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Tryst with ex-lover leads to great anal sex.

Opening herself so I could see between her lips, the moist pink flesh drew my eyes like iron to a magnet.

"I have... hidden parts that stay covered unless my body is... preparing for... sex. Then it gets slippery in there, so... skin can slide around OK."

Her fingers glided to the lower end of her crease.

"These delicate inner lips swell and open pretty far as I... a girl gets more ready. Doctors call them labia minora. Normally they cover and protect the place where a man... would go... when a girl was ready for him. You may not be able to see the... opening, but..."

Following a long pause, Liz wormed her middle finger inside herself.

By testicles began to earnestly tighten, clear fluid flowed freely from my tip.

"My finger is in my vagina. While it can feel incredible... to a girl, to have a man inside... there. Up here is very, very important for a girl to... enjoy sex."

While the free hand spread the folds apart, Liz withdrew her finger, moving that hand up to toy with the pink thing that looked like a little finger.

"This is my clitoris. If I'd been a boy it would've developed into a penis. For a girl, it becomes a little tube filled with very sensitive rod. When it gets moved around or rubbed just right, it makes... a girl feel so good I... she could scream from the pleasure. This is what I do when I'm trying to... when I'm almost..."

The hand she'd held her folds open with moved up to her right breast, she fondled her mound through her blouse and bra. But the middle fingers of her other hand were soon massaging directly on top of her plump clitoris. She began slowly, but in under a minute, Liz's fingers were a blur.

Before the minute was half over, my shoulders hunched forward, my chin fell, my mouth gaped, and my knees bent. As my body had absorbed Liz's precious sights and unsuspected aromas, the tingling moved from feeling really good, to REALLY good, to fabulous, to heavenly, to ecstasy, then far beyond.

I'd felt my sperm being readied, then pushing though my tubes, then, as I stared at Liz's frigging fingers, sperm shot out of me. The first bolt went as far as her breasts. Thick ropes of semen steadily erupted from my drenched tip. As the strength of my ejaculation gradually weakened, I left a trail of puddles down her torso, over bare the bare tummy, onto her dark fur and flying hand. By the time I'd finished, droplets were scattered over both inner thighs and exposed buns below her pussy.

By the time my spewing finished, I was hunched over like a ninety-year old man, but my eyes remained fixed on Liz's pussy. Liz reached an orgasm during the time I was making a mess on her incredible body. I don't recall even thinking of any words for the climax I witnessed, but I instinctively understood that her hips jumping, her visible lower buns clenching tight, her fingers achieving a blinding speed, all together they meant my sexy sister had experienced the female version of what I was feeling.

I guess I knew that sex was supposed to feel good to a girl, but it was major revelation that it could be the intense pleasure I observed. Even in the throes of bliss, unable to stand erect, I still watched closely as her fingers gradually slowed, watched until they finally stopped. By then I was on my knees, holding my shrunken penis, breathing like a bellows.

When at last she composed herself sufficiently, Liz rolled off the bed. Picking up her jeans and panties, she walked towards the door. As she passed me, Liz stopped for a second. I tried to look up to her face, but my eyes couldn't rise above her sodden pussy, now mere inches from my face. I managed to rasp out "You are the most amazing... " before my voice betrayed me.

Tenderly, Liz ran her fingers through my hair from my forehead to the back of my neck before walking out my door for the bathroom.

Falling towards my bed, I nonetheless managed to watch her gorgeous buns sway where they peeked out beneath her curved shirttail until the bathroom door closed behind her.

Chapter 6

I briefly left my room a cou

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