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Young woman and her sister have another bad day.

band, the more I bent down the more Callum's cock entered me getting more deeper and ever more satisfying -

I unlocked my fingers from his, running my hands over his smooth chest, across his hard erect nipples to which I gave a slight tweak to as I passed, down over each rip that was his abs and down to his waist band, pulling it down ever so slightly kissing the top just where his pubic hair meets just pure smooth skin.

Moving down further down towards the base of his penis, It becomes visible to me, wow he was a big boy, he was bigger and thicker than Callum, I've never had one this big in my entire sexual experience, I have only dreamed to have one like this, I've heard that the bigger thicker guys make the best lovers as every inch of your hole is covering it so tight It makes you more sensitive and you feel it more because of that fact.

I slowly nibble the base of his penis, making his cock fill up quickly getting hard that even his shorts were becoming tight. Working my way up to the head.

I bring my tongue to his tip, licking all around his thick cut cock. And then I stretch my mouth as wide as I can and take in this giant beast, Callum groans as he feels the warmth of my arse tightening around him. His puts his left hand on my shoulder ensuring he can get as deep as possible inside me, pulling me back onto him as he pushes deep inside me, his right hand reaching up to Scott's lips, he licks his thumb and runs it along Scott's lips making them more moist,

Scott opens his mouth letting out a little groan, his tongue peeking out and running across the top of Callum's thumb.

Callum moves his thumb into Scott's mouth running it along his tongue to which Scott recipicates and starts to massage it back closing his lips around it and stats to suck on it.

I was in heaven right now, I've always fantasised about a threesome but have never had the courage to have one... until now.

Scott then pulls away releasing Callum's thumb and leans in to kiss him making his cock slip from my mouth, to which I followed and leaned in to take it in some more, I wasn't letting go that easily.

I grabbed Scott's cock from its base, milking any precum that was acclimating inside come to the surface so I could lick it up, I managed to get a few drops and just let it slide down the back of my throat, savouring the taste.

After lapping up his precum I pull away and break them two away from kissing and turn Scott around so he was facing the cubicle wall while still making his hands stay firmly pressed against the wall. I pull down his shorts all the way to that his bare buttocks was staring me in the face.

I kiss both his cheeks and run my tongue up the middle of his hole to the top and wiggle my tongue slowly at first and then getting faster and faster as quick as my tongue would go spreading his cheeks baring his pink hole and continue to rim his making his hole moist, Callum getting more excited as he watches me face deep in this guy's bum, Thrusts faster, I stand up so that I was at the same height as Callum.

I run a finger across Scott's hole prepping it for my finger, I slowly slip it inside him to which he tenses immediately, I pause and await for him to relax before going any further, after a few breaths he relaxes and I work my finger to his prostrate and apply pressure.

I prepare another finger and continue to insert it inside him; he whimpers a little more out loud, I rub his prostrate till he was practically screaming on this inside, afraid to let it out in case someone else would hear. I slowly retract, his hole still open and ready for me to plunge my cock straight into, I spit on my hand and massage my own saliva into my penis creating a lubrication, I place my head at the entrance of his rectum and slowly started to insert it, I got to about 3" before he asked me to stop, this was obviously a new experience for him.

I stopped as he requested, his sphincter tightening around me, I whisper into his ear to relax and enjoy it and not to worry, this seemed to help a little as he started to relax, then I started goi

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