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My wife catches me in her panties.

Emilia was sans intoxicating perfume that cost more than Alyson made in a week but all was the same otherwise. Alyson was becoming hot mush and Emilia released her almost a moment soon as to not give the wrong (right?) impression.

"Be careful driving home," Alyson said. Emilia was cast in the darkness of the night aside from her face, which was highlighted by the glow of pale blue moonlight. Alyson was becoming entranced as Emilia walked away like she was on her way to put out a fire. Alyson kept her gaze pinned to her as she fell into her black Jag and raced away.

The next afternoon, Alyson was at the gym. She had finished training a client. She was in her black shirt that read "Trainer" across the back in addition to black stretchy workout pants, blue ankle socks, and black sneakers. Her auburn locks were dangling in a ponytail.

Alyson's heart was in overdrive and her skin glistened. She was doing lunges across the room with a dumbbell in each hand. Tingles were still in her asshole where Emilia's tongue once was and another flare lit between her legs. She appeared as normal as one could each time she lunged forward but none around her could conceive how naughty the beloved trainer truly was.

Alyson had awakened to a text that morning from Emilia.

We need to talk. Lunch is on me.

It appeared Emilia was picking Alyson up for lunch. To discuss what happened last night Alyson hoped but other than that, her brain was scrambled eggs and her tummy was in trembles.

Alyson finished her lunges and dropped her dumbbells on the rack nearby. She could smell her own musk and if not for Emilia being her bestie, she would have been speeding to showers despite it trimming their time together.

Alyson turned and coming through the glass doors in front of the gym was Emilia! Alyson froze, filled with arousal, and lost her ability to speak. The same thing that happened when they fell for each other in college...

It was like Emilia sensed her presence in the masses because she marched towards Alyson without wasting a step in any other direction.

She was allowing her golden blonde strands to flow down her back. Her black dress pants clung to her toned legs. The pair of buttons at the top of her turquoise blouse were undone and the curve of her breasts were peering out.

Pretty sure she doesn't wear it like that at work.

At least that's what Alyson thought.

Emilia waved upon sight of her friend. "Hey, Aly!"

She captured Alyson in a tight wrap despite her back step. Alyson gave in and returned the squeeze.

"Hey, Emilia! You know I smell, right?"

"You say it like I care, you dirty, naughty thing. I always loved your scent," Emilia said as she released Alyson. "Let's go. Cameron is with me. We're getting smoothies."

"Okay..." Alyson said. She followed Emilia out but was wondering why she brought her boyfriend. She was certain what wasn't going to happen on her lunchbreak. Cameron was a great guy and all but so much for being alone with Emilia.

When they stepped outside, the sun stroked their skins. It was warm and pleasant but not burning. Spring's breaths whooshed through the air and was soothing to the spirits.

Cameron popped out of the Jaguar and walked around the front of to greet his future wife number two. At least that's what Emilia said since marrying her also meant Alyson was coming along for the ride.

Alyson's heart ached and her eyes grew hot and moist. She was all aflutter for the couple but she wondered when she would meet the missing piece to her romantic puzzle. Getting sexual with Emilia again didn't make things easier. Speaking of which...

Does Cameron know what Emilia did to me last night?

Alyson wanted the answer for it might have made what was going on something she could understand.

Cameron lumbered towards Alyson, arms open and inviting, and carrying a full-tooth grin.

Alyson liked to rub his head like it was a crystal ball for good fortune.

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