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Boyhood friends discover there's much more.

Damn I'd like to see what will happen!"

"Yeh it is kind of early to stop, but how about if I swing up onto the old Blue Ridge Parkway. It's all two lane, you can't drive fast and there isn't usually much traffic." I smiled and lightly traced around the edge of her lips. "Who knows what might happen..."

She looked up at me as she broke into a big grin. "Oh my gawd Jon! Do you really think..." She licked her lips.

The guys were coming across the parking lot with a couple bags of souvenirs so our conversation ended. We all climbed into the van and as I headed up onto the Parkway they were showing Pat all the stuff they had gotten. We drove along and talked while Pat made sure she kept turning around in her seat allowing them a better view of her breasts.

"I figure we'll drive along the Parkway until sunset then we'll drop back onto the Interstate and find a motel for the night. How's that sound guys?" I looked back at them in the mirror.

Tom laughed. "That's ok, but Jack is going to sleep in the chair! He and I sleeping together...we're not gay you know!!" That brought some good natured joking from the back seat as they fought over who would get the bed and who would get the chair.

Finally they settled down and Pat looked back at them. "Just because you sleep in the same bed doesn't mean you're gay. Don't all guys like to think about two girls sleeping together?" Pat put emphasis on 'sleeping'. "But yet you don't think they are lesbians, right?" She smiled.

"Well...uh...that's different..." Jack stuttered.

"Yeh, that's every guys dream!" Tom laughed nervously.

"Oh. So it's ok to watch two girls do each other and it turns guys on." Tom and Jack both nodded their heads with big grins on their faces. "But you think it's gay if two guys do it...and you don't think that it would be something that would turn girls on?"

They both were quiet and seemed to be thinking. Finally Tom spoke up, "Shit! I never thought of it like that, but it just doesn't...you know..." His voice trailed off.

I picked up on the conversation. "You guys don't think I'm gay do you?"

"Hell no!" Jack's eyes met mine in the mirror. "Not with a wife like this and besides you've got three kids! No fucking way you're gay!"

Pat laughed. "For sure he's not! BUT like me, Jon is bisexual. I like pussy from time to time and I love to see Jon suck a cock when the mood strikes. But that doesn't make me, or Jon, any less of a person."

The look on the boys' faces was a mixture of shock, disbelief and curiosity. There was absolute silence from the back seat. Pat giggled and then she began telling them our 'history'. As I drove she talked softly and, there wasn't a sound from the back seat as they sat and listened intently.

She told them of many of our escapades from over the years. I found myself getting hard listening to her recount the memories, and knew that Tom and Jack had to be having some difficulties too! Her soft voice and the way that she told, in graphic detail, of her with another woman or watching me with another guy or of us involved in threesomes or foursomes was absolutely erotic.

Finally Jack spoke up. "Those...those things really...I mean actually happened?"

I nodded and smiled. "Yes they sure have, many times."

"Damn! I've read things and heard things that stuff like that really happens...but I never thought it was true."

Pat worked her way between our seats until she was on her knees facing the boys. "Would you like to see how true it really is?" She smiled and with her next statement I knew exactly where her hands were. "Oh they're so big and hard!" I quickly readjusted the mirror and confirmed that she was rubbing the lengths of both cocks through the confines of the boy's jeans.

"But...but...Jon are you really ok with this..." Tom stammered.

I answered by reaching back and untying the top of Pat's halter top and letting it fall.

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