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"Dudes, I have something special for all of you...just be patient." I told them in quiet tones.

That and a great pass and long run turned their attention back to the game. My mind was wandering back into the kitchen again and it was decidedly difficult to sit down. I endured though, and soon enough the half was over. As the teams were exiting the field I stood up and went over to the kitchen door.

I opened it enough so I could see her face, looking intently at me, as I said "I have prepared a very special dessert for all of us, kind of as a half time feeding frenzy. Who's hungry?"

They all roared their approval, as they know I'm a great cook. I, however, was looking for her reaction and it was priceless. The look on her face was such a wonderful mix of emotions. I pulled the door wide as the gang came forward.

I had chosen very carefully the group I had invited today. They are all married or engaged, all wild open minded men I've known long enough to try this. They have all met Deanna and had separately told me how lucky I was to be with such a beautiful woman. And most importantly, Deanna had told me that she lusted after them as well. For a previous wager, we had invited a third into our love play that she had picked up when we went dancing. It was a fabulously interesting night. Afterward, we were talking about how it went and she confessed to desiring to be ravished by a whole crowd of men. Thus, the event for today. That was months ago, and I expect that because I never brought the subject back up she thought it a dead issue. She was soooo wrong.

I watched her body become intensely hot and the guys reactions to her splayed out very carefully as they filed through the door. George was the first through and he looked like someone had hit him on the head with a board, so complete was his shock. Fred was the first to react positively. His eyes lit up and mouth dropped open in obvious desire. Pete paused for a moment, looked at me for conformation that this was real. He obviously got whatever he needed when our eyes met, because he then went right over to Deanna and started kissing her. Tom came through and seeing Pete moving toward beautiful Deanna, followed close on his heels to stake out his piece of this dessert. Lastly was the gentle giant Bill. He came through, laughed out loud as he spied Deanna tied down to the table over Tom's head, slapped me on the back and also went directly over to Deanna.

I noticed that George was still standing aside so I went over to him.

I explained to all of them that "This was a long time fantasy of Deanna's that I wanted to fulfill for her. Anything that goes on here today will not be discussed with anyone outside of this group! And any further liaison with Deanna will only be done through me, as long as she and I are a couple, which as we are engaged, I expect to be for a very long time. Do you all agree? And if any of you are not comfortable, feel free to either, go back and watch the half-time show, or leave, as long as you promise to keep the trust."

They all agreed, and now that George found out that while Deanna was tied up, it is of her own desire, he seemed to relax and started to become quite aroused at the scene in front of him.

I went over to Deanna, interrupting Pete for a minute.

"Deanna dear, you may now speak or moan, or cry out as you desire." I said.

"Mmmmm, thank you very much, Sir. Now where were we?" Deanna replied with hungry look in her eye.

That one phrase started an incredible feeding frenzy.

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