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The human race is being taken over, but can it be saved?

"Raeden Smith, place your left wrist in the reader," the voice commanded.

Kim opened his mouth to argue with the security system, to try to get out of this mess before Raeden was discovered, but he hadn't yet figured out what to say when Raeden stepped up to the reader and placed his bare hand into it. Then he looked at the security camera and a cocky smile spread across his face.

Kim's heart lurched. The man was fucking insane. He was also insanely gorgeous.

"Raeden Smith, welcome to Shangri-La," the voice intoned.

Kim's jaw dropped open. What the hell? He has no intel. How did he do that?

Raeden stepped away from the scanner and looked at Kim expectantly. Kim blinked up at him, still processing the fact that Raeden seemed to have been approved by the security system ... without an intel!

"Kim Takemoto, please place your left wrist in the reader," the female voice commanded.

Kim moved up to scanner and placed his hand in it.

"Welcome home, Kim," the emotionless voice said.

The lock on the inner door released and Kim scurried through it.

Raeden followed him into the dim hallway. Their breath still came out in white puffs; the building was not heated.

"How ... how did you get past security?" Kim asked.

Raeden looked confused for a moment, then he let out a short snort. "Your security system is not. Secure, that is. The fingerprint and optical scanners at the front door are probably the only real security you have, if both of those are even working. The rest of your security is fake. It's actually quite common for landlords to do that. It's expensive to maintain an intel reader and access to the infonet.

Kim's mouth gaped open as he stared at Raeden. "Fake?" he repeated. "That's outrageous! They can't do that. We pay plenty extra for security."

"So you're just now figuring out this place isn't really Shangri-La?" Raeden asked with a smirk.

Kim rolled his eyes. He was surprised Raeden knew what Shangri-La meant, the reference was a bit obscure. The building he lived in used to be a hotel, and the owners had retained the original name. "Shangri-La indeed. More like Hades," he grumbled.

"Or Siberia," Raeden suggested, stuffing his purple hands back into his pockets.

"I don't know what the hell I'm paying for," Kim muttered as he turned and started down the hallway. "Obviously not asthetics or heat. I thought I was paying for security, but I guess not that either."

"Where we goin'?" Raeden asked as he started to follow. "We gonna smoke opisigs?"

"No. I'm just giving you a place to sleep where you won't freeze to death overnight."

"Don' wanna sleep. I need a drink."

Kim decided not to answer that. Raeden was following him gamely enough and he seemed to be less drunk than he was before. He wanted to get him quickly ensconced in his unit before any of his neighbors saw them and became angry that he had brought a dangerous derelict into the building. Raeden might be able to fool a machine, but anyone who got close enough to smell him would know that he was a bad security risk.

Kim led his charge past the bank of elevators, which hadn't functioned in decades, and into a narrow stairwell. He trotted up the steps, hoping the brief spurt of exercise would warm him.

At the first landing he turned to see Raeden standing at the foot of the stairs, holding onto the railing, swaying, and squinting at him blearily. "Where we goin?" he asked again.

"To my unit. Come on!" Kim tried to sound encouraging, but his gut swam with butterflies. Am I really bringing this huge man into my home? He briefly considered abandoning him at the base of the stairs. If he passed out there, he probably wouldn't freeze to death. But if his landlord found out that he had let someone in and then let him wander free in the hallways, he would be evicted for sure. And it would be just his luck to have the security cameras actually functioning.
"Come on," he urged.

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