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Her desire to be collared unexpectedly comes true.

I would soon learn this was truly a most erogenous zone.

Taking me from her mouth, she looked at it from close range and then said, "You're a lovely fellow. Tasty, in fact you're almost sweet as candy, you are."

Shaking it violently, Dolly cooed to it as I marveled at her words.

"I could break your neck I could," said she. "But then I'd have lost the thing most precious to me in me whole life. Aye you've a nice cock; a sweet cock; and a hard, hard cock it is too!"

She spat on it, then using her tongue to apply a slurping suction over the corona before stopping to inhale a lungful of oxygen. Then she rasped, "My, oh my, how I love this shaft!"

And my heart soared, filled with expectant elation.

Dolly gave it another slurping lick and purred, "I adore zis preeek!" mimicking a French whore. I had to laugh at her antics which were not all that funny, but wildly erotic.

Sucking in her breath, Dolly looked me in the eye as she squeezed my prick tightly in her dainty fist. "I really and truly crave this prick of yours," then devoured some four inches swirling her tongue over and under before wickedly popping it from between her taut lips.

"YES! Sucking it sets me on fire! Can you feel my juices? Eh? Feel how slippery and slimy I am down there in my hole of holes?"

I was getting frantic with my need to ejaculate once more and I knew intuitively that Dolly knew exactly how I felt. Of course my fingers surged in and out of her sopping wet quim, for if anything she was urging me on in that direction.

"Yes, Phileas, oh yes! I'm going to devour your manhood. Does this frighten you?"

"No," I managed to rasp hoarsely.

"Good, for I won't hurt it. I love this big worm of yours . . ." She nibbled on my knob, then sent her tongue to delve into my little slit and came out with some ejaculate, whether twas new or old I knew not.

"Ahhh," Dolly sighed lewdly. "You taste so good. Unbelievably good . . ." and stroking my shaft rapidly for ten seconds or so, Dolly brought me to near spending, then with yet another vulgar snorting laugh, slid her hand to the root of my prick and pressing firmly caused my spend to back off.

I was amazed at this trickery and wanted to applaud her effort, but did not as she was already telling me how hard she was about to suck me. "Gonna draw every ounce of spunk from these jewels . . ." she said, as she delicately handled my testicles. "Oh yes," she smiled and smacked her lips, and said, "these lovely pearls of yours. I'm gonna suck until your sac's run dry; you won't get it up for a week when I'm finished with you, I swear it Duckie!"

This last spat out with a vehement emphasis deriding my earlier complaint she desist from using the term as an endearment. I found that I loved her for being so rude, vulgar and nasty. God knows I wanted her to be as nasty as was possible.

Then her mouth was running up and down the side of my instrument, nibbling, kissing, fluttering and licking.

"There!" She said as though gloating, "I'm playing you like a harmonica, ain't I?"

All I could manage in return was to tease her clitoris and finger her quim, but I don't think she even felt me doing so at this point and so I halted my attentions and lay back to let Dolly do the work.

She wasted little time in finishing me off. Giving me a hard lick and deftly sending a thin finger up my arse, catching me totally unawares. She turned her finger just so and I was unable to prevent myself from coming. Jet after jet of spunk discharged from my cannon and into her mouth and then her face. She filled her lungs with air and took me back into her mouth, swallowing my stuff as fast as I let it fly. I couldn't lay still, I had to reciprocate and sent my fumbling fingers in search of her swampy quim and finding it, pumped two of them in and out of her --- then she quivered a bit and a moment later she was humping my hand and spending even faster than I --- flooding my hand and fingers with her syrup.

I think twas a minute or two elapsed before either of us spoke.

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