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Grace and I on thin ice...

She sighed softly. "You have to report now? Shouldn't you rest up and do it in the morning?"

"He's going to want answers, their is nobody else to do that," he panted trying to catch his breath.

"I understand. Your spare car keys are in the drawer in the hall." She tried to smile, but it never reached her eyes. She could have lost him and now they have to part ways.

"Hey everything is going to be OK, I promise," he said as he gathered his last strength and pushed out of bath water rushing off him.

He emptied the tub and stepped out then he picked up his pants. "You're so beautiful Maria."

Maria smiled at him. "I'll get you another shirt." She turned to walk to her room. Stopping, she looked at him. "Will you be back tonight?"

"Depends Maria, he might need to see me in person," he said brushing his finger along her cheek. Then he draped his pants over the towel rack and winced as he bent over and scooped up his boxers.

"OK, I will get you your shirt." She went to the room, grabbing one of his shirts from the closet. Knowing her father and everyone else, they were most likely starting to get twitchy. There was no trust in the family business. She hurried back to the bathroom, holding his shirt out for him.

"Thanks," he said as he dropped the towel and reached for the shirt, he winced and then said, "Maybe I need some help getting dressed?" he asked.

Maria moved further into the bathroom taking the shirt back, she lifted it so he could put it on. "How are you going to make it anywhere like this?"

"I'll manage," he said. "I have to get back home, he can't know I've been here it would be too much."

"I know. He can't know what we are to each other." Taking the boxers, she knelt so he could put his legs in and pulled them up. "I hate having to hide." She said grabbing his pants to repeat the process.

"Thanks Maria, I'll try to get back here tonight but I don't know if I can," he said as he kissed her lips softly.

Her small hand moving to take his, leaning up kissing him, taking a moment to just enjoy his lips. "You have the keys still?" she asked .

"Yeah I still got them," he said as he winced, "I'll be fine I promise, thanks for the help and the comfort," he said as he turned and walked back down the hall.

She stood in the hall and watched him leave. Moving to her bed, unable to not worry about him.

He sighed, leaving her like this wasn't the best but he had to show up or he'd start looking. At least his injuries would be sufficient evidence of what had happened tonight. Wrapping the blanket around her, she closed her eyes. Sleep finally taking away the worry of everything that was happening.

After making his report Jon breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed nothing had leaked, he was much grateful for that turn of events, he had to visit Maria now to make sure she was ok.

She had barely fallen asleep, when the sound of the door woke her.

Marie jumped up running into the hall. Her mind consumed with thoughts of Jon. She stopped short seeing the overly large henchmen of her father. She took a deep breath. Fear over coming excitement. She moved into the living room where her father sat, smoking a cigar. His brow crinkled in anger. "So you have been screwing haven't you?"

Maria took a step back, only to meet one of the wall sized henchmen. Her father was quick, even in his old age, moved to her. Slapping her so hard she fell to the floor. "You my blood, so I am not going to take your life, but that stoolie is finished."

He grabbed Marie by the scruff of the neck. Hitting her with his opened hand. Bloodying her mouth and nose. "How dare you?! Let someone touch you knowing they are trying to take the family down!" In his anger he balled his fist.

Punching her in the stomach, leaving her lying and bleeding on the floor. Him and his men left, their goal to head to Jon's and end their problem.

Jon stopped his car outside Maria's house and got out, he winced as he stood from the car.

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