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Steven and Ashleigh reconcile.

Later near the door of our house, he gave a light kiss and went inside. I thought granny saw us.

Next day I was getting ready in the evening and I noticed myself in the mirror: I was about 5 ft 5inch, fair with jet-black hair; wearing a loose sweater and jeans. Even through the sweater I noticed that I had ample tits, which were lusciously curved. My butts were large but very well proportioned. I was beginning to be set on low flame for the evening.

Uncle came home and had his regular bath, and when I went to give his cup of tea, I could smell her musky perfume. He put his hand on my shoulder and moved in close and looked into my eyes. I noticed he had attractive light brown eyes. He slowly and deeply took my lips and kissed it hard. It was my first kiss in the life. In fact, I liked it and could not say no. He then slowly pulled off my sweater and also the T shirt. Now I pushed him away and went out.

I did not know what to do. After almost 30 minutes, when I went to his room, I saw him pouring a drink and he was browsing a porn site. I moved close to him to see the image on the screen. He drove one of her hands into my hair and pulled my lips to his own. We were locked in a wild kiss and I held him tight in my arms, His chest was crushing my tits. He pushed me back a bit and ripped my T shirt off my body. He was now crushing his mouth into my lips and took my lower lip between his teeth and gently bit me. I gave a moan and I returned to probing his mouth, playing with his tongue and tasting the sweetness of his drink in his mouth. He removed my bra and put his mouth on my firm nipples. He bit me hard on my shoulder, slid he tongue all over my chest licking my nipples and biting me all over. Uncle was in heat and made no bones about it. I now unbuttoned his Cargoes and pulled down the fly and let it drop down to his feet. He was now in briefs and he went for a deep kiss squeezing my tit with his hands and I dug my well-painted nails into him. He pushed me away took off my pants. He now had real look of anticipation. Now I asked to remove his shirt and pant. He asked my help and in a fraction of minute he was in only sneakers.

He always had his hands capping my beautiful nipples. I was also excited and he slowly again lowered his mouth to suck my mounds of pleasure. He was also enjoying the firm soft skin of mine. I was getting tense and was enjoying the tension, now I pulled his sneaker and reached for his cock. He wanted to say something, but nothing came out more than a gasp. He pulled my new underpants and I was naked now. He with that sank to his knees and with one hand grabbed my butt and looking intently my virgin cunt. In another hand he was pumping my hand, which had his cock firmly. He said "You have lot of curly hair and they are lovely...He also said .."cunt lips were puffy and good." Before I could say a word, he put finger to my mouth and said "Shhhhhhh." Then like an out of body experience he jumped on to the bed, stood over me and in a hushed low voice she said, "don't say a word." I looked in disbelief as I watched his still very hard cock disappear into my mouth!! I gently was massaging his balls and he was gently massaged my pussy. He was moving himself in a rhythm. He now started moving his hips faster and I did not know what to do next. I could realise his balls were tightening and his cock getting harder. I then realised that he had cummed and he had shot lot of it into my mouth. I continued to milk his cock into my mouth, not a drop was lost. He asked to gulp and it and he put his mouth into mine to take it back and taste it.

Now he made to sleep and put his fingers into my pussy and spread it.

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