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Cruising UN diplomat caught in April Fools trick.

And he begged me to do it again.

After that I had a special status in the police station. Nice place, really. Tall palm trees on either side. Very formal. Like sentries.

When I walked in, cops all over the place looked up from their work. It dawned on me that I had every one of the patrol officers in my harem. Only the station-house staff didn't know what was going on.

On the fateful day when I asked to use the rest room, I was directed to the locker room. As I walked through it, every man there, those fully in uniform, those sitting on the benches changing from civilian clothes, and those still in street clothes looked up at me, their hands on the green locker doors, their eyes scared--but hungry. They feared to hear me call their names, summoning the demons inside them.

They knew they were concubines in my harem. I was their alpha male, and they were broken, afraid to displease me, terrified I might order them to strip down and suck my tool.

And they knew they would be unable to refuse. They were my slaves.

As I looked around, they ready my mind--those in the process of removing their clothes stopped when they were naked. Those in uniform began pulling them off again. Those in street clothes stripped. All in nervous silence. Not so much as the clank of a locker door.

When they were all naked, they looked around at each other. All were hard, all drooling precum. Everywhere I heard quiet murmurs of, "Oh, god, you too?"

The men closest to me called softly, "Sir, don't. Please don't!"

I pulled open my fly. "Canby!" My first conquest. He got up, gritting his teeth, and came to me, his erect lance bobbing before him. He dropped to his knees, took my wood into his mouth, and sucked. The others stared, breathing hard.

"Okay, cops, I'm going to throw a little party this weekend. Let's call it a vodka-tasting party." I looked all around, making eye contact. "You all will be there. I've already checked your schedules; you're not on duty this weekend."

I lowered my voice, more bass. "You will all wear PT uniform--black gym trunks and a white Police Department T-shirt. And a jockstrap."

They looked around at each other.

"There I will assign you new owners." I smiled. "Perhaps they will be less demanding than I. You will strip, suck, fuck, do anything they wish. You will try to sell yourselves to the new owners." I looked around.

Expressions of horror. Could've heard a pin drop.

"To confirm that you will be there, cum for me!"

Every one of the dozen or so men stiffened up, shuddering, throwing their heads back, eyes shut, and 12 cocks shot cop-jizz all over the lockers and floors. And all over each other. White slime dribbling down the green metal. Puddling on the tile floor. Dripping down tan skin.

The incredible chemo-hypnotic power of Catuaba.

"Very well, gentlemen, see you at the Hotel Xenon." As I walked out, I turned back, "Since you now know you're all into man-sex, go ahead and enjoy yourselves!"

As I watched, they paired off, shyly at first, and embraced. After a few moments of hesitation and disbelief, each kissed the other on the mouth, fumbling for the other's erection. The police station locker room. What a sight.

Catuaba had burned me into their consciousnesses as the pack leader, their soul-king. They could not refuse to obey me. They still had their own thoughts, though. One of them, Canby, the one who gave me the blowjob, moaned as I walked out, "Goddamn you, Thomas. What have you done to me?"
I turned back. "That's 'Sir' to you, and do you want me to stop?"

He gasped. "No, sir, no! I'll suck your cock!" He clasped his hands together. "You've taken my manhood. I can't fuck women any more. All I can think of is cock--your cock, sir--up my ass! All I beg is that you don't fuck me up as a cop. I can't lose this job!"

I realized that all of them had been turned into bottoms. Odd. Why didn't that happen to me when I touched myself with the stuff?

It hit me: I was already a bottom! Strange.

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