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The girls would be tied up with soft velvet rope.

"Why don't you just watch your movie?" Drake snapped.

Terrell shook his head again, before settling back in his seat.

The commotion now over, Carmela returned her own attention back to the movie screen, where the heroine was now crying over her slain lover's grave. "I will avenge your murder." The actress was saying.

The relative silence did not last long however, as Drake was soon clambering over the row of seats and dropped into the vacant opening directly beside Carmela. Arrogantly, he placed his arm across her shoulders and brought his face in close to hers.

"Do you fucking mind?" Carmela asked.

"No, do you?" Drake replied, keeping his face hovering around her like a mosquito. "But let me ask you this, do you know what my brother's biggest problem is?"

"I'm starting to have a pretty good idea."

Drake smiled and drew back a little, enough for Carmela to get a good look at him. He was solidly built, she gave him that much. His features were as handsome and rugged as his brother's were.

They appraised one another for a good moment, until Drake glanced over and made sure he had his brother's attention. He spoke out loud. "My brother's biggest problem is that he's too slow with the ladies. If it was me sitting next to you, I'd already have your digits down, and I'd have been spittin' all kinds of game to you right now..."

"Cut it out, Drake." Terrell warned. "Why don't you go hit up the arcade like you said you would?"

"Yeah, why don't you just go away?" Carmela agreed, taking his arm away from her shoulders. "And stop being such an asshole while you're at it."

Drake leaned back, briefly mocking apprehension. He smiled again and loomed closer. "Girl, I just want to see you shake that thing."

"It's not 'girl.' It's Carmela. I'm not one of your little hood rats."

Drake boldly took up one of her hands. For a moment, Carmela was poised to scratch his eyes out. Shockingly, the rough teen merely brought his lips down and kissed it. "It's Princess Carmela to me." After a moment, however, his tongue slipped out and wetly circled around her knuckles.

"Pervert." Carmela snatched her hand away.

"There's a lot more where that came from." He whispered, careful that his brother wouldn't overhear. "And I mean, a lot more."

"You're a pig."

"I got satisfied customers all over this state, and a couple other states, too." Drake said, then laughed at his own joke.

Finally having had enough, Terrell stood up. "Carmela, I'm really sorry about this. Can I walk you out?"

Carmela glanced in his direction. So much for having some relaxation time before she went back home, she sighed. "Sure."

She got to her feet, only to have Drake's arm snare her waist and guide her down into his lap.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She snapped, as her nails quickly found and dug into Drake's forearm. "Let me go, or else."

"I was just playing with you." Drake released her, but not before nuzzling his chin against the back of her neck. "Seein' as how you're all uptight. What you need to do is to loosen up a little bit."

"I am not uptight." Carmela shot back, shoving his arm away and getting up. She sidestepped to the end of the row, where Terrell waited for her.

"Where you going, girl?" Drake asked. "We're just getting the party started here."

"I'll deal with you later." Terrell growled at his brother, only to hear Drake laugh back at him.

With Terrell following closely behind her, Carmela made her way back to the lobby.

"I'm really sorry about my brother. He can be a real jerk sometimes. He's been like that ever since he turned eighteen a couple of months ago. Now, he thinks he can get away with anything." Terrell was babbling away nervously. Once he had enough light to see, he pulled out his wallet. "Let me give you twenty bucks. That should cover the price of the movie ticket and the popcorn you left behind."

Carmela crossed her arms, feigning being upset at not having watched the remainder of the movie.

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