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Two married passengers hook up on the high seas.

I felt very dirty doing all this, yet at the same time very excited, more sexually excited than I had ever been in my life up to this moment. I felt my climax coming and it was so intense, when I came I felt my ass clinching and pulling at the cock fucking me. As I shuddered to my climax, I had to stop sucking the cock in my mouth or I would have bitten it off. I held on for dear life as I came who ever it was fucking me never missed a beat. He kept pumping in and out as I just hovered in the strongest climax of my life. With him doing that, it just made me float in the after glow of my climax. I also discovered another thing.

I realized that as long as he kept fucking me, this pleasure was not going to stop; in fact it felt as if it was starting to build up again. I could feel myself as I relished this feeling going through me as he fucked my asshole. I felt his cock pulse and I knew he was empting his sperm in my bowls. I moaned in disappointment, I began to shove hard back against him as he held my hips in his hands trying to keep himself deep inside of me. He finely pulled back and out of me. I felt movement on the bed as he left and another man moved in behind me. I felt the cock touch my opening and I was not going to wait for him, I pushed backwards which caused him to go inside of me. He began pumping and I began shoving back with each stroke.

I felt a hand I assume from the man fucking me reach around me and he began to rub my clit. Doing this to me caused me to race to my climax, he was fucking fast and I don't know if I can honestly say which of the two things going on was doing it. All I do know is the feeling of being fucked in my ass and the rubbing of my clit was driving he higher and higher. I felt myself start to shudder as my climax hit me. At the same time I felt him throb in my ass, I knew that he had also climaxed. Let me say this, while a climax is wonderful, when your partner climax's at the same time, it doubles the feeling.

I did not realize that I was on my hands and knees, it was only when I collapsed on the bed did I realize it. When I collapsed and fell forward man behind me fell with me. I just lay there on my face trying to catch my breath. I heard one of then say "You're a good fuck bitch, Tell your husband that he better pay Mark the 25 grand he owes or next time we'll not only rape you, but we'll kill you afterwards." I did not know the script; I had no idea what to say. I heard Carol yell "cut" Linda, when he say's that I want you to turn look at him and say that you're not married. He will ask you for the address make up one. Got it?" I just laid there trying to enjoy the feeling going through my body, however I did manage to say "yes" I heard Carol say "OK lets pick it up at "but we'll kill you afterwards" Now action."

The man behind me said "but we'll kill you afterwards." I turned looked at him and said, "I'm not married, and I don't even have a steady boyfriend." Chuck said, "What's your address here?" I said, "3337 Rock ridge Rd" Chuck said "John what was the address Mark gave us?" Chuck went to his pants pulled out a piece of paper and read "3337 Rock ridge Ave." Chuck said "shit, we got the wrong street, no wonder she was alone." Looking at me he said "Sorry lady, it looks like we made a mistake, I am sorry for breaking in here tonight and raping you like that, we got the streets all mixed up we where suppose to put a scare into a guy so he would pay our Boss."

I knew I should say something but again I did not know what to say, I decided to play along and I said "don't be sorry, this has been the best wet dream I have ever had in my life, I'm going to go back to sleep and you three will be gone when I wake up.

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