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Student needs help getting a better grade from a teacher.

I hadn't given much thought to that female function.

In the wallet I found a driver's license, Social Security card, a student I.D., a membership card to a health club and a card that identified me as a Sunset Model along with a half dozen credit cards for gas, department stores and the obligatory Visa and MasterCards. In one of the pockets of the purse I found a bunch of business cards from lawyers, investment brokers, photographers, salesmen, and a dance studio. I knew I'd be using the health club to get into shape and the dance studio would come in handy to get back in touch with my body.

Jenifer came in looking as cute as can be in a short denim skirt, athletic shoes and her magnificent boobs bouncing around unhampered under a loose fitting tank top. "How's it goin'?" she asked as she sat on the bed next to me, smelling wonderful. "I'm just getting off work and I thought I'd stop by before I left."

"I was snooping into my life hoping to remember some of it," I said. "I think I'll be alright if I can get someone to pay the bills on these cards."

"Oooh, let's go shopping," Jenifer said, picking up several of the cards. "Who needs money when you've got credit?"

"I'm going to be on my own when I leave here so I'm going to need the credit to get a place to stay. I'm not going to want to stay in my old house after all that's happened. "

"That won't be a problem," Jenifer said. "I live in a three bedroom place and we're losing one of our roommates at the end of the month. If you'd like, you can share my room until then and take the extra room at the start of next month."

"That would be great, but I wouldn't want to impose."

"You'd be doing us a favor. I was really sweating how I was going to make the extra rent. I've got a king-sized bed and an extra drawer in my dresser."

"Don't forget, I'd find it hard to keep my hands off of you."

"I wouldn't want you to," Jenifer said as she gave me a hug. "Then it's settled. I'll draw you a map so you can find the place. It's going to be fun."

"Great, I'll be looking forward to it."

"I'd better let you get your rest," Jenifer said, kissing me goodnight. "You're going to have a busy day tomorrow."

The next morning while I waited for my therapy appointment, I took a long, hot shower, shaved my legs and armpits and daubed on a touch of perfume. Jenifer had been helping me learn the fine points of feminine grooming but the application of make up seemed beyond me. Every time I tried, I ended up looking like a cheap whore. I may have wanted to act like one, but I didn't want to look the part. Luckily, I was a natural beauty and didn't really need any make up. Once I was all powdered and perfumed, I gave myself one last look over in the mirror on the bathroom door. I just couldn't get used to seeing that young, sweet girl with a body to die for and looks that dreams are made of in the reflection. It was a shame to cover up such natural beauty, but I had to dress for my therapy session with `El Cutie Pie-o' Rico. I slipped the nylon jogging shorts on with out any panties and pulled on a tight tank top over my work out bra rather than the loose Tee shirt. When I pulled my shoulders back, my tits stood straight out and pointed up.

When Jenifer came in with the obligatory wheel chair, I struck a pose. "How do I look?"

"Holy shit," she said. "You're going to drive poor Rico right over the wall."

"I don't mean to sound conceited, but I don't remember being this sexy."

"You be gentle with the poor boy."

"This'll probably be my last chance to get to him. The doctor is turning me loose this afternoon."

"That's wonderful! Here, here's the map I made for you. It's really easy to find, right off of the freeway. If you have any trouble at all, my phone number is at the bottom. I should be home by about five thirty. I'll pick up something for dinner."

"I don't have to ride to therapy in that contraption, do I?"

"Naw. If you feel like walking, I'll just push it along side. I want to see the look on Rico's face when you walk in."

As we walked down the hal

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