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Melody leaves a mark.

"Behold your God-given beauty!" he said as he gently squeezed both of her hot tits.

Each of his hands grasped, then overflowed with her full D-sized breasts encased in bra and blouse; her big soft hooters. He gently squeezed her as Barbie's hands came up slowly, automatically, to push him away, though she did not complete her action. Rather, she reveled in the warm feeling his touching produced. She was feeling lust for the first time in a long time. She was feeling like a sexual woman.

Allowing his hands to linger on her incredibly firm hooters, Chris spoke more of her transformation, of Eve and the garden and the duty that all truly whole and complete women had on this earth. While saying this he continued to gently weigh her tits in his hands, his fingertips seeking the thick buds of her overly sensitive nipples as she dreamingly stared into his eyes.

Chris then got the devious idea to train Barbie even more. He released her bosoms and took her laptop and changed the website from that of the church store to the most lovely, but very tasteful, erotic site of 'Busty Bloom'. He knew that most of the women there had at least D, if not E or F cup breasts and that they were elegantly attired and succulently presented. He felt this would be a good way to ease her into a life of lust and sexual pleasures.

Barbie looked at the first page of the website and was both shocked and captivated. She knew this wasn't normal, this wasn't God's way, but she also knew and believed that these women were like Eve, they were fully developed and complete women and that she too had finally reached that point in life.

Her eyes looked away from the pages, then looked back again. An inner struggle was being waged inside her head as she heard the words of the pastor at church. These were the devil's images to temp men. She wanted to say no, to get up and walk away, but his words lingered in her mind about purpose, fullness, transformation and becoming a complete woman. She decided that she could indeed look at the images. She was not afraid of these tempting, barely clad beauties. After all, God had made them. They were natural women and she too was a creature of God.

He suggested that she looked so much like the wonderful women on the pages of this site. That they were all made in the image of Eve to nurture and feed men, to provide pleasure and to reproduce and that she too was one of God's beauties. He asked her to study very carefully each and every one of the images there for at least the first dozen pages or so. He wanted her to learn some of the clever ways they dressed and the joy they got out of life being complete women; whole, fully developed and women with the nurturing fruits that God gave to them. He then said that he wanted to get her something special to drink and would be right back. He wanted to give her his special Liquid of Lactation that he had so carefully prepared for just this occasion.

Barbie was not at all used to a woman showing so much of her body to a man and these naked busty ladies on these pages were shocking to her. That part was not correct. It wasn't right. Yet, maybe there was indeed some truth to his words. She was an adult now after all and she had noticed in the mirror the classically beautiful body that she had naturally developed. "Maybe she should follow Chris's advice and learn all about these beautiful women?" she thought. They were God's creatures meant to please, to feed and nourish men and were perfect in their own way. She was even a little bit excited that she was made perfectly too. She was, in her own way, one of them she was beginning to realize. As she continued to look at the images her fingertips found the upper buttons of her high-necked blouse. She actually started to very slowly toy with the little pearl buttons there...

While observing Chris and Barbie in the living room, Becky had reached up and squeezed he

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