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Isabeau's story; hints of what is to come.


"Aw come on Sadie what's this like? You know I'm already scared."

OK...this part you don't know about. We made sure Jeni didn't give you all the details. If you remember I mentioned that on the backside of his knot is a formation of pimples that look like nipple bumps that completely encircle the shaft of his penis. We have found out that these bumps secrete a thin clear waxy substance. It turns out that this secretion comes from this new Imon gland and it doesn't matter what position the man is in these bumps will contact the g-spot all the time. You will even feel the sensation in your anal area. Believe me he covers the entire playing field."

"And what does this clear waxy cream do," asked Gwn?

"I was coming to that," replied Sadie. It turns out that this cream or waxy stuff does two things. First, it will help seal the vaginal entrance and keeps all of those fluids inside. When the knot finally goes down you will leak a lot of those fluids. That's why the bed will be covered in some very absorbent towels beneath the sheets."

"I'll bet that's going to be an embarrassing mess," commented Gwn.

"Not when you're having that much fun," Sadie said with a twinkle in her eye. "Anyway the second function this plays is that this cream starts to excite the g-spot which is directly connected to your clitoral area. It starts out as a slight tingling feeling and builds up to continuous hot stinging exciting sensation. There is nothing you can do so you may as well lay back and enjoy the ride. You completely lose control. His penis and knot are surging in rhythm with his heartbeat and this cream keeps the g-spot stimulated and you get an orgasm about every three minutes. The vaginal stimulation at this point is all involuntary. You can't help it as long as this cream is in contact with your g-spot.

"So you mean as we are laying there all 'knotted' up, I can expect an orgasm to hit every couple of minutes whether I like it or not."

"Absolutely," said Sadie. "As you are having these continuous orgasms it excites him as well and he starts to have several until he has expelled all the semen in his prostate. It's an incredible experience, like none I've ever had sexually and I thought I had experienced almost everything in the sex department. This occurs over a 30-40 minute period until the Imon gland is fully spent and this is the reason both of you experience so much fatigue."

"I guess this would be a good way to lose weight then."

Sadie then asked, "Do you think you want to give it a try?"

"You know I'd never live it down if I backed out. You and Jeni would never let me forget it."

"You're probably right." Then pulling her hair back from her ear Sadie said, "And if you do, you get to wear one of these."

"What is that," Gwn asked?

It's just a little pink 'hangman's knot' tattoo that signifies that we have been hung by the Dutchman's knot."

"Well then I guess I'll have to get me one of those."

Laughing together Sadie joked, "Honey, you don't get this, you have to earn this." With that the two of them gave the other a congratulatory hug and hearty laugh. "Oh, before I forget it, you and Dutch are to have dinner Thursday night before your session on Friday. Dr Luck wants you to get familiar with each other before starting such a strenuous date. You'll find out that he's not the monster we've made him out to be."

As Gwn turned to leave Sadie's office she said, "I think I'm ready now."

"Good, now go on in the lab and let the girls take care of the pre-session procedures. After your session, I'll see you next week for a debriefing. They will direct you to Dr Luck's office after they're through. Don't worry; we'll keep an eye on you."

"I bet you will," said Gwn mumbling under her breath as she left Sadie's office.

Chapter 3

Game Time

Gwn tossed and turned as she tried desperately to get to sleep.

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