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A business meeting turns interesting.

Each time I stroked in, she'd do whatever she could with her tongue, but when I stroked it out she sucked really hard like she was starving to keep it in her mouth.

I squatted over her head and dropped my balls to her mouth and she started to suck them and roll them as I rolled her nipples in my hands. Man, I was loving life. I told her I was gonna cum and she just wrapped her hands around my waist and ass and REALLY started to work my balls. By the time I came my nuts almost hurt from Kathy letting me almost come then not bring me off. She was swirling my sack around in her mouth. I was impressed, since when I pack a super hard on like this my nuts sack is usualy stretched so tight my balls are firmly on each side of my dick and NOT hanging. Finally, I swear I shot like some dude in a porno movie, and dropped a stringy gob from nipple to bush.

So hear I am, just shot my load, knees quaking, barely able to stand, and Kathy grabs the base of my cock both hands and puts the head in her mouth. Remember, she's lying on her back, so the angle is just right to fuck her throat all the way down with long slow strokes. But I just came about the strongest I ever did in my life and my knees were jelly. My hand dropped to support me on bed, and my dick is still in her mouth. My cock ain't limp, but it ain't hard either. She just start's swirling the end it in her mouth and milks another separate orgasm out. Man she is good. But she just kept on sucking and my now smaller, softer head is just sorta ticklin the back of her throat while part limp and all the way in her mouth. She sucked air in around my cock and it sorta popped over the airpipe and slides just a little in her throat while limp.

HOLY MOLY. I guess it was just one long cum blast with a 2 minute delay and another 1 minute delay cause there I went again. I popped a little load right there and I guess that since it was not a cock of steel rammed down her gullet Kathy lost her composure and gagged a little when I came this time. Well, I was like 21 or 22, and in best shape of my life. I had a totally devoted girl who is a cock hungry beauty, so I guess it ain't all that farfetched. But damn, was I spent. Kathy is up catching her composure, and that in and of itself is a hoot. She was making sure she looked OK and that she didn't make a mess when she "slipped" and it's funny to watch.

Of course, Kathy was still energetic, anxiously awaiting her chance to suck my cock back to glory and fuck the night away. She scored a coupla beers and we sat down in front of the TV. We alternated showers (it was a small shower) and got cleaned up for a lazy night with some studying and mostly fun. Her housemates weren't here, so we had the whole house to ourselves, with the occasional stop overs by her friends, etc. I think we were watching MASH and I was giving her a rubdown just waiting for people traffic to die down when I grabbed a little vegetable oil from cabinet and took it out to the TV. I made the rubdown a little more therapeutic as opposed to sexy since there was so much people traffic. It was Thursday night, early evening, and a lot of people scheduled light Fridays.

Kathy was looking hot in denim cutoffs and a T Shirt and I was basically in same. The cutoffs were loose so I could reach under them nicely. I rubbed her all over, working her muscles thru whatever rerun sitcom we used to watch if we needed a study break. Finally the horniness overcame me and I began a very complete rubbing of the thigh and really worked her pussy with my fingers. She became ultra hot and I wanted real bad to eat her. I really wanted to. And, since I get laid all the time and never want for it, I can get my way. I just insisted I wanna eat her one percent as good as she sucks me every day. And I just want to do it once... It's early evening, you know? What's the rush?

Poor me.

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