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"Go home and return tomorrow."

Honi nodded, stopping briefly to accept a reasonably large bag of gold before exiting the palace.

It wasn't until Honi reached the outskirts of the village that he allowed himself to shed tears. He sat down on a fallen tree, sobbing for himself and for his parents. He wept until he felt he could no longer produce tears. He weighed the bag of gold in his hands, passing it back and forth slowly. This was the price of his freedom.


"No." His mother stated simply. "I won't allow it."

"I don't think he has much of a choice, my dear."

Honi said nothing as he packed the few belongings he had into a bag. He knew his father was right. Honi spent most of the evening among his parents. He even crawled into his mother's lap like he used to when he was a pup, allowing her to rub the scent glands on his neck. He was old enough to do it himself now but they both relished in the sentimental affection between mother and son. He had never been a day without them and now he would be alone.

Honi didn't sleep that night. He dreamed of the terrifying King Alpha and the things it meant to be a slave at the palace. There had been many rumors of sex parties among Alpha royalty. Many times these parties resulted in the mutilation and even death of Omegas. He dreamed of being used by countless Alphas, males and females. He dreamed of being tortured and tormented, never permitted to have a family of his own or paint as he pleased. He dreamed of a cursed life as he wondered what would become of him.


The next morning arrived all too soon. Honi felt unrested from the terrors in his dreams. He woke as the sky began to brighten just on the horizon. This was normally Honi's favorite time of day, but today the sun wasn't welcoming. The waking of the morning sun only shed light on his doomed path. He left the pouch of gold on his bed with most of his share of the money as well, hoping his parents wouldn't be sore at him for not keeping it.

Honi sighed. Home. He would miss it here. He spent his whole life in this small house with the company of his mother and father. He hoped it would always be the three of them. He quietly walked to his parents sleeping area, kissing them both lightly on the forehead. His father stirred a bit before he resumed a light snore. Honi gave a small grin. At least they would have enough gold to care for themselves for the foreseeable future.

He began his hike to the village, wondering if he would ever walk this trail again. He hoped he would. He reached the village too quickly. The sun had just begun to rise over the treetops, spilling a glorious gold over the city. Honi would normally appreciate the grandness of it all. But not today. Today, it was like the world was smiling at his misfortune.

The village had begun to bustle as Honiahaka made his way to the palace. He imagined the individual lives of those he passed on the street. Their families, their homes, their freedom. Honi swallowed the large lump in his throat as he neared the entrance of the palace. He dusted off his dirty pant legs and pushed his Sandy brown hair behind his ears, readying himself.


"This will be your sleeping and living dormitory", the tall and lean Beta said as he gestured to the room they has just entered. It was larger than the room he had at home and much nicer. It had a mattress, a small table and wardrobe. The walls were decorated with herbs hanging near the door and a large polished mirror. Liedolf walked to the wardrobe and opened the doors. "Your uniform is here. Please wear it at all times during your stay. Keep it clean and pressed." Honi nodded appreciatively. He set down his painting supplies next to the writing table, wiping his sweaty palms on his trousers before straightening up.

"If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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