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The summer continues with an unexpected visitor.

I tried very hard to look into the shadows between her legs as she went.

Kathy laughed at me as she watched my eyes follow Jayne's nude form, "Just don't know where to look next, do you?"

"There's no point me pretending that this sort of thing happens to me every day, and even if it did, you certainly wouldn't believe me," I replied.

Jayne returned, covering as much of herself as she could down below. She laid an egg timer and a ruler on the coffee table.

"Now," she said earnestly to me," since this is the green dare I don't think it should involve anything with another person. I want you to stand up, uncover yourself and measure your penis with this ruler, and then tell us what the measurement is. After that you can sit down but you can't cover yourself till the minute is up. When you are uncovered and standing, I'll start the timer."

"That almost sounds like two dares, but OK," I said. What the hell! They both had seen plenty already and my attempts to cover myself were not very effective. And the next deal was going to be mine, so I would have to use both hands for the cards rather than hiding myself. I took another swallow from my drink.

"You're measuring to see if it will fit Jayne?" Kathy needled. The drinks and the nudity were clearly making the remarks increasingly suggestive and outrageous. Jayne leaned over and hit her with a cushion, giving me a well lit and sensational view of quite a bit of her pink nether lips as she used her other hand to steady herself. That was all my little soldier boy needed to be able to come to complete attention.

I took the ruler from the coffee table and stood up, beginning the measurement. Now I am a pretty average guy, and I know from scientific data that the average is between five and six inches, so I wasn't embarrassed much more than the circumstances provided for. Almost five and three quarter inches I announced, and then sat down, leaving my arms at my sides.

I noticed that both girls were still looking at it through the glass table top; then the timer buzzed.

"Well ladies," I pronounced, "the free show is going to go on because I have to deal."

"Bad luck," said Kathy, but without too much sympathy at all, "maybe you should just leave it uncovered for the rest of the evening."

"Maybe I will," I teased, "since you seem to like looking at it so much."


I dealt the next hand.

The cards went out and we all looked at them with intensity. With yellow and red dares in play, mere nudity was the least of the concerns.

After the discards, we showed our hands. Kathy had three aces; there was just no stopping her! She was wasting her time at school; Vegas was a much better choice for her career. And of course she wasn't too bashful about announcing her victory; Jayne and I looked at each other with a mutual sinking feeling.

"Now," Kathy said with almost clinical precision to me, "since you were the loser you get the yellow dare, my lovely and loving sister gets the red dare."

Jayne looked imploringly at Kathy, but to no avail.

"Since it's a yellow dare, and I know Jayne it dying to kiss you anyway; kneel next to her, put your hands behind your back, and kiss her for one minute; no touching with your hands."

Jayne gave her sister a glaring look for this indiscretion about her desire to kiss me, but nevertheless turned to face me.

I moved over next to her and put my lips up to hers; she looked at me shyly, and then, met me.

When you attend high school, you learn about chemical reactions; well, this one was spontaneous and large. As we began to kiss, Jayne surprisingly put her arms around my neck, pulling me to her. I suddenly knew what it was like to be a drowning man; our tongues intertwined, I could feel her breasts against my chest and the urge to wrap my arms around her was overwhelming, but I couldn't because of the dare. When the timer went off, we both reluctantly broke the kiss off, breathing heavily and staring into each others eyes.

"Well," Kathy said, perhaps taken aback by the obvious passion in

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