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Livinia returns to Silvermoon to meet with Belcarm.

He brought his hand to the tail and stroked it slowly, causing tiny surges of pleasure mixed with pain with his teasing. As Master admired the supple rump of his girl, Miss rounded the corner.

"Dinner's almost finished you two." Miss eyed girl's now decorated behind. "Did Master bring you a new toy, girl? Come here, let me get a closer look." Girl obediently and proudly trotted over to Miss, happy to show off her new plaything. Miss patted girl's bum and then gave it a playful smack. "You look lovely, girl. Quite lovely indeed. It suits you." As Miss returned to the kitchen girl follows after her, content to sit at Miss' feet while she worked.

"Hmmm, I think that about finishes it up, my girl." Miss said. "Go to your bowl and I'll bring it to you." Girl scurried to her bowl, mouth now watering with hunger. It was her favorite dish: Chunks of stew meat simmered in gravy with peas and diced carrots.

Miss laughed as she watched girl at her bowl. Girl's eyes were darting back and forth about the room wildly, and she occasionally pushed at her bowl with her hands. "My goodness, girl, you'd think we never feed you! You know the rules, so you'll just have to be patient. You'll be given yours after I serve Master and myself." This calmed girl's impatient temper a bit, but her eyes still followed Miss about the room as she readied the table with dinner.

At last Miss came with girl's portion of dinner. Before it could even be dumped in the bowl girl was lapping at the gravy. She unceremoniously bowed to her bowl and began eating quickly, chewing only once or twice between swallows. At this pace, girl finished her dinner long before Master and Miss did. She ducked under the table and laid on the floor at Miss' feet, Miss stroking her occasionally with her toes.

As Master and Miss finished up, Master cleared his throat. "Thank you, my love, for a wonderful meal. I'd be happy to clean up if you'd like to retire with girl for snuggle time. I'll join you when I'm finished here."

Girl raised her head. Snuggle time! Snuggle time was her very favorite part of the day. Nothing felt quite so good as to be invited up into Master and Miss' bed to be held.

Miss kissed Master on the cheek and stood up from the table. "Come, girl. Let's go upstairs. The view of Miss ascending the stairs was just too much for girl to resist. She lapped at Miss' dainty ankles as they climbed. Juices began to wet girl's thighs. Miss was a beautiful sight to behold, and her legs were one of her best features.

The bedroom. Warm. Cozy. Inviting. The pair began their nightly game. Girl laid down on her bed and watched intently as Miss went to her dresser. She removed her earrings, then her necklace. Knowing girl's fondness for the soft skin on her neck, she allowed her fingers to linger there, caressing herself.

Miss then turned her back to girl and unzipped her dress, allowing it to fall off her shoulders. The bare creamy flesh enticed the young girl. She let out an audible whimper. "What an eager young pup I have!" Miss exclaimed, smiling. "Do you wish to please Miss tonight?" Girl wiggled her bottom at this question, her new tail swishing through the air.

The dress was placed neatly on its hanger in the closet. Perching on the side of the bed, Miss began to remove her stockings. Her smooth, shapely legs were now bare. The skin shone softly in the dim light of the room. She reached behind her and unfastened her bra, letting her ample breasts freely greet the air. The undergarment was set neatly on the nightstand. Miss now rose and lowered her panties and stepped out of them, folding them and placing them alongside her bra.

Miss began to rearrange the pillows and pull back the sheets. A loud whining could now be heard from girl. "You know the rules, my pretty," Miss chided. "No moving from your bed until I say! It seemed to girl that hours passed as Miss settled herself into bed. In reality, however, only a minute or two had elapsed. At last Miss patted the bed beside her. "Okay, girl, hop up!"

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