won't say no." smiled Rosie as Steve put his hand up her skirt and felt the damp patch at the front of her panties.

Steve reached under her skirt with both hands and pulled Rosie's panties down.

They fell round her ankles and Rosie stepped neatly out of them.

"Help yourself to anything you want." said the young woman as Steve started to rub her neatly trimmed pussy.

"Christ Rosie, you're a randy little bitch aren't you? Where the hell did you learn to behave like this?"

"Craig couldn't get enough of me and he made me realise that I just love sex."


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