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She recalls the first time with her new lover.

I had also poured her a glass of white chardonnay and for myself a glass of sparkling white grape juice. She insisted that I not drink wine or beer at all. I guess that is why my dad wasn't alive, but I didn't know. She apologized for earlier that evening, but she was still in a funky mood. She did finally start to come around after we ate. I had also made her favorite dessert which was pineapple upside-down-cake. It was worth the time I had taken to make it for her. She thanked me and went to her room.

Now the house that we lived in had the master bedroom was downstairs where I could see in from my room when her curtains were left open. It just happened that I got to see in there quite a bite when I was younger. Now my mom had that hourglass shape that I love on women. Her tits were nice and I had seen them before she got dressed after her showers. I would imagine that I was down there when she would walk out of the bathroom. She would then turn and start to rub lotion up her leg that was propped up on the bench at the end of the bed. I then would stand up and rub the lotion into her back and ass. I would then jack myself off in the shower to get my hard on to go back down.

I hadn't been able to see into her room in a year and I thought that those days were over. I was surprised when I got up one morning and looked out my room window in the fall about 5:30 am. I was going out hunting that morning with my friend. I happened to look in the direction of her window and I couldn't believe my eyes. My mother was standing in front of the window and her jacking herself off. I could not help myself I started to jack off right there on the spot. I then heard a scream and looked out the window again. She was pulling the curtains and she had a pissed off look on her face.

I could hear the speech I was definitely going to get later. I immediately stopped jacking off, and headed downstairs trying to get outside into my truck. I made it downstairs, but she was standing in between me and the door. I braced myself for the lecture that was coming but I just got the question, "Did you enjoy the show?" I stammered out an I'm sorry won't happen again, and left the house. I couldn't concentrate on hunting as all I could think about was seeing her naked and jacking herself off. I also had to readjust myself because I had a full blown hard on every time I thought about it.

I got home around 3:00 that afternoon and the house was empty. I went to my room and started to clean up the room. As I did I noticed that there was a note on my pillow, then a pair of her panties a few minutes later. I know that I never had taken them out of her room or her laundry. I then read the note which said, "I want you to have these instead of being a peeking tom." I could hardly believe that she had given me a pair of her panties. I also noticed that she had had blinds installed in her bedroom windows. I was disappointed to say the least.

She came home that night around 11:00 pm and I could see that she was real tipsy. I went out to help her get out of the cab and pay the driver her fare. He informed me that she had been kicked out of the bar and then had thrown up all over his back seat. I gave him an extra 20 dollars to go get the seat cleaned. I went in and found her passed out on her bed. I just removed her coat and her high heels. I draped a blanket over her, and went to bed. The next morning she thanked me for taking care of her.

I joked that she could take of me in other ways, and she asked me what I was talking about.

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