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Lola and the photographer recreate the photoshoot.

I wonder if she's mute?

"Look above the portal," Eve provided helpfully.

Fey Banshee: Moxy - Class: Unknown - Status: Aroused

Fey Banshee? What does that mean? Class unknown probably meant she was a fair amount above my weight class.

"Banshee as in the wailing creature from Irish folklore. It's probable that her voice might be some sort of weapon and thus not to be trifled with."

I guess that's plausible but there are a whole lot of assumptions being made there.

"Why don't you ask her and find out?"

A chill descended on me, making me shiver but I become petulant.

"Can you speak?" I asked tremulously. The hand retreated and was shortly replaced by an unamused eye as she knelt down to the rifts current position. She nodded, paused for a second and then shook her head. Then she showed her lips pursing them and holding her finger up, creating the shush hand gesture that kindergarten teachers are intimately familiar. Moxy stood up and the hand reappeared as the portal continued it's descent. It paused for a moment, showing off a breast that was being gently massaged by her free hand, before continuing onward down her body, revealing her plump pussy. Her labia were a pale cream the same shade as her nipples and were lubricated with her arousal, her folds lubricated. The savory scent of sweet cream had me licking my lips as it wafted from her nethers. Her finger crooked at me, beckoning me closer before withdrawing. Pressing her hips forward, her flesh breached the barrier of the portal, laying her delectable pussy on a vertical platter for me. Kneeling before her, I had no problems spreading labia wide, my fingers gently pulling on her light purple flesh. With a tentative first lick I tasted her juices while her legs quivered, almost unnoticeable under my touch. She inexplicably tasted of warm blueberry muffins, and I spread her wider my tongue sliding across her folds with long, shallow strokes, only dipping minisculely into her quivering vagina. Her hand snaked through a shallow opening at the top of the portal, winding gently through my hair and encouraging me to remain flush against her.

Not that I had any intention of retreating.

My licks grew deeper, bolder, forging further into her pussy as her trembles began to grow stronger. Switching gears, I firmed up my tongue and used it as a spear, punching through into her overheating depths. A full body shiver ran through her hand as she held me even closer, her pussy wobbling as a deluge of tasty lubrication poured from her body. A small fear of drowning ran through me, the liquid filled my nostrils and throat. Then a pulling sensation occured along my neck and sweet oxygen filled my bloodstream, my liquid breathing skill taking care of the problem; this allowed me continue eating Moxy out without interruption, nothing but a pure stream of nibbling tongue thrusts that had her breathing deeply, shakes becoming pronounced enough to nearly dislodge me. She stilled, hovering on the precipice of release while I continued to fuck her with all the oral skills I could bring to bear.

Her hand tightened on my hair, painfully tugging, my vision going black as she squished me against her fluttering cream covered pussy. Once her orgasmic contractions faded, she released me, patting my head and shooting me a thumbs up as the portal shrunk and winked from existence. The amulet fell to the ground from where the portal used to be, its tarnished silver glowing softly with a purple light the same shade as Moxy's skin. The amulet depicted a feminine elven face with long ears and violet gemstone eyes.

For your successful engagement with Moxy you've been awarded two corporeal seed and two ethereal seeds.

Congratulations, you've found your first rare encounter. You've been awarded the Sense Magic Ability.

Sense Magic

By closing your eyes and focusing you can detect potential rare encounters within a

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