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"I've thought about this meeting for a long time, Jill." He murmured, dropping his head to nuzzle her ear as he spoke in a slow, husky rumble.

She smiled, tilting her head to one side, arching her body in a languid movement off of the door, into him as she fisted her fingers into the front of his shirt. His mouth closed on her neck, pulling softly, his goatee brushing gently against her soft skin, sending thrilling tingles up her spine. Her hands slid up, grasping his shoulders, steadying her body before she kicked out of her boots, knocking them to the side. She wrapped her arm around Vince's neck, her head still craned to one side as he suckled and nibbled her neck and earlobe. Using her position as an anchor, she ran one leg up his thigh, hooking it around his hip and hoisting herself up. Both of her legs folded around his hips, her ankles locking behind the small of his back, one of her hands cradling the base of his neck, the other dipping down to toil at the buttons running the length of the front of his shirt.

Vince reacted to the change in position by pressing his body more firmly against her, his hands dropping to cup her ample bottom as he stepped in so close she could feel his arousal press into her core, nudging her and urging to be freed through the layers that separated them. Her shaking fingers worked frantically, the fire his kisses stoked racing through her veins as she tugged his shirt open, splaying her cool hand over his warm chest, her fingertips dancing through the sparse smattering of chest hair over his broad body. He growled softly against her neck, sending tiny shivers of primal longing through her body.

One of Vince's hands slid away from the curve of her backside, running up the curve of her hip to her side, his strong hand warming her soft skin as he slipped it under the hem of her emerald green sweater. He straightened away from her neck long enough to register how the color of the sweater made her eyes so striking... They cut right through him and his control snapped. His mouth met hers with crushing force, his lips and tongue taking greedily, her mouth giving freely, needy for the taste of him. His hand traveled higher under her sweater, her skin tingling under his touch, her core aching to find him. His hand cupped her breast, feeling her nipple harden beneath the lace of her bra as he palmed her, massaging and kneading her.

Her hands explored his upper body, snaking into his open shirt to run over his chest, winding into his sleeves to curl around his biceps as their lips tangled and she lost herself under his touch. She broke free of the kiss, nuzzling her mouth up the side of Vince's neck. He backed away from the door, holding her to him as he moved toward the bed. He set her down slowly, laying her back on the fluffy comforter, kissing her softly on the mouth, moving down her neck and wrapping his fingers in the hem of her sweater. He gave a quick tug, pulling the sweater over her head and throwing it in a heap somewhere in the room. Sitting back he reveled in the joy of seeing her smooth, pale skin against the bed, the slash of red lace from her bra a lovely contrast to her softness. He kissed his way over her collar bone to her shoulder, following the curve of her skin down past the swell of her breast to the valley between and down her tummy until he came to the top of her jeans.

He took the closure of her pants in his teeth and tossed his head to one side, popping the button free and causing the zipper to release.

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