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My pussy was fast becomming wet and the smell of my heat was thick in the air. Phil found my clit and tongued it hard as my body started to spasm. I pushed my head back against T as I tried to quell the carnal desire that was brewing within as I felt like my body was betraying me. As Phil licked through my wet pussy I raised my knees, instinctively allowing his tongue deeper into my gash. I was breathing heavily and was sickened when T said, "keep it up, she is loving it". With that said, Phil spread my legs farther and really went to work. I tried hard not to give in but I couldn't move since T held me so tight. I was powerless as Phil deeply ate out my pussy and triggered an intense orgasm inside of me. I started to tremble and then my body let loose. I bit my lip so I wouldn't let out a moan as I creamed all over Phils face. He lapped up my joy juice and tasted my love. As the intensity died down I was angry that my body would reward unwanted advances. Phil continued to massage my clit with his tongue and lick my drenched cunt. Phil sat up and removed his shirt. I knew he wasn't finished with me but It was only to real when he pulled down his pants and sported a huge black cock. The thickness was only overshadowed by it's tremendous length. His black cock was twice the size of my husbands and I could only stare at it in disbelief. Phil grabbed the tremendous mounting rod and started to stroke it to reach it's maximum size. I gasped as his huge black meat muscle was lowered and pointed straight at my innocent white little fur trap. T gripped my arms tight as we both watched in silent antisipation as Phil pushed his monsterous black cockhead between my warm pussylips and landed it inside my gushing cave. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them around his ebony body as I knew if I tried to fight it, his big black cock would rip my tight blonde pussy to shreds. With T holding me tight, Phil grabbed my slim waist and thrusted his huge black dick deep into my over matched cunt. I screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure as he pushed past my husbands territory on the first thrust. I tried to relax my cunt muscles as his next thrust sent a shiver right up my spine. He was thrusting slowly but powerfully, trying to allow for my pussy to adjust to his great size. He pushed his black cock deeper and my pussy started to really lather, allowing for enough lubrication for him to really start driving me. I couldn't hold back my moans as I was getting his black cock faster and deeper. I leaned back into T who let go of my arms, knowing full well that I was powerless against the big black cock that was deep inside my stretched pussy. T backed away as my head fell to the floor of the van. I squeezed my legs and put my arms around phils back as he started to fuck me harder and harder. I was moaning in ecstacy as Phil started to seriously fuck my brains out. I dug my fingernails deep into his back and howled in ecstacy when Phil landed his entire load into my pure pussy. He left it inside me momentarily to feel the tight compression of my warm wet fur trap around his enormous black cock. It was impossible for me to ignore what was happening to me. I was being raped by a big black cock and my only defense was not to fight it.

The enormous black crank inside my cunt would surely rip me inhalf if I resisted.

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