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Man wakes up as a woman.

I kissed her again, softly, gently, and let her feel the tip of my tongue licking her lips. Instinct seemed to take over at that point for her as she opened her mouth slightly and allowed me in. Gradually I felt her body relax and we spent the next few minutes sharing that kiss which seemed to engulf us both with passion and want.

Eventually, I pulled my head back from her and noticed that her eyes had been closed. As she opened them, seeming to wonder why I had stopped, I told her.

"Maria, take me to your bedroom."

This simple instruction caused her whole body to tremble in my arms but she simply nodded and led the way. The bedroom was at the back of the cottage and as she led the way I had the opportunity to once again revel in the sight of her delicious, round cheeks.

Once inside the bedroom, however, it was my turn to momentarily stop. Maria may have left the convent but someone had forgotten to tell her bedroom. It was exactly how I imagined her room in the convent would have looked. All it contained was a single bed, a small wardrobe and a desk. There was even a crucifix above the bed.

"It's not much, I'm afraid," she said apologetically, her back to me, as if she was afraid to turn around and see my disappointment.

I stepped closer behind her and gently kissed her neck, causing another tremor to pass through her. As I placed my hands on her womanly hips, I kissed along the collar of her blouse until I reached the other side. Turning her to face me, I once again kissed those luscious lips and was delighted when her mouth opened to accept my tongue even before I licked her.

Taking this as a sign of encouragement, I pulled her close to me, and allowed my hands to travel down her back to finally reach their goal and cup the generous curves of her bum. As her kissing became more practised and more responsive, I allowed my hands free rein as they roamed over her rear end, feeling the curves that no other man had ever been lucky enough to feel.

As she didn't object to any of this and, indeed, her own hands were starting to relax a bit and move around over my back, I reluctantly released her cheeks and brought my hands to the front. Looking into her eyes I reached down and opened first one, then two, then three buttons at the top of her blouse. Meeting no resistance, I opened the rest of them before slowly pulling the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt.

I kissed her on the neck once again then, trailing kisses down her smooth skin, I slowly eased her blouse open to expose even more of her virgin body. Her breasts were round and perfect, fully encased in her bra but that wasn't going to be the case for much longer. Kneeling down, I kissed down her stomach as my hands moved round to the small of her back and drew her to me once again.

Her arms still in her sleeves, Maria placed her hands on my shoulders and seemed to steady herself. I looked up and noticed her eyes were again closed but I also noticed her full breasts were heaving up and down just as her breathing became ever deeper. Her bra was plain white cotton, as I had imagined it would be, with no lace or adornments, but at that moment it looked like the sexiest bra I had ever seen.

I decided it was now time to push her on to the next step and stretched up just a little to kiss the underside of one of her bra enclosed breasts. She simply sighed as I used my tongue to search along the white cotton until I found what i was looking for, her nipple. I closed my mouth around it, using my teeth to gently squeeze it and found it quickly responded by growing within its tight cotton prison. Moving slightly on the floor, I transferred my attention to the other one, as my hands finally eased her blouse off her shoulders. It slid down her back and fell to the floor. I'm sure in her days in the convent none of her clothes ever lay on the floor but those days were gone now, forgotten in the heat of the moment.

With that barrier removed, I reached behind her

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