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A silly story to make friends in chat chuckle.

"Once more Baby, get both cheeks red for me so I can feel it when you take me to bed."

Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap, to give equal attention to the left side before shifting to the right. Laura moaned and began to cry at the pain she requested. Greg finished his six blows to right cheek but didn't stop. Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap - Slap, "Now let's get your red ass to the bedroom; I want you now."

Laura was sure Greg would take her hard, fast and rough their first time; the heavy spanking he'd just given seemed to proclaim his intention. First kiss was gentle and tender, as sweet and soft as any Laura could remember ever receiving from her lover. Greg followed with light feather kisses all over Laura's face, cheeks and chin, eyelids and ears. Laura moaned encouragement. He still knows my body and psyche so well; six years apart and he still knows me.

Greg's fingers led a teasing trail, neck, chest, breast and mouth followed, kiss, lick, soft bite. Attention shifted to nipples; Greg took his time, mouth played to the right while fingers took left side. Laura felt her passion climb. She pressed her chest up to her lover's caresses; her hands stroked his head, his back, arms, wherever she could reach. With passion building Laura called out her desire.

"Greg, now Greg, I need you! I need you in me. Please, please Baby, do me, love me Darling, I need you now. Fuck me Greg Baby. Love me right now."

Greg continued to tease and torment driving Laura's desire higher; her cries for more just got louder and louder. Laura tried to pull her lover closer into position but he was so much stronger that she had little success. Finally it was time; foreplay ended. With arms hooked behind knees, Greg lifted Laura's legs over his shoulders, lined cock with his woman's furrowed channel, and slowly eased himself into Laura's sexual center. Spasms shook her body; Laura just quivered at long denied pleasure.

"Yes, this is what I have needed so long. I love you Baby! Make love to me just like this."

Neither lasted long.

Both Greg and Laura were close to orgasm at first penetration. Greg humped hard and strong, driving his cock into the warmth of Laura's pussy from above. Laura kicked legs in the air around Greg's head and used back and shoulder muscles to reach for her lover's thick phallus, matching his thrusts with pelvic muscles to pull cock deeper into her core. After very few minutes of intense passionate loving Laura screamed her orgasm to Greg's ear as he spewed his cum into her being and yelled his joy as well. They collapsed next to one another panting and snuggling close.

At first both rested, their silence broken only by the sound of labored breathing.

"Six years is too long Laura." Greg reached arm across and let it rest on Laura's heaving tummy. He needed close. "You have been one-of-a-kind, the best, since our first time together. There is no one like you." He gave light kisses to lips, to breast and down her flank to curve of hip.

"Mmmmmm, any time you want to say sweet things about me and kiss like this I am yours. You're right, six years is too long. We need to make sure it's never that long again." Laura continued to purr responding to Greg's light kisses.

Laura knew nothing would be better than spending the night tucked in close to her love and waking in his arms as tomorrow's sunlight chased the darkness. During her first affair with Greg that is what she often told Dan was the best part of living with Greg for extended periods. Sleeping in Greg's bed, wrapped in his arms, instead of middle of night dressing and driving home was almost as important as the great sex she shared with her lover. Laura wanted that tonight but knew the pleasure of waking with Greg tomorrow must be denied. Her board meeting beckoned.

Her motion broke their mutual reverie.

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