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Eldest son takes over more than just the family firm.

Between sobs you unload everything on me about what's gotten you in such a state. I say nothing but just listen and touch you. It's pretty clear that you're hurt, frustrated, unappreciated, overwhelmed and just lonely. Finally your breathing becomes relaxed the tears gradually stop flowing, and even smile a little. Suddenly you become self-conscious about your present state and are slightly embarrassed. "Boy, I bet I look real sexy right now don't I?" you say. I tell you that you melt my heart no matter what condition you are in. You feel relieved... as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders if only for a little while.

We continue to hold one another and touch. I'm your safe place... your confidant... and the only one who actually gives a damn. If you need to get going you can. I know you have places you need to be where you're expected.

No, you need this. I give you some sort of sanity even if our situation is insane to say the least.

You feel the overwhelming urge to kiss me, to connect deeper... so we kiss... and kiss some more... longer... but deep and slow. Our breaths quicken, our heart rates soar, we pause and look into one another's eyes and smile. I'm so glad to see you're smiling but it's that devilish grin. You run you hand down my chest... past my tummy to that ever growing bulge in my pants. You squeeze and caress... damnit I'm so hard it hurts! You unbutton my pants and release my rock hard cock from the confines of my jeans. Yes, you make me that way every time even when we're not together... just the thought of you. I moan as you slowly and deliberately stroke and play. You raise up off the bed, biting your lower lip with that hungry look in your eyes... oh hell ya... these clothes got to go! And they do, straight to the floor.

You climb on top of me and continue the dance of the tongues. My hands explore your bare ass, the curves of your hips and ass all the way to your breasts that you offer to me. My mouth finds your erect nipples and I suck hard just the way you like. Your hips gyrate and grind as my mouth works its magic on you. At last you've taken all the teasing you can stand... your turn now. I feel your mouth and lips explore my chest... my stomach... my legs. You lift my aching, stiff cock with your hand and take my balls into your mouth massaging them with your lips and tongue. I am in sheer bliss as your tongue flicks the head of my swollen shaft. You want a better angle so you change positions on the bed. In doing so I am treated to the sight of your delicious ass and your glistening pussy. As you continue your pleasurable assault on my cock my hands explore your ass... your clit... you look so delicious! In spite of your desire to please me my touch sets you on fire.

Suddenly I move about. Is there something wrong? Not at all, I position myself under you. You protest and say you're too heavy to do that but I won't be denied... You relent and resume your fellatious activities with reservations. I part your lips with my tongue and it finds its mark... I work your swollen clit as if possessed. My hands on your ass explore and grip. I forcefully pull you closer to my mouth which reassures you that in no way are you causing any discomfort. Your mind swims, you begin to lose all concentration. You desperately try over and over to continue your quest to pleasure me with your mouth and tongue... try as you might, you're fighting a losing battle. Your moans become louder and louder, you grind on my face, your hips buck and sway in time with my tongue. I feel you shake violently and convulse... there it is!! You scream like a banshee as your body writhes violently under my oral onslaught. You can't take anymore and try to dismount in desperation but I hold you down firm... I'm not done just yet.

At last I free you from your delicious torture.

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