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My lover waits for me with a sexy surprise.

Wank yourself off but stop when it gets too much."

And that was it. I took my throbbing penis out of my boxers and started pulling it. As I did I watched Chloe's face, lying on her back with her eyes closed, asleep if not for the slight rustle of the covers and the occasional sound from her. I imagined how wet she would be. I wanted to tear down the covers and rub her pussy as she was doing. Or lick it, to taste that smell. Or even just watch her. Chloe's breathing started to get faster, and I could tell she was getting turned on. I was thinking all of these things when suddenly I realised I had gone too far. Before I could do anything, a long burst of cum erupted from me and I knew from the force that it had landed on Chloe.

She stopped and froze. "What was that?!" She pulled down the covers and I could see her full body now, her white bra and knickers covering her. And then I noticed on the front of her knickers a long string of cum. I had done it again!

"Paul you are one immature bastard. Get the fuck up and get me some tissue!"

I leapt up and ran over to her desk. I came back with tissues.

"Wipe it off now!"

I took the tissues and collected my cum from her knickers. There was a lot, and it was started to seep through.

"It's no good; I'm going to take these off. Paul you're not seeing me naked, so turn around until I'm done. You have ruined this for me. All I wanted was a quick wank and instead I'm about to take off my cum-covered knickers in front of a fucking teenager."

I turned away ashamed and excited. I could hear her slip her knickers down her long legs, and the sound as she threw them into her bin. She dropped her nightie on the floor. Then the unmistakable sound of the covers going back on top of her. I realised she would have her eyes closed again and so I dared to look round, and sure enough, she was back in position with her eyes closed. I watched her hand move the covers above her pussy, and listened to and watched her heavy breathing. Then finally, she let out a breath of relief and pleasure, very quietly, and the covers stopped moving as he hand moved away from her pussy.

"Right, finished now. You can get back in."

I climbed back into the bed, over her and back against the wall.

"Sorry about earlier. I was just horny and needed to relieve myself. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I suppose you coming was natural enough."

"And did you come?" I asked.

"Yeah. You probably didn't notice because it's not what you see on porno films. Girls don't make loads of noise as they are cumming. Well, I don't anyway."

"So where were you touching?" I asked.

"Just my clitoris. I rub there until I come. That's how most girls masturbate. It's very rarely that girls will actually touch inside their vagina. And don't believe that when a girl is masturbating she'll rub her boobs and take cum from her pussy and wipe it all over her nipples!"

"So you don't finger yourself? Then why do you get fellas to finger you?"

Chloe laughed. "You fellas are idiots. You think that when girls let you down there that they want you to see how many fingers you can get in, and how hard and fast you can push them in and out. That's sore, and certainly not sexy. What would drive a girl mad is if the fella would stroke a girl's clitoris, in the same way as I touched mine. And when the girl comes, and she will, the fella should stop rubbing her clit because it gets very sensitive right away."

"So you're not wet then" I asked.

Chloe paused. "See for yourself. No.. wait. I don't mean see, I'm not letting you look down there, but I'll let you feel around my pussy for a sec. But you're not putting your finger inside me. Just feel around the outside and see if I'm wet."

I put my hand down under the covers, tracing from her stomach, and then down further.

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