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Melody is humiliated in a Casino.

"That was very well done, Leslie," Penny complimented her. "Why don't you head home? You look like you should call it a day. We will start to sort this out here."

Leslie didn't disagree. She went back into her office and collected her keys and purse before heading home for the evening. Once Leslie was past the front door, Penny turned to me.

"I have to update Emma on this evening's events," Penny declared. "I don't think we have seen the last of Ms. Deville."

"I agree with you on that," I said. "She has something up her sleeve to play games with us. Leslie really handled her tonight, though."

"She really did," Penny concurred. "You should go reward her."

I looked at Penny curiously. She was wearing a devilish smirk.

"What did you have in mind," I pressed her.

"It's her reward, let her choose," Penny responded.

I shut off my computer and walked Penny to the front door. After locking up the office for the night, I escorted her to her car and kissed her lightly on the cheek. I turned and headed for my car without a word being exchanged.

"Hey Cinderella," Penny called after me. "You turn into a pumpkin again at midnight."

She both creative and subtle, which is why she drove me crazy and I was also crazy about her. I left the office and headed over to Leslie's house, which was only about 10 minutes from our new location. I parked in the driveway and made my way to the door quickly.

I rang the bell and waited patiently. Leslie took her time answering the door, though I knew better than to ring the bell a second time. I could tell that she was quite surprised to see me when she opened the door. She looked relaxed and comfortable in her grey cotton shorts and pink tank top. Her hair was up and she was clearly not wearing a bra. I smiled as I took in the sight of her.

"Hey, is something wrong," she asked quickly.

"Actually, no, nothing is wrong," I conveyed. "Penny wanted me to let you know how well you performed tonight."

"I have a feeling that we are not done with that bitch yet," Leslie stated.

"While we both agree with you, I think we don't have to worry about her anymore tonight," I surmised.

"I would think not," she agreed. "Is there something else?"

"Your reward," I announced.

"Which is what," she questioned.

"What ever you want it to be," I revealed.

"Oh," was her only response.

She seemed to be acting a little weird about the whole thing. The look on her face was almost startled.

"So you are not going to invite me in," I pressed her.

She looked at me, seemingly confused. I waited for a moment, in the silence, before Leslie stepped aside in the doorway and gestured with her arm for me to enter the house. I passed by her into the front hall as she closed the front door behind me. I turned to face her and was about to say something when I heard a strange sound come from the living room.

I froze where I stood and began to listen closely. I heard some oddly familiar sounds though I could not place them as to exactly what they were. I looked at Leslie and she was looking at me but would not make eye contact. I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on here when a loud sigh came from the living room. I looked at Leslie who looked away quickly. I turned and strode into the living room to see what the hell was going on.

I found an interesting sight when I arrived in the living room. There was a glass of red wine on the coffee table and a porno movie on the television. There was a young, blonde girl on screen giving a deep blowjob to a middle-aged man. He seemed to be enjoying it and I was getting turned on watching. I turned back to see that Leslie had followed me and I looked at her. She offered no expression or explanation.

"Getting yourself in the mood," I asked playfully.

"I don't know what to say," Leslie stuttered.

"You cannot possibly be embarrassed," I reprimanded her.

"Wouldn't you be," she challenged me.

"Hell no," I exclaimed.

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