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She wasn't expecting the last, and seemed to abruptly realize that she was bare-ass naked on the prisoner's bed, the man she was supposed to be making surrender.

I came up atop her, kissing her twice more, then looking down at her body. She was toned; she probably ran a lot, judging by her legs. C-cup breasts adorned with small red nipples slumped only a little bed to each side as she lay on her back; I licked at both, suckling and nibbling at each. One of my hands played around her folds, never quite teasing her clit. She had a small patch of hair there, trimmed; I had gotten fairly used to hairless pussies - natural for our kind - and finding one with a little hair was an interesting delicacy at times.

Sliding two hands under her ass, I watched her eyes go even wider as I let my tongue descend into her folds. My own memories of 15226's life as a human female were but one part of a very long and varied history of sexual adventure in my life now; I had licked more than three dozen women to orgasm by then, I think. Four of them had never orgasmed during sex before - that was an unfortunately common occurrence in the previous species.

She gasped, and her small hands found my short hair as I ate her pussy. My tongue worked through her, my lips teasing her clit as I tried a repertoire of maneuvers, seamlessly moving from one technique to the next, trying to get a feel for what my newest lover's tastes were. It seemed apparent she had no idea herself, as all of her reactions were almost equally surprised and lustful.

It was only by my own experience and her own lack of restraint that I was able to put my finger on it - literally. My index finger, strumming her clit repeatedly, along with an exploring tongue in her pussy and the other finger poking in and out of her depths. Her thighs worked up and down wildly next to my head, her whole body losing the control her mind had already been robbed of - it might have been mistaken for some psychological break or an odd kind of convulsions had someone else been looking at her orgasm when it began.

I felt it coming before she did; there were small twitches in the muscles lining her pussy, almost undetectable. I didn't deny her - I pushed her rapidly instead, strumming her clit hard and covering her pussy with my mouth and tongue, attacking twice as hard just before she came. I was rewarded with her repeated wails of passion.

By now, I knew my plan was working - my guess that they'd soundproofed the cell to prevent the guards outside from learning anything above their clearance seemed to be holding up. They hadn't come in to interrupt our little party. It meant I could advance things to our inevitable pillow talk. That, of course, was my real goal - for me to interrogate her, not the other way around, and to do it in the unique Ben Stanton style.

I'd mined all sorts of useful intelligence from female enemy agents over the years, manipulating and then fucking them silly after flooding their minds with affection and lust. They'd stopped using women in their field operations after a few years, almost certainly because they kept coming back confused and having spilled the beans on everything in exchange for the night of their lives - so all of my intel was fairly old.

When she finally had come down from her orgasm, I slowly crawled up her body, positioning myself atop her and kissing her again. Her reaction was much less reluctant now - she met my lips eagerly, though she still seemed submissive and took my lead. I waited for a while until her body was less sensitive, then moved again. As we kissed, I let the power flow out into her again - this time, instead of the figurative fire hose I'd used just previous, I instead let it seep up from below, in a more natural way, like the rising waters of a flooding river... sweeping away everything gradually but inexorably.

At first I'd just wanted to get her into bed quickly, before she could think, but now that I had her, I could afford to take my time and do th

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