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Lucky has to find a way to get to the party.

...Sure, I can be there shortly"

Five hours later I stood at the desk, handing the clerk my card. "Laura, you look stunning," Simon beamed at my side, fluttering about. Hands on his hips he declared, "I am so good it scares me at times." He spun me around for the benefit of the clerk, who laughed at his antics, "Check this out Susie-Q She is so gorgeous and has no where to go." He shook his head, "What a shame. I swear Laura I am tempted to take you out myself, no matter how upset my Henri would get!"

I laughed and assured Simon that I would not let his hard work go unappreciated and that I would find something to do. Then I headed home, watching the clock. The car would be arriving to pick me up in an hour.

Exactly at 4:30 a sleek black Lexus pulled up. I met the uniformed driver at the door and allowed him to escort me outside, opening the door and whisking me away. I sat in the back seat nervous and frightened. What was I thinking? At least four times I leaned forward intending to tell the driver, take me home, Now!!!!!!! Only to sit back and bite my lip, determined to try this.

The car pulled through the gates of an impressive home in a quiet neighborhood. As we drove up to a massive portico I could see well tended gardens that led down to the lake. Waiting at the front was a man, dressed casually in khakis and a white shirt. The shirt glowed against his tanned skin and I returned his smile as he gallantly opened the door and helped me out of the car. He tucked my arm under his and led me into the house. "Ah. Laura, Monica did not tell me how very sexy you were." His fingertips slid sensuously along the skin of my inner wrist and he gazed deep into my eyes. "I am certainly glad you called me. I think we are both going to find this to be mutually satisfying if you are only half as sensuous as you are beautiful."

The home he led me into was a showplace. Tastefully decorated, full of beautiful fabrics, furnishings, and art. To the left of the foyer was a large room full of shades of blue and deep green. As we passed I noticed a bar, and lovely, intimate groupings of couches and love seats. Immediately pass this room the foyer opened up with a ceiling that soared upward to a beautiful skylight done in stain glass. A double stair case rose up on each side of the room to meet directly ahead of us. It appeared as if a hallway led away from this second story landing to bedrooms I assumed. "Please, this way" Nick indicated, opening a door so cleverly done it blended right in with the paneled walls of the foyer. I followed, trying not to gape, at this lovely home. :If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask."

We had entered what looked like a private suite of rooms. Nick seated me on the couch and then walked over to a large desk in the corner. Picking up the phone, I over heard him instruct , that he was not to be disturbed for anything. Then he seated himself next to me and offered me a glass of wine, which I gladly accepted. For awhile we chatted about the business. He had been doing this for 5 years and had a dozen women working for him. He was open and answered all my questions. Finally after an hour or so I paused just trying to take in all the information he had given me. Nick watched me as I sipped the red wine and I blushed, finally demanding he stop looking at me He smiled and moved a bit closer. I noticed the way his dark hair curled about his collar and how velvety brown his eyes were. "But I cannot help but stare, Laura. Your friend Monica said you were a beautiful woman but I am afraid she did not do you justice. Your lush figure, your tempting skin, your full lips," he reached out running his fingertip over my lower lip, "Just looking at you makes me want to see what is under that delightfully teasing dress."

I blushed, feeling terribly naive. What had made me think that I could do this. That a man would pay money to spend time with me. "I think I might have made a mistake," I started to say, preparing to stand up.

Nick moved closer, slipping his

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