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My mistresses slave for the evening.

I groaned into my fingertips and bit down on my middle finger to try and stop myself from doing anything crazy. The plug finally settled into place and the rest of the lace wrapped around my body. I felt it grow warm and then I couldn't feel the lace at all. It was like it never existed, except for the plugs filling my body.

I picked up the mini dress and put it back in the bag along with the jacket and phone. I had to get to this danny or I would end up a total wreck unable to save myself from what the witch was doing to me. I zipped the bag back up and went to stand, but I forgot that my sweats were pulled down around my knees. So as I stood, my now painfully erect horse cock swung in full motion hanging from my body, but balls eagerly pushed forward by the fabric now lacing around my backside. The plugs shifted and twitched causing my cock to drip a large strand of precum onto the ground in front of me in a single long delicious string. The plug filling my pussy warmed, and to my surprise the one filling my ass began to pulsate and gently hum inside of me. I shivered and put my second hand to my lips trying to stifle any noise from escaping my mouth. How could this be happening to me in the middle of school campus, with people who could see what I was doing.

I stooped forward and attempted to grab the edge of my sweatpants to pull them back up around my body, but as I bent over at my middle, my thick glorious horse cock bobbed and weaved in front of my eyes. I could smell the musky and heady scent. It begged for me to take just a single taste. Honestly it wouldn't hurt that bad, and I hadn't really eaten anything today... I could just lick a little of the tip and be fine. It was long enough that it reached my chin easily. I opened my mouth and licked my tongue forward across the backside of my flared tip. I felt the plug stuffing my asshole whir in appreciation and more precum dribbled from my cock onto the ground in front of me. It was so delicious and warm under my lapping tongue.

I ran my tongue around the edges swirling it happily tasting every inch possible. I couldn't help myself as I slowly sank to the ground on my knees, spreading them gently, enjoying the feeling of the stiff plugs whirring and vibrating in my pussy and tender asshole. Each time they spun or twitched, my cock would eagerly leak delicious precum and I couldn't help myself from sucking on the tip savoring the salty taste. Every small leaking bit slipping down my throat only made my skin flush with desire. I began to shake and quiver, beads of sweat boiling on my lower back, my hands searching and exploring my body. I slipped the thick member against my chest and shivered as the rough feeling of the fabric of my sweater pushed against the tender and sensitive flesh I was eagerly sucking on. My left hand worked at my breast, and found one of my erect nipples and I pinched on it hard causing me to burst out an excited moan that was stifled by the thick meat between my lips.

My other hand roamed and rubbed at the fabric that felt as if it was fused to my skin. There was no break anywhere allowing me to slip my fingers between it and my skin on my hips. I touched where the plugs were humming away inside of my swollen lips and tender ass, but there was no entry point to feel my own body, just the thicker balls that were churning excitedly as I plugged my own mouth eagerly. I shivered as more precum rolled onto my tongue and I gave the balls that were being pushed forward by the thin panties a gentle squeeze. It was beyond exquisite. To the point that more precum dribbled onto my wanting tongue and down my hungry throat.

In the peak of my climacteric rise I grew aware of exactly what was happening.

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