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The guys in the van give her what she needs, and then some.

Gates and his bride support the AIDS fight... though he can afford lots more than I can.

"Now my place here is just for fun, too. I need someplace I can just be an average Joe, and rub elbows with regular guys. This berg is one hung-up town, but we'll have an effect here."

I mused a bit, laying back and looking at a cloud drifting across the moon. "You aren't a project of mine, Sbbe. Just someone who needed helping. And a damn pretty someone." I turned to her, and kissed her once again. She was less willing to break apart this time, and the kiss led to other things. Each step was gradual, and seemed to just lead to the next logically.

Her responses concerned me; she was just following along, passively. I decided to see what would happen if she was just about forced into pleasure; I leaned down between her legs and worshiped her pearl for a while. Getting anything but a mechanical response was tough... I kept a finger on her femoral artery to monitor her pulse a little.

After just about everything I could think of, she suddenly seemed to break out of whatever was holding her back, and crashed into a massive, powerful orgasm. Crying out, shuddering, she came massively under my tongue's teasing. She reached out and pulled me close, nearly bruising me with the power of her embrace. My mind raced, trying to figure out why. The girl was no virgin if she was one of Cato's women. But it was almost as though she had never had an orgasm before!

I held her close, just rubbing her and soothing her with occasional kisses. She then managed to surprise and shock me for the first time in a hell of a while. "Was that... normal?" she asked.


Oh my gawd was all she could think, it felt like her entire body was alive and ready for another round of what ever had happened. Sex had never been like this before. "Chuck could we...could we do more? That was wonderful!" Sbbe felt so excited she forgot to be worried at what she was doing and saying. She looked up into his eyes and realized how forward she was being.


Kitty followed her Master into the basement of the new club and peeked around. It was wonderfully full of exciting toys. She was careful not to let herself be distracted; Master wouldn't be happy. His booted feet stopped and she positioned herself in the correct spot. He was talking to a group of men she didn't know. She hoped he'd use her for his pleasure tonight. It was possible that he would use one of the girls already here.

"Kiel, what a pretty little waif you have with you tonight. Is she one of your regular girls?" Kitty didn't move; she knew she was in just the position Master would want.

"Kitty is my special little pet. She travels with me now. Kitty present yourself."

Kitty gracefully stepped forward to her Masters left side, then knelt and touched her forehead to the floor. She gracefully returned to vertical as she interlaced her fingers behind her neck, her knees spread, and toes holding her upright. Her chin was raised but her eyes downcast. Kitty could see in her mind's eye just exactly they were seeing. Master kept her toned; she was dressed in a pretty little blue baby doll that had been under her simple blue dress. She wore her matching blue leather collar (he'd selected the taller one with studs on the outside and inside). Her wrist- and ankle-bands matched the leather, also studded. Her new nametag in the shape of a heart rested gently against her throat. She felt so proud that he would allow her to show off; it helped her wait patiently for his next command.


I took Sbbe's hand. "More of that is always in order, Ma'am. But let's go down to my room; I'd much rather enjoy your pleasures in more comfortable surroundings." I helped her straighten her outfit, and held her close while we walked down the stairs towards what looked to be an evening of pleasure.


I saw some action in the private part of the basement start happening; likely that party Grace had booked for tonight.

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